Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a 2015 remake of the 1980 and 2010 films.




  • Katie Cassidy As Beth Sopheap
  • Jennifer Aniston As Nathalie (Mother) Koffin
  • Mark Salling As Izzak Koffin
  • Drew Seeley As Addley Koffin
  • Kendall Schmidt As Johnny Koffin
  • Amanda Seyfriend As Lydia Koffin
  • Sean Faris As Daniel Sopheap
  • Selena Gomez As Annette Langston
  • Johan Hill As Dave Lowe
  • Kat Graham As Gina Jackson
  • Brandon T. Jackson As Treshawn Jackson
  • Channing Tatum As George Barnum
  • Sara Paxton As Melissa McGuire
  • Haley Webb As Julie Ross
  • Lucy Hale As Jenna Luther
  • Ashley Benson As Vicky Rice


  • Selena Gomez dyed her hair Red in order to play Annette Langston.
  • Katie Cassidy trimmed her hair in order to play Beth Sopheap.

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