Motel Hell is a 2011 American Horror film remake of the original Kevin Connor 1980 Horror film of the same name. The remake is written Sergio Martino and directed by Steven C. Miller. It stars Aaron De Keyzer, Angela Anderson, Bruce Greenwood, Eliza Dushku, Emily Osment, Emmy Rossum, Jewel Staite and Jilon Ghai.


Farmer Vincent Ivan Smith (Aaron De Keyzer) and his younger sister Ida Smith (Emmy Rossum) are struggling to compete with the much more luxurious and rewarding lifestyle of Ivan's older brother Sheriff Bruce Smith (Bruce Greenwood).

As Ivan's farm is going under and Ida has lost her job as a prestigous lawyor as a group of youths from Arizone in trial fot the Manslaughter were acquited and placed false evidence to suggest she was a drug addict.

Ida is forced into living with Ivan to avoid the authorities pursuing her over her drug charge.

Ivan's produce and meat are taken off the market and he is forced into killing and cannibalising a young youth couple on a motorcycle.

Things take a rather better turn however as the group of youth's who killed their friend and had Ida accused of taking drugs rocks up at Vincent's little farm motel, the Motel Hello.

One by one the teens are forced to undergo the most kinds degrading torture and barbarism before finally ending as the food for Vincent and pleasure kill for Ida.

One of the group who was indeed the one who was the girlfriend of the dead friend may have what it takes to survive the night at Motel Hell.


  • Aaron De Keyzer as Vincent Ivan Smith
  • Angela Anderson as Dixie
  • Bruce Greenwood as Sheriff Bruce Smith
  • Eliza Dushku as Terry
  • Emily Osment as Female Terrible
  • Emmy Rossum as Ida Smith
  • Jewel Staite as Suzi
  • Jilon Ghai as Josh
  • Melissa Leo as Edith Olsen
  • Sarah Bolger as Debbie
  • Craig Bierko as Bo/ Motorcycle Rider #1
  • Jessica Evans as Tina/ Motorcycle Rider #2

Death Sequences

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