Most Fruitful Yuki is a 2010 American Superhero Action film written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Bateman. It is based on the 2008 Cody-Bateman Collobaration Juno's prop comic. The film was released worldwide on May 1st and stars Andrea Bowen, Tanner Macquire, Elle Fanning, Rico Rodriquez, Liam Hemsworth, Allison Janey, J.K Simmons, Zoe Bell, Diora Baird, Peter Cincotti, Jason Bateman, Henry Cavill, Laurence Kinlan, Holly Valance and Eamon Owens.

It features cameo appearences from Ellen Page, Jennifer Garner, Alan Rickman and Bob Hoskins.


The movie starts in the town of Fruitful in the state of Valmont on the first day of summer in which a Caucasian Woman Yuki Muerros in the eighth month of her pregnancy.

Her teenage neighbour Leslie (Ellen Page) comes over to visit Yuki along with Yuki's parents.

When suddenly two ninja dressed men break in and kill Leslie and Yuki's parents.

Yuki escapes the house after that and rushes off to reach her husband who was to be working that day.

She comes across him in a building alleyway severley wounded.

She attempts to come to his aid but he bleeds to death in her arms.

Meanwhile Yuki's two born children are being minded by Yuki's friend who is killed by a group of three women who then take the three kids.

Yuki after coming to her friend's apartment and finding her body begins a pursuit.

She however is the one being pursued as she finds the two ninja dressed men to be following her along with a group of five men and girl and the three women who had just previously abducted her two born children.

They corner Yuki on a bridge.

The three women ask for Yuki to come with them.

The five men and girl attempt to shoot Yuki and the two ninja men just watch.

Yuki dodges their gunshot and propels her and her car off the bridge.

She then fakes her death by drowning by being stuck in the ocean ridden car.

She from there then swears vengeance.

She first takes aim at the two ninja men.

She discovers one's identity to be that of Alan Cauffield (Tony Goldwyn) who has a family of five in Valmont on a property not far from the one she lived in with her husband.

She comes to the house one night whilest the children and Alan's wife are asleep and prepares to kill him with a large Samurai Sword she had purchased from an eccentric Valmont Shopkeep Earl Ginnon (J.K Simmons).

Alan begs for forgiveness and mercy and that he was only trying to make's ends meet and his partner was the one who murdered her neighbour and parents.

Yuki declines his apology and states she will grant no mercy for what he has done.

Alan in a state of panic then launches into his kitchen and begins attacking her with kitchen-ware.

Yuki battles on Alan until she wins when their battle is taken out onto his porch where is distracted by an oncoming car.

In his seconds of distraction Yuki finishes Alan directing a machine gun she had concealed in her vest up against his chest and firing.

Yuki then flees as the person from the car steps out revealing to be a cop who rushes to the porch.

Alan's wife and kids then come downstairs and out onto the porch after hearing the large gunfire which also shot into the house blowing most of the bottom storey away.

Yuki then proceeds onto the next ninja the one who actually took the lives of her neighbour and parents.

She discovers him to be a low-life drug dealer who runs a Japanese Dance-Joint in China Town.

Yuki son breaks in and ravages the place.

She leaves a note in the place for him demanding he come out to fight her at a given location.

He instead sends his men to finish her at the location who all fail and lose their lives.

She then returns to the club and breaks her way in killing everyone.

She eventually comes to him who is now dressed in the ninja suit he wore.

She battles with him and finishes him as she uses her concealed machine gun to violently blow him up against the wall of the room they're in.

She moves onto the next group: The five men and girl.

She takes aim at the first man of the group she can find Cecil Bludarny (Henry Cavill).

She finds him to be running the international airport of Osaka.

She busts in and kills all those who attempt to stop her from reaching Cecil.

She battles and kills him in the airport terminal.

She then takes his body out to his parked van which was used in her former pursuit.

She takes aim at the only girl of the group.

The girl is with the other four men in Harting, Osaka where they own and run a large entertaiment centre.

She battles and kills the girl (Kirsten Prout) and then kills of plenty of the group's army in the entertainment building on her way to them.

She finds two of the group to be in a room seperated in half.

They lure her in as a trap and then release Jaguars on her.

Yuki stares at the Jaguars and suddenly they turn from her to the window at the half of the room for which jump through and then maul the two men to death.

Yuki then kills the second last man/member of the group Patrick (Laurence Kinlan) she kills him by after a lengthed out battle setting him alight with water pourn from a glass pane above which she smashes and then ignites on the floor with her lighter.

She then comes to the last member and leader Tenkai Morteing (Eamon Owens).

She dance fights with him on the large Theater stage and finishes him a gunshot blast through his mouth with the same gun he fired at her on the bridge.

She then rounds up the bodies of the members and places them in the van.

She then plans to take aim at the final group: The Three women who murdered her friend and stole her three born children.

However she finds out that they work for the actual father of her unborn child: Her former ex-boyfriend McAllister (Liam Hemsworth).

She then makes a trip back to Fruitful where she collects from the morgue the bodies of the two ninjas.

She also then heads to the Police Station Garage to collect their vehicle before heading to the Valmont shopkeep who both sold her the Samurai sword weapon she has found in great handy and trained to fight with all weapons and means of combat.

He trains her even more for the final battle and offers his part in assistance.

The two travel back Osaka and come to the Mansion home of McAllister.

After Earl helps in his part of breaking them Yuki powder dusts him unconsious as she wishes to make this fight hers.

She sneaks her way up to the bedroom of one of three women Pearle.

She battles and kills her via slicing in her half with her sword.

She then takes aim at the other two women and McAllister.

Yuki then busts into the main room where McAllister is seated with the other two women beside him.

The two women begin to fight Yuki together until Kelli (Allison Janey) withdraws from the fight leaving Julia to fight her (Kelly Preston).

Yuki finishes Julia by slicing her across the chest with sword which then sends her into a crack crevice of the floor which contains water.

McAllister then orders Kelli to take Yuki's three children away.

Yuki then chases Kelli into a tower room where she finds Kelli has locked her three children in a large luggage case.

McAllister then joins the two in the tower and battle begins.

Yuki eventually defeats but not kill

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