Morris the Midget Moose is a Disney animated short film that was released in 1950.


Morris is a small Moose with tremendous antlers who is ostracized from the group until he meets his match; an oversized Moose with small antlers.


This cartoon is a two heads is better than one parable. The bootle beetle (from Donald Duck cartoons, such as Bootle Beetle, The Greener Yard and Sea Salts) tells two younger beetles, who are fighting to reach a piece of fruit that is out of their reach, the story of Morris, a four-year-old moose, who has not grown beyond the stages of a child and is the laughing stock among the other moose. Morris is a small moose with large antlers, and meets up one day with Balsam, a large moose with embarrassingly small antlers. Morris and Balsam became good friends. Thunderclap the strongest bull moose is constantly challenging and defending his title as head moose. The two defeat Thunderclap with Morris standing on Balsam's back. The combined strength of Morris and Balsam becomes too much for Thunderclap. In the end the sum of the two was greater than the parts & the beetles learn the lesson by standing on each other's shoulders to reach the far hanging fruit.

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