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Morp the Martian is an American animated television series produced by Charles Hill Productions and Grand-View Cartoons. It first aired on ABC from September 10, 1966, to January 21, 1967. The series was composed of two unrelated segments, Morp the Martian and Dingo Boy in the Lost Wally. The series was created by William Scott and Charlie Jones and produced and directed by Barry Charles and Michael Hill.

Morp the Martian

Voice Cast:

  • Mel Blanc - Morph the Martian
  • Daws Butler - Benny
  • Don Messick - T.I.M.
  • Paul Frees - Tubb
  • Janet Waldo - Martia

Dingo Boy in the Lost Wally

Voice Cast:

  • Tim Matheson - Dingo Boy
  • Alan Oppenheimer - Ark
  • John Stephenson - Robby Red
  • Gary Owens - Opening Narrator


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  • Animation: Ed Beck, George Nelson, O.E. Callahan, Ed Parks, Rudy Cataldi, Bob Carr, Jerry Hathcock, Bill Hutten, Hicks Lokey, Mike Webster, John Sparey, Ken Southworth, Allen Wilzbach, Graeme Rowley
  • Voices: Daws Butler, Don Messick, Janet Waldo, Tim Matheson, Gary Owens, Paul Frees, Mel Blanc, Alan Oppenheimer, John Stephenson
  • Created by William Scott and Charlie Jones
  • Character Design: Bob Beck
  • Story: Bill Lutz, Larz Bourne, Bill Hamilton, Walter Black
  • Layout: Moe Gollub, Walt Cardona, Bob Singer, Homer Jonas, Dick Bickenbach, Alex Ignatiev, Tony Sgroi, Hi Mankin
  • Backgrounds: F. Michaelson, Dick Grandmain, Paul Julian, Ron Dias, Art Lozzi, Rolly Oliva
  • Story Editors: Willard Howard, James Benson
  • Supervising Producer: Richard Kenny
  • Associate Producer: Alex Scott
  • Story Direction: Lewis Marshall, Joe Grant, Paul Sommer, Bill Perez
  • Animation Director: Charles A. Nelson
  • Production Design: Izzy Takamoto
  • Production Supervisor: Ken Peterson
  • Title Design: Art Rogers
  • Titles: Bill Lynn
  • Music Score: George Rogers
  • Music Supervisor: Ray Schaffer
  • Technical Supervisor: Yoram Garling
  • Ink & Paint Supervisor: Warren Johnson
  • Xerography: Richard "Terry" Wallace
  • Sound Direction: C.O. Stevens, Robert Crissman
  • Music Editor: Emery Kennethson
  • Film Editing: Jack Bachom, Thomas Scott, John O. Young
  • Camera: Nigel Stanchfield, Roy Willis, John Pratt, Roger Sims, Rex Stevens, Dale Brunswick, Ed Austin, Roy Wade
  • Produced and Directed by Barry Charles and Michael Hill
  • In Charge of Production: Dickie Bamber
  • Executive Producer: John Hathcock
  • Produced by Grand-View Cartoons in association with Charles Hill Productions
  • (C) 1966 Grand-View Cartoons All Rights Reserved
  • This picture made under the jurisdiction of IATSE-IA, Affiliated with A.F.L.-C.I.O.-C.L.C.
  • RCA Sound Recording
  • a charles hill production
  • a division of cardona company