Mornwings (Also Known As The Mornwings) Is A 1985 Thriller/Horror/Mystery Film Directed By Ivan Reitman. 


The Film Opens With A Band Of 4 Hunters And Their Hunting Dogs. They Stumble Upon Footprints Shaped Like Dinosaur Prints, A Unknown Creature Attacks The Hunters And Eventually Kill Them. 

Tony Lives With His Girl Friend Julianne. They Watch The News After A Kiss, They Realise That The Same Creature That Attacked The Hunters Is Now Public. A Few Hours Later, The Lovely Couple Find One Of The Corpses And Leave Home. Later The Next Day, The Mayor Realises That The Creature Is A Member Of A "Pack" Of Prehistoric Dragons That Where Mutated Into Larger, More Hideous Beasts. In A Unknown Outpost, Zoologist Marcus And His Crew Study A "Dead" Member. As One Of The Crew Mates Are About To Do A Autopsy With The Creature, The Monster Awakens And Bites Off The Man's Arms, Killing Him. The Creature Goes On A Rampage In The Outpost And Kills Many Crew Members, Except Marcus, Who Flees Along With The Survivors. 

Later In March Of 1985, Marcus Gives The Creatures The Name "Mornwing". Later In June, Many Sightings Of The Monsters And Deaths Caused By The Mornwings Are Reported All Over The State. A Couple Of Days Later, Tony And Julianne Decide To Go To The Camp To Meet With Some Old Friends From High School And College. The Couple Meet Many Old Friends Like Jason, Melody, Carl, And Dave. Later In The Night, The Teenagers Tell Stories About Monsters And Spirits, But Suddenly Hear A Person Screaming And Loud Roars. The Group Decides To Get Out Before Something Bad Happens. But Suddenly Are Cornered By A Juvenile Mornwing With A Bloody Row Of Jagged Teeth. The Beast Pursues The Teens In Flight, But A Few Unknown Teens Shot Down The Mornwing With Guns, And Arrows. 

The Next Morning The Rest Of The Campers Evacuate, Leaving Behind The "Misfits". Marcus And The Crew Members Are Heading After The Mornwings, Along With John, Who Is Fascinated By The Beasts. Julianne Decides To Find A Torch And A Whistle Blower For Help. Then, A Few Hours Later, The Rest Of The "Misfits" Abandon The Shelter To Find Julianne In A Storm. Meanwhile In A Shack, Marcus And A Few Crew Members Stumble Upon A Mornwing Nest. It Is Not Being Watched So The Crew Can Investigate, But Suddenly, The 3 Eggs That Are In The Nest Hatch And Baby Mornwings Attack The Group, Killing Some Of Them, But They All Are Killed Off By The Gun Marcus Has. One Falls Into A Fireplace, Another Dies Slowly, And The Third Falls Into A Tree. Then, A Angerd Mother Mornwing Kills The Rest Of The Crew Members While Marcus Luckily Flees For His Life. 

3 Days Later, After Having Difficult Times Surviving, Tony Confirms That The Crew Lead By Marcus Could Take Us To Safety. So, In The Coming Evening, The Teens Wait For The Crew For Hours, While Julianne And Tony Watch The Mornwings. Then, By Early Night, The Teens Stumble Upon Marcus And The Surviving Members And Form A Group Together. Julianne And John Are Left On Guard While The Others Go To Test A Tranquilized Infant Mornwing. They Find That The Baby Has Escaped, And A Pack Of Mornwings Are Heading This Way. On Their Return, Julianne And John Are Missing And The Power Generater For The Helipad Light Was Destroyed By A Bigger Mornwing. Marcus Speculates That The Mornwings Will Fly To The North To Iceland If Rescue Arrives. The Group Are Attacked By The Mornwings, And The Alpha Male Wounds John And Melody. Luckily, Julianne And John Arrive With A Gun And Arrow And The Mornwings Retreat To The North. 

Nearby, The Protagonists Talk About The Future, Dave Is Worried That The Mornwings Will Return To Kill All Life On The Planet. But Marcus Replies "No, Unlikely." The Teens And The Crew Wait For Rescue To Arrive As The Sun Rises.


• Keith David As Marcus, A Expert Zoologist And The Main Protagonist

• Kerri Green As Julianne

• Tom Cruise As Tony

• Carl Gottlieb As Billy, The Man Who's Arms Where Bitten Off By The "Dead" Morgwing

• Anthony Michael Hall As Jason

• Sophie Ward As Melody

• Matt Dillon As Carl

• Charlie Schlatter As Dave

• Dan Snow As Teen #1

• Susan Ursitti As Teen #2

• Maxwell Caulfield As Teen #3

• Christopher Atkins As John

• Dub Taylor As Hunter #1

• Henry Silva As Hunter #2

• Michael Horse As Hunter #3

• Peter Berling As Hunter #4

• Michael Lonsdale As Pete

• Milton Gonçalves As Joe

• Denholm Elliott As Johnson

• Danny Glover As Don

• Kelly Lynch As Lisa

Design Of The Mornwings

The Mornwings Are Described As Being Mutated Prehistoric Creatures. They Have A Dragon-like appearance, Having Bat Like Wings, A Lizard And Crocodile-like Face, Red, Pupiless Eyes, Black Skin, Jagged Shark-like Teeth, Two Long Sabre Teeth, And A Long Tail. The Creatures Can Reach 17 Feet In Height. 


The Film Was A Mixed Bag Of Mostly Positive Reviews. Rotten Tomatoes Reported That 73% Of Critics Gave The Film A Positive Review. 

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