The Morgana Star Symbol

Morgana Star, Morganians' symbol and crucible

are a faction of spellcasters and major villains in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices. This evil organization is founded by Morgana Le Fay and named after herself.

Much like their counterparts, Morganians also known as a malevolent legion of sorcerers, brutal and merciless toward humanity in Raido's steampunk world. They also led by undeviating goals: total domination of the universe and bringing back Great One to the world.



Actually, long before Morganian officially founded, there are already various groups of evil spellcaster that rule the land of Albion. One of them is Vortigern's army, whom infamous for killed Igraine, Uther Pendragon's wife along many innocent lives in Camelot during his failed invasion by the time Uther succesfully smuggled his newborn son Arthur to Isle of Avalon, causing Uther started a brutal reform against magic. While it's widely believed that Morgana was responsible to unite them into a legion that named after herself, Morgana did it not by herself, but rather with help of Priestess of Ancient Religion, the representative of Great One whom sought to have Morganians returned him to the world.

When Arthur, accompanied by Morgana returned to Camelot and horrified with Uther's destructive reformation against people who gifted with magic, they smuggled out of Camelot to returned for Merlin and asked the sorcerer for help to solve this dilemma. Merlin was fully aware with what drove Uther to instigate brutal reformation against his kind, and agreed to help Arthur to stop the brutal reformation before it could get worse by tried to reasoned with the king in peaceful means. Morgana disagreed with such idea, as Merlineans actually held more than enough power to stop the tyrant, but both Arthur and Merlin said that violence would only worsened whatever strife and tension that humans and magical beings already had since the day Uther started Great Purge. The disagreement between Morgana and her master Merlin and Prince Arthur resulting her became more disillusioned and began feeling that their peaceful approach to stop the tyrant would only become a futile endeavor. Becoming angrier by this, combined with the fact that Merlineans failed to save Maxim family from being executed with only Horvath as sole survivor from his family's massacre, Morgana formed legion of evil sorcerers called Morganians and rebelled against her allies, aiming to find their own meaning within Magic that Merlin was hiding from them. By this point, they met new allies, Vortigern's army and Heralds of Ancient Religion. Morgana found that the latter proved more trustworthy than the former, so she killed Vortigern so she can also recruit and control his army for her cause.

Though vengeance may Morgana's original intentions, she later seduced to the dark magic, which made her ideals became more sinister: Believed that witches and wizards were more important than humans, she plotted to enslave the human race by casting a dark and powerful spell that would bend them to her will with the aid of the souls of past conjurors who practiced dark magic.

The Great War and Loss

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Present Day (1930s)

Though Morganians seemingly ceased to exist, it's revealed that they attempt to regain strength, as Morgana's teaching became posthumous, allowing the remnants of the original Morganians to resurgence once more.

The Swindlers are one of the groups that officially became Morganians, followed by Ravage's team. Both of them even goes so far to spread their influence within Thule organization and possibly Nazi party as they share many things with Morganians in common, though they merely used Nazi and will backstabbed them once they outlived their usefulness.


In The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices, Morganian Organization has strict hierarchy system where the Leader is the greatest of the Morganians. Morgana adapted this hierarchy system from a legion of evil spellcasters that led by Vortigern. The following ranks are:


Morganian Leaders are the most powerful Morganian and have the big responsibility of managing the whole faction. They have the greatest authority toward their underlings, but must have a great responsibility on it.

Co-Leader (Second in Command)

Co-leader is the title for a Morganian member that has earned the utmost trust of the Leader. They have better authority than Elders, but still inferior than the Leader.


Elders/Masters can be considered as Captains in Morganians. They have authority to promote a newbie to the official members, but not as much as their superiors.


Apprentices are the official member of a Morganian once accepted by the Leader. Though having formidable skills in fight, they still inferior than their superiors'.

Rogue/Former Members

Members that chooses to defect against their superiors.

The Swindlers

The Swindlers are trio of members whom affiliated with the independent thieving organization that follows the way of Morganians. They are specialized both as combatant and thieving skills.

Heralds of Ancient Religion

Heralds of Ancient Religion are ancient precursors of Morganians whom devoted to bring Great One back to the world. Not much is known about them up to this point, but is apparent that it was them whom formed Morganians alongside Morgana le Fay.

Priestess of Ancient Religion

Priestess of Ancient Religion is the important figure of Morganians aside the leaders. They held a larger control over Morganians, and is presumed a rank above with the Leaders. However, in spite of such authority, their roles mostly not as active as their minions. Despite this, Priestess of Ancient Religion are feared due to their mastery over Eldritch Magic.

Unlike other Morganians whom joined the rank by a choice, Priestesses were chosen by Great One himself as His representative in real world. With Great One appointed her as His representative, it was through her that He observes Morganians' progress in their effort to free Him.


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