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Morganian Knight

Morganian Knight
is the mantle of the powerful Morganian whom wore the set of enchanted suits of medieval armor with Morgana Star crest on the chestplate. The only known individual whom taken the mantle was Mordred, Arthur's Bane, until 1939 where a mysterious new member of Morganian whom made his debut in The New Apprentice Part 1 has taken this mantle and became the second Morganian Knight.

This second Morganian Knight coveted Neathid Cube that Crona found in Brave District which led the latter turned into sorcerer and having odds with Raido and his friends and allies. For reasons that yet to be revealed, he knews Mr. Blake and Emily's true identity and appeared having some history with both of them.

This second Morganian Knight serves as the titular main antagonist in the second track of The Steampunk Adventures of A Sorcerer's Apprentices.

Personality and Traits

Weapons and Gadgets

  • Horvath's Staff: For reasons unknown, Morganian Knight have Zacros' staff as his weapon of choice. He can also morphed the staff back into its original sword form.
  • Morganian Knight Armor: Morganian Knight wore a suit of medieval armor forged with some sort of enchanted iron that resulting it not clank, or rattle, and it cast no sheen whenever its user moves. The armor also capable to generated shadow-based constructs through the user's will.

Magic Spells


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