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Morgana le Fay is the protagonist of Morgana. The series is centred on her and her journey. She is a young sorceress, the daughter of Gorlois le Fay and Igraine, Merlin's apprentice and handmaiden of Anna Pendragon.


Early Life

Morgana has had the use of magic since birth.

Season 1

Morgana arrived in Camelot to become Merlin's apprentice. Morgana's mother, Igraine, sent her for her protection. When she arrived, she witnessed the execution of a man accused by sorcery. Merlin warns Morgana to keep her sorcery secret.

Morgana stood up for a handmaiden being bullied by her mistress. The mistress turned out to be Uther's spoiled daughter, Anna Pendragon and Morgana was put in the dungeon for two days. During this time, she heard a voice calling her name. Merlin freed her but she still had to spend time in the stocks.

Hearing the same voice that night, Morgana followed it to a cave where a White Dragon informed her that she was destined to be the enemy of the future King Arthur.

When an other sorceress used an enchantment to send the guests of Uther's castle asleep, Morgana covered her ears to avoid the same thing happening to her. The sorceress tried to kill Anna to avenge her son who had been killed under Uther's orders. Morgana discreetly used her magic to drop a chandelier on the sorceress. The sorceress attempted to kill Anna by throwing a dagger at her but Morgana slowed down time long to pull her out of harm's way. Uther rewarded Morgana b y making her Anna's handmaiden.

The next day, Merlin gave Morgana a book on magic under the condition she keep it hidden.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5