Morgana Le Fay is the main antagonist of the first quarter of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices. She was a powerful ancient sorceress who wish to eradicate Camelot and enslave mankind by her legion of dark sorcerers called Morganians as well as performing The Rising before Veronica eventually sacrificed herself by using Fusion spell, in which made Morgana lost her original body and her soul trapped within Veronica's body in process. After being exorcised by David Stutler from Veronica's body and had Ravage restore her a new body with the Scroll of Dark Essence, she was reborned as The Beast, a corporeal monster with immense powers and body made of charred rocks that dissolves and merging each other to sustain her physical form.

She also the counterpart of sorceress of the same name.

Personality and Traits

Morgana as The Beast TSASA
Having described as sorceress beyond the evil, Morgana le Fay is clearly a venomous character who has no issues with taking life the achieve her individual aims. She is also very elegant and has a proper-English accent. She appears to be an intimidating character, masked by her outer image even before reborned as The Beast. In spite of this, she deeply trusts and cares with those whom truly loyal to her like Owl-Eye and Ravage, shown where she thanked Ravage for wastes no time in carrying out her order when she is or is not physically there.

Morgana however, not always evil: As Merlin helped Morgan gain control over her powers and look after her with love and care, it's also mentioned that Morgana also became sisters-of-arms with her distant cousin Veronica Gorloisen. When she eventually seduced to the dark arts due to driven by her vengeance against Uther, whatever good relationship that she had with Veronica and Merlin eventually dies.

Morgana also an appaling leader, as in spite of her death and loss of her entire followers, her taughts in Morganian way has became posthumous teaching as her legion ultimately resurfaced in 1930s.

Her appearance back in medieval times and the present day is remain same, where she depicted as a woman in a long midnight-blue dress coated with sparkles, ginger hair that circularly wrapped around on the back of her head, and green eyes. As The Beast, the dresses and her body would changed into fiery magma-like, her head became more-skull-like with spikes-like horns on the cheeks, chin, and forehead; her hair became pure flames that retained it's original form, and her hands become skeletal.

Known Weapons

Morgana's known weapons mainly magic, which the list of her mastered spells can be seen below.

Powers and Abilities

After reincarnated as The Beast, and having an Elder One resided in her body, Morgana proved herself more powerful than her counterparts that made her canon incarnation looked pale in comparison:

Magic Spells

  • The Rising: Morgana can resurrects and even commands a legion of long dead wicked sorcerers called Terrorcorpse with aid of Morgana Star, where the estimated range reach the whole planet.
  • Plasma Bolt: Morgana can conjure a ball of electrical energy and plasma.
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