Morgan Shane

Morgan Shane is a main character in the TV series, Hartman.

Biography & Personality

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in May 1993. Morgan was raised in a loving hardworking family. Her father was a businessman and her mother was a doctor. She has two older slibings; Charlotte and Keanu and one younger brother; Ben.

Young Morgan Shane

Morgan at 14

In 2008, a 14 year old Morgan become involved with a older man Gordon Fontana after meeting him online but one night at the hotel, Gordon raped her overnight. Gordon abused Morgan for couple of weeks until Morgan discover she was pregnant and lie to Gordon that it was another man's child which Gordon react badly, not knowing the child is really his before leaving. Morgan never told her family about her rape because she think it was her fault. Her family took Morgan to Louisiana where Morgan gives a birth to a boy (Gordon's son), Jonathan who was born in February 2009.

In ninth season, Morgan was hired by D.A. office and got involved in the case of the death of a popular TV star. Morgan helps the team by manages to bend the rules to dig up dirt on the suspect that nails him as the killer and leads to his conviction. Morgan also help the team the case of a shooting at theme park which left a father and young girl dead and another young girl injured.

After closing the case, Morgan becomes horrified when she come face to face with Gordon when seeing him with his wife and her boss Ellis Fontana and their daughter Angela in her office. When she and Gordon comes face to face, he recognizes her and she manages to give a friendly greeting, citing that her father is an old business partner and friend. Shane leaves the office in a hurry and ends up throwing up and breaking down in the bathroom.

Morgan struggling to cope over seeing Gordon when working on the another case but later, she catches Gordon's step-daughter Ariel Vargas leave Gordon's house. Morgan confronts Ariel who admits she did has sex with Gordon but by force before explaining to Morgan about her ongoing abuse at the hand of Gordon. Morgan admits to Ariel that she was raped by Gordon when she was teenager. Ariel tells Morgan that she wants Gordon to pay for everything that he's done and shows her Gordon's keys, telling Shane that she is going to dig up as much dirt as she can find on him and expose it all. 


  • Glenn Shane (father)
  • Edith Shane (mother)
  • Charlotte Shane (older sister)
  • Keanu Shane (older brother)
  • Benjamin "Ben" Shane (younger brother)
  • Jonathan Shane (son with Gordon Fontana)
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