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Morality Bites is an Academy Award Winning 1992 American Drama film written by Walter Hill,

Morality Bites
Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
Produced by

D. Constantine Conte

Lawrence Gordon

Joel Silver

Written By

Walter Hill

Roger Spottiswoode

Larry Gross

Steven E. de Souza

Jeb Stuart


Jason O'Mara

Jean Dujardin

Sofia Vergara

Felicity Huffman

Brandon Crane

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Jude Law

Betty White

Music by James Horner
Cinematography Ric Waite
Editing by

Freeman A. Davies

Mark Warner

Billy Weber

Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) September 24th, 1992
Running time 105 min.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $6,200,000

Roger Spottiswoode, Larry Gross, Steven E. de Souza and Jeb Stuart and directed by Roger Spottiswoode.

It stars Jason O'Mara, Jean Dujardin, Sofia Vergara, Felicity Huffman, Brandon Crane, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Jude Law and Betty White.

It secured an Oscar for Best Screenplay and Leading Actress: Felicity Huffman.


A mentally broken businessman mother of four is vouched to be saved from her life threatening newfound mental problems by her four boys: The oldest a succesful lawyor whom more then anything wishes for love and fears to become what his mother has become, reckless drug abusing second oldest son whom is with a girlfriend with family issues of her own and shares his taste for drugs and two younger boys whom live with her and are pre-teen boys subjected to the dealt out violence a result of her psychotic episodes.

Along to help is that of her young 21 year old psychologist of whom she takes a sexual interest towards and to whom already possesses a young 21 year old wife whom set their eye on obtaining custody of her two younger sons under her care.

Grandmother Ethel whom moves in with her mentally disturbed daughter and the two suffering sons whom are two of her grandboys whom she had been unable to see for many years also fights to save her daughter.

Ultimatley in the end the overral moral lesson is dealt to the characters that not everyone can be saved and everyone has their own life to live so they must live it and not be dragged down.

The story plays out with what begins as Jessica discovering her boss/fiance cheating with her workfriend/bestfriend.

Jessica then goes out posing as a prostitute to pick up a guy and get back at him.

However as she does pick up a random group of guys she attempts to back out upon following them back to their apartment.

She is indeed beaten and raped and her mind completely breaks down.

All she sees is vivid flashbacks of the abuse she once copped from one of her mother's secret boyfriends as a child.

She takes it out upon her two youngest sons whom reside with what begins as vicious beatings.

Her mother then moves in and she begins seeing a psychologist whom suspects of her hurting her two sons but cannot quite prove it.

The young psychologist himself also suspects the grandmother to be a source of abuse to the mother which began a cycle of violence and plans with his wife whom simply cannot fall pregnant to fight for the custody of the two boys.

The two older sons whom are dealing with their own problems and were written by their two younger brothers regarding what's happening to their mother come down themselves moving into the area to try and assist.

As she finally seems to have been fixed of her mental breakdowns and psychotic behaviour she goes and violently murders the four men whom bashed and raped her.

As the police come upon discovering her fingerprints and shoeprints at the crime scene she sits upon the house stairs crying as Grandmother Ethel breaks into a psychotic rage like similiar to that of her daughter's behaviour and hits her.

The two engage in a fight to which Ethel is severley injured.

Mother Jessica phones her two older sons requesting they come to the house immediatley.

They come along (her son Tobias bringing his girlfriend Sophia) and she calls out her two younger boys Even and Rhys whom she embraces in a tight hug which then becomes that of all the boys.

She tells the boys to live their lives.

She then tells Sophie to make sure her son drops the drugs and then the police arrive which distracts them all apart from Jessica.

Jessica silently slips away and heads up the stairs.

A gunshot sounds from upstairs and the police come charging in armed.

They escort Sophie and the four sons outside and the paramedics acquire Grandmother Ethel whom they escort into an ambulance.

The four boys and Sophie accompany her in the ambulance and then all the boys narrate what happened following their mother's suicide and everything.

They state that Grandmother Ethel recovered and returned to Grandpa Patrick whom had been one their mother never wanted to see.

Grandmother Ethel died of her injuries come five months following and Callum went onto find love with a Chef Girl whom fashioned him four children, Tobias cleaned up his act and married Sophia whom always cleaned up her act and mended her broken relationship with her family, Even goes onto graduate from Harvard University and become involved in politics and young Rhys goes on to attend a prestigous high school with a hope of having a future in law which seems probable due to his good straight grades.


  • Jason O'Mara as Callum Sancaster
  • Jean Dujardin as Tobias Sancaster
  • Sofia Vergara as Sophia Mortin
  • Felicity Huffman as Mother Jessica Sancaster
  • Brandon Crane as Even Sancaster
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Rhys Sancaster
  • Betty White as Grandma Ethel Sancaster
  • Kent McCord as Grandpa Patrick Sancaster
  • Gina Gershon as Lacey Bluebird
  • Andrew McCarthy as Pharmacy Attendant Roger Donaldson
  • Thomas Gibson as Thomas Trevnille Komodo
  • Anthony Edwards as Pharmacy Attendant Leslie Covenden
  • Marcia Cross as Ms. Bruston
  • John Slattery as Principal Pottermire
  • Daphne Zuniga as Patricia Silverett
  • Paul Feig as Mr. Coden


  1. Here We Go Let's Rock & Roll- C&C Music Factory
  2. The One and Only- Chesney Hawkes
  3. Disappear- INXS
  4. Sadness Part 1- Enigma
  5. Good Bibrations- Marky Mark & The Funky Bush feat. Loleatta Holloway
  6. All Together Now- The Farm
  7. Wind of Change- Scorpions
  8. Joyride- Roxette
  9. Unbelievable- RMF
  10. I've Been Thinking About You- London Beat
  11. Under Pressure- Queen feat. David Bowie
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