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Mooses Inc. is a 2000 Stop-Motion Animated Film.

Voice Cast

  • Tim Allen as Michael, A Moose.
  • Phil LaMarr as John, Michael’s Best Friend.
  • Steve Buscemi as Randolph, A Lizard who wants to get rid of Moose’s Inc.
  • Mike Pollock as Razz, A Female Owl and Randolph’s Sidekick, until She, Along with Penny And Sticks learn that He was trying to be a meanie and forcing them to do all the work, and decide to work at Mooses Inc. instead.
  • Amanda Root as Penny, A Female Purple Bear on Randolph’s Side.
  • Frank Oz as Sticks, A Clumsy Moose. Like Razz, He used to be on Randolph’s side, but redeems himself at the end.
  • Paige O'Hara as Cloris, A Deer and Michael's Girlfriend, Later Wife.
  • Angela Lansbury as Madame Moosezee, The founder of Mooses Inc. and Michael's Mom.
  • Richard Kind as Weirdo, A Duck and Madame Moosezee's Co-Worker.
  • Sofia Garcia as Kenya, A Fennec Fox who meets Michael and John during their mission.
  • James Ravensburger as The Cute Snowman, A Snowman Who used to live in a TV, but now works at Mooses Inc. with his friends.
  • Ken Barrie and Carole Boyd as The M.O.O.S.E Squad