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Moondrop the Bat Pony is the Main Protagonist of His Adventures along with his best friend/Wife Dollar Rain


Moondrop is a kind, sweet, adventurous and funny Bat Pony to the Humans and In Equestria, rude, angry, mean and terrorist Even towards Twilight Sparkle (One of the Main Antagonist).


Dollar Rain

Moondrop and Dollar Rain first met when they were two and became best friends after they accidentally ruined Princess Twilight Sparkle's Birthday Party, so then, Dollar Rain told him that they should run away to the Human World to make other friends. But then in age 14, They've Reunited after Moondrop got sent back in time to 1803, Dollar Rain able to help him to get his kindness back from Equestria. Dollar Rain reveals that she's pregnent to a baby girl.

Back in 2007, when He decide to resume his mission to rescue Kino, Dollar Rain decided to joined him. a Year Later, when the Darcy Kids along with Dollar Rain are in Equestria doing Community Service right before the Finals of the War. After the War is over, Moondrop and Dollar Rain said goodbye to the Darcy Kids and returned home to Equestria, But now The Princesses announces that they've decided to send them back to Earth forever in exile, Moondrop and Dollar Rain agreed to go back there but Princess Luna told them that they're going to a different planet Earth and their appearances will be changed into humans. Dollar Rain will now be Moondrop's younger Twin Sister and She agrees.

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