Moondrop's Journey: Adventure without Friendship

Protagonist Moondrop
Companion(s): Nathan, Moonbeam
Featuring Cillian, Lorcan, Lilly, Kalin, Deathic, Vin-Moosk, Winsor, Froggie, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Clementine, Kevin, Rolf, Nazz.
Main Enemy:

Princess Celestia. Princess Luna, Shining Armor, Princess Cadences, Mane 6.

Moondrop's Journey: Adventure without Friendship is a Mini-Series Adventure Movie. Each Episode will be 1 hour and 32 Minutes long.


After the ending of Episode 5 - I hope that You Remember Me, Moondrop became Heart-Broken and Sad that his friends betrayal and sent him back in time.

Episode 1: The Time Journey Begins

The Serial begins in a time warp where Moondrop got knocked out after his friends made their betrayal on him and causes him to his death. a Six Years Old Boy got jealous of his newborn Baby sister named Skyla. So he ended up back in time on earth. But then, He saw Moondrop being shocked and dying from time traveling back to 1803. Nathan saw him as a traitor so he forgives him, Moondrop felt into a coma and Nathan calls for help in panicing. But then, a woman appeared and saw two men who are dead, Nathan grab Moondrop and walk to the mansion.

Episode 2: The 1930s 

Episode 3: Moonbeam X

On the returning to the 2007, The boys have discovered that The Equestrian Ponies had taken over.

Episode 4: Moonbeam X (Part 2)

When Lydia and Moonbeam got kidnapped by Princess Celestia who also threaten to punished Moonbeam for life but then, Moondrop and Nathan came to the Rescue by Moondrop knocked Celestia out cold, while the four doing their escape, Nathan saw the future version of Moondrop and Dollar Rain in their new human forms. Nathan greets them and beg to rescue him in the future, Future Moondrop and Dollar Rain will be there before disappeared.

Moonbeam saw Twilight and Rarity running towards them and call Moondrop a Traitor so angrily. He shoot in their hooves with his arms. Jasmine transported the four into their spaceship.

After Moondrop and Moonbeam having an argument about Jasmine's revealed. She told him that she arrived to retrieve him and Moonbeam. Nathan talked to Both of them and begs to save the entire Earth from being the destroyed. Moondrop accepts to do it, Moonbeam also accepts.

Moonbeam flies down back to earth with Moondrop to save earth from Celestia. They barged inside to fight Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, Moondrop fought them to end the domination.

Shining Armor shot Moondrop and Moonbeam in their legs, He called Moondrop a monkey boy who travels. Moondrop gains new anger issues and a five new powers, He fuses with the Y Stone into Moondrop Y. Shining Armor uses his magic to killed him but it doesn't work anymore due to his new powers.

Main Characters

Moondrop/The Main Protagonist who's sent back in time to the 19th century. He unlocked his new powers to Give his two new friends immortality. He let Nathan to be his companion. He became a warrior bat pony to

Nathan Elisha Cadenza/ The Secondary Protagonist who "was" Shining Armor and Princess Cadences adopted son after they ignore him for his newborn baby sister name Skyla, so He got sent back in time to the 19th century

Moonbeam/ Moondrop's Eldest Brother and former enemy. He was the Main Antagonist of the First Half of the Serial. He later reformed after he later betrayed Equestria.

Jasmine/Moonbeam's younger sister and Moondrop's older twin sister.

Mosina/Moonbeam, Jasmine and Moondrop's youngest sister. She's a super smart bat pony who have 100 on her IQ.

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