Monsuno: World Master is a 2019 live-action based on Monsuno.


  • Chazz Nittolo as Chase Suno, leader of Core-Tech
  • Ashleigh Ross as Jinja, Chase's childhood friend
  • Nick Saso as Bren, Chase's best friend
  • Tenzing Trainor as Beyal, a young monk from Nepal
  • Elijah Grissom as Dax, a bad boy from the African desert
  • Julie Delpy as Commandant Marshall Charlemagne, head of S.T.O.R.M.
  • Manu Bennett as Commander Trey, Charlemagne's second in command
  • Kenton Duty as Jon Ace, a low level S.T.O.R.M. operative
  • Josh Radnor as Jeredy Suno, the discoverer of Monsuno
  • Shia LaBeouf as Dom Pyro, a psychotic bounty hunter hired by Trey to capture Core-Tech

Arnold Vosloo and Denis Lawson appear in a post credits scene as Dr. Emmanuel Klipse and Hargrave



  • Sean Ryan Fox was considered for the role of Bren
  • Ron Livingston was considered for the role of Jeredy Suno
  • Mark Wahlberg was considered for the role of Trey
  • Alexander Ludwig and Garrett Hedlund were considered for the role of Jon Ace. Alexander Skarsgard was the first choice but was deemed too old.
  • Ben Kingsley, Billy Bob Thornton and Jude Law were considered for the role of Dr. Klipse


  • When and where the show is set is never stated but the movie is set on present day Earth with Tebab becoming Nepal and the Lowlands becoming Africa
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