Monsters Musical is an upcoming American musical 3D computer-animated comedy feature. It will be produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It will come out on June 18th, 2021. Directed by Lee Unkrich, screenplay by Jonas Rivera and Darla K. Anderson, story by Brenda Chapman, musical score by Randy Newman and new songs composed by Alan Menken and lyrics by Andrew Stanton and Chris Montan

It will be the 5th Pixar movie with a female protagonist, the 1st being Brave(2012), the 2nd being Inside Out(2015), the 3rd being Finding Dory(2016) and the 4th being Incredibles 2(2018).


It begins when Mary Gibbs aka Boo was little. She played with her aunts Tilly and Milly. While they play they saw a commercial for Honker's Pizza Parlor. Not far away the young prince Michael is going on the trip with his parents, King Ted and Queen Isabella of Airderia to visit Boo's home. Boo realized that Michael is here and fall in love. But the storm took him away. King Ted and Queen Isabella realized that their son is missing and hope the lost prince will return.

14 years later, Boo still dreams of marrying the lost prince. When she went back to the monster's world, Boo realized that her best friends are celebrating her 18th birthday at Monsters, Inc.

Meanwhile, Fungus misses Randall. Then in jail, the CDA guarded Randall's cell only to realize he had turned invisible to escape.

Hours later the gang are still having a blast, Sulley invites his former fellow Oozma Kappas to that. But the party crashed and they turned to see Randall wearing the necklace that gave him shapeshifting powers. He blamed Mike Wasowski and Sullivan for putting him in jail. When the party was over, Mike and Sulley will protect Boo again if anything bad will happen to them.

He was delighted to see Boo again! he made a deal with Boo, if she does love the lost prince before the sun sets, all her dreams come true but if she doesn't, she will be his! So he erases Michael's memories and locked them in his necklace.

When Boo and Michael heard of the Blood Moon Ball coming to Monsters, Inc. they were invited. On their way to the Blood Moon Ball, Boo, Mike, Sulley, and Michael meet Sanders Sullivan, Sulley's grandfather who retired to Monstropolis Oasis and his assistant, Yeti who recently moved to Monstropolis. He taught Mike and Sulley a downward dog.

As Boo and Michael decided to hand out invitations to the ball. On their way, they stopped at a theme park called Pixar Planet which features computer-animated originals from Disney and Pixar. Boo and Michael see the wonders of the theme park only to discover Randall is behind them! Boo goes through the princess's room and discovers she's a princess too.

When they arrive at the Blood Moon Ball, they stumble upon Roz who is dressed like a duchess. Johnny Worthington III arrived telling her he's Hercules. Then Sanders dressed as Carl Fredrickson appeared telling them about the good old days. Then Randall, dressed as an evil sorcerer, appeared telling Mike the joke(what is the most serious crime under the sea? Grand theft otter.) Everyone is having a blast. Mike challenges Art in the Mamushka dance. At dinner, Randall arrived with clowns and a behemoth and performed dark magic in front of the guests, which are surprised and excited and Randall agrees that the festival is that way. But midnight stroke and Boo lost a glass slipper but Michael placed it on her foot.

Meanwhile, Boo is trying to sing to the water and as the water takes her to Airderia, Boo sings about her prince and talks to the woodland animals.

Suddenly Randall saw Boo and decided to marry her himself! So he morphs himself into the evil man, Vincent. Macintosh Graves, who can turn invisible, spies on Randall and goes back to Mike to tell him Randall's evil scheme.

Later as Boo watched TV something is hypnotizing her. It was from Vincent. His plan is working.

A day later Terri and Terry Perry are walking when they saw the evil man looking in the mirror seeing his reflection. The conjoined monster brothers told Mike that Boo is forced to marry Randall in disguise so they think of ways to stop that wedding. Then they packed the horns and sounded the alarm. When the monster blew the small horn, they arrive to stop a disguised Randall from marrying Boo. Vincent thought that was funny, but when the monster blew the bighorn, the villain was outraged because Michael is behind this. Vincent screamed and saw his evil necklace falling to the ground and broke. All the memories returned to Michael's mind, Boo was no longer under his spell and Vincent sounded like Randall when he saw Boo and Michael being reunited.

As Michael revealed he is the lost prince to Boo, the sunsets and chains appeared on Boo's wrists. Laughing victoriously, Randall transformed back into his scaly lizard-like self and carried Boo and runs away with her.

Painter paints up an exact copy of the Excalibur. So Michael grabbed the Excalibur. Randall transforms himself into the Night Viper. Randall tried to stop Mike who discovers that Randall was his best friend. As Randall aimed his deadly bite at Boo, Michael stabbed him, causing Randall's skin to melt. With his painful scream, Randall fell to his death. As he fell, his body turned to ooze. The Excalibur then dissolved into Painter's chest so he could make more paintings when needed. When Boo's 13 Princess friends found out that Sulley is in danger they saved the day by using their skills and made a dress parachute. Sulley who wore Rapunzel's dress landed in the mattress on top of the mattress store in downtown Monstropolis and is kissed by Fiona using her father in frog form. Sulley is grateful to them.

When Michael and Boo were married. They have a reception at Honker's Pizza Parlor and rode off to their happy ending. The movie ends with a painter jumping up at the screen before saying "That's all folks!"


  •  Randall's human disguise was named Vincent. 
  •  The priest that make Boo and Randall tie a knot was voiced by Ty Burrell. 
  •  During Mather's introduction scene, he is shown reading "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" (which is a book about a boy in the Holocaust).
  •  In the same scene, some of his colleagues are seen playing the "Oregon Trail" board game.
  •   This is the 24th Pixar animated feature. 
  •  This animated feature features another one of Steve Buscemi's(the voice of Randall) onscreen deaths. The others were Fargo 20 years earlier.   
  • Older Boo looks like Claire from Trollhunters and inspired by Rey from Star Wars sequel trilogy. 
  • The end credits for this movie is drawn by Disney veteran Eric Goldberg.  
  •  This is the first Pixar movie with recycled animation. 
  •  The first longer Monsters Inc movie will have 180 minutes was the first longest Pixar film to date.
  •  The Night Viper looks similar to the Sacrifice Viper from The Secret Life of Pets but only black with purple stripes.
  •  This is the second Pixar creation with a Goofy holler sound effect, the first being Andre and Wally B(1984). In the final battle scene, one of the villains did the Goofy holler while flying out one of the stained glass windows.
  •  This is also the latest Pixar movie with a Wilhelm scream sound effect. As Randall changes back into his scaly monster self, one of the guests did the Wilhelm scream.


  •  Mary Gibbs as Mary "Boo" Gibbs-the main protagonist and the 18-year old girl.
  • Josh Hutcherson as Michael-the brave prince of Airdrie.
  • Jennifer Tilly as Celia
  • Billy Crystal as Mike Wasowski
  • John Goodman as James P. Sullivan
  • Steve Buscemi as Randall Boggs-the the sinister monster from Boo's childhood and the main antagonist.
  • Johnny Depp as Mather, one of the few humans in the team assembled by Randall to pull off his scheme.
  • Dave Foley as Terry Perry
  • Sean Hayes as Terri Perry
  • Charlie Day as Art
  • Michael J. Fox as Macintosh Graves, a person is the first to witness Randall's plan in full motion.
  • John Ratzenberger as Yeti
  • Joel Murray as Don Carlton
  • Phil Proctor as Charlie Proctor
  • Julia Sweeney as Shirley Carlton
  •  Frank Oz as Fungus
  • Peter Sohn as Squishy
  • Nathan Mack as Baby Smitty
  • Dan Lloyd as Painter (Speaking)
  • Boing Novelty Voice as Painter (Singing)
  • Ke$ha as Yuki
  •  Bruno Mars as John Riley
  • Drake as Parlu
  • Jason Marsden as Vincent
  • Eric Idle as King Ted
  • Maggie Smith as Queen Isabella
  • Dana Carvey as Sanders Sullivan
  • Richard Kind as Officer Tubman
  • Edie McClurg as Mrs. Nesbit
  • Claudia Christian as Mayor of Monstropolis, Blood Moon Ball announcer, Party Announcer, Balloon vendor, and Yoga woman.
  • Bill Hader as Slug Guy-the the worker who's always late for everything(including the Blood Moon Ball) because of his slowness.
  • Jenny Slate as Justine
  • Amy Poehler as Aunt Tilly
  • Ellen DeGeneres as Aunt Milly
  •  Idris Elba as Bouncer of Blood Moon Ball
  • Mark Wahlberg as Smitty and Needleman
  • Jeff Pidgeon as Bile
  • Mike Myers as Uncle-the Scottish accented terrier.
  • Andrew Stanton as DJ Hor-10
  • Emma Thompson as Narrator
  • Ty Burell as Priest
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Old Man Frank
  • Sigourney Weaver as the Pixarland USA intercom
  • Nick Offerman as Chemsworth-the old mystic that lives on the streets of Monstropolis.
  •  Kelsey Grammer as Henry Waternoose 
  •  Mandy Moore as Rapunzel 
  •  Au'li Cravalho as Moana 
  •  Kristen Bell as Anna 
  •  Kelly Macdonald as Merida 
  •  Idina Menzel as Elsa 
  •  Lewis Black as Anger 
  •  Blake Clark as Slinky Dog 
  •  Ed O'Neill as Hank 

Easter Eggs

Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4

  •  The Pizza Planet truck appeared as Boo and Michael arrived at the Blood Moon Ball.

A Bug's Life

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

The Incredibles and Incredibles 2

Cars, Cars 2 and Cars 3





  • Princess Merida appeared as one of the princesses Boo encountered.

Inside Out

The Good Dinosaur




Andre and Wally B

Luxo Jr.

Red's Dream

Tin Toy

Knick Knack

Geri's Game

For the Birds


One Man Band



Partly Cloudy

Day and Night

La Luna

The Blue Umbrella


Sanjay's Super Team





Smash and Grab







  • Dina and Son which opens in front of Monsters Musical


Boo meets Randall again.

  •  Boo: Hello? Is anybody here? Hello?
  •  Randall: Hello?
  •  Boo(screams): Snake!!
  •  Randall: Whoa, whoa slow down, Boo! It's only me, Randall Boggs!
  •  Boo: Randall? Is that you?
  •  Randall: Yes, you fool! It is me!

Randall meets Mather

  • Randall: Ah, nice to meet you...

(Mather gives Randall a cold stare)

  • Mather: Hey guys, does anyone know who this lizard thing is?
  • Mather's guards: Nah, not at all.
  • Mather: You should know better than to bother this group while we're calm. Get out now.

The Final Battle

  •  Suitor(in Randall's voice): Boo, get away from him!
  •  Boo: I know it was you!
  •  Michael: I love you.
  •  Suitor(in Randall's voice): Boo, NOOOO!! (camera turned to the sun dipping below.) 
  •  Suitor(in Randall's voice): Victory is mine! (laughing evilly) Victory is mine!

(Randall is struck by lightning and turns back to his scaly lizard-like self.)

  •  Michael: Boo!
  •  Mike: Wait, that was Randall?
  •  Mac: Told you so... Good thing I called reinforcements.

(several characters from Pixarland USA burst through the window)

  • Guard#1: Halt! who goes there!
  • Anger: Now eat this!!!
  • Slinky Dog: I'm Coming at ya!!
  • Guard # 2: What's going on?
  • Ducky and Bunny: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!
  • Guard # 2: AHHHH!

(Randall tried to get away but Sulley stopped him.)

  • Sulley: Randall, stop!

(Mike joined Sulley.)

  • Randall: Ah, Sullivan.
  • Sulley: Release her!
  • Randall: I Don't think so, Sullivan, she's mine!
  • Sulley: Wait, what?
  • Randall: We made a deal.

(The crystal contract paper appeared with Boo's signature on it.)

  • Sulley: Take me instead!
  • Randall: Fine.

(Sulley signed it and Boo's signature is replaced by Sulley's signature.)

  • Randall: Then it's done! (laughing evilly.)
  • Mike: Sulley!
  • Boo: Kitty! (at Randall.) You, You Monster!!!
  • Randall:
  • Michael: Scared to fight me, you cowardly snake!
  • Randall: A snake am I? well, you'll like to see how (hiss) snake-like I can be!

(with an evil laugh Randall transforms himself into the Night Viper. He aimed his bite at Michael and missed but Michael sliced him in his tail. Mike tried to warn Michael but Randall stopped him.)

  • Randall: So surrender, Wasowski!
  • Mike: I'll never surrender, Randall. You killed my best friend!
  • Randall: No, Wasowski, I am your best friend!
  • Mike: NOOOO!!

(Randall aimed his coils at Boo and trapped her.)

  • Randall(laughing evilly):  So marrying the prince makes you a princess, eh, Boo? 
  • Boo: You monster! How dare you!
  • Randall: Looks like someone's trying to live happily ever after, but guess what, (laughing evilly) that makes me sick!

(As Randall tried to aim his deadly bite at Boo, Michael showed up and stabbed him in his chest.)

  • Randall: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!! NOOOO!!!

( As Randall screamed, his skin melted causing him to fall to his death.)

(When Boo's princess friends found out that Sulley is falling from the cliff, they decided to help him.)

  • Merida: Look! some big strong man in need of rescue!

(So each princess music played when each princess helped Sulley. When their work is done, Sulley is seen wearing Rapunzel's dress.)

  • Sulley: Gee thanks. (gasping) Wait a minute, what's going on here?
  • Merida: We're Boo's newfound friends.
  • Elsa: And we look out for each other.
  • Moana: You're welcome.

Encounter at Pixarland USA

  • Boo: Where am I?
  • Announcer: Welcome to Pixarland USA, where dreams come true!
  • Boo: Princesses and computer-animated characters? barf!
  • Slinky Dog: Hey! Watch it!
  • Boo: Sorry, doggy!

(As Boo navigates through a family theme park, Many characters appeared. Scrat tries to find his acorn, Buzz Lightyear flies with Woody, and Nemo, Marlin, and Dory share a family.)

  • Cast member #1: Tell us what Pixar princess are you!
  • Girl: Smart, funny brave, kind... I choose kind!
  • Cast member #1: And the Pixar princess is, Rapunzel!
  • Rapunzel: May all your dreams come true.
  • Cast member #2: And now, ask Hank everything and he knows all who see!
  • Mom: When did 'Toy Story' debut? November 22nd, 1995, I guess?
  • Hank: Umm, let's see, young lady! The correct answer is November 22nd, 1995!
  • Guy: Hey, Hank! what are the names of the villain songs in Pixar movies? 'Shiny', 'Mother Knows Best', and 'Love is an Open Door'?
  • Hank: Well, On the contrary, the correct answer is All of the above!
  • Boo: Thanks for meeting Hank, and take this invitation to the Blood Moon Ball!
  • Randall: Ah ha! There you are!
  • Boo: Oh no it's Randall! (Boo tried to run away from Randall and find the door that says 'Cast members-only')
  • Anger: Hey! Can't you see the sign? 'Cast Members Only'!

(Boo hides in the Princess room only to be surprised by 5 princesses attacking her.)

  • Boo: Whoa ladies, I'm a princess too.
  • Merida: What kind of a princess are you?
  • Boo: Well, I...
  • Rapunzel: Do you have magic hair?
  • Boo: No.
  • Elsa: Magic hands?
  • Boo: No.
  • Moana: Do animals talk to you?
  • Boo: No.
  • Anna: Were you frozen?
  • Boo: No.
  • Rapunzel: kidnapped?
  • Boo: Yes, by Randall once!
  • All: Randall?!?
  • Rapunzel: And for a million-dollar question, do people assume all your problems solved just because some big strong man showed up?
  • Boo: Yes! That's pretty accurate!
  • All: She is a Princess!
  • Elsa: (singing happily.)

Similarities between Monsters Theater and various Disney films


  •  Both have princesses losing a glass slipper.

The Little Mermaid(1989)

  •  Both have heroes nearly marrying a disguised villain.
  •  Both have princesses accepting a villain's deal.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1937)

  •  Both have princesses longing for a prince.


  • Both have villains wearing cloaks.

Calling Minister

  • Both have villains wearing cloaks and conductor's hats (Carbin (Calling Minister) and Mather (Monsters Musical)
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