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Monsters! is an American animated dramedy horror TV series and spin-off of Legendary. The spin-off is also created by Legendary creator Alex Hirsch, and focuses on a pack of cowardly monsters (based on the classic ones) whose attempts at scaring goes awry and causes their exile by the other monsters into the real world, where they must rely on one another for survival. It premiered on October 30, 2017, a day before Halloween, with its first batch of six episodes. An episode aired between the first and second batches on December 11, 2017. The second and last batch of six episodes aired on March 19, 2018.


The plot will focus on a group of monsters (based on the classic monsters from Universal's films) who are unable to scare kids and are outcasts from their fellow monsters. They are then banished into our world, where they must use the power of their friendship to survive.

Voice cast


Main characters

  • Drake (Jason Marsden) - The main character who is a pale and lanky vampire. He fears the sunshine and is obsessed with blood, pouring it on everything he eats. Based on Dracula.
  • Frank (Patrick Warburton) - A monster made from different body parts who has an incomprehensibly deep voice and speaks in simple sentences (EX: "I Frank"). Based on Frankenstein.
  • Wilfred (Alan Tudyk) - A werewolf that is itchy due to being covered with hair everywhere. He is also only able to whistle instead of howling, and is considered a "beta wolf". Based on The Wolf Man.
  • Ivan (Elijah Wood) - An invisible man who cannot speak louder than a whisper and is frequently ignored and forgotten. Based on The Invisible Man.
  • Murray (Tom Kenny) - A mummy who is actually covered in toilet paper! (And not the clean one). Based on The Mummy.
  • Bob (Phil LaMarr) - A big blob monster who cannot control his own body and leaves little blobs on everything he touches. He also finds it difficult to talk because of his "blobbed" mouth. Based on The Blob.
  • Frida (Kristen Schaal) - Frank's wife who is also made of different body parts. She is meek and unable to think for herself, since she believes Frank "controls" her. Based on the Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Creighton (Roger Craig Smith) - A socially awkward creature who resides in a black lagoon. Based on the Creature of the Black Lagoon.
  • Fabian (Rene Aujebernois) - A socially isolated phantom who loves opera and singing, even if his singing is terrible. Based on the Phantom of the Opera.

Secondary characters

  • Krampus (Greg Cipes) - A "half-goat", "half-demon" creature of Christmas mythology who harshly punishes kids who have been bad all year, to the point of devouring them.
  • Bigfoot (Steven Blum) - An ape-like humanoid who inhabits forests.
  • Quasimodo (Wally Wingert) - A hunchback who lives in the fear of many humans. He has a back problem and insults his own ugliness.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 October 30, 2017 March 19, 2018

Season 1 (2017-18)

No. Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Prod.
1 "Monstracized" Fatima Mataraci Lester Gomez October 30, 2017 101
A group of monsters (based on Universal's classic monsters) are outcasts from the rest of the monsters that they work with to scare kids, because they are unable to scare. But they must prove that they can scare for once when they are assigned a little kid to scare (Logan Chabinsky).
2 "A Halloween Full of Fun" Kenneth Dumont October 30, 2017 103
The monsters decide to scare kids by pretending to be costumed kids on Halloween night. Unfortunately, they are mistaken for kids trick-or-treating by themselves by a mom (Grey DeLisle-Griffin) and her kid (Jet Jurgensmeyer). The mom takes pity on the "kids" and lets them trick or treat with her son. The monsters play along and discover how fun Halloween is, but must conceal their identity. After they finish trick-or-treating, they go back to work, where they are immediately fired for engaging in "human activities". With no hope in their future as monsters who instill fear in kids, the monsters promise to look out for each other in the real world, which they must now survive.
3 "The Very Scaries" Calvin MacKenzie Grekk October 30, 2017 105
Drake encounters a gang of ferocious and brutal monsters deemed "The Very Scaries", and desperately vies to join their gang despite his geeky tendencies. Meanwhile, Creighton learns of his mother's death but must break out of his comfort shell if he wants to attend her funeral. And Frida learns to stand up against Frank.
4 "Fabian Gets Played" Wendy Conroy Ronald Munoz October 30, 2017 102
Fabian wants to stage a play, but the other monsters' disinterest in the staged performance causes great inner turmoil for him. Unbeknownst to him, this converts into his idea for a play, and he manages to stage one once and for all.
5 "Brady" Poppy Livingston Annie Oh October 30, 2017 106
A troubled but courageous kid named Brady (Jeremy Ray Taylor) encounters the monsters in their new Dumpster of a home (literally) and begins tormenting them for their cowardice, but soon realizes they all share rough lives. After the monsters save Brady from his drunken, abusive dad (Will Arnett), he finds them a new home in a manhole dug from his backyard.
6 "Scary Sleepover" Lamar Robinson Miriam Northrop October 30, 2017 104
The monsters have a sleepover in their new home in the manhole, but trouble brews when Wilfred begins having bloodthirsty urges, and Drake must chase after him when it gets to Wilfred. Meanwhile, Fabian begins having an awakening after seeing Frank and Frida embracing.
7 "Night Terror Before Christmas" Kenneth Dumont Amy O'brien December 11, 2017 107
The monsters befriend Krampus (Greg Cipes) during the holiday season, but when they are coerced into stealing every gift from every kid in town by him, they begin to realize he's ruining the Christmas spirit, and not only that, he's scaring and torturing kids as a distraction!
8 "Monster-Sized Partypoopers" Poppy Livingston Wendy Conroy March 19, 2018 110
The monsters learn of a party hosted by a group of so-called "awesome" monsters, and all of them decide to crash the party in order to renew themselves as awesome. However, after they infiltrate the party, they begin to make new friends, find new loves, and most importantly, face a new challenge as the party's ambushed by a Monsterhunter, a human who hunts for monsters.
9 "Can Monsters Love?" Calvin MacKenzie Fatima Mataraci March 19, 2018 109
Inspired by Frank and Frida's romance, Drake decides to romantically involve himself with women. Problem is, he keeps sucking on their blood! So Frank decides to help him with proper romance etiquette by exemplifying his marriage to Frida, but Drake ends up falling in love with her due to having seen her as the "perfect monstress", as described by Frank.
10 "The Real Terror" Anthony Gilligan Lamar Robinson March 19, 2018 108
"Monsterhunt!" Calvin MacKenzie
Poppy Livingston
Annie Oh
& Fatima Mataraci
Lamar Robinson
Lester Gomez
& Amy O'brien
March 19, 2018 111
After the Monsterhunter infiltrates the monsters' party from the episode "Monster-Sized Partypoopers", he begins hunting the monsters one by one, so the remaining monsters, the main gang of monstrous friends, decide to use the Monsterhunter's fighting technique against him and stop his monster slayings once and for all. Soon as they start opposing him, however, the gang suffers a tragedy at the hands of the Monsterhunter, which leads them to question their villainous ways and violent defenses.


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