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Monster Warrior Godzilla Is A 2019 American/Japanese Science Fiction Action Short Film Directed By Adam Windgard. It Is A Film Adaptation Of The Manga Of The Same Name. 


The Race Of Gargantuan Human-like Creatures Called Daikaiju Are At War. An Advanced Human Race Brought Them To The Verge Of Annihilation. One Brave Soul, Godzilla (Referred To As His Japanese Name, Gojira) Agrees To Do Battle With The Humans, All Alone. He Sets Off And Kills Biollante, A Traitor That Gave Mankind The Spirit Of The Beast Tree. Baragon Informs Him Of A Legendary Sword, Shield, And Armour. Godzilla Arrives In Japan And Swiftly Destroys The Undersea Forces Of Humankind, And Aquires The Armour.

A Markalite GYRO Launches Godzilla To Space, But He Escapes After A Asteroid Crashes Into It. He Dispatches The Space Forces Including The Gotengo, Gohten, Super X, And Super X II With Equal Success. Burrowing Underground, He Seemingly Kills The Prime Minister. Before Rescuing The Spirit Of The Beast Tree. She Prepares To Close The Rift. The Prime Minister Takes On Godzilla At The Helm Of Jet Jaguar, Backed Up By Mechagodzilla, Mechani-kong, And Moguera. Their Weapons Wound Him, But, The Hero's Sword And Shield Emerge From A Fissure. Jet Jaguar Hops On A Motorcycle As The Prime Minister Raves About The Need For Humans To Colonize The World Of The Daikaiju, So As To Replace Their Old Polluted Home. Godzilla Finishes Off The Mechs With A Blast Of Atomic Breath, And Then, Returns To His Home Ascending In A Beam Of Light.


• Gerard Butler As Godzilla (Voice)

• Scarlett Johansson As Titanosaurus (Voice)

• Thomas Haden Church As Space Beastman (Voice)

• Laz Alonso As Gorosaurus (Voice)

• Omar Sy As Sanda (Voice)

• Dalmar Abuzeid As Maguma (Voice)

• James Rolleston As Anguirus (Voice)

• Ramón Llao As Varan (Voice)

• Jen Hultén As Rodan (Voice)

• Jack O'Connell As Kamoebas (Voice)

• Stephen Dorff As King Caesar (Voice)

• Bill Skarsgård As Kamacuras (Voice)

• Eric Bana As Griffon (Voice)

• Jared Leto As Gabara (Voice)

• Brian Tyree Henry As Bat Man (Not The One From DC) (Voice) 

• Giorgio Cantadini As Gezora (Voice)

• Jorge Lendeborg Jr. As Meganulon (Voice)

• Vicky Haughton As Biollante (Voice)

• Goran Višnjić As Baragon (Voice)

• Andre Holland As Mechagodzilla (Voice)

• Adam Baldwin As Mechani-Kong (Voice)

• John Boyega As Moguera (Voice)

• Tom Holland As Jet Jaguar (Voice)

• Bryce Dallas Howard As The Spirit Of The Beast Tree

• Akira Nakao As The Prime Minister


The Film Was Released On FXX On September 16, 2019, Just One Day After The Release Of The Jurassic World Short Film, Battle At Big Rock. 


The Music Was Composed By Michael Giacchino. It Includes A Orchestra, A Choir Of 90, And A Tribal Feel To It Until The Final Battle, Witch Has A Final Wars Feel To It.


1. Main Theme

2. The Great Battle

3. Ending


• The Godzilla Suit Used In The Film Was Recycled From Godzilla Vs Biollante, It Was Modified To Look More Accurate To His Manga Counterpart.

• This Is The First Time We See Toho Kaiju Talk, While They Still Emit Their Roars. 

• The Kaiju Speak A Artistic Language, The Same As The Tharks From John Carter. (2012) However, The Mechas Speak English.