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Monarchy is a live-action/CGI/animated crossover drama TV series. It is based on all based monarchist ideas.


Twenty-five years after The Luxurious Loud House, where Lynn R. Loud, the CEO of the now-defunct Loud Industries, is now officially elected as the President of the United States, and where he turns himself, his wife and his children back to their original ages from the series, he turns the United States into an absolute monarchic state where they would never step down, thanks to their monarchial rule. Soon, the Walshes, the Vanderbilts, the Santiagos, the McBrides, and many of the rich families of Royal Woods, including the wealthy families of the United States (like the Du Ponts, the Astors, the Rockefellers, etc.) and the wealthy families of the world, would forevermore be united together to rule the newly-established monarchy on the former United States and Canada, also known as the Columbian Empire.

Soon, Lizzy Loud brought the Loud family's ancestors together, and granted immortality, and then, with the Columbian Empire, their children and descendants later marrried anyone from the royal families and became connected with all the royal families.

Months later, the Columbian Empire gained support to monarchist groups and abolished monarchies are restored while monarchies that remain on throne became powerful when their respective ruling royal family members are being married to members of the Loud family, and despite that the Columbian Empire rulers are mostly Roman Catholic, most of the Loud family converted into their different religions of royal families.

Soon, the Loud family made up a series of laws that would ensure that the American people would feel great once again, even banning racism, imprisoning racists, demolishing a Mexican-American border wall, creating a unified police force, and so on.

When all monarchies are restored, republicanism and authoritarianism were now a thing in the past, and then the kingdoms are all united together by connection.

Soon, preschool characters became monarchs, and their lands became kingdoms (like KingLeonLionheart), as done by Emperor Loud I and their royal families.

Soon, Disney Princesses and Disney Princes became proud supporters of Emperor Loud I, his royal family, and all of the royal families of the world, so their kingdoms eventually became part of the Loud family.

Soon, the middle-classed Loud kids changed their ages, as ordered by Emperor Loud I. Leni becomes a 17-year old girl, Luan becomes a 15-year old girl, Lynn becomes a 14-year old girl with a loose tooth, Lucy becomes a 12-year old girl with her open eyes, yet she can cover them sometimes, Lana and Lola become 16-year old girls, Lisa becomes an 11-year old girl, and Lily becomes an 8-year old girl, while the wealthy Loud kids remain in their own age before changing the middle-class Loud kids, and they all eventually became princesses.

However, Rita Loud gave birth to new siblings. She gives birth to Princess Lusitania, an 15-month old baby, Princess Lycia, a 4-year old chef, Princess Liguria, a 6-year old linguist, Princess Lycaonia, a 7-year old painter, Princess Lucania, a 9-year old cowgirl, Princess Laurentia, a 10-year old peace activist, Princess Lavinia, a 13-year old British culture lover, Princess Letitia, a 18-year old girl, Princess Lucania, a 19-year old girl, Princess Lucretia, a 20-year old girl, and Princess Luzia, a 21-year old girl.

The main protagonist, Arnold Jacobs, and his 6-year old daughter, Evelyn, are the royal advisors of Emperor Loud I (formerly Lynn R. Loud) of the Columbian Empire. Their friend and heir to the throne is Richard Loud III (now known as Prince Richard I). They are both also good assassins too as well.

However, an alien invasion from an ancient evil has been unleashed, but when Emperor Loud I declares war on an unknown alien armada, Jacobs said that it was the Graukkont, an evil alien empire that threatened the universe.

It is up to Emperor Loud I, the emperor of the newly-established Columbian Empire, his royal family, his empire, the Columbian Empire, and all of the royal families and all their ruling kingdoms of the world to unite together, form the Imperial Sol Empire, and then unite all alien empires to stop the evil Graukkont Empire from threatening the universe.

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