Moe the Troll

Moe the Troll is the secondary antagonist of the 1987 animated film, Stanley: The Little Dragon.

He is a greedy, ruthless, narcissistic and selfish troll who loves to collect valuable objects for himself and wants to kill all the dragons by cook them, including Stanley.

He is voiced by the late Pixar actor, Joe Ranft.


Moe is portrayed as a xenophobic, manipulative, sarcastic, ugly, cruel, and abusive troll of high-rank who is doted upon by his fearsome mother and takes great pride in being unpleasant, blameworthy, and reprehensible: he also expresses a desire to kill all the dragons and cook them underground, hoping that in time they too would develop the ugly features of dragons.

Actually, Moe is a manipulative, villainous, greedy, cunning, ruthless, sinister, unpredictable, untrustworthy, abusive and psychopathic man-eating troll. He is misanthropic, as he despised Kevin because he was a human. He wanted to kill Stanley and later eat him for food. At first Moe was loyal to Stanley and slightly feared other dragons. However he later went against him and betrayed him.


It appears for the first time when Lou met an teenager prince, Kevin (who is turned into a dragon) and began chasing him with the intention of eating him. During the chase, we see him devour a hapless snail on which Stanley had tripped, and threaten three frogs and then spare preferring to continue tracking Kevin, who finally manages to catch. While going to eat him, however, he is stopped by Stanley, who tells him that Kevin is her friend and asks him to free him.

Moe was later seen with Kevin wondering if Stanley was a dragon. Prince Kevin claimed that there were no dragons around. He complained to Moe that he needed pigs in blankets instead of the dish that was already made. Moe also frequently acted mean against his sidekick.

Later, after Prince Kevin tries to kill Stanley after experienced real fun, Moe kidnapped Stanley while knowing he was a dragon the whole time. He was pursued by several knights, only to give them the slip and headed to the kitchen. He tried to rotiserate him, but was interrupted by Stanley’s parents, Maggie and the Leader. He dared Stanley to scare Prince Kevin to prove that he was not human, which failed and proved otherwise. Moe reveals his plan to kill Stanley and all the dragons by cooking them, because Moe and the trolls became afraid of them, through the song. Stanley had Moe’s feet burned by fire. After the duo left, the troll had accidentally knocked out by the boulder.


He is a green troll who has a green skin, a large nose, large feet, and black hair. He wears a brown peasant like shirt and shorts. He is alot taller and larger in this form.



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