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Modern Pterodactyl Disaster is is an event that occurred due to people bringing back extinct pterosaur species and bringing some formerly fictional pterosaur species from films, books, etc (Jurassic Park, etc) and accidentally introducing them to the modern environments.


Depending on a species, they range from about the size of a small bird to about the size of a large fighter plane. Most species are covered in fur-like body coverings known as pycnofibers, but a few species such as Jurassic Park/World pterosaurs are bald. Most species of pterosaurs (including all known native real life prehistoric pterosaurs) are flat-footed (having clawed human-like feet) and cannot grab with their feet, but some former fictional species have grasping bird-like feet for catching some small-to-medium-sized aquatic and land prey items. Some species of pterosaurs have a very shrink-wrapped-looking appearance like many of the All Todays animals (reptilian elephants, etc), despite having muscles, etc. Most speices of pterosaurs (real and former fictional species) are very docile and seem very tame towards any sapient species/beings, but few like Jurassic Park/World Pteranodons and Dimorphodons can rarely be aggressive towards sapient species/beings only if they're threatened or scared.

Impact on modern environments

Ever since many species of former extinct and former fictional pterosaurs have been brought to modern environments, they have some serious impact towards some native species. Most species are insectivorous, but this doesn't effect native arthropods of any species. The more predatory species like Jurassic Park/World Pteranodons and Dimorphodons however, can attack and kill species about as large as a human/domestic dylanus, making them a threat towards some native populations of mule deer, whitetail deer, young elk, etc, but can also prey on nonnative wild boars, etc. Some species such as the real Tapejaras are herbivores that feed on fruits and other forms of plants, making them pests towards the farmer's crops and a sort of pterosaurian version of birds such as crows and ravens. None of the former extinct and former fictional pterosaurs are threatened with extinction as they now tolerate human activities and can adapt to life in the cities and suburbs.