Mocking Rahonavis

Mocking Rahonavis in a theme park attraction (a dark jeep ride) in Disneyland Resort, Land of Dinosaurs, with most dinosaurs being animatronics, except Mocking Rahonavis, which are live animals.

Mocking Rahonavis is a formerly fictional species of Rahonavis that originated from Dinosaur Revolution episode 3, but has since been introduced accidentally to most of the real world's continents, where they have successfully bred, even in cities across the world. Rahonavis is very bird-like in appearance and behavior, having flight feathers for flight, brooding very much like birds, and even feed the same way as many birds do, but unlike birds, it has a snout with teeth (rather than a beak), has clawed fingers on its wings, has a long bony tail to balance its flight coordinates while it is flying. They mainly feed on insects, small arachnids, crustaceans, fish, frogs, small lizards, bird hatchlings, eggs, small mammals, and even carrion. It has large eyes that allow it to see very well in daylight hours and even in darkest of night and other dark areas. It is named "Mocking Rahonavis" because it has the ability to repeat sounds around its environment (from both native environments and nonnative environments), even better than any other animal on Earth, better than even the parrots, crows, mynas, or even the greatest mimicking bird on Earth, the lyrebird, due to the Mocking Rahonavis's extremely advanced larynx (voice box). Mocking rahonavises are also very tame towards any sapient species/beings, despite being wild animals.

Invasive Species Status

Mocking Rahonavis has since been flourishing in North America, Asia, Europe, South America and other continents across the world ever since it was introduced accidentally between 1910s and 1930s, and has spread throughout each of the world's continents, living from hot deserts, to plains, to forests, to swamps, to rainforests, to tundra, and even to cities. They have been listed as one of the 100 worst invasive species, because they compete with some of its native avian relatives on each continent (house sparrows of Europe, collared doves of Eurasia and Africa, etc) for food, territory, and mocking rahonavis has been known to hunt and kill sparrows, collared doves, and some other birds, as well as their young and eggs, that can be defenseless against the Mocking Rahonavis's attacks. So far, people and other sapient species/beings hasn't figured out how to eradicate these Rahonavis, they tried poisoning, bird houses built for birds, etc, but Mocking Rahonavis are so clever that they managed to avoid traps and break into bird houses to either eat bird eggs/young or to make bird house their own homes.

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