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Mistaken Identity AKA Identity 2 is a 2017 American Thriller film and sequel to the 2003 thriller Film Identity. It is written by Michael Cooney and directed by James Mangold. The film stars Joan Cusack, Alyson Hannigan, Embith Davidz, Mark Rolston, Marley Shelton, Emmy Rossum, James Read, Hayden Panettiere, Nicholas D'Agosto, Michelle Rodriguez, Steve Carrell and Pruitt Taylor Vince.


Following from the first film, Malcolm Rivers (Pruitt Taylor Vince) had killed his doctor and transport driver. He is soon apprehended at the Nevada Motel where he was abandoned as a child and created the personalities that were all killed off by the drug administered to him by his doctor.

Controlled by Timmy York, the killer personality, Rivers is eventually put to death by the Electric Chair. That same night, the judge from the first film has been murdered in his apartment.

The killer has been identified as Arianna Rivers (Alyson Hannigan), a lesbian prostitute and Malcolm's mother. Immediately, she is put on trial and is expected for death row.

At the same time as the progressing trial eight people come to a Nevada Motel due to a storm.

The eight people are picked off systematically in a room key countdown.

The people Claire Lehmann (Joan Cusack) , Donna Templeton (Marley Shelton), Kelli Sandstrom (Emmy Rossum), Vincent Mortis (James Read), Tahlia Mortis (Hayden Panettiere), Sam Harper (Nicholas D'Agosto), Harleey Andrews (Michelle Rodriquez) and Markus Tulo (Steve Carrell) are all named after buisnesses in the state of Nevada which are connected to Arianna. During the main story, Arianna

It is soon revealed to the court that Arianna has the same condition as her late son Malcolm Rivers.

Arianna possesses multiple personality disorder and Malcolm's multiple personality syndrome was not generated by a fractured mind caused by his abandonment at a Nevada Motel but was caused by Arianna's abuse towards Malcolm which has been caused by the violent personality, Markus Tulo.

It is eventually revealed to the court that Arianna did indeed murder the Judge the night of Malcolm's execution and is suffering these in and out blackouts in the court because as she was attacking the attorney he forced one of the pills used on Malcolm previously in her mouth amidst the attack.

The pill was administered by Malcolm's former doctor as a way of getting his personalities to confront each other and kill each other off in hope of leaving behind a non killer personality so he wouldn't be put on death row.

Arianna's personalities are killed off leaving behind that of Claire Lehmann and Arianna is then instead of a prison sentence sentenced to a housing in the Mental Institution Malcolm was bound for.


  • Joan Cusack as Claire Lehmann/ The first of Arianna Rivers' personalities. She is named after the lawyor firm Lehmann Co. Claire's personality character is revealed to be a lawyer
  • Alyson Hannigan as Caroline Arianna Rivers, a devout Jewish woman and a lesbian prostitute, possessing multiple personalities. Throughout the trial, she is constantly seen muttering strange sentences in her head and praying.
  • Marley Shelton as Donna Templeton/ The second of Arianna Rivers' personalities. She is named after the Nevada Advertising Agency Templeton Co. Donna's character is an Advertising Agent
  • Emmy Rossum as Kelli Sandstom/ The third of Arianna Rivers' personalities. She is named after the Prostitution Call Girl Agency Arianna worked for. Kelli's character is a prostitute.
  • James Read as Vincent Mortis/ The fourth of Arianna Rivers' personalities. He is named after a town police department where Arianna was first apprehended for prostitution. His character is a cop
  • Hayden Panettiere as Tahlia Mortis/ The fifth of Arianna Rivers' personalities. She is the daughter of Vincent Mortis and like him is named after the Mortis Police Department.
  • Nicholas D' Agosto as Samuel Harper/ The sixth of Arianna Rivers' personalities. He is named after the fishing equipment shop where Arianna took her son Malcolm for his first fishing pole on their first and only fishing trip. Sam's character that of a nineteen year old boy who loves fishing.
  • Michelle Rodriquez as Harleey Andrews/ The seventh of Arianna Rivers' personalities. She is named after a motorcycle repair shop in Pol County where Arianna hid following a group of men who wanted to rape her.
  • Harleey's character is a motorcycle riding mechanic who ends up at the motel and has a story later to tell how she is fleeing from her old life as a group of men violently raped her in a alleyway just outside her work. She is the killer personality of Arianna Rivers and the killer of all the personalities apart from Claire Lehmann who succeeds in killing her first
  • Steve Carrell as Markus Tulo/ The eighth and final of Arianna Rivers' personalities. He is named after a petrol station Arianna inevitably stopped at after abandoning Malcolm at the Nevada Line Motel. Markus' character is that of a Gas Station Occupant.
  • Holmes Osborne as Judge Taylor
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Malcolm Rivers
  • Embith Davidz as Harly Jones/ The Defending Lawyor of Arianna Rivers
  • Mark Rolston as Everrby Deckhart/ The Opposing Lawyor of Arianna Rivers
  • Kathy Najimy as Maid Marion/ The Maid of Judge Taylor and later discovered unreliable witness to his murder.

Destruction of Personalities

  1. Markus Tulo: Decapitated at Dining Room Doorway with axe. Head is then placed in furnace oven and decapitated on Dining Room Table. His body shirt pocket contains the key 8
  2. Tahlia Mortis: Head jammed in Laundry Machine via door. Face is then incinerated as Machine starts and hot liquid begins pouring. Body is placed in river. Her mouth contains the key 7
  3. Vincent Mortis: Killed after running to cliff via rock to face. Body is then placed on Motel Carport Roof. Dangling from his hand is the key 6
  4. Kelli Sandstrom: The O from the Motel Sign falls on car as she is about to exit it and jams her in place. She is then killed via car explosion. Following her death all the bodies begin to disappear. After her body disappears in the burnt up car glove compartment box is the key 5
  5. Donna Templeton: Killed after opening her room door via explosion
  6. Harleey Andrews: Killed by Claire via raking tool to face and chest and then drowned in river
  7. Samuel Harper: Found by Claire with a bullet hole in chest. He bleeds to death in Claire's arms.


  1. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing- Jack Johnson
  2. Stars- Switchfoot
  3. Muncho Granidas- Hans Zimmer
  4. The Storm Washes In- Hans Zimmer
  5. Broken Windows, Renegade Souls- Hans Zimmer
  6. Bluelight Deathlight- Alan Silvestri
  7. Malcontent My Beauty- Alan Silvestri