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Mission to the Medditerranean Sea
Roman Squid
Conflict: Oium Wars
Objective: Investigate the disappearance of Roman Navy ships in the Medditerranean Sea, and, if still alive, rescue the ships
Place: Mediterranean Sea
Outcome: Roman Empire victory, giant squid killed

Roman Empire

Giant Squid

Involved persons

Ryanus, Garindus

Giant Squid



Giant Squid

What the's a squid! Garindus! Get here! Now!
~ Ryanus

The Mission to the Medditerranean Sea was a mission that Ryanus and Garindus took on to investigate the dissapearance of several Roman navy ships in the Medditerranean Sea.



After the Conqueror, Vicious, Climber, and Emperor mysteriously dissapeared out in the Medditerranean Sea, the Roman Navy was baffled. There were no islands located there, so no enemy bases could have destroyed the ships. Even if the case was enemy bases, the four ships were well-armed and had some of the most renowned captains in the entire Empire.

Seeing no other conclusion, the Navy sent two of their finest Roman commandos, Ryanus and Garindus, on a search and possibly rescue mission to the sea and solve the mystery. Departing in a ship, the Core, they arrived near the coordinates of the dissapearance.


Ryanus shipwreck

Ryanus dives and finds the shipwreck of the Conqueror.

The Core was an average ship, not going too fast or too slow. Soon, however, after a dive into the sea, Ryanus discovered four shipwrecks, all bearing the Roman Navy symbol. Strangly, however, several small, perfectly circular dents covered the ship's hulls, confusing Ryanus on how they came to be there. Returning to his ship, he asked Garindus.

Garindus said that only an animal of immense size could have that much destructive power. Looking through a large book of every known type of marine animal, he eventually entered the section of squids, and noticed that there were several circular objects all along its tentacles. Piecing the two together, he concluded that a squid of enormous strength had to have destroyed these ships so violently.


After a few days of waiting, a tentacle appeared out of the water and grabbed the side of the boat. Ryanus rushed to the side to get a good view, bow and arrow in hand. Garindus guarded the other side. Eventually, however, the tentacle grabbed Garindus, thrusting him underwater. The tentacle came back up after a few seconds. Ryanus, thinking fast, shot the tentacle with an arrow.

Garindus and Ryanus both pulled their swords out and started to beat back the squid by chopping off several tentacles. The squid, however, used its sharp teeth to break the wood at the bottom of the boat, allowing water to flush in and sink the boat. Ryanus cut through its mouth at the last second and he and Garindus jumped out of the boat and grabbed a floating piece of wood. The squid, in pain because of Ryanus's penetration of its mouth and eventually through the heart, was killed.

Arrival at the capital

Ryanus and Garindus arrived back at the capital. They told the Emperor about the Giant Squid and the shipwrecks. The Emperor, half-believing the story, took Ryanus's sword, which was covered with squid blood and skin. The Emperor was then convinced when he saw that Garindus's eye was in critical condition.

After Garindus recieved an eye patch, a large celebration was held regarding the commandos' victory. The battle had marked the first time Architeuthis amplus was discovered. The scientific name was later coined by humans in the year 2028.


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