Missing Since Monday is a 2012 physcological-thriller film based off the 1986 book of the same name by Ann M. Martin. Directed By John Carpenter, The film Stars Dakota Fanning, Leon Thomas III, KeKe Palmer, Victoria Justice, Nathan Gamble, Jimmy Bennet, Tim Daly, Claire Geare, Lucas Gbreel, Virginia Madsen, Jane Fonda, George Newbern, and Pam Grier.


Maggie and Mike are baby sitting their 4-year-olg sister Courtnie while their father, Owen and step-mother Leigh are on vaction. When Courtnie disapeers, all points to Maggie's mother, Jessica.


  • Dakota Fanning as Maggie Ellis
  • Nathan Gamble as Mike Ellis
  • Claire Geare as Courtnie Ellis
  • Leon Thomas III as David Jacobsen
  • KeKe Palmer as Martha Jacobsen
  • Lucas Gabreel as Brad De Christopher
  • Victoria Justice as Jane De Christopher
  • Jimmy Bennett as Andy De Christopher
  • Tim Daly as Owen Ellis
  • Virginia Madsen as Leigh Ellis
  • Jane Fonda as Jessica Ellis
  • Pam Grier as Det. Henrietta Becker
  • George Newbern as Det. Sam Lamberton

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