Misadventure is the 2017 American computer-animated epic comedy-adventure film produced by Geo Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in partnership with Paramount Pictures. Set in the fictional kingdom full of candy people and anthromorphic creatures, the film tells the story of a young boy and a chihuahua need to recover a lot of garbage that was stolen by the Ice King to create a princess. To prevent the king's plans and chased around by the villains, the duo will have to go through various adventures of the Land of Oooh, where they will find unimaginable treasures.







  1. "Prologue"
  2. "The Attack"
  3. "My Garbage's Gone"
  4. "Candy Kingdom"
  5. "Princess's Theme"
  6. "Cloud Kingdom/Party in the Clouds"
  7. "The Vampire Queen"
  8. "Steal the Ice King's Crown/Captured"
  9. "The Dungeon"
  10. "Who's In Charge Here" - Nicki Minaj
  11. "Bizarre Kingdom"
  12. "Witch's Attack"
  13. "Helping Marceline"
  14. "Refusing to Refuse" - Billy West
  15. "Long Live the Ice King!"
  16. "The Fight"
  17. "A Hero is Made" - Cristina Valenzuela
  18. "Refusing to Refuse (End Credits)" - Brad Praisley, The Backstreet Boys


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