Cast and Characters                                            

  • Jean Luc Bilodeau as Blake Greenwell
  • Shiloh Fernandaz as Seth Robberts
  • Alex Pettyfer as Cameron Fredrick
  • Robbie Amell as Dalton Herring
  • Christian Hall as Alexander Hollis
  • Josh Peck as Drake Zoe
  • Max Thieriot as Ezra Greenwell
  • Drew Van Acker as Jordan Riley
  • Erik Kundsen as Whistle Lucas
  • Rory Culkin as Brandon Kurt
  • Alexander Ludwig as Niall Lawson
  • Taylor Lautener as Keny Ventamilga
  • Penn Bagley as Gordan Cinnamon Roll
  • Dave Franco as Evan Heartweel
  • Sasha Petersie as Taylor Ventamilga
  • Ben Affleck as Dan Renile
  • Queen Latyfiah as Madam Tranchla
  • Jane Levy as Faith Hollis
  • Chris Colefer as Andrew Hollis
  • Max Burkholder as Aidan Hollis
  • Paris Hilton as Raven Hollis
  • Mike Vogual as Stephen Hollis

Reccuring Cast

  • Kevin Zeigers as Austin Robberts
  • Jessica Lucas as Juila Robberts
  • Haley McFarland as Willow Perry
  • Nico Tortellea as Jonah Grip
  • Portia Doubleday as Regan Parrish
  • Trioan Bellesaro as Abby Feilds
  • Evan Peters as Kayden Feilds
  • Liam Hemsworth as Dylan Feilds
  • Shay Mitchel as Lindsey Bartley
  • Stearling Beaumon as Ryan Bartley
  • Dan Byrd as Xavier Lweis
  • Travis Van Winkle as Ian Fitz
  • Jessica Tyler Brown as Angelina Pierce
  • Joseph Morgon as Nelson Freed
  • Thomas Dekker as Dustin Jobs
  • Zach Roerig as Zach Greenwell



Four friends Blake Green,Seth Boyd,Cameron Fredrick,Dalton Reline and there queen bee Christian Hall are bestfriends and the popular boys in High school. They attend the school's dance and then go to Christian's cabin where they swim and have fun. That night Seth gets woken up by arguing and go's outside and finds Christian talking to a person in a Dark Hood and they look at him and run into the woods. Seth follows and gets a posion dart in his neck and passes out and see's a person in a red coat and a person in a Baby Mask costume. Cameorn, Blake and Dalton are worried about them and Cameron go's up to the barn where he gets strangled by a person in a joker costume but Red Coat hits him with a bat and they run away. Blake go's outside where he is pushed into the pond by a person wearing a clown costume and he swims to the otherside where he spots Frakentsine and Zombie Man at the playground and they run away when they spott Blake. After the lights go out Dalton go's downstairrs and see's Red Coat leave and he follows him outside where he runs into Blake and Cameron. Thye go in  the woods and find Seth and they go back to the house and sleep and someone takes pictures of them. When they awake they leave and they see that the water is on fire and they go back to there houses where they each get a picture of them sleeping. At schol they get text messages from a person sighned RED and they all think it's Alexander. Alexander invites him to his cabin and when they get there they find the dead body of there friend with a note that syas Look What you done to me.

Dead Man Quarry

The boys attend Alexander's funneral and the next day Blake go's to Lincoln Trail a mental hosiptal to pick up his crazy brother Ezra who tried to kill Blake at Dead Man Quarry a ridge that's a thousand feet. Ezra tries to bond with Blake but Blake dosen't want to be friends with him and blows him off. The boys met up at Seth's house for a meeting and they all rember a memory of when always vist Alexander at his house the pictures were always turnded backwards and they find a note to someone named Riley and when they go upstairrs someone is behind them and they here a gasp and someone running downstairrs and then Mr. Hall comes out and he tells them to go outside where they meet Alexander in diffrent clothes and they question this and he is confused. Blake gets an argument with Ezra and stays at Grant's house. At school the boys all get a text message from RED saying that you better be careful what you do before you get pushed off Dead Man Quarry and they see Ezra with his phone out and he gives them an evil glare.

The Stalker

Brandon Burt a new guy to Coolsville moves in and Seth and him kiss but when he catches him watching him and Jordan he calls him a stalker which everyone school dose now.RED sends Blake a message saying that Grant was the one in the Dark Coat and Blake shows Grant the thing and the two get in a fight with Chris stopping it. The next day RED sends the video all over school. Dalton and Jonah get closer and he catches Brandon in his yard and he calls 911 and the police take him away. Cameron realises he has feelings for Seth. While the boys are at Blake's house they get a video messgae of someone in a hood walking towords there house and they think it's Brandon and someone throws a rock inside the house and a note says More secrets will rise to the surface and barry you alive. Ezra and Brandon trap Blake in his room and Blake demands to know what's going and Ezra shows him the video survalnce at Dead Man Quarrry and you can see a person in a dark coat watching and recording everything.

Red in Disguises

At school a popular boy named Dylan hemsworth throws a Birthday Party at his mansion in the Chattering Bones Woods. The boys are unsure to go since Alexander hated there guts. Raven and Stephen invite Blake, Seth, Cameron and Dalton over to there house and they ask if they know anything about Alexander's death if he was in some kind of trouble. The boys say no and Raven tells them that Alexander told Andrew, Faith and Aidan that he might go to Africa to Camp Ockavongo to see Niall. Cameron suddenly remebres that Alexander told him the same thing before he died and tells them. Blake asks if they contacted Niall and they tell them that they haven't been able to get ahold of him. After they leave the house they go to the cornfeild and talk about what happend. Seth see's Red Coat watching them and chases him and loses him. Blake consults with Ezra and Brandon and asks them if he's allowed to tell Seth, Dalton and Cameron. Seth and Cameron kiss eachother and begain to date. They tell Blake no beacuse it's not safe now. Ezra tells Blake not to go to the party beacuse he thinks something will happen to him but Blake igonres him and goes to the party with Jonah. Ezra finds Seth, Dalton and Cameron and tell them Blake isn't safe here. Blake is then kidnapped outside of the mansion and put in a car.

Locked Up

Seth, Cameron and Dalton ask Ezra why he knows so much and Ezra tells them about the video and shows them. They all get a picture of Blake being tied up on there phones even Ezra. Ezra runs away and they follow him and they confront him in the woods accusing him of taking Blake. Ezra says he didn't and runs away into the woods. Cameron see's Red Coat in the woods walking. He follows him to the road and loses him. Blake wakes up and he's inside of Christian's cabin. He runs away and runs into Ezra on the road. Ezra puts Blake in his car with Brandon. Blake demands to know where he's going and Ezra tells him home. Blake calls Seth, Dalton and Cameron and tells him that he's okay and that RED must of put him in there. Seth, Dalton and Cameron come to Blake's house and they confront Ezra. Ezra tells him that he knows that there being stalked by a person named RED and seeing Red Coat. Ezra revels that RED is sending him messages also. They demand to tell him what he knows and Ezra tells him that he'll get killed if he told anybody. Ezra goes up to his room and calls someone saying they know that I know about RED. The epsisode ends with Dark Coat going to Nelson County Highschool and buying ten tickets to the senior cruise.

Senior Cruise Part 1

At Nelson County Highschool the students that are seniors get to go on the senior cruise that goes to the Bahamas and disney's Castaway Cay island. On the bus drive there Dalton can't shake the feeling that RED will be on that ship but Cameron ressures him and tells him that RED wont be on the ship. At the hotel in Gerogia Blake gets in a elevator with Red Coat. Blake is quiet and scared and can't see his face. Red Coat walks out of the elevator and Blake attempts to follow but Grant stops him and kisses him. Blake runs and tells Seth, Cameron and Dalton that he was in the elevator with Red Coat. The seniors get on the Disney Dream cruise ship and Seth see's Jordan Ryan a boy he daited the last time he rode this ship. Seth has a memorey of the last time he was on the ship. Alexander was jealous that Jordan was taking Seth away so Alexander made Seth jump off the ship wich Jordan survived. Seth walks up to Jordan and the two are happy to see eachother. At the pool that night Blake mets a girl like him named Regan who just moved to Coolsville. Dalton see's Gordon Cinnamon Roll one of Alexander's boyfriends and talks to him. Dalton had a crush on Gordon. Cameron is walking to the Vibe Club when a person starts folllowing him Cameron runs to the Vibe Club and mets Abby, Kayden, Dylan, Ryan and Lindsey. Seth hangs out on a porthole and goes to the pool. The pool is dserted. Seth is then pushed in and he puts up a fight with someone and Seth see's that it's Jokerface and he passes out. The episode ends with Seth lying face down in the pool.

Senior Cruise Part 2

Cameron and Jordan find Seth in the pool and pull him out. Seth is still alive and he tells Cameron that it was Joker and Cameron lets Jordan take Seth to his room. Dalton is walking around the ship with Gordon. Gordon kisses him but Dalton tells him that he's daiting someone. Gordon says come to room 101 if you need anything. Dalton then sees Red Coat waving at him and Dalton follows Red Coat to the Vibe Club and see's Jonah kissing another guy. Dalton frustrated and angry goes to Gordons room and hooks up with him. The next morning Seth tells Dalton and Blake what happend to him last night and Dalton tells him that he saw Red Coat. They all get a message from RED saying to look outside and they see Joker standing on the dock to the Bahamas. While Cameron and Seth are walking around Cameron tells him to sleep with Jordan beacuse he knows Seth wants too. The boys vist the steps in the Bahamas and they go to Alantais. At the dinner they boys are suprised to see Gordon and Jordon. There watress Anna gives Cameron a note saying someone named RED sent it. The note says to go to the pool tonight. Dalton gets a note that night also from RED saying to go to the pool. Cameron and Dalton go to the pool and on the huge screen RED leaves a messgae saying Never think i'm gone boys i'm always here with you. Blake and Seth see it too. At Castaway Cay RED writes a note on the sand to Seth saying I wish I could of pushed Jordon off the ship. Dalton notcies RED watching him from the shore. That night they have fireworks and there piarate party. Dalton writes Gordon a note and RED sends Cameron a picture of Alexander talking to Dark Coat outside of the cabin. All four boys get a message saying I'm revelaing myself meet me in one of the safety boats. They walk to the boatside and see Joker waiting in one of the boats. They get in and then the real Joker drops the boat in the water and the ship sails away.


After a few minuents of being in the water they panic. They all eventully fall asleep and they wake up as a storm is approching. There boat lands to an island where the boys stay on the sand. Meanwhile on the ship Gordon and Jordan are frantic looking for Blake, Seth, Cameron and Dalton while Red Coat follows them. Cameron goes into the woods and finds Baby Face talking to Joker and the other masked people. Cameron runs back and tells the others. RED gives Jordan a note that says that there on an island. They all go into the woods and Joker chases them and Blake falls down a hill. Joker starts to walk twoards them but then a helipcopter lands on the island and takes the boys back to Flordia the next day as soon as the ship docks. Dalton and Gordon say goodbye, Cameron gets his stuff and here's yelling from down the hallway and tells Blake. They walk down to the hall and see Grant yelling at Jonah. Seth gets a message from Brandon saying to met him at the top deck. Seth goes up there and finds Brandon face down in the pool.

The Night at the Train Tracks

Cameron is sitting in his house thinking about something when a video apperes on his phone. He watches it and it shows someone fliming Red Coat in the woods then someone comes up behind him with a knife and the video cuts off. Cameron shows Blake, Seth and Dalton the video and they think something must have happend to Red Coat. Cameron gets a text message from RED saying i gave you a hint now can you give me a hint about what happed at the train tracks. Cameron then starts thinking about what happed last summer when he, Whistle Lucas, Ian Fitz and Xavier Lewis, Alexander were in Cameron's car and he stalled it on the train tracks. The train starts coming and Cameron stops thinking about it and he goes crazy wich Seth walks in on and calms him down. Cameron goes to a party with Jake his older brother and see's Whistle, Ian and Xavier there. RED texts Blake, Seth and Dalton to go to the party that Cameron's at. When they get to the party they find Cameron talking to Whistle, Ian and Xavier. RED then messages them all the secrect that Cameron has been keeping. Cameron starts thinking about it again and the train starts to come at them and Cameron turns the car back on and they cross the raintracks just as the train goes by them. Alexander falls out of the car and starts having a sezuire and a heart attack. Cameron runs from the party and outside and runs into Red Coat.

Lincoln Trail

Red Coat runs away from Cameron and Cameron is then grabbed by somebody and a rag goes over his mouth passing him out. Blake, Seth and Dalton then get a message from RED saying Cameron is gone and is in Lincoln Trail. Cameron wakes up in a white room. Cameron see's Alexander's brother Andrew Hollis and Cameron asks where he's at. Andrew tells him that he's in Lincoln Trail. Cameeron runs out of the room and asks the doctor why he's here? The doctor tells him that Cameron is an alcholoic and needs special treatment. Cameron remberes that before the party he drank alot. Blake, Seth and Dalton aren't allowed to vist Cameron the first couple days. Blake is walking in town one day and notcies Red Coat following him and hides and follows Red Coat into a doll shop but he can't find Red Coat. The boys are finally able to vist Cameron and he tells them that Andrew is here. After the boys are done visting him Andrew tells him that Red Coat will be visting him soon.

RED'S Kiddnapping

Cameron tells him that he thinks he's on the RED team but Andrew leaves when teh doctors tell him that he had visitors. Then it shows Andrew sitting down at a table with Red Coat. Seth goes over to the Hollis's house and Raven and Stephen tell him that Andrew is in Lincoln Trail just like his brothers. Seth asks why Alexander was in the hosiptial. Raven and Stephen look at eachother and say that he was then they leave. Seth and Dalton walk back and see Ezra in a dark coat outside his house. They get into Seth's car and drive to Blake's house where they find Ezra. They demand to know what he's doing and Ezra tells them taht he and Brandn send Alexander messages about stuff he can't tell him. Ezra is afraid he'll die next after Brandon leaves the house. Ezra can't get his car started and then Jokerface breaks the window with a knife and tries to stab Ezra but Seth and Dalton stop it. Whistle invites Cameron to go to the art room with him, Andrew, Ian and Xavier. Andrew locks the door and Cameron begs them to let him out but they walk away. Cameron finds a picture of Alexander and Whistle just as a hand goes over his mouth. Red Coat takes him out of the hosiptial and in a tinted jeep. They all get a pictue of the sign that says Chattering Bones Woods and then they get a picture of Cameron. They all go into the woods and can't find Cameron. Cameron awakes and he is pushed down a hill. Blake, Seth and Dalton go up to the cliff and look down and see Cameron dead.

New Residents In Bardstown

They go down to the ravine and Cameron is still alive and he's not hurt. The next day someone knocks on Dalton's door and he answers and its Kenny Ventamilga an old friend. Whistle, Gordon and Jordan come back to Bardstown to be with there boyfriends. Cameron breaks up with Cameron for Whistle. Dalton is unsure if he wants to get back together with Gordon and he mets Kenny in Berhine Forest and they kiss while someone in a dark hoodey watches them. Dalton gets a picture of Kenny getting hit by that car. Dalton has a falshback of him in the woods with kenny and Kenny tells him to run and they run and Kenny gets hit with a car. Dalton runs and runs into Alexander who then knocks him out. Ezra shows Blake a video of a person in a dark hoodey following Blake and Blake see's Red Coat watching from nereby. Blake calls Seth, Cameron and Dalton and he tells them about the videos and shows them to him.

Catch Me If You Can Boys

The boys try to narrow down who RED is and can't find a suspect. RED sends them a message saying Catch me if you can or kill me if you can. Blake and Kenny get in a fight and Blake finds a note on the ground. Its a conservation by someone named A and Lifeguard Hottey. Lifeguard Hottey is Evan Proctor and that's what Alexander called him and A is Alexander. They go to the pool after school and Evan tells them that he and Alexander adopted a kid named Angelina. The boys want to see her and Evan says follow me. They follow him to his house and see Red Coat leaving but Evan dosen't see that. Blake asks Evan if he saw Red Coat. Evan says he did but he's not bad and the bad one is Kenny. The boys tell Dalton to look through Kenny's phone. Dalton goes to Kenny's locker during tennis practice and finds his phone and reads through the messages and finds one when Alexander disappered. The message says The next time i see you your dead.

The Next Time I See You You're Dead

Dalton puts the phone up and kenny walks in a few seconds later. Seth gets an invintation to join a club and Seth thinks its from RED and the boys find it odd that there's no signture. Seth drinks something and passes out. Seth is brought to teh hosiptial from an overdose on drugs. Blake gets a pitcure of Grant in a dark coat and Blake confronts him and asks if he's been following him. Grant says no. Seth is kidnapped by somebody and is thrown into the trunk. Kenny invites Dalton to go to the Chattering Bones Woods with him and Dalton agrees. Cameron is walking in town and see's Red Coat and followes him/her to the Neslon County Public Libary and overheeres him saying Dalton will die if he goes into those woods.

A Person On the RED TEAM is Exposed

Cameron tells Blake and Dalton this and they try to call Seth but he dosen't answer. Seth wake sup and he's trapped in a dark room and he starts freaking out. Jordan tell the boys that he thinks who Red Coat is and he says that Red Coat is Kenny but Dalton dosen't beleive him. RED tells them that one of them will die tonight for sure. Dalton dosen't know about this beacuse he didn't get the message. Dalton and kenny go to a cabin at Pine Creek Inn which is in the Chattering Bones Woods. Red Coat sneaks into Cameron's house and writes a note on a paper. Cameron finds it just as Red Coat jumps out the window. The note says to get Cameron out of the Chattering Bones Woods. Cameron wakes up and finds Kenny gone. Dalton gets a call from an unknown number and an a disorted voice someone says get outta of there before he comes back. Cameron runs out into the woods where he see's Ezra and Kenny catches up to him and knocks him out. Kenny opens up the closet revelaing a bound Seth and that Kenny is planning to kill him. Dalton asks Kenny what happend atfter Alexander kncked him out. Kenny tells him that he tried to kill Alexander but he got away and so did his friends. Dalton runs out of the cabin with Kenny behind him and runs to Alexander's cabin and hides inside. Kenny grabs Dalton and drags him to the edge of the pond and attempts to drown him but Dalton finds a stick from under the water and bashes Kenny to death with it. Dalton see's Red Coat in the dark and sees him call the police. Blake and Cameron arrive at the cabin and free Seth and they run to the cabin where they find Dalton crying by Kenny's body. Once the police arrived the same caller from before calls a four way and tells them thanks Dalton for taking down one of them i owe you one.

Someone is helping us

After the events of the last episode Dalton gets a suprised trip to Los Angles by RED. Dalton invites Gordon and hopes to reconnect with him. One day while at the beach Dalton see's Ezra but when he looks again he's gone. Dalton calls Ezra and asks why he's in Los Angeles and Ezra said he had to get out of town. Blake vists with Evan and Aneglina and Evan tells him that Alexander was going to tell them but he had to go away leading Blake on taht Evan knows what happend to Alexander. Cameron goes to a concert with Whistle, Ian and Xavier and see's Joker. Cameron follows Joker and Joker pushes him away. The next day at school they see Andrew and Faith at school again and they smile at them. The cops arrest Seth in class for stealing drugs from the hosptal.


Blake and Cameron go to the jail and aks why and they say that he has a warrant on him. The police wont tell him why. Dalton comes back and vists Seth in Jail. Dalton goes to Blake's house and asks why Ezra was really in Los Angeles. Blake tells Dalton that Ezra said he was going outta of town but ddn't know why and Dalton tells Blake that he saw Ezra in the woods. Blake calls Ezra and Ezra says he can't talk and that he will be back in Bardstown in a couple of days. Dalton goes over to the Alexander's house. Faith answers the door and tells him to come in. Dalton asks why Alexander was in Lincoln Trail. Faith says he wasn't his brothers were. Dalton asks why and Faith tells him to go in Alexander's room. While looking at Alexander's stuff Red Coat walks by and he looks into the mirror and he's wearing a mask. Seth is let out of a jail and the police tell him taht there sorry and that someone had put a fake warranet on him.

The Papers

Dalton and Blake go back to Evan's house and Dalton see's Alexander's notebook and rips some pages out of it while Evan and Blake talk. Dalton gives the pages to Blake with out reading them and Blake puts them in his boots in the closet of his house. Dalton and Blake tell Seth and Cameron about the papers and Blake goes upstairrs to get them but finds them gone and Red Coat running away outside. Blake and Dalton go to the pool and see Evan there and Blake talks to Evan again about the kiss and Dalton finds the papers and Evan's bag and gives them to Blake. Blake goes into the lockeroom and reads them and finds out Alexander blackmailed Mr. Renile there councler for sex and money. The lights then go out and someone rips the papersz out of Blake's hands and Blake grabs a mask and when teh lights comme back on he's holding a plastic mask. Cameron has a falshback of them going into a haunted house and Alexander scaring them. Cameron tells Seth and they go inside the haunted house and get locked in there by RED.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Seth and Cameron try to get out but all the windows and doors have boards on them. Blake and Dalton get a message telling them to go to teh haunted house. They do and let Seth and Cameron at. Blake tells them that he thinks that Evan is on the RED team. Meanwhile Baby Face is watching them from inside the closet. They all try to get signails on there phones but can't find one. Dalton walks up to the same closet Baby Face is in and thinks he sees somebody in the closet and is about to open the closet when Blake screams. They all rush to Blake who is screaming only beacuse of a spider. Dalton runs back to the closet with Seth and Cameron. The closet is wide open and Dalton tells him that he thought he saw someone inside the closet. They all here a door open from upstairrs and they silently go upstairrs and into a room. On the bed is notes. They read them and there RED notes to Alexander. They all get a text message to come downstairrs and they do. The door is open and they walk out of the haunted house. They all get a message I evan stalked Alexander too. They look at the door and a arm closeses the door.

Almost Halloween

Evan demands to know where the papers are at and confronts Blake about it. Blake tells him that he dosen't know what he's talking about. Seth goes to the costume shop and picks out a costume for Jordan's Halloween Party. Seth gets a message from RED saying I'm watching you. Seth looks around the shop and dosen't see anybody suspisous but when he turns around Frakenstine is standing there starring at him. Seth thinks it's Jordan and talks to him and runs away but then Seth gets another message saying I'm not Jordan. Seth turns around and Frakenstine is gone. Blake here's the doorbell ring and a box is on his porch. He opens it up and its a note to Alexander saying I was watching you when Ezra pushed off Blake off the cliff. Inside the box are snakes and spiders and Blake dumps it out and shows the boys. At the bottom of the box in red are the words You all are about to blow up in smoke. They all go to a Halloween Party. The boys see Joker and other Joker people and they get a text from RED saying which is one is me i'm watching you. Dalton runs in and runs right into Baby Face who throws him down the dark hallway. Seth and Cameron find him and on the window down the hall are there words Better watch your back boys your about to die.

RED'S Halloween Party

The boys are invited to another Halloween Party by Kenny's youngre sister Taylor. Taylor says it's just the five of them beacuse she wants to make up for what Kenny did. RED tells them not to go. They go to the party and Taylor apoligizes for what her brother did and then the lights go out. Taylor is missing  They all search for Taylor and Dalton goe sinside Kenny's room. He opens the closet and someone comes up behind him and hits him in the head knocking him out. While Seth and Cameron are in the kitchen Seth tells Cameron that he misses him and Cameron tells him that he's with somebody else. Blake goes in the attic and see's writting on the window. On the window in red are the woods I told you not to come. Blake see's Dalton lying on the roof. Blake opens the window. Dalton tells him that someone came up behind him and knocked him out. They find Seth and Cameron and drive to the gates which are locked. They ride back to the house where Taylor comes out and she tells them that someone locked her in the basement. Cameron thinks there's another way out and he runs through the cemetary and he see's Red Coat running in the woods in front of him. Someone comes up behind Cameron and hits him in the head and drags him away. Seth goes back into Kenny's room where he finds letters to RED saying that he was going crazy beacuse of what Alexander did and RED says will get them all back together. Seth gets knocked out again. Blake and Dalton realsise that Seth is missing. The kitchen door opens and Blake and Dalton go in the door closing and locking behind them. Cameron and Seth are in the room. Taylor comes on the intercom and says there going to be punished for what they did to her brother. Cameron goes down the laundry  shute and out of the basment and lets them out and they run out just as the house begans to burn. The police come out and kill the flames with water and they don't find Taylor. They all get a message saying This Isn't Over intill i pick your bones clean-RED. The episode ends with a girl in a Queen pf Hearts costume and when the girl looks in the mirror it's Taylor and she smieles devically

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