Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Lenny Leray (brother) Pranker Krueger (brother) Pinkamena (sister) Sheldon Voorhees (brother) Thunder Von (brother) Akiki "Shion" Tachibana (sister) Simon Myers (brother)
Status Deceased
Eye Color red
Hair Color Orange
Height 5'2"
Affiliation Lenny Leray, Pranker Krueger, Pinkamena, Sheldon Voorhees, Thunder Von, Shion, and Simon Myers
Weapons Staff
Species Human
Home Unknown
Appearances You Killer 4 Sailor Moon, You Killer 9 Super Smash Bros Ultimate, You Killer 10: The Final Showdown
Quests Kill the Sailor Scouts (Succeeded, but failed with Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon, and Sailor YouChan) Kill Rei, Luna, Haruna, Mamaru, Ikuko, Shingo, and Chibi-Usa for being mean to Usagi in the past. (All Succeeded) Kill the viewer and their friends and collect their souls (failed)
Performer None

Mimete is one of the main antagonists of the You Killer franchise. She is the fourth youngest and third shortest of The Horror Children from the Deep End at 16. She was first seen in Sailor Moon S as a member of Witches 5, until she was killed inside of a television. But when the viewer was brought into the cartoon universe. A beam used to create all the Horror Children hit the Television where Mimete was stuck in. She then jumped out and swore vengence on the Sailor Scouts, as well as the viewer and their friends for killing her "little brothers and sister". When Mimete was stealing the Viewer's pure heart, Freddy Krueger appeared and slammed her head into the television, killing her instantly. Her body then decays into dust. But she was resurrected yet again in part 9. She is voiced by Kira Buckland


Mimete retains the same appearance that she had in the manga and in the anime. Instead of wearing the Mugen Academy school uniform in the manga. She is mostly seen wearing a yellow long sleeved coat and large red rounded glasses. She also wears a red shawl on her head and white gloves.


You Killer 4: Sailor Moon

"I'm alive? This is a miracle. Actually, I'm feeling the need for vengeance. But not just on those pesky Sailor Guardians, but also for the child that killed almost half of my "new" family. And I have a feeling that they're on their way here right now." (Making her introduction jumping out of the television.)

"Did you miss me Jupitar?" (Before she cut Makoto's head clean off.)

"Remember the times you bullied Usagi? I don't think you've ever been punished for it did you?" (Manipulation Rei infront of her flames.)

"Your apology was long overdue anyway. Have fun in Hell. HAHAHAHAHAHA." (After watching Rei slowly die in Usagi's arms as a hallucination.)

"You must be Sailor YouChan. The forgetful Sailor Guardian who KILLED MY LITTLE SISTER AND MY TWO YOUNGER BROTHERS. But they were all just weaklings anyway. I'm the real challenge here. When the time comes. I will steal all your pure hearts. Starting with you YouChan. But not just pure hearts, your SOULS. Muhahahahahahahaha" (Introducing herself to the viewer who was called Sailor YouChan.)

"You've been a very Usagi strict teacher Miss Haruna." (Right before kills Haruna.)

"Do you two know how awful family members you were to this young lady. I'm shocked that you two weren't arrested. But this is much better. HAAHAHAHAHA (After killing both Usagi's Mother and younger brother.)

"Hey YouChan darling. Do you remember Quiz?" (Introducing Quiz to the viewer and the others.)

"While you cute little twerps were playing with Quiz. I managed to kill another one of your friends. It's for you to figure out." (After the viewer and Sailor Moon defeated Quiz.)

"Don't you know, you were once known as a jerk to Usagi Tsukino. You called her bunhead, you cheated on her, you called her ugly. You actually deserve worse handsome. Well, you're not so handsome now are you?" (Before Tuxedo Mask dies.)

"I'm so sorry darling. But you don't belong here. Not to mention the times you let the four sailor guardians to get captured. You didn't let Usagi interact with that young gender neutral child. And you stole most of her food. You should be punished. And this is the only way." (Destroying Chibi-Usa's heart.)

"You've both been bad pets to your owners, especially you Luna. Wanting to call Usagi fat, and trying to kill her. But this time, Usagi isn't here to save you." (Before killing both Luna and Artemis.)

"I'll tell you what, if you really want ALL your friends back. I need something from you Youchan. Your pure HEART. It's said to be far more pure than any other pure heart on Earth." (Promising to bring back the decreased, for exchange with Youchan's heart.)

"Come to mama shin-" (As she was stealing the viewer's pure heart but was stopped when her television started to crack.

"NO WAIT, YOU CAN'T DO THIS. PLEASE. I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. JUST PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" (Begging for Freddy Krueger to spare her life, which he declines.)



Mimete is similar to Jigsaw, cause she too likes to play with people's minds.

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