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Mile High City is a two-part crossover event for a American crime drama, Hartman, which serves as a backdoor pilot of potential spin-off titled The Sullivans.


Part 1

Hartman, Ramsey and Vargas volunteer to go to Denver to help Denver PD detective Drake Sullivan, his ADA wife Katherine and his team to track down the killers of two murdered families, but the aftermath of Gordon Fontana's case causes a bit of tension between the teams during the investigation.

Part 2

After a brutal ambush leaves one Denver cop dead and two others wounded, Hartman, Drake, and their colleagues go all out into uncovering and bringing down the ring behind the family murders and multiple kidnappings, as well as its mastermind.


Part 1

Hartman and the squad are visited by Denver Police detectives Drake Sullivan (Chris Pratt) and Miguel Ruiz (Nicholas Gonzalez), as well as Drake's wife, Denver Executive ADA Katherine Sullivan (Bryce Dallas Howard), seeking their help on the case of a murdered family in Denver that matched the same pattern of a murdered Los Angeles family Hartman and the team previously investigated and whose case went cold. Hartman decides to go to Denver to help and Ramsay & Vargas both volunteers to go with Hartman.

Hartman, Ramsay, and Vargas fly to Denver and joined Drake, Ruiz and their team: Denver P.D.'s Family Justice Unit. They are greeted by Captain Eugene Winder (Keith David), Sergeant Landon Kruger (Warren Christie), Detectives Jackson Holmes (Corey Hawkins) & Andrea Donnell (Teri Reeves) and analyst & IT wizard, Officer Kyle Francis (Joe Alder). They reveal their knowledge about the Gordon Fontana case and are shocked by how he got away with his crimes for so long. The FJU had one of Gordon's victims name Wendy Driver who came forward to them during his trial and she had a daughter who she named Bella as the result of Gordon's rape. While investigating, they discovered the fathers of the two murdered families had both worked for a trucking company and eventually learned that the company was a front for a criminal empire that smuggles abducted children that are auctioned off to the highest bidder. They planned to blow the whistle on the company, but were murdered along with their families before they could.

While at the truck company sub-headquarters in Denver, Katherine and her second chair, ADA Trent Doyle (John Francis Daley) file a subpoena to gain access to the manifests of the trucks and the company's business records with Drake, Hartman, Ruiz, Ramsay, Vargas, Jackson, Andrea and Kruger with them, Then, six gunmen show and start shooting at them all them...

Part 2

During the shootout, Ruiz, Doyle, and Kruger are all wounded. Drake kills one shooter while Hartman quickly kills a second one with a headshot. Despite being wounded, Ruiz is able to return fire and kills the third shooter about to enter the building. With Vargas providing cover fire, Jackson flanks and kills the fourth gunman as he comes in from the back of the building. Ramsay and Andrea take down the fifth shooter with Ramsay wounding him in the shoulder and Andrea kicking him down to the ground. The sixth shooter, whose name Spears (Joel Bissonnette) was coming to kill Katherine and Doyle, but Katherine shoots him in the leg with a hidden pistol in her purse. Then Drake shoots him in the shoulder and then breaks his wounded arm, ending the shootout. Paramedics arrive soon after and rush Ruiz, Doyle, and Kruger to the hospital, but Kruger soon succumbs to his injuries en route, devastating the FJU and MCS detectives.

As Ruiz and Doyle remain in the hospital, the police take Spears, the other wounded gunman and two other suspects working in the company into custody. There they learn from ballistics that Spears was the one who fired the shots that killed Kruger. Drake, Katherine and Hartman interrogate him at the hospital. Facing a potential death sentence for capital murder, Spears eventually reveals a truck carrying some abducted children that will leave Denver that evening. Once they stop the truck and rescue the children, Captain Winder and Denver DA Andrew Bishop (Scott Glenn) order Katherine and the Family Justice Unit to shut down the criminal front.

Hartman visits Drake and Katherine at their home and meet their two children, Finn (Jason Maybaum) and Mary (Spencer Moss) and Drake's father Ryan (Clancy Brown), a former judge. Hartman bonds with Drake and Katherine as they talk about their families and jobs. With Ryan's wisdom, they get an idea of how to shut down the criminal operation once and for all. Using questioning of the kidnapped children, the VIN numbers of the trucks, cell phones used by the shooters and digital files of the company's business, they identify the mastermind as Jeffrey Dickenson (Mark Rolston), the owner of several businesses in America, including the trucking company. A joint police-FBI raid led to the arrest of Dickenson and the rescues of hundreds of other children nationwide. As he is being taken away, Katherine tells Dickenson that she will enjoy prosecuting him for all the crimes he committed especially the mass murders of the dead families and all the children he kidnapped.

After Kruger's funeral, Katherine gives Vargas some wisdom on how to fully move forward from what Gordon did to her. Drake, Katherine and the Family Justice Unit thank Hartman, Ramsay, and Vargas for all their help as the trio return home to Los Angeles.


Hartman cast

The Sullivans cast

Guest Stars

  • Joe Alder as Officer Kyle Francis
  • Warren Christie as Sergeant Landon Kruger
  • Tahj Mowry as Forensic Specialist C.J. Winston
  • Kellita Smith as M.E. Robinetta Cooke (Part 2 only)
  • Mark Rolston as Jeffrey Dickenson (Part 2 only)
  • Joel Bissonnette as Spears
  • Peter Onorati as Judge David Catalano (Part 1 only)
  • TBA as Robert Beresford (Part 1 only, via recording)
  • Adam Bartley as Norman Pearson (Part 1 only)
  • Adelaide Kane as Wendy Driver (Part 1, via voice recording)


Part 1

  • Drake Sullivan: (Drake, his wife Katherine and his partner Miguel Ruiz entered Hartman's office where she, Jack, Barrera and Everett are present) Captain Hartman?
  • Chloe Hartman: Yes, that's me.
  • Drake Sullivan: (Drake and Ruiz flashed their badges) I'm Detective Drake Sullivan of Denver PD. This is Detective Miguel Ruiz.
  • Miguel Ruiz: Captain
  • Drake Sullivan: This is ADA Katherine Sullivan.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Hi, Captain. Everyone.
  • Chloe Hartman: You two are husband and wife?
  • Drake Sullivan and Katherine Sullivan: Yes.

  • Chloe Hartman (to her team): Who's up for a trip to Denver?
  • Jack Hartman: You're going, Mom?
  • Chloe Hartman: They call for my help. I have to go but I can bring two people with me. Who's in?

(All expect Hartman says er! for 10 seconds)

  • Ellis Henderson: Ariel. She's going with you, Captain.
  • Ariel Vargas: Wait, what? Why me?
  • Ellis Henderson: You need a break since what happen with Gordon. I know you are about worried about Angela but she will be fine, promise you. Forget about Gordon, me, Angela, just focus on yourself. Bring out your wild side you used to have.
  • Morgan Shane: Your mother's right and don't worry, I will look after her.
  • Ariel Vargas: Alright, you two have a point, but this is an investigation, not a break. I don't want anyone mocking me about my little "holiday" when I come back. (to Hartman) Cap, I'm in.
  • Chloe Hartman: Anybody else?
  • Jonas Boscorelli: Not me, I get airsick.
  • Jack Hartman: I need to focus on Lauren and Jason. I don't think Lauren will let me go to Denver. Sorry, mom.
  • Chloe Hartman: That's okay, son.
  • Oakland Everett: I want to help but somebody need to focus your office.
  • Chloe Hartman: Yes, you and Cyrus should keep an eye on things until I return.
  • Cyrus Barrera (to Beth Greico and Mike Ramsay): Oi Romeo and Juliet, who will go to Denver?
  • Beth Greico: I'll go.
  • Mike Ramsay: Actually, I'll go.
  • Beth Greico: I am not sure this is the best idea. We got married.
  • Ariel Vargas (to Beth): Don't worry about me, your husband is not my type and also I already got boyfriend.
  • Morgan Shane (to Ariel): Really?
  • Ariel Vargas: Long story. I explain to you later when I get back.
  • Mike Ramsay (to Beth): Beth, I make a promise on our wedding day. Nobody ever come closer, not Hartman or Vargas. No offense, Cap, Ariel.
  • Chloe Hartman and Ariel Vargas: None taken!
  • Mike Ramsay: I will call you until I get back. I promise you, Beth. (Mike kisses Beth in the lip)
  • Mike Ramsay (to Hartman): Count me in.
  • Chloe Hartman: Alright, Mike, Ariel, pack what you need. We're going to the Mile High City.

  • Eugene Winder: We know about the Gordon Fontana case. I have to say this, Captain. It was very unnerving at how he managed to get away with his crimes for so long.
  • Chloe Hartman: I know. I'm still quite appalled at what he did, Captain.
  • Drake Sullivan: One of his victims actually came forward to us during his trial. That son of a bitch probably should have gotten the death penalty for everything he did.
  • Ariel Vargas: Probably should have. Was the victim who came forward to you Wendy Driver?
  • Jackson Holmes: Yeah. She's a daughter of Peter Driver, the CEO of Driver Industries and friend of Fontana.
  • Mike Ramsay: We know all of his known victims.
  • Andrea Donnell: It was one of my first cases since I joined this unit when Driver came forward to us. That shook me to the ground beyond belief.
  • Landon Kruger: I gonna tell you. Gordon Fontana has got to be one of the most evil serial rapists the world has ever known.
  • Ariel Vargas: That's an understatement.

  • Andrea Donnell (to Ariel Vargas): You're Gordon Fontana's "special little girl", aren't you? Everybody knows your name. A police detective who had been raped and abused by her stepfather since she was 15. It took you such a long time to finally get justice, but why? Why did you let him abuse you for so long?
  • Ariel Vargas: Because of my mom and sister. I tried everything to get away from his evil games, cutting off contact with my mother, starting another life as a cop. But he follow me into Los Angeles, dragged my mom and Angela with him. You know, he was the main reason that my mom got that job as District Attorney; he used his connections to help stir up votes in the election. I wanted to refuse him so many times, but he always threatened to start abusing my sister Angela if I did. Plus, I was afraid of how my mother would take it if he ever found out. And eventually, I decided not to let Gordon ruin my life any longer. So I wound up finding some allies, including another victim of his an ADA.
  • Andrea Donnell: Yeah, Morgan Shane, right.
  • Ariel Vargas: Yep. And thanks to them, I was able to break my silence, encourage other victims to break theirs, get the proof I needed, and now look: Gordon's in jail where he belongs, I got my family and self-respect again, and I'm in a new relationship. I just want to be remembered as a good police officer, not as my stepfather's victim or his secret girl, because I was never his secret girl. Have you got the message?
  • Andrea Donnell: Yes, I do. I'm just sorry you had to suffer in silence for so long. I mean, all that abuse, for so long, even into adulthood. How can you ever forget any of that?
  • Ariel Vargas: I can't. I have to live with it for the rest of my life. So why not take all that anger, all that pain and make it into something good? Like stopping guys like Gordon Fontana from getting away with their crimes.

  • Drake Sullivan (voice, video taping): I promise you that we will help you, making Gordon Fontana pay. Trust me.
  • Wendy Driver (voice, video taping): (take a moment) I knew Gordon has a family. I was 17, I had everything, friends, respect and boyfriend until Gordon ruined my life. He told my boyfriend I cheated on him and show him and my friends the "proof". They all hate me, wanted nothing to do with me. I lied to my family to save his skin. I lost everything because of that man. (Sobs) I am scared! I am scared of my own life. Please, help me! (Sobs)
  • Drake Sullivan (voice, video taping): Wendy, I make sure that Fontana will never touch you or any girls.
  • Katherine Sullivan: (turn off the recording) I remember what you and your people have done to get that son of a bitch Fontana to prison.
  • Chloe Hartman: I know that your husband and his squad helped Wendy Driver out.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Yes. Wendy Driver came here during Fontana's trial when Ariel Vargas and Morgan Shane spoke on TV to convince his victims to come forward and I was present when she arrived. She told us that he raped her and threatened to kill her family if she told them what he did to her. After that, she learned that she was pregnant and lied to her family that she got it from a one night stand. She gave birth to a daughter name Bella afterwards. We brought her to L.A. along with the DNA samples of her and Bella's as proof of Fontana's guilt.
  • Chloe Hartman: He even threatened my newborn grandson. He sneak into the house where Ariel was looking after him. He hold Jason into his arm, threaten to hurt him or worse.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Oh no!
  • Chloe Hartman: Don't worry, Ariel promise me that Gordon didn't do it to Jason.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Jesus! I am happy that man is in jail. It wasn't your or his other victims' fault that he got away for too long. Secrets always come haunting you down.

Part 2

  • Eugene Winder (noticing Holmes' look): What happened?
  • Jackson Holmes (sadly): Cap...Landon's gone.
  • Drake Sullivan: Dammit.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Oh...god. (gasped while putting her hands in her mouth)
  • (Winder had a hard look on his face. Hartman was somber upon hearing that. Andrea expresses sadness on her face. Ramsay had a somber look on his face. Vargas bit her lower lip as she expressed somberness on her face.)

  • Andrew Bishop (To Katherine, Drake, Hartman and the MCS & FJU detectives): I want you, Drake and the Family Justice Unit to destroy that criminal empire to flames, find more of those abducted children and find those people responsible for it. Bend the rules, go to the judge's house and such. Whatever you need to do, get that ring shut down.
  • Eugene Winder: Alright, you heard the man. Let's find more of these people. Use all your resources, CIs and any means to track them down. Move.

  • Ryan Sullivan (opens the door and sees Chloe Hartman): Can I help you?
  • Chloe Hartman: I'm here to see Drake and Katherine Sullivan. Do they live here?
  • Ryan Sullivan: Yeah. That's my son and daughter-in-law. You must be the L.A. captain who was in the shootout with them.
  • Chloe Hartman: That's right. Captain Chloe Hartman.
  • Ryan Sullivan: Ryan Sullivan
  • Chloe Hartman (surprised): The judge who handled the mass murder case with Mitch and Candy Johnson in that massacre in Great Life Insurance office floor?
  • Ryan Sullivan: Yes. Retired now.
  • Drake Sullivan: Dad, who is it? (Drake came over and was mildly surprised to see Hartman) Oh, hi, Captain.
  • Chloe Hartman: Detective.(Then Hartman sees Drake & Katherine's children Finn and Mary coming up with Katherine following them. Hartman smiled at Finn and Mary. Katherine was also mildly surprised to see Hartman at the front door)
  • Mary Sullivan: Who's she?
  • Finn Sullivan: You must a cop since you got a badge with you.
  • Chloe Hartman (laugh a little): Yes, I'm a cop from Los Angeles. Captain Chloe Hartman.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Welcome to our home, Captain.
  • Ryan Sullivan: Come on in.
  • Drake Sullivan: This is our children, Finn and Mary.
  • Chloe Hartman: Hi, kids.
  • Finn Sullivan: Hey.
  • Mary Sullivan: Hi, Captain. From the looks of you, you here to see my parents after that shootout. It was all over the news.
  • Chloe Hartman: Yes, that's why I'm here, sweetie.
  • Finn Sullivan: From the looks of you, you're married because of the wedding ring and you got somewhat of a California voice accent since a friend of mine was born there.
  • Chloe Hartman (laughs a little): You got quite an intelligent son there.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Yeah, sorry about that.
  • Chloe Hartman: No worries. I got kids who can be like that at times.
  • Drake Sullivan: They're both smart. Finn here is very insightful. Mary can be wise beyond her years at times. (To Finn and Mary) Finn, why don't you and Mary play a game or something.
  • Finn Sullivan: Alright, dad.

  • Drake Sullivan: I heard about Fontana holding your grandson while threatening his step-daughter. What kind of son of a bitch monster would hold a newborn and threaten him?
  • Chloe Hartman: That was when I wanted to come after that prick when Ariel and Morgan Shane told me when I confronted them about their secret alliance. I was so pissed when I learned that he held my grandson, my son Jack's child. Me, Ariel, her mother, Shane and my predecessor, Captain Paul Thorne went after him and he's now in prison.
  • Ryan Sullivan: Yeah, I would have love to preside on his trial if it happened here.
  • Drake Sullivan: Don't we all.
  • Katherine Sullivan: What about you, Captain? What about your life?
  • Chloe Hartman: You two met my son Jack in my office. He's a officer himself. I also have a daughter and a step-son. My daughter-in-law's father was a police captain in New Orleans. I used to be a cop over there until I moved to L.A. My husband is a bounty hunter. His partner is my step-son's mother, an ex-con.