Mike "Buffalo" DeSano (born February 28th 1963) is an American singer, best known as the original vocalist of influential New York thrash metal band Eden Havok from 1985-1993, when he left the band for other ventures. He performed guest vocals on Transgress' second album Create, Decimate at the request of his younger brother Vince DeSano, vocalist for the band. He briefly re-joined Eden Havok from 1996-1999, whereupon the band dissipated after their final line-up. He formed Bleed the Pain in 2000 with ex-God Appendium guitarist Christopher Nash and ex-Lethal Shot of Insanity drummer Eddie Sanchez, and the band has been his main project ever since.

Personal life

Michael Giovanni DeSano was born in New York City on February 28th 1963 to Giovanni DeSano (1940-2007) and Christina Paviotti-DeSano (1943-1979). He grew up in New York, and took classical vocal lessons from age six, around the same time as his younger brother Vince was born. They both have a younger sister, Julia (b. 1973) When Mike was sixteen and his brother was ten, their mother Christina died after a workplace accident. Giovanni had to raise three children on his own, and Vince left home in 1982, moving to a larger part of New York.

Musical career

In 1983, a year after moving, Mike joined local band Divide and Conquer. The band consisted of Mike on vocals, Julio and Angelo Gambetti on guitar and bass, as well as Ritchie P.D on drums. The band broke up in 1985 after yielding only a demo and Mike formed Eden Havok in the same year with Ritchie P.D on drums, as well as Dave Kildare on lead guitar and Ed Vee on bass. The band dropped their debut album mid-1985, Fire In The Hole, which has gone on to become a classic of the genre. Eden Havok toured across America in support of the album, and by 1987 had released their second album Modern American Pirates, which was more-so well received than its predecessor, and established the band properly.

The following year saw the hugely successful Aggression In The 20th Century. Between 1990 and 1992 the band released the two American Aggresothology albums, American Aggresothology in 1990 and American Aggresothology II in 1992. Aggresothology II would be the final album to feature Mike on vocals, after he was replaced by Keith Wilson in 1993, departing along with bassist Ed Vee. 1996 would see both DeSano and Vee returned to Havok, dropping one more album; The Final Fight in 1997, before the band finally retired in 1999.


Divide and Conquer

  • Thrash Trash Demo '83" - 1983

Eden Havok

Bleed the Pain

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