Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a 2017 film based on the Power Rangers franchise and it's old series. It will be made in December, 17, 2017.


There were five teenagers who lived in a small town known as Angel Grove. But an evil witch from outer space named Rita Repulsa has taking over the universe. Meanwhile, a floating head creature named Zordon and his robotic assistant Alpha 5 were remained here at a command center where it's located in the middle of nowhere, It's up to them to form a team of teenage superheroes known as the power rangers and defeat the evil Rita Repulsa before it's too late.


Booboo Stewart - Jason/Red Ranger

Jason Dolley - Zack/Black Ranger

Karan Brar - Billy/Blue Ranger

Tori Kelly - Trini/Yellow Ranger

Megan Fox - Kimberly/Pink Ranger

Mark Curry - Zordon

Frank Welker - Alpha 5

Lisa Ortiz - Rita Repulsa

Denis Leary - Goldar

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