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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revisited is a 2015 live action adventure film, the sequel to the 1995 and 1997 sequels: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" and "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" and is only the THIRD film adaptation of a Power Rangers film to date. Both 90's flicks were considered to be satisfactory for kids and fans of the franchise at the time, but ever since that time, talks for ANOTHER sequel were put on the shelves as the series kept gaining popularity. But, after a ray of hope, fans were delighted to learn that a sequel was in development AND will feature the original Rangers as the main cast as well as some few additions from the previous movies and the original series. The film was released in the summer of 2015, it is directed by Bryan Singer, produced by Haim Saban and distributed by 20th Century Fox and Saban Films.

The cast consists of Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, Karan Ashley, Steve Carnadas, David Yost, Johnny Yong Bosch, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Austin St. John, Robert Patrick, Johnny Depp, Elizabeth Banks, Kerry Casey, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, Jamie Croft, Dakota Goyo, Kaityln Dever and Gabrielle Fitzpatrick.


It's been 20 years since Ivan Oozes defeat, and since that time, the Rangers have gone A.W.O.L. Rocky (Steve Carnadas), Billy (David Yost), Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson), Aisha (Karan Ashley) and Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch) have, for some reason, disconnected any communication with Zordan or Alpha and gotten real jobs and ordinary lives. Unfortunately, that's where Rito Revolto (Johnny Depp) comes into play. When he's sent down by Rita (Elizabeth Banks) and Zedd (Robert Axelrod) to draw the Rangers out, the gang is forced to come out of retirement and do battle once again, while their former leader and friend......Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) remains missing. But with impending doom approaching the entire planet, has the Rangers luck truly run out?

Main Cast

  • Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver/White Ranger/Green Ranger/Legend Ranger
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger
  • Karan Ashley as Aisha Campbell/Yellow Ranger
  • Peyton List as Sydney Burrows/Purple Ranger
  • Steve Carnadas as Rocky DeSantos/Red Ranger
  • David Yost as Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park/Black Ranger
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5
  • Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott/Original Red Ranger
  • Johnny Depp as Rito Revolto
  • Robert Patrick as Lord Zedd/Zooze
  • Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
  • Kerry Casey as Goldar
  • Paul Schrier as Bulk
  • Jason Narvy as Skull
  • Walter Emanual Jones as Zach Taylor
  • Becky G as Trini Kwan
  • Jamie Croft as Fred Kelman
  • Dakota Goyo as John Park
  • Kaityln Dever as Elsa Jennings
  • Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Dulcea


Decades have passed since the defeat of Ivan Ooze.....but afterwards, Angel Grove never heard of the Rangers again. Weeks turned into months, then years and then people out there started to wonder if our world would slowly fall to evil once again.....

Maybe not.....

After the rangers departure, Zordon (Bryan Cranston) and Alpha (Bill Hader) had Re-recruited one of their oldest rangers, Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John) as once again the Red Ranger this time with The Green Ranger's armor. They took evasive action as soon as they realized that the wicked Rita Repulsa and her husband, Lord Zedd had returned after years of inactivity.

One night on June 4th, 2015, he was sent to investigate heavy extraterrestrial activity that was on the outskirts of Angel Grove. He had teleported to the location and upon arrival, he felt really uneasy.

Jason: I don't like this.

He went for his communicator and contacted Zordon to update him on progress.

Jason: Zordon, I'm at the location you sent me. I've followed the trace, but there's nothing here.

Zordon: Keep searching Jason. The readings show it's nearly 100%.

Alpha: Ayiyiyiyiyi! I still think we should've tried to track the others down.

Zordon: Have faith, Alpha. We mustn't lose hope.

Jason: Hold up. I think I got something....

His visor started picking up a massive energy. As he pulled out his Power Sword, he cautiously approached the area and saw a huge crater.

Jason: Zordon, I found a huge crater in the woods here. There's nothing in it.

Zordon: Keep searching, Jason. We mustn't stop until he is found. Tread with care. Rito might be close.

Jason: Ok.....let's close?

All of as sudden, there was a huge blast behind him and it sent him flying through two trees and then he crashed through another. He fell hard to the ground, and he had difficulty getting back up. As Jason tried to retain his balance, he then saw his sword not so far away from him.

He quickly got up and went to reach it. Unfortunately, it was stepped on by Rito Revolto as Jason looked up at him.

Rito (Johnny Depp): This close.....or was that too close for comfort for you, Red Ranger?

Jason: You're Rito??

Rito: One and only. And you're mine!

He picked him up and threw him aside, as Jason once again recovered himself.

Jason: Not on my watch. DRAGON-MODE POWER!

As soon as he said that, the Green Rangers armor attached to his suit and was on.

Rito attacked and Jason fought back in anyway he could, whether it was sword duel or hand to hand. But Rito was too strong and powerful for him. After dodging his kicks and sword attacks, he got Jason from behind and blasted at him, causing him to fly back and flip over himself until he laid defenseless.

Jason: Argh....damn it.

Knowing he was victorious, at least for the moment, Rito methodically walked over to him and stepped on his chest.

Rito: So very VERY long. My dearest sister will be pleased to have you back in her grasp.

Jason: Son of a---

Rito: Don't worry. She will be delighted to see one of her old friends again. However, there has been one thing that's plagued her mind: Where is it hiding? WHERE is the next ZEO CRYSTAL?

(That's right)

Jason: W-what?

At that point, Rito noticed that the helmet had a built in camera in it that connected to the viewing globe back at the command center. His hand completely covered the camera and it cut off the connection to the command center. So Zordon and Alpha couldn't see what was happening.

Alpha: Jason, come in! Jason! Ayiyiyiyiyi! Zordon, we've lost contact.

Zordon: Then we have no choice. Without Rito, we won't be able to Zedd or Rita. Alpha? Begin phase 3.

Alpha: Phase 3?

Zordon: Yes.....Bring them in.....Now.

Alpha: The others have severed all communication with us since the Ivan Ooze incident. We don't know why, but they haven't picked up.

Zordon: We need to risk it, Alpha. If what Rito said is true, we won't have long before destruction awaits us. DO IT.

Alpha: *sighs*  Tracking them now.

He pressed a few buttons up on the panel and it quickly zooms through the mechanism until....

~Title sequence~

It then cuts to the busy part of Angel Grove where everyone was living their lives the way they should be. We then see the side of a motorcycle zooming and as we zoom up, we see Kimberly Hart (Amy Jo Johnson) is riding on the motorcycle on her way to her mothers house. By the time she reached a red light at the next intersection, she got a phone call.

It didn't take long for her to answer.

Kimberly: Hello? Hey, Mom. Yeah, I'm nearby. I should be able to get there soon enough. Yeah, I'll get the medicine for Dad. He needs at least 2 sips a day. Ok. I'll be right over.

The light turns green and Kimberly takes off.

Later, Kimberly pulled up at a nearby drugstore and soon went in, passing by a flier on the lamppost with Jason's pic on it saying:

Former Angel Grove High School student: Jason Lee Scott Missing!

Kim looked her way around and went in the medic isle, looking for medicine for her Dad.

Kimberly: biggie.

As soon as she bend back up and turned to her left, she had an unexpected bump into....

Kimberly: Oh sorry.....I wasn't paying attention, I....

Aisha (Karan Ashley): Wait.....Kimberly??

Kimberly: Aisha? No way.

Aisha:'s been so long. I haven't seen you since.....

Kimberly: Ivan Ooze?

Aisha: Oh my god.....that was....*chuckles*.....that was something else, wasn't it? I mean, the--the--It was ridiculous.

Kimberly: Tell me about it. And don't forget disgusting. Cause those things made me sick, sick, SICK.....*chuckles* Good to see you again.

Aisha: You too.

They embraced and hugged. Pretty soon, they walked up to the clerk counter.

Aisha: So.....uhh....what's going on with you? I see you've apparently ditched the trapeze gear for bikes, huh?

Kimberly: Well.....let's just say I've grown out of it.

Aisha: I bet. What got you into bikes anyway?

Kimberly: I don't know. I guess 'cause my Dad. He was a mechanic and he did a lot into bikes when he was younger. That bike was actually his. I was able to get that last one before my Mom re-married. I'm just here picking up his medicine.

Aisha: I see. Robotussin? They still use that?

Kimberly: Just asking myself the same question?

Aisha: Uh-huh. Oh and uh.....before I forget, have you heard from any of the others?

Kimberly: No. Not since I came back to Angel Grove a year ago. But from what I heard, Billy's working at some science company, Rocky and Adam are also mechanics and Tommy.....

There was a long pause before Kimberly actually finished the sentence.

Kimberly: He's.....teaching at some high school.

Aisha: That's odd. kinda sound like you two aren't together anymore.

Kimberly: *sighs* That's cause we're not.

Aisha: Ahh, that sucks. I figured you and Tommy would be married, or at least, still together by now. I mean....I know you two were close, but....what happened?

Kimberly: I--It's complicated. We can talk it over tomorrow for coffee. My mom's waiting. I gotta drop this off to Dad.

Aisha: Ok. *Hands her a piece of paper* Here's my number.....just in case you're in of some company.

Kimberly looks at it and realizes something.

Kimberly: It's the same one---

Aisha:--since high school. Yep. *chuckles* Don't worry. I'll get back at you tomorrow.

Kimberly chuckles as well and waves back at her. But deep down, she couldn't help but everything used to be. Back when she enjoyed saving the world from evil.

Clerk: You ok?

His voice snapped her out of it.

Kimberly: Just--I'll get going.

Meanwhile, some miles away, we cut to Rocky DeSantos (Steve Cardenas) working as an electric engineer.

Rocky: Ok....I think I got the--*looks to his left and sees nothing*. Ahh, come on. Adam! Where's the wrench, man? We gotta get this fixed.

Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch): Hold your horses. I got it.

Adam tried to reach for the wrench, but when he went for it, it slipped out of his hands and it fell into a vent.

Adam: Oh crap!

Rocky: What?

Adam: The wrench fell in that vent.

Rocky: Well; let's get another.

Adam: But that was our last one. Remember, Mr. Masters burrowed our other wrenches?

Rocky: Oh...damn it. I guess I'll go to the hardware store and get more. Can you cover for me?

Adam: You know I will.

Rocky went out to his car and drove to the hardware store, but when he got the wrenches and drove off to the side of the road, he too had an unexpected encounter....

Billy (David Yost): Hey, man. Do you mind moving up a little bit? I need space to park.

Rocky: Hold on a sec, I just gotta get.....*turns around and sees him* Billy??

Billy: Huh? Rocky??

Rocky: Oh my god! Hey!

They, too, embraced a hug.

Rocky: What you doing? It's been too long since....Ooze.

Billy: Well.....still working on science. I'm part of a heavy department building, specializing in virtual reality; technology, machines and stuff. How bout you?

Rocky: Ahhh.....

He looks at his car and notices the broken rear view mirror.

Rocky: *chuckles*.....Electrical engineer. Adam's working with me as well.

Billy: I see you guys decided not to separate.

Rocky: Ok, now you rubbing it in.

Billy: Old times, right? *chuckles and sighs* You know, if you need any additional help with the mechanics and stuff like that......


Rocky, for a brief second. dazed off into the stars ✨ and suddenly realized how much he missed what he loved doing.

Billy: Rocky?

Rocky snapped out of it.

Rocky: Huh? Yeah....umm.....Hold on. Did you ever get the feeling that it used to be so easier, so simpler back then....back then when we were.....

Billy: Them.

They both chuckled.

Billy: I get it, Rocky. I do. Back when I gave it up, I didn't really know what to do afterwards. If you remember what Dulcea said back then....

Both: For those who possess great power, all things are possible.

Billy: Yeah.....I wish I could still believe that.

Rocky: Same. Although I can't help but just wonder......what exactly is going on up there now?

The camera zooms up into the sky and then cuts into space. And then it gets to Rita's palace on the moon....

Jason woke up in his normal state, but he was tied up to some energy wire. He struggled to get out, but it was too tight and it eventually shocked him,

Jason: Ahhh!!! Damn it!

As soon as it shocked him, he heard maniacal laughter from behind him and as soon as Jason turned his head around, he saw an old nemesis of his: Lord Zedd (Robert Patrick).

Lord Zedd: Hahahaha!!! It's no use, my old friend. Struggle all you want, but the more you fight, the faster it'll kill you!

Jason: Zedd! I had a feeling you'd come back, you slime ball. What's this about? You sent Rito to throw me off your trail?

Lord Zedd: Not exactly. That was my darling Rita's doing. I had HOPED he would draw the other power brats out of hiding. I mean....the whole Ivan Ooze thing sort of tore us all apart.

Jason: Funny you should say that. As I recall and from what I heard, you're the one who let him out of that egg.

Out of nowhere, Zedds wife, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) instantly forced her scepter right at Jason's chin, as it began to suck the life force and he started to choke.

Rita: SILENCE, YOU FOOL!!! YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEADACHE!  *moves the scepter away*  I was made a mockery of you and your hell infested power runts for years to come. Well, soon, it's about to come to it's final chapter. And I would like you to be the first to witness it first-hand.

Jason: *catches his breath*  That's not the first time I've heard that, Rita. If you want revenge, then take it on me. But leave the others out of this......

Rita: Oooh, we would LOVE to dispose of you right now. But it wasn't just you that caused us suffering. All must pay......

Jason looked back at the vacuum of space, as if he lost his ability to breathe due to the rope and he slowly, but surely started to pass out. He tried to stay up, but it was too much.

Meanwhile back the command center......

Alpha: Come on, come on......*tries readjusting satellite controls*....Ah-ha! Uh-oh......

Zordon: Yes, Alpha?

Alpha 5: Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi! I can't find Tommy, Zordon. He's nowhere in Angel Grove.

Zordon: Keep trying, Alpha. We need all six if we're to save Jason and find Zedd and the other two.

Alpha: I'm on it. Commencing Earthwide scan.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Dr. Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank)'s class were finishing up studying for an exam as he wrote in his notebook. He then flipped the pages back to the cover of the notebook and soon noticed his hidden picture of Kimberly on the other side. Ever since their departure long ago, Tommy really had missed Kim so much; but he never really had a chance to tell her how he felt and how much he had missed her since then. He might've moved on since, but each day trying not to think about her was a struggle in its own right.

Then the end-of-the-day bell rung and it snapped him out of his thoughts as he focused again.

Tommy: Alright, guys. Don't forget, tomorrow is our big exam. It counts a full 10% on your grade, so please take some extra time to study tonight. And I need your permission slips if you want to go on the field trip to Hollywood, alright? Dismissed.

Everyone left the room, except for one. Tommy turned around to see Elsa Jennings (Kaitlyn Dever) still in her seat.

Tommy: Elsa, is there something wrong?

Elsa: Well......yes and no.

Elsa gets up and walks to the front of the room to his desk.

Elsa: It's just......I've.....

Tommy: I'm sure I can help. I mean, it's the end of the year. You have time to relax. What could be wrong?

Elsa: Is it true? Are you retiring by the time we're off?

Tommy just looked down. He then turned around and pictured Kimberly talking to him.

He got distracted.

Elsa: Mr. Oliver?

Tommy: Huh? Oh, I'm sorry. Elsa, listen. I've really grown fond of all of you, really. This is nothing about you. It's just.....a few complications that I've had when I was younger. You know? My life seemed very questionable. I've hardly had time to make choices of my own. And it seemed easier back matter where I go, nothing's gonna change. told me yourself that you were moving out this July.

Elsa: Yeah....moving's already hard enough, but this.....

Tommy: I get it. Really, I do.....Hey, come on. You don't want to be late for the bus. I'll walk you out.

Elsa nodded and then she got her things and Tommy walked her to the bus like he said he would. He waved goodbye as she got on and when he went over at his car, he looked at Kimberly's picture in his notebook again, feeling sad and confused for when it all went down the drain. Then he went in, turned on the ignition and drove home.

But then it cuts to Kimberly back at her house, and that's when she dug through her drawer and found a picture with her and Tommy as well as the rest of her former team. The longer she looked at it, the more she felt like.....she lost something special.

It was clear that neither one of them could forget the other.

The next day, back at Angel Grove, Kimberly and Aisha were sitting outside a cafe having coffee and Kimberly told her about her break-up with Tommy.m and what SHE felt about it.

Kimberly: And.....ever since we went our own ways, Tommy still tried to stay on in our relationship. I know he wanted to and....same with me, but....things got....hard.

Aisha: Like what?

Kimberly: Do you remember Katherine?

Aisha nodded as Kimberly took a sip from her coffee.

Kimberly: I know she was a good friend at all, but she was into Tommy and I......

Aisha: They didn't.....did they?

Kimberly: No. It's just.........I can tell that he liked her.....even BEFORE I broke it off with him. But then again, I had found somebody else by the time we stopped seeing each other.

Aisha: No.....How'd that work?

Kimberly: John and I divorced. *sighs*  I know it sounds like I'm losing it. But, c'mon. I was on my last legs then. And you've seen the look on my face whenever I've seen him and HER together. And I had to make that clear with him a couple of times, even before I sent him that letter. It's one of the main reasons why I quit.

Aisha: Wait. "One of?" So you didn't just quit to follow your dreams of gymnastics?

Kimberly nodded "No" and took another sip from her coffee.

Kimberly: Far from it......That's not the full story, but that's all you need to know for now. I had hoped you would understand my concerns.....because I can admit.....I missed Tommy more then I thought I would. And that letter.....sending it was difficult, but writing made my heart deteriorate just by doing that. And, it's hard for me to NOT stop thinking about him. It's almost like he's torturing me because of what happened.

Aisha: You couldn't try blocking it out?

Kimberly: Doesn't matter how hard I try; it happens anyway. It's been almost forever.....and yet.....I can't seem to forget him. Even though, I'm trying to.

Rocky: You might be fine with that, but I don't think I'm all cool with that. I mean, I always thought you two were the "It" couple, you know.

Kim hears Rockys voice as she sees him sitting beside her, sipping beer.

Kimberly: Rocky?

Rocky: *turns towards her*  Hey.....

The girls got up from their seats and hugged him.

Aisha: I can't believe you're here.

Rocky: I know. This was the last thing I was expecting. How you two been?

Kimberly: Oh, better.....I guess.

He nodded and they sat back down, but then they turn around to see two bust boys cleaning another table. Yet, they were dropping stuff and arguing and mumbling ridiculous mumbo jumbo.

(Guess who)

Kimberly: that---

Aisha: *chuckling*  Hold the phone.

Aisha and Rocky got up from their seats and turned towards the bust boys and when they looked over, they were stunned.

Bulk (Paul Schrier):'s you dweebs.

Skull (Jason Narvy): Here for more painful lessons, for old time's sake? Huh?

Bulk: Huh?

Skull: Huh?

Bulk: Huh?

Skull: Huh?

Bulk: Huh?

Rocky: Are you kidd--Bulk?

Aisha: Skull?

Rocky: Hehehe....I see you two haven't changed one damn bit.

Bulk: Nor have you, you little geek. But if you want some of this, I'd be more than happy to---

Manager: Hey! You two! Get back to work!

Bulk: *Salutes* We're right on it, boss man sir.

Skull: *Salutes* Uh huh!

Bulk: *Turns to Rocky and the girls* To. Be. Continued.

They walked off carrying boxes of dishes and almost immediately starting tripping over each other. And the gang couldn't help but chuckle and snicker.

Kimberly: Oh my feels like high school all over again.

Aisha: I know, right? *Sits back down* I swear they never cease to amaze me by just how ridiculous they are.

Rocky: *Sits*  Yep, but.....uh.....I'm willing to bet their jobs ain't gonna last for another two days.

Aisha: Oh, yeah? Mines on one.

Rocky: Alright, you're on. Put your money where your mouth is.

Kimberly: Careful, Rocky. Remember the last time you and Aisha made a bet?

Rocky: You seriously gotta bring that up?

Aisha: Mmm-hmm.

Rocky: Hey, things are different now, ok? My luck hasn't run out yet.

Billy: He's right. In fact, it might just get better.

Aisha: Oh my.....

Kimberly: Billy??

He smiled and waved. Eventually, they greeted him as well.

Rocky: What is this? Reunion season?

Kimberly: I was thinking the same thing. That reminds me....uh.....where's Adam?

Billy: Couldn't make it. He said he was having a garage sale.

Kimberly: Huh?

Aisha: Garage sale?


As it cuts to Adams house, he was checking and rechecking and all stuff he either wanted to keep or give away.

Adam: Hey, John. Come help me move this cabinet....*grunts*.....down to the driveway.

John (Dakota Goyo): Sure thing, Dad.

Adam: Remember both hands. Bend your knees and.....GO!

They both struggled to get the cabinet down, but they got it down.

John: *sighs* Are you sure this is a good idea starting this early?

Adam: Eventually, you'll get used to it. There's only so much more to gain from this.

As he looks on and smiles, he heard a beeping noise. He ignored it at first.

John: Dad?

Adam: *groans* Alright, alright. I'll get it.

He scoured through the box and at the very bottom......he found his watch. His power watch.

And it was still making that familiar sound.


It went off a few times.

John: What was that?

Adam: Uh.... *to himself*.....It can't be....I think it was...

Suddenly, there was an massive earthquake and everything started to either break apart, shake or remain stationary.

Adam: Son! Get in the house!

As Adam gets his son back inside and gets them both in the basement, everyone panicked back at the café and ran. Soon enough, the gang got up with a sense of Deja vu as the storm was brewing in.

Kimberly: Oh my god....

Rocky: What's going on??!

Aisha: I don't know!

Then they heard a familiar laugh from up above....

Billy: That laugh....

Kimberly: No, it can't be....

All of a sudden, they rush outside to see where it was coming from and soon, a figure appears through the cloud and it doesn't take long for the crew to find out who it is.

Lord Zedd: *Appears in the sky*  Citizens of Angel Grove.....the time has come for the world to be mine! Prepare for my RETURN and this time, you'll have NO ONE to rely on but your own pitiful merit!!!

The ground shakes harder with the storm blowing in fast. Even Tommy, from his apartment, could feel the presence of a storm and he knew it wasn't normal. As soon as he put his karate equipment away, he stepped out and saw Zedd in the sky too.

Tommy: Zedd....

As everyone else kept screaming hysterically, the main four just rushed back inside and jumped behind the bar counter, determined to take any type of shelter.

Kimberly: This is, like, the exact opposite of what I wanted to do today.

Aisha: Yeah, join the club.

The earthquake began to accelerate rapidly and Billy got a call.

Billy: Yeah?!

Adam: Billy?! The hell's going on down here?

Back at the command center.......

Alpha: Zordon, they're not answering! The earthquake is interfering with the signals.

Zordon: Never mind that, Alpha. Have you got their locations?

Alpha: Yes. All locked on, except for Tommy.

Zordon: Bring the other five here and keep looking for him.

Alpha: Teleporting now......and......Got it!

He activated the teleporter and the gang glowed into their ranger colors and flew off.

Thanks to the teleporter, they ended up in the command center in about close to 20 seconds.

Adam: What the....

Rocky: Adam?

Adam: Guys??

Kimberly: Oh god....

The entire gang looked around the command center and it didn't take long for them to realize that they were back on familiar territory or comfortable ground, if you will.

Billy: Nostalgia......

Kimberly: Are we where I think we are?

Aisha: I think we are.....

Zordon: Greetings, my old friends.

They all turned around and looked up at him, shocked.

Gang: ZORDON???!!!

Zordon: It is truly good to see all of you again. Two decades had passed since we have last spoken.

Aisha: Yeah.....It feels like it's been forever.

Rocky: Honestly, I don't know why. It's just that....*turns over to Alpha*.....Alpha?

As soon as Alpha saw each of the original members, he went up and hugged them all. And each hug lasted longer then the last one did.

Alpha: Ahhh, Welcome back, Rangers. I had....truly.....missed you all.

Kimberly had to turn away when he had said that.

Billy: Kim? What's wrong?

Kimberly: It's just--

Billy: It's just.....?

Before she could finish her sentence, she was all lost in her emotions and thoughts. It had been since 1995 that she had stepped back in the Command Center or been involved in this particular situation and it all became familiar to her again. All of the memories from the younger days, back when they made a living out of beating evil kept rushing back to her. And at one point, so much was going through her head.....that she actually shed a tear.

Adam: Kimberly? Please tell me you're alright.

She slowly looked behind her to face Adam and that's when she said.....

Kimberly: I--I never thought this would happen again....not since.....

At that point, she felt woozy and she passed out as the screen faded. They all yelled out her name while muffled by the blacked-out screen and when the screen returns to focus, we see Billy down to her aid.

Alpha: Was it something I said?

Billy: Kimberly.....are you......

About a minute or so later, Kimberly opens her eyes and comes back to conscious and looks around.

Kimberly: Mmm.....What...... *Looks around*  Where's---wh--Tommy? Where is he?

Zordon: I'm afraid we haven't located him yet. Alpha's still tracking him.

Alpha: He hasn't been this hard to find since.....Argh. I don't remember.

Billy: Wait. Zordon, why did you bring us back here?

Zordon: As you may be aware by now, Lord Zedd has returned, along with his wife, Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto.

Adam: Whoa whoa whoa. Time out. Who's Rito Revolto??

Zordon: Her brother.

Rocky: Uhh--*chuckles*.....Are you.....I didn't know she had a brother.

Aisha: None of us knew.

Zordon: Which brings us to our next assessment. Because that is only the beginning, Rangers. Behold the viewing globe.

The viewing globe started flickering and eventually showed a blurry yet clear picture of Jason in Rita's palace space land, still struggling to get out of that energy rope. It shocked the others to pure disbelief.

Rocky: Oh my.....

Both (Billy, Aisha): Jason?!

Adam: You got to be kidding me!

Alpha: No. We're not. We sent Jason to gather any additional information he could while we tried to contact you guys.

Billy: Crap.

Zordon: Rito's magic is almost compared with that of his sister's, but he can defy his gravity and normal size. After Zedd's disappearance and sudden re-appearance, Rito had arrived onto Earth, two years ago in search of his sister and now that he has found her again, they're beginning another attack on Earth.

Adam: Well, it's gonna be their last. Are we gonna be able to defeat Rito like this, Zordan?

Zordon: Not with your old powers, unfortunately not. Rito had increased Zedd and Rita's powers with his own to a maximum 178%. However, Alpha and I have taken the time and precaution, building you all new arsenals. Alpha, if you will?

Alpha: Confirmed.

He presses a huge button on the panel and a door in the back opened up as a light shined on all five members.....eventually revealing newly designed Power Ranger suits and morphers.

All of them were in utter shock and just......flabbergasted.

Aisha: Oh....

Billy: My.....

Kimberly: God......

Each of them took a few steps forward, with each vibration of the step getting louder and louder as they approached their newly designed suits. As soon as they surveyed them and took their new morpher and, Rocky recognized something almost immediately about the choice of suit design.

Rocky: These suits.....this metal isn't like any I've ever seen. I can't help but feel like it represents an....

Both (Rocky, Billy): Alien substance.

Alpha: Ayiyiyi. I hoped they wouldn't find out.

Aisha: Good luck with that.

Rocky: Wait.....Billy, how do you know about this?

Billy: See that sparkly texture on the metal?

Adam: Yeah.....

Billy: If I'm not mistaken, that's one of the power cells to the suits. It runs perfectly on its own, but this soft texture is essential for keeping this suit from know.....eroding. So that's two layers on the suit; and one is specifically designed to guard the other. Plus, if you can feel how hard it is, it seems something that's pretty hard to penetrate. So in a way of speaking.....the metal in this suit is, if not indestructible, then damn close to it.

Both (Adam and Rocky): Ohhh.

Kimberly, on the other hand, was so fascinated with the new pink suit.....that is until she caught a glimpse at....the new White Ranger Power suit.

Kimberly: Oh my....

She walks up to it slowly and just stares at it as if it's been contained a glass chamber, unable to be opened. Once again, overwhelming conflicting emotions rushed through her as she flinched her hand, reaching out for the armor on the helmet, as if it's Tommy's face. But again, as soon as she touched it.....she quickly moved away.

Kimberly: No.....Umm, Zordon? Is this supposed to be Tommy's suit?

Zordon: Yes. We'd hoped to bring all of you together, but time was against us and we had to act fast with the danger out there.

Kimberly: And you really have no idea where is?

Zordon: I promise we'll keep looking. Meantime, Alpha has something else to show you in the lower levels: Your newly upgraded zords.

Alpha: Follow me.

And so they did.....

Alpha: Now we haven't been able to get your original zords back since the commanded center was trashed by Ivan Ooze. And it's been forever since you used the ninja zords, but those are still in need of repairs.

Rocky: Still?

Billy: Think about it, it takes a long time just to make those giant things.

Aisha: So what's new?

Alpha: Nothing New at all. Rangers, I'd like you to say hello to your old friends.....

He puts in a passcode and the hanger door slowly opens.....

Alpha:....the Thunder Zords.

As soon as the lights came on and blasted the room, everyone was SO ecstatic. Rocky was literally laughing with excitement and the others were dumbfounded with their mouths open. It had been forever since the Thunder Zords were in use, but now.....they had returned.

Rocky: Wow. This is so cool. Change is good.....

Alpha: We installed the hydraulics from your old Thunder Zords and Ninja Zords to upgrade the newly improved Thunder Zord designs. Each one runs with a new motion detection system, allowing you all to the control then with your body.

Adam: This could be a piece of cake, after all.

Kimberly: But Alpha, where's Tommy's Tiger zord?

Alpha: We haven't finished upgrading it. But while we keep tracking Tommy......

The alarm went off.

Alpha: Ayiayiayiayi!!

Zordan: Rangers! Rito Revlto is attacking Grovecorp Towers with at least 30 hostages. It is time for the Rangers to make their long awaited return, but be cautious: Do not underestimate Rito's magic.

At that point, Billy turned towards the others and asked them the question that crossed their minds:.......

Billy: Well guys, what'd you say? Once more for old times sake?

Everyone, except for Kimberly, just looked at each other with a slight smirk.

Adam: You know what? Hell yeah!

Rocky: Same. I think it's about time to get back out there.

Aisha: looking forward to it? Kim?

Kim was once again stuck in her thoughts, especially after looking at her morpher again. Stuck in the same position that she was in decades ago would frustrate or annoy someone. But when Kimberly looked up at Adam and the others and finally smiled.

Kimberly: I'm ready.

Adam: Then......LET'S DO IT!!!

Billy: Take it away, Rock.

Rocky: Alright.....IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!!

Thunder clashes

Adam: MASTODON!!!!

Kimberly: PTERODACTYL!!!!




Just like old times, the Rangers morphed up and took off in their colors and zipped over to Ritos location.

Little did they know, Tommy actually saw the glowing colors in the sky and smiled, for deep down inside, he always knew they still had a little bit of power left in them. Then, he opened up his hand and it revealed his old White Tiger coin. And then he went into the glove compartment in his car and pulled out.....his old White Ranger morpher.

Tommy: It's about time, isn't it?

Soon enough, they made it to Grovecorp Towers and found out, to their displeasure, the building is over a couple of stories high and it's already in terrible condition.

Adam: This is it, right?

Billy: Looks that way......This guy seems like a lot more then what Zedd gave us.

Aisha: Never underestimate your opponent. Who knows? This might be a walk in the park.

As it scales up to the 29th floor, the Rangers leap all the way up there and see nothing.

Kimberly: Where'd he go?

Rocky: Keep your eyes pealed. Where the hostages?

They heard commotion.

Billy: Shh shh listen.

They sneaked by a doorway and overheard Rito talking with.....another old enemy.

Rito: Do we have everything secured?

Goldar (Kerry Casey): Yes. And the bombs are placed just as they instructed. Surely, this'll have to work.

Rito: Good. If this doesn't draw out those cowardly powered brats, I guess I'll have to get in talks with Zeddy. Get into position and begin phase 3.

Kimberly: *Whispers* Goldar?? Why did HE had to come back?

Rocky: Somehow, I'm not surprised.

Billy: We got no time. Listen, Aisha and I will look for the bombs. Rocky, Kimberly, Adam.....go to the lower levels and find the hostages, but keep cautious. I'm guessing Rito and Goldar set up a trap.

Adam: Trust me, we've seen all of their tricks to the moon and back. I KNOW they got something planned.

Aisha: In that case, we have it settled. Let's go.

As they both go off on their separate paths, Billy and Aisha stay on the upper level and look for the bombs.

Aisha: Are these the same bombs that--

Billy: I would guess so. This goes beyond state of the art military devices. I don't know how they got it then and I don't know how they got it now.

The first place they check is (for some reason) the elevator.

Aisha: Hold on, I got it.

With her super strength (they all have that), she carefully pushes the elevator doors open.

But there's no elevator.

Billy: Now I think I know where. Follow my lead. Power Lance.

He split his lance into two, jumped and then slid on the walls, which scraped the wall. But he didn't cut the wires holding the elevator.

Aisha: Alright, incoming. Power Daggers.

Aisha jumped down with them, and opened the top hatch of the elevator and what does she find? One of the bombs.

Aisha: Really?

She managed to cut through the bomb and disarm it and eventually they both climbed out of it.

Billy: Nice work.

Meanwhile, with Rocky, Kim and Adam, they managed to sneak into the labs and found hostages tied up and surrounded by Putties.

And there was a bomb wrapped around them.

Kimberly: Oh no.....

Rocky: We're gonna have to go in and take them out. There really is no other easier way.

Adam: But What if the bomb is manually controlled?

Rocky: Then that makes it better. He doesn't know we're here.

Kimberly: He's got a point.

Soon, they went on a countdown and burst through the window as they went face to face with the putties.

Hostages: Power Rangers?

Rocky: Long time no see, hasn't it?

Adam: No "Z's" this time, huh? No matter.

But that's when Kimberly found a familiar face with the hostages.

Kimberly: Fred?

Fred (Jamie Croft) was older now in his mid 30's and was shocked to see the Power Rangers again

All of a sudden, the putties attacked and while the trio had trouble beating them due to them not having that "Z" on their chest, they soon beat them and turned to the hostages.

Kimberly: You ok?

Fred: Yeah. I can't believe you guys are back!

Rocky: Bad news, people. This thing only has a minute before Ka-boom.

Kimberly: Let's see if there's a remote around here.

Adam: Hold on. I got my own remote.

He then takes his Power Axe and cuts the bomb in two, disabling it in the process.

They all sigh in relief.

Fred: Hold on, what's going on? And what made you get back together?

Kimberly: I really wish I could tell you, but.....

As Kim tried talking to Fred about the situation, she spots a mysterious figure outside of the lab and then it takes off.

Kimberly: Umm.....hold that thought. HEY!

Kimberly soon rushed out and chased after him the best she could, but due to being rusty, she didn't really have enough to catch up. So she brought out her Power Bow and shoots an arrow at him. The arrow barely missed, but it took off his ski mask and it knocked him down.

As soon as she puts her bow down, the mysterious figure got up and showed his face. It was none other then.....Tommy Oliver. As soon as she saw his face, she gasped and backed up as she dropped her bow and arrow.

Kimberly: Tommy?

Tommy just stares at her to the point where his breathing becomes irregular. Eventually, he says.....

Tommy: I still have hope for us......

Tommy, once again, breathes heavily and then runs to the window as he jumps out.

Kimberly: TOMMY!

As Kimberly watched Tommy vanish to the street, she held onto her chest as if she was about to suffer a heart attack. But she refused to let it distract her. As she slowly went back to Rocky, Adam and the hostages, we cut back to Billy and Aisha were trying to find the rest of the bombs.

Aisha: What's wrong?

Billy: I can't defuse the bombs. They're being controlled manually. Not all of the bombs are controlled like this, but we still need the remote to shut this off.

Goldar: Looking for this, Blue Ranger? Naaahahahaha!!!

They both heard the familar voice behind them and turned around to see Goldar, holding the Remote in his grasps.


We cut back to the space palace as we Jason still unconscious, but then he wakes up a few seconds later and looks around 'till he sees he's still attached to that energy tight wire rope.

Jason: Oh.....COME ON!

Rita: Morning, sleepy head! You're just in time to see your friends fall to their doom. Or should I say....blow into their doom. Hahahaha!!!

She reveals a crystal ball showing the events going down at Grovescorp. Jason, once again, struggled to get free from the rope but it shocks him once again.

Jason: ARGH!

Rita: He tries to tell you about that, but it seems you would rather die trying then go out the painless way.

Jason: hurt them and I swear to God....


Pretty soon, Zedd comes into the room.

Zedd: Well, darling wife? Has your brother completed phase 3 of the operation?

Rita: As planned. Even the Power Rangers have finally emerged and are soon to be in our grasp!

Zedd: So.....they finally came out of hiding. Vengeance is so sweet!

They both laughed manically as Jason once again struggles to remove himself, but the more he did it, the weaker and weaker he felt.

Back at the tower, Billy tried to get the control from Goldar, but due to being rusty, he couldn't keep up with him. Goldar slashed him around and Billy powered out of his suit.

Goldar: Face it, Rangers! You failed to stop me THIS time!

Aisha: Alright, Goldar.....Mono e mono. Let's finish this!

Goldar: Your funeral, Yellow Ranger.

They also got into a brawl and even though Aisha lasted a little longer then Billy, she, too, couldn't keep up and had to power out.

Aisha: No....

Goldar: It's over, Power Rangers. I've won!

Familiar voice: Not yet, Goldar!

They all turned over.....and see Tommy (in his old White Ranger suit) land and kick Goldar back with such Force, that he crashed into another elevator shaft. When he recovered, that's when he saw him.

Tommy: Yaaaaaaa!!!!

Both (Billy and Aisha): Tommy!!!

Goldar: What??!!! Tommy?!!

Tommy: You didn't think I was just gonna leave y'all to dry, right?

Goldar: Impossible! You were....

Tommy: Missing, yes. But dead? Far from it. I just needed more time to prepare, more time to mentally challenge myself for the time when you scum would rear your ugly faces again......

Goldar: Hmph.....You don't think you're a little old for this, Tommy?

Tommy: I may be old, but you can bet I can still pull it off. He-yaaaaaa!

Tommy and Goldar went at it as Billy and Aisha watch on, and this time it was Goldar getting overpowered. Because apparently, Tommy wasn't rusty. Not one bit. Near the end of the fight, Goldar swung his huge wings at Tommy and while he did fly back, he caught himself and did the classic Ninjeta Corkscrew Kick.

It broke through most of Goldars armor and he flew, conveniently into another area of the building which ALSO happened to have a bomb.

It set off to ZERO and then BOOM 💥

The explosion sends Goldar to kingdom come (Dead) and the rest of the huge building starts to collapse.

Tommy: Guys, get up. Come on!

He quickly helped them up and Aisha was still stunned of his return

Aisha: You always got a sense for timing.

Tommy: It's good to be back. How about the others?

Billy: Downstairs, but I think there's no need to worry.

Tommy: *sighs* Let's get y'all out of here.

They all jumped down an empty elevator shaft and then teleported away. Meanwhile, Adam, Rocky and Kimberly were on the last bomb and were fighting more Putties.

Adam: Ok....that should be the last one!

Unfortunately, the putties weren't giving up the fight.

Rocky: Jesus, they're not going down this time.

Kimberly: Don't worry about them. This buildings coming down anyways. We gotta move!

They made their way to the elevator shaft and then the fire escape, but none of them were available due to be crushed at the time of the explosion.

Adam: Damn it. Hold on, where's the hostages?

Rocky looked on his visor (the one from the 1995 movie) and saw them downstairs trying to bail out.

Rocky: Downstairs. But they're still trying to get out.

Kimberly: Then you two get them out. I'm not leaving Billy and Aisha behind.

Then all of a sudden, Rito, aggravated that the Rangers haven't shown up (in his eyes), manually sets off the rest of the bombs.

Adam: Woah!

Rocky: Kim, you SURE about this?!

Kimberly: I GOT THIS, GUYS! GO!!!!

As Rocky and Adam got downstairs to re-assist the hostages, Kimberly desperately tried going back up to the upper level to find Billy and Aisha. But the building was still collapsing and with a very short and tight time limit, Kimberly was forced to leave them behind, unaware they were back at the command center. As she approached the window, she got ready to jump and with Fred on her back, she had a drastic tactic planned.

Kimberly: Fred, hang on to me. This is gonna be a little nerve-wreaking.

Fred: Wait.....are you gonna--

Kimberly: Yes.

When the building crumbling and collapsing each passing second, she had to move fast. So she made a run for it, and she leaped out the window with Fred grasping onto her. She then takes a page out of Hawkeyes playbook and uses her Power Bow to catch herself and while it was a rough descent, they still made it down.

Upon making it down, she didn't see the rest of the hostages, so she knew they got out.

She helped Fred move far away from the building, and then turned back to find time to get the others out. But the building toppled over itself and it completely fell apart as a huge dust cloud surrounded everything.

Kimberly just looked down and away. She then made a call back to Command center.

Kimberly: Alpha.......

Alpha: Ayiayiayiayi! Are you alright, Kimberly?

Kimberly: I think so. Are the others....?

Zordon: No worries. They're fine. They made it out safely, thanks to some assistance.

Kimberly: From who?

Alpha: Come back to the command center and you'll see.

At that point, the commission was cut and it left Kimberly to her thoughts.

She was confused as to why they needed her back there.....because the last time that wasn't so memorable. But she reluctantly went back and found the others with their helmets off. As she took hers off and anticipated the eeriness surrounding the room, illuminated by the lack of vision, a bright light suddenly flashed over Kim as she covered her face up to look away. As she turned back and saw it, she immediately had that feeling of Deja Vu.

And then, a new White Ranger suit slowly came down from above and made his presence known (just like from Season 2) as the others smiled. Kimberly just stood there, her heart pounding slightly faster with each second. The anticipation of this moment wasn't called upon, but it was happening now. And inside, Kim really wished that it wasn't. As soon as the White Ranger landed and slowly removed his helmet, Kimberly started breathing heavily as she felt an adrenaline rush.....because she knew it was Tommy.

That's when they had a moment of silence when they made eye contact.


Tommy: Kimberly......

Adam: Ok....back up, everyone.

Rocky: Gotta give them space.....

As Adam moved everyone back, Tommy slowly walked towards Kim as she took one or two steps back.

Tommy and Kim looked at each other face to face with the others watching by. It's been the first time in decades since they've spoken to or even seen each other. Everyone was anticipating on who was going to make the first move.

No was Tommy.

Tommy: Kim....let me be the first to say.....

Kimberly: Tommy, look....I just wanted to let you know.....what happened back then, I.....I didn't want to. I never meant to. It was already hard enough for me, leaving all of you behind to move on, but.....that letter.....I nearly suffocated just trying to send that to you and.....*sighs* we all are.

Kimberly was nearly close to tears as she closed her eyes and looked away. But then, she just hugged him. Tommy was stunned at first cause he didn't see it coming, but he eventually hugged her back. As Kim buried her face into the armor on Tommy's chest, she suddenly looked up at him, for she had the chance to ask another question that's been on her mind.

Kimberly: I have to know one other thing. And please, give me an honest answer.

Tommy: Anything.

Kimberly: How much did you like Kat? She became the new pink ranger when I gave her my powers. She was with you helping you battle Rita and Zedd more than I was much did you like her? And if you did, was it because I couldn't stand by you no more?

The sudden randomness of the question caused Tommy to give another serious look towards her as he sighed heavily.

Tommy: I'm....I'm not gonna sugar coat this....but Kat was....she was a big help to us and....even though I cared for her in some way, it is true that.....I had to move on. But then again, it was never the same way that I felt about you. Kat was--I don't even know anymore, but.....she DID have some feelings for me. So even though I DID display feelings towards her, I can't......feel anything for her anymore due to the way that I feel for you. The letter means nothing to me now.....and It was always you that I loved, Beautiful.

Kimberly's eyes shot up, upon hearing her nickname for the first time in decades. She was surprised to know that Tommy still had even REMEMBERED that.

Kimberly: You haven't called me that in forever.

Tommy: I still do.

Kimberly: But I thought you--

Tommy: You might've not chosen to come back to this life. But I did. Why? Because I never gave up on this team. I never gave up on you. And I know.....that you feel the same way.

There was another silent moment in the room as both of their faces tilted towards each other and were about connect, but then both of them stopped at the last second.....before turning away.....although neither of them wanted to.

All (Rocky, Billy, Adam, Aisha): *whispering* Darn it!

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town, (the same outskirts where Jason was defeated), Bulk and Skull were STILL trying to come up with tactics to find out who the Rangers were, but at the same time......they were lost.

Bulk: That was some lead, genius. Now we're lost!

Skull: We can't be. The readings say there's some weird spiky bolts around here. It's gotta be the Power Rangers. It's gotta be!

Bulk: Let's hurry up and check it out. If this is another dead end, I'mma kill you.

Skull: Hold up. I got something.

He scoured through the dirt and found an energized object.

Skull: Bulk, come look at this!

Bulk: What now?

Skull slowly picks up the object as the glowing intensifies and it starts to shake.

Skull: Ahhh! I don't know what I did.

Bulk: Ju--ju--just put it down!

Instead of just putting it down, he THROWS it into a nearby lake, as a bubble pops up and makes a fart sound (lol).

As the two look on looking ridiculous as ever, the lake starts glowing AGAIN and then there's this huge explosion in the water.

Bulk: Argh!

Skull: See, you got us wet.

Bulk: I got us wet? Weren't YOU the one who---Ahhh. Ahhhhhh.....AHHHHHHH......

Bulk was staring at a body rising up out of the water and that body was....



Meanwhile, at the command center, while the main six were down on the lower levels, the alarm went off again.

Tommy: *sighs* Call back to action.

Eventually, they had made their way to the main room as Zordon had told them...

Zordan:....Rito Revolto is attacking midtown Angel Grove.

Alpha: Oh no! Ayiayiayiayi! Bulk and Skull had just discovered a body in the lake! It's Ninjor!

Rangers: What??!

They saw on the viewing globe and Bulk and Skull ran away, from the body of Ninjor, just floating in the murky river.

Adam: We better go check it out. This could be Rito's doing too.

Billy: And we still have to save Jason.

Zordon: Billy, Aisha. You must teleport to Ninjor's body and begin examination.

Alpha: I will be able to provide every information you need.

Billy: Got it.

Zordon: Rocky, Adam and Kimberly. you must try and track down Jason. His life depends on everything we do.

Kimberly: We're on it.

Zordon: Tommy. It is up to you to do battle with Rito until the others are able to join you. Go now and may the power protect you.

Rocky: Tommy, wait. Are you sure you can still do this?

Tommy: Absolutely.

Everyone then just looked at each other and shrugged.

Aisha:'s on you.

Tommy: Right. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!!

Thunder clashes

Tommy: WHITE TIGER!!!!

Adam: MASTODON!!!!

Kimberly: PTERODACTYL!!!!




n the blink of an eye, Rocky, Kim and Adam were instantly teleported inside of Rita's space castle and almost immediately, they got taken aback by a familiar stench.

Kimberly: Anybody smell that?

Adam: *sniffs* Is that blood? It can't be.

Rocky: It's gotta be Jason. He's been bleeding out from putting up a fight. Still a strong guy, he is.

But then, he heard noises from the other side of the palace, far across from them.

Rocky: Hol' up a second.

Rocky used his visor to see through the endless number of walls and what he saw on the far end, was Rita torturing Jason with her scepter.

Rocky: Jason! The hell is she doing?

Kimberly: She's killing him, alright. We can't tolerate this, ok? We gotta help.

Adam: Come on! No time to lose!

They ran to the front of the lair in hopes of getting to Jason in time. Back down on Earth, Tommy landed behind Rito in a fighting position. And it didn't take long for Rito to sense his presence.

Tommy: I believe I have an appointment!

Rito: Ahh? The White Ranger. Leader of the Power dweebs. This is an honor, really. How fun.

Tommy: It's over, Rito. Give us back Jason and come quietly.

Rito: Phht....You wish!!!

He blasted at him, but Tommy jumped aside and the two began to fight.

Meanwhile at the lake, Billy and Aisha were inspecting Ninjors dysfunctional and destroyed body and for some reason, they kept getting unknown readings

Aisha: This ain't making sense. Alpha, tell me you're getting this?

Alpha: Unfortunately, yes. Readings are encrypted somehow, but I don't think we can call it quits yet. Believe it or not, this IS the real Ninjor. Unfortunately, he's not operational.

Aisha: Damn it.

Billy: Then how did he find himself stuffed into a crystal?

Alpha: That's not just any crystal. I guess Rito was right. That, my friends, is the next ZEO crystal.

Aisha: Zeo crystal, Really?

Billy: ANOTHER one?

Aisha sees the crystal, or what's left of it, blinking slowly.

Aisha: Hold on. Let me see.

She goes over and picks it up and shows it to Alpha through the viewing globe.

Aisha: Is this it?

Alpha: Could be. Bring it back to the command center.

Back at Rita's castle, the trio encounter more putties on their way to Jason and they had to fight their way through them yet again.....

Kimberly: Ugh! You guys make me sick! Sick! Sick! Sick!

Out on the far ends of the palace, Rita, once again, had her scepter under Jason's chin as it choked his life Force away....

Jason: *choking*

Rita: Do you bleed? Cause you will. Oh, yes you will.

At that point, she saw a bunch of more putties piling up towards where the Rangers were and Rita was getting kissed at seeing that many of her putties running.

Rita: Now what?!

Jason: *choking* They're here....

Rita: Ahhh.....So they come to save you, eh? Well, not on your life!

She uses her scepter and blasts at the energy rope as it finally breaks and snaps, releasing Jason from her trap. But he was so immobilized, so weak, so battered by Rita and the rope draining his energy and life Force that he couldn't even stand up.

Rita: Get up, you.....

She then drags him up to his feet and placed him in front of her......'ll make a nice human shield for me!

Jason: Ugh! Get o--Get off me!

Rita: Not until I see them go BEFORE YOU!

Back at the front, the trio finally get through the numbers of putties and as expected, they're exhausted.

Adam: I didn't think doing this again would be this difficult.

Kimberly: I mean, yeah, it was easier back then.....but time seems to have slipped us by.

Rocky: Ranger or no ranger.....aargh......I don't know about that saying anymore. These guys just keep coming back regardless of how many times we stopped them. And these guys......again....

Both (Adam, Rocky): Where are the "Z's"?

Zedd: NO MORE Z's for you brats!

The trio turn to face him as it cuts back to Tommy and Rito, exchanging hit after hit, Punch after Punch, kick after was a pretty good fight.

Tommy then brought out Saba.

Tommy: I woumd like you to meet Saba!

Saba: Laser active!

Saba flipped over to Rito and blasted at him, but Rito dodged and knocked it aside. It then flew back to Tommy as he and Rito banged Saba and Rito's staff at each other.

Then out of nowhere, Fred squirmed out of the bushes and finds Tommy and Rito struggling.

Fred: White Rangers got him distracted, Maybe I can get a shot off.

He took a mini blaster out of his pocket and after a few seconds, he tries to aim at Rito.

The staff struggle was intense as force kept getting pushed back to either side and Fred didn't know where to aim.

Fred: Just give me one clean shot.

He aims and he fires. But he misses his target.

But it causes a three way ricochet with the trees and the blast hits Ritos jet pack or blaster supporter (whatever it was called when he came along on the show)

It went completely haywire, distracting him in the process, giving Tommy the opportunity he needed to push him back and perform the Corkscrew kick again.

Unfortunately, Rito saw it coming this time and clotheslined him, nearly taking Tommy's head off in the process. But Tommy was still moving.

Rito: Pretty nice new tricks there. Well, here's a new one for you.

Rito swung down a swift, knocking Tommy off his feet

Fred: No!

Rito: Now, White Ranger, it's time to join your captive friend.

Fred: I think not!

Fred was left alone to confront Rito by himself.

Back at Zedd's palace.....

Rocky: Where's Jason, Zedd?!

Lord Zedd: Oh, you've come for your friend? Afraid you're all too late. Soon, he'll be under my control to do my bidding and you power brats will be finished! But not before he tells me where my crystal is FIRST!

That statement puzzled the three for a moment and then it suddenly clicked.

Rocky: Crys--Wait. There's ANOTHER one?!

Adam: I thought that was the only one.

Lord Zedd: Apparently, you cockroaches are sadly mistaken. The potential ability within those crystals are endless. You can only imagine how much of this mudball will be ours, by the time me and Rita lay waste to you all.

Adam: I think not. You're going down.

He charged at him, and attacked. The fight was uneven to say the least, cause even with the improved power suits, Zedds power could not be matched.

Kimberly: Adam!!! That's not working!

Adam: I noticed that!

Rocky: Hold on, We got ya!

Eventually, Rocky and Kimberly join the fray and they team up in Zedd, but not even their powers combined could keep Lord Zedd down. He immediately pushes all three of them off of him and then blasted his staff, stunning Adam and he falls.

Rocky: Adam!!

Zedd, too, blasted at Rocky and he falls too as Kimberly gasps and stares face to face with this monster.

Lord Zedd: Now, my pink princess, you are hopeless at MY mercy!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  Kimberly: No.....No, I won't let you......

Kimberly desperately tries to hold her own against Zedd, but while she did hold up a good effort and land a few hits on him, it all fell apart. Kimberly brought out her whip (from '95 movie) and it got stuck on Zedds staff. Since she couldn't move it this time, Zedd used this opportunity to blast her. The only difference is she held on, although it shattered the visor on her helmet and she got weaker the longer she held on.

Zedd: Fight all you want. But there is no delaying the inevitable. You cannot beat me!

All of a sudden, a certain spark was ignited inside of Kim as her eyes glowed her ranger color and Zordons voice ringed into her head, reminding her......

Zordon: May the power protect you.

Kimberly grabs tighter onto the staff, and looks up at him with pink eyes.

Kimberly: I wouldn't say that, Zedd! Haaaa!!

She then propels him back as he crashes into the wall. As Zedd recovers, Kimberly backs up and then attacks with all of her power

Zedd swung his staff, but Kimberly avoided the swings and kicked out.

Lord Zedd: Impossible!

Kimberly: Think I'm a princess now, Zedd?!!

She jumped up with a body flip and then kicks him down.

Kimberly seemed to have the upper hand until.....

Kimberly: Have a nice trip to Hell......

Rita: Watch your next move, my pretty!

Kimberly turns and gasps to see Rita holding Jason hostage.

Rita: Cause his fate is in your hands now!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Jason was stuck in her grasp, still woozy and barely standing due to what happened the last two days, but all of an sudden, Billy teleported behind her.

Billy: I think you missed about....oh, I don't know.....

Billy then blasted Rita into the wall three stories above the fireplace, but she still had Jason in his grasp.

Kimberly: Billy, get Rocky and Adam out of here.

Billy: What about you?

Kimberly: Unfinished business.

As Billy transported the other two back down to Earth, Kimberly held up her Power Bow at Rita and even though she had a choice here, even THAT was difficult to make.

Rita: As expected, you can't do it. It goes against what you ALL stand for.

Kimberly: We all have a code to follow.

Rita: You have no code! You have nothing! No future and broken dreams dashed into the ocean floor. And now they're gonna die, Jason's gonna die and it's gonna be all you--

That is when Rita took a step back and remembered something Kimberly did not want to think about.....

Rita: Ahh. Of course....

Jason: Just shoot her.

Kimberly: Not. Yet.

Rita: You.....and your leader. The best of both worlds, huh? I thought it would never end, the lot of you. came anyways. And in the end, I made me smile lots brighter knowing you threw away the best thing that ever happened to you. You remember that day, don't you, Kimberly?

Kimberly: How the hell could I not? It was the worst mistake I ever made.

Without even fully going into detail, Kimberly took a shot, but this time, it was well aimed. It knocked Rita down but she caught herself. It gave Kimberly enough time to grab Jason, and then both of them teleported back to Earth.


Back down to Earth, Fred tries to fight back or defend himself against Rito, but since he wasn't a Ranger or anyone else with training for that matter, it doesn't work.

Rito: You call yourself a worthy opponent?

Fred: Better one then none, right?

Jason: Rito!

He turned to around to see the rest of the Rangers, along with Jason and Aisha, who also came back into the mix as well. Fred was able to kick Ritos head in, causing him to let go.

Rito: Ahh, the rest of the Power dweebs. Nice to finally meet ya.

Then Tommy gets up from behind him.

Tommy: I don't think you recognize who you're messing with.

Rito: Hmmm....*turns toward him*......Really?

Adam: That's right. Times have changed since 20- something years ago, and yet we're still here. Still walking. Still breathing. Still fighting for what is right.

Rocky: If you and your sister honestly thought we were just gonna let you take over our world.....

Kimberly:.....You've underestimated the sake of humanity.

Rito: Rrrr....victory will be mine, Power Rangers!

He launched a massive attack, and it caused a explosion where they were, but Jason ends up running through the explosion and charges at Rito. Despite the fact that Jason was weakened thanks to the energy rope, he wanted a dose of payback.

Unfortunately, he got a little bit ahead of himself as he let his guard down for a fraction of a second and Rito launched his infamous blaster lighting strike, shocking, frying and impaling Jason clean through as it sends him flying back.

All: JASON!!!

Rito then vanished as the Rangers went to Jason's aid and Tommy just stood there, staring at where Rito stood. Anger. Rage is ablaze. He knew Rito had done something that he was going to regret soon enough....

Soon back at the Command Center, when the rangers were in their normal state, they left Jason in the medical room with Billy and Alpha. Apparently, his battle scars were showing as he was actually bleeding out from one of his wounds.

Tommy: How's he doing?

Billy: It's tough to tell. Alpha says he suffered a concussion, some burns....and a gaping hole, if that wasn't already impossible to see. So far, his heart rate is normal, but he's bleeding out from his confrontation with Rito. I guess time will tell.

Alpha: If only Zack and Trini were here, we could use their help too.

Tommy: I guess time will time will tell on that.

Tommy left Jason in Billy and Alphas care and stood outside the command center to see Kimberly sitting near of one of the rocks. He eventually walked out to check on her and then tapped on her shoulder, which startled her.

Tommy: Hey.

Kimberly: Hmm?? Oh hey. How's Jason?

Tommy: Lets say he's not at 100%. But they're still working on him.

At that point, he sits down next to her and just stares off into space with her. But that's when he changes the topic.

Tommy: Umm.....You've been awfully quiet since we got back. And....we never had a chance to finish our talk.

Kimberly: The talk can wait.

Tommy: I've waited for 20 years. I'm done waiting. Professors can be picky at times, you know.

That made Kimberly chuckle.

Tommy: Trust me, I can tell you don't want to hold back anymore.

She then sighs heavily and turns towards him.

Kimberly: Tommy.....just--just look at us. I mean, we've worked together for a long time now hasn't really gotten easier since.

Tommy: So.....we used to do a lot of stuff together. I'm aware of that. But,'s our duty to---

Kimberly: That's not what I meant. It's hard enough having to worry about each other when we have to worry about everyone else. It catastrophic, in more ways then one. And the last thing I want is anyone paying the price for us doing the right thing. Especially if you consider what we used to be. And I don't know if it's gotten to you, but that letter--

Tommy: Don't bring it up, Kim. I can't afford that now. Look, Jason's not paying for anyone's mistakes, Kim. Neither is anyone else. I'm willing to take the chance to make sure of that. Look--

He then reached for her face, but she gasped and grabbed his hand.

Tommy: I'm not asking you to take me back. That's water under the bridge.

Kimberly: Then what do you want?

Tommy: *sighs* All of us. Together. I want all of us to go back to being THEM again. To the family we once was. Because as much as I love being around you guys and having friends, I enjoy being a Power Ranger just as much. And I definitely enjoyed having someone like you by my side.

Kimberly soon relaxed and loosed her grip on him. The statement that she had heard had only proved her point that sending Tommy that letter back then was the most difficult and THE worst thing she could've possibly done to him.

That's when Tommy touched her cheek as Kim did the same and looked at Tommy with small tears in her eyes, as the utter expression of Deja Vu boomed from within her. She then utters.....

Kimberly: I missed you.

Tommy: Missed you too.

And then, before either of them knew it, they pressed each other into a kiss. They both struggled for a little bit, but they sank in. Eventually, they pulled away.....breathing heavily.

Tommy: I don't think we should be doing this.

Kimberly: What's stopping us, then?

The randomness of the statement insured a laugh from the two of them as they pressed on to yet another kiss.

Yet the entire time, Adam and Rocky were watching the entire conversation from the entranceway, as they smirked and crossed their arms.

Rocky: Well, it's about time.

Adam: Hey, did you always know?

Rocky: Yeah, I knew it'd be them together. To me, him and Kat didn't get that match.

Adam: Glad he didn't find that out.

Meanwhile back inside.....Alpha once again, was checking something on Jason until he caught something....VERY critical.

Alpha: Ayiayiayi! Billy, come in! Need assistance!

Billy rushed into the medical room as soon as he heard him and asked him.....

Billy: What'd you find?

Alpha: Take a look at these readings.

He takes a deep look at what Alpha had.....and he's not very happy about it, either. It meant bad news for both them and Jason, in particular.

Billy: Oh man.....this looks serious. What'd we do?

Alpha: He's been unstable ever since I've went over him, so it's safe to say that Jason will need to require a blood transfusion, if he's to survive. But.... Billy: But.....what?

He was silent.

Billy: Come on, Alpha. you're scaring me.

Alpha: Jason acquires a live donating transfusion.

Billy: What?! Then that means....*Sighs* Alright, then use me.

Jason: *Grabs his arm* No, Billy. G--get the others....please. I need to talk to them.

They both looked at him, not knowing what to say. Eventually, Billy just listens as he heads out.

Billy: Guys!

Jason laid back on the bed, with an blank look on his face as he coughs and gasps for air as he looks at the blood from his wounds.

Alpha: Jason--I....I'm sorry about this. If there was another way t- Jason: You're not to blame, Alpha. Besides, I always wondered whether or not if I was ready to give all this up. You know, be normal, get a job.....maybe raise a family......*chuckles*.....Oh, the life that might've been.....

Alpha: Umm....are you willing to take this risk?

Jason just looked over and nodded slowly. Alpha said nothing else after that.

Eventually, Billy brought them all into the room and they let Jason speak.

Jason: Guys...there's--*grunts*...something I need to tell you......And you're not gonna like it. I....

Aisha: Yeah?

Tommy: Hmmm?

Jason: Before I jump to anything....I just want to was an honor being a Ranger....a leader, fighting the forces of evil....and I want you all to know....y'all are my best friends.

Aisha: Oh, Jason. That's very sweet. You know, we all feel the same way.

Adam: But why are you talking like that, man?

Jason: Because...*coughs* Rita, Rito, Zedd....they gave me more than I thought....I....I don't have long.....

Everyone: What?!

Jason: I--I'm....dying. They've killed me, guys.

Kimberly: No, Jason....Don't say that!

Tommy: Listen to me, buddy. I know you. This isn't the end, ok? You're gonna make it through.

Jason: Not without costing any of your lives. I'd rather go than have any of you sacrifice yourself and jeopardize our future.

Rocky: If that's the case, then let me transfer with you.....Besides, you were a better Red Ranger than me. You were THE best.

Jason: Nah, Rock. *chuckles* I'm old generation.

Tommy: Well, so am I. And I'm still here. Still kicking butt. Still leading my team in the right direction, man. The student had become the master.

Jason: *chuckles and gasps for air* been like a brother to me since the very beginning.....

Tommy: Same as you to me.

Jason: And I know.....that despite all you and Kim have been through, y'all....are gonna have a great.....future together.

Both Tommy and Kim look at each other when he said that.

Tommy: And you deserve much of the same.

Jason: Trust me.....It was always worth while.... *Gasps* I'll never.... *Coughs* forget you all....Don't forget me......Uhhh....

Hours continued to pass as hope for Jason's survival diminished with each passing moment. Pretty soon, it was early next morning, and while the others were outside the command center anticipating the news to come, Tommy was still in the medical room, looking over his friend.

He looked down over him as he watched Jason kept breathing slower and slower with each passing breath. At the last minute, he made a decision. Tommy grabbed Alphas arm and said....

Tommy: Where's the kit?

Alpha: What kit?

Tommy: Alpha, come on. I'm serious.

Alpha: Tommy, you're not seriously--

Tommy: It's not too late. I'm not letting him go out like this. Get me the kit! Hurry!

So without arguing any further, Alpha tosses him a medical kit with a bunch of materials needs for donating and transfusions and stuff like that. Tommy connected it to himself, but just when he was about to connect it to Jason......Jason took his final breath.....

.....and Tommy finally heard the flatline.

It was too late.

Jason Lee Scott was gone.

Tommy couldn't believe it. His ally, his best friend since '93, one of the absolute greatest Power Rangers of all time had just expired right in front of his eyes. He was so close to making that transfusion to save him, but he wasn't fast enough.

Tommy: Jason.....

Alpha: H-he's gone, Tommy.....

Drowning himself in sadness, but flustered in anger, he ripped off the transfusion equipment and handed it back to Alpha as he stormed out of the room.

Alpha: Uh--Tommy?

He didn't answer back. He just stood outside of the entranceway as the others noticed his presence.

Billy: Tommy? What happened in there?

Aisha: You ok?


Adam: Man, you're scaring us. Come on.

Rocky: I don't like this.

Kimberly: Tommy, please.....

Unwilling to keep the information under wraps, Tommy finally walked outside completely and had to break the news to everyone.

All he said was.....

Tommy: He's just been pronounced.

And that is when they knew.

Everyone either looked down or away upon knowing that one of their dearly beloved friends had just passed away in one of the most unconventional ways ever. Kimberly walked up to Tommy and hugged him tightly as she would before, knowing how much Jason had meant to them. Soon enough, the others joined in as it became a group hug.

They might've been upset, but of course, Tommy, understandably, was the one most upset. So upset that he actually broke off the hug and went off.

Adam: What the--

Rocky: Hold up, where you going?

Tommy then stormed away from the Command Center and just zipped to his ranger color as he disappeared into the sky.

Aisha: WAIT! NO!

Kimberly: TOMMY!

The five members simply watched as Tommy's color aura disappears into the skies and they didn't bother following him.....for they understood his pain.

Aisha: Why it'd have to be him?

Billy: It should've been me.

Rocky: Wha--No. Billy, he was a better leader then I could've been. I should've gone.

Kimberly: Jason wouldn't want that for either of you and Tommy's grieving about it more than we are. He and Jason were close for awhile and now.....he just needs space.

Adam: Even from you?

Kimberly: Even from....?? What the hell is that suppose to mean anyway?

Adam: What do you think it means?

Kimberly: I've got nothing to say. This isn't about us. It's about Jason.....*looks back up to the skies*.....and surely, Zedd will see the error of his ways.

Billy: I just hope Tommy will be ok.

Later at Tommy's apartment, he reappeared in his main room as he suddenly felt a striking pain in his abdomen. He quickly rolled up his shirt and saw lots and lots of cuts and holes. A cut later, he was using stitches and bandages to aid whatever injuries he suffered in his battle with Rito.

As soon as he was about to doze off to bed, he heard a knock on the door. He didn't want to answer it, cause he was exhausted, but he still got up and answered. Who was it in the other side?


Rocky: Hey, man. I know you needed some time to cool off after what happened, but I--

Tommy: No worries. I wouldn't mind some company.

Rocky: Well....*looks down at him*....let me help you finish up with your injuries.

Eventually, they sat down and Rocky slowly went over and re-patches the injuries he sustained.

Rocky: Feeling any better, man?

Tommy: What the hell do you think, Rock? He took Jason from us....and I was.....

Rocky: I understand, Tommy. But Jason wouldn't want you to get yourself killed out of revenge. Besides, you're not supposed to start a battle unless they force you to.

Tommy: I know and I'm sorry. It's just the fact that even though I have you guys, I've STILL been on my own for awhile.

Rocky:....Same here, man.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep

Rocky got up and answered his communicator as Tommy laid on the couch.

Rocky: Zordon. Tommy's ok. But he's not up to move yet. I don't think he'll be able to get out there again 'till he heals.

Zordan: Understood, Rocky. Keep us posted.

He looked at Tommy lying on the couch, looking fragile and concerned.

Meanwhile, Adam was home trying to explain to his son his disappearance, although he had trouble trying to hide it.

John: Dad, what's going on?

Adam: Not a big deal, John. I just decided to take a break after the earthquake hit. I needed to take my mind off of it.

John: That normally isn't like you. Besides, the last time I saw you like that was when Mom left.

Adam: *sighs*.....I know.

John: So where'd you go?

Adam: *Sighs* Let's just say.....there's another reason why your mom left.

John: I'm listening.....

Meanwhile in Billy's lab, Aisha hung up on Zordan too.

Aisha: Alright.....Zordon heard from Rocky that He's ok.

Billy: I hope he is, really. Cause I wouldn't be really.

Aisha: Couldn't there be another way to save Jason?

Billy: Alpha said there was one, but....he needed a live donating transfusion. I offered he take mine as did Rocky but....Jason didn't want us to.

Aisha: He's been always stubborn that way.

Billy: Well, when this nightmare's over, we'll have to make some funeral arrangements and we'll have to find a way to contact Zach and Trini and....

Aisha: Billy?

Billy: What?

She pointed up and saw the moon was eclipsing

Aisha: I take it, you know what that means?

Billy: No....I forgot.....

Aisha then turned around and looked at the Zeo crystal.

She walked towards the crystal and took a good look at it as it started to glow.

Aisha: This must mean something.

All of a sudden, the crystal started to shake and flew right out of Aisha's hand.

Adam and John, from their house, saw the eclipse as well, and it had struck Adam had him strucked with fear.

Rocky saw it too from his car in a traffic jam and as did Tommy at his apartment while staring up at it.

At the palace.....the Zeo crystal continued to fly at high speeds and zipped right passed Rito and Lord Zedd as Rita caught it with her hand, but just barely. Then she smirked.

Rita: My dear brother, you have out done yourself this time. Your eclipse will send those power pests the message of what's next to come.....*holds up the crystal* And this....will be the next step to a new glorious future for us.

Rito: It's a pleasure to help family, sister. And an honor to be under your name, Zedd.

Lord Zedd: You've proven your loyalty to me many times, Rito. With Goldar gone, I will need a new right hand man.

Rito: Honored. Now let's discuss the deal. Shall we?

Lord Zedd: *Sits on his thrown* Very well.

Rito: I request for Dulcea......

Zedd looked at him and stayed silent for a brief moment.

Zedd: Of course....that.....traitor.

Rito: Unfinished business, I see. Well, how bout this? All I need is a few minutes with that girl. You bring her to me, and I'll work something out.

Zedd: Give me Tommy. We'll call it even.

Rito: Good.

Rito teleported Zedd got started on his plan. He walked off oh his throne and methodically went to the floor below, where he had unveiled a machine that was build in the putties spare time (Impressive) and this was supposed to drain most of the crystals energy and displace it in an obelisk figure on top of the machine. It just needed the right type of Charge to work.

So without wasting any precious time, he simply places the crystal into the top slot of the machine and with Rita by his side, they both shot their scepters at the machine and with each became more and more and MORE powerful.

Both (Zedd, Rita): By the power of force and lighting, make our army grow!

The combined energy shoots out of the crystal and in doing so, it opens up......


.....another portal. As it starts to get bigger and increase in size.....we cut to a black screen.

Then the next day, as the screen clears up, we cut back to Tommy's apartment, where he woke up from the couch (he didn't sleep in his bed well) to smell something cooking. Odd. He didn't recall leaving the stove on yesterday. He never even touched it. baffled him. Eventually, he walks into his kitchen and rubs his eyes together, despite the fact that he had plenty of rest the day before. But that is when he saw Kimberly by the fire, with the stove on and cooking him breakfast.

Tommy: Kimberly?

Kimberly: Morning. How do you like your eggs?

Tommy: H-how'd you get in?

Kimberly: Funny you mentioned that. Rocky said he came to check on you last night. And uh.....I don't know if you noticed, but you left the door open.

He then turns around and notices; it's creaked open only a little bit.

Tommy: Well, I'm used to having company. Being a Professor and all.....staying up late.....being alone......

He was starting to get off of his point only by a little bit, but he brought himself back.

Kimberly: That bad? I don't blame you. Felt the same way once we parted. I still don't know how I even got over it.

Tommy: Sometimes, its hard for me to believe that.

Kimberly: Well, believe it. Again....your eggs?

Tommy: Scrambled.....But still, you didn't need to do this. I'm in need of more rest, anyways.

Kimberly: You've rested well enough already. Besides, I wanted to repay you....the only way that I could've.

Tommy: Trust me, I've would have done so anyways.......and I can tell you've building up for a while now. So, can please we just sit down and talk about this like the old times?

Upon hearing the statement, Kimberly sighs, put the spoon on the pan, went over to Tommy and sat down in front of him. She was caught in the moment now. The first love of her life, sitting in front of her just like the good ol' days. For so long, she tried to hide it. But now, there was no escape. She just had to let loose.

Kimberly: I can see we're in a bit of jam at the moment.....*sighs* it's about time I tell you.

Tommy: What do you mean? Tell me what?

Kim then looks up at him and says.....

Kimberly: The REAL reason why I had left the team.

Tommy: Katherine?

Kimberly: No. At least....she wasn't the main reason. She may have been my replacement, but.....that's not it.

Tommy: Then what?

Kimberly: Do you remember during our battle with Ivan Ooze?

Tommy: All the time.

Kimberly: Well....back then, even when I was helping out, I felt like I wasn't holding my own as much as I should've. When that giant skeleton attacked me, that stoned thing chased me up rocky hill and when Ivan trapped me into the field net lock.... I just felt I was in the whole damsel in distress thing.

Tommy: We were part of a team. We all couldn't hold our own. That's why Zordon appointed us to work together.

Kimberly: I know. And you've saved my life, as well as the others, countless times and I'm very grateful to you, really.'s not the point.

Tommy: Then, what is?

Kimberly: The point is.....I--I--

At that point, she got stuck. The fear and anxiety came rushing back as her hands had begun shaking. Kimberly DESPERATELY wanted to get the answer out, but she just couldn't. She cared about Tommy enough that she doesn't want to lose him, but at the same time, it was too much.

Tommy: Kim?

Kimberly: *sighs* I'm sorry.

Kimberly got up and rushed into the bathroom as she slammed the door behind her. She then turned on her watch and contacted Aisha.

Kimberly: Aisha.

Aisha: Yeah?

Kimberly: I can't tell him.....I-it's....I don't want to make things more complicated for him.

Aisha: You won't. The worse thing that could happen is--

Kimberly: Don't. Just tell me what I can do.

Aisha: Kimberly, when you left, I can tell that he was going crazy for you. He missed you, like everyday. That's the one thing I believe you got out of him that Katherine really couldn't. I know he can handle the truth.

Kimberly: But....

Suddenly, all the watches beeped from their different locations.

Zordan: Rangers. Please teleport to the command center immediately.

Kimberly: We're on our way. *thinking to herself* Dammit.

But outside, Rito caused another attack upon the city unleashing two giant mutating dinosaurs. And he was definitely enjoying himself. People began to run in terror as Zedd and Rita kept using the Zeo crystal to keep powering the machine to keep the portal in the sky.

Lord Zedd: At last, the world will kneel before my power! Hahahaha!!!

The other four were watching the portal and that sick feeling came back again.

Billy: Th-that's it. That's what the crystal was needed for. The glowing represented a powerful energy source sustained within the crystal. I didn't know what it was needed for, but I had hoped to stabilize it.

Aisha: Son of a--So now that it's not controlled, that means as long as the crystal is intact, all hell breaks loose.

Rocky: Oh god....we're practically fish in a barrel down here.

Zordon: Rangers, Rito has just launched another attack on Angel Grove. Two mutating monsters are destroying the city as we speak.

Tommy: I think you guys know what that means. Megazord time?

Aisha: Oh yeah....

Billy: Let's do it!


Thunder clashes







They soon transported to the city and saw the mess Rito's monsters have caused. It gave them another familiar sense of Deja Vu.....which was definitely something that they had not wanted to experience again. Each visual of crushed pavement, out of place debris and environmental road hazards......wasn't pretty to look at it

Tommy: Jesus! Look at this mess!

Rocky: This is definitely Rito's handy work. No question.

Kimberly: Guys.....look.

She points up to her left and the Rangers see the giant portal that they saw from the viewing globe.

Kimberly: As if I didn't have enough headaches.

Billy: That's where all these monsters are coming out of. It's probably what Zedd had in store for the Zeo crystal.

Tommy: So, I'm guessing that means we'll have to destroy the crystal if we're to shut down the portal.

Adam: As well as all this chaos.

Billy: Yes, but there's a catch. Well.....there's always a catch.

But then......


Adam: Woah.....

Tommy: Nobody move.....

It stayed silent for a brief period as the Rangers cautiously turned heads to and away from each other, observing the area. But then, it happens again.


Aisha: Wait! What the hell was that?

Billy: I think we're about to find out. Over here!

They all looked out in front of them and saw one of Ritos creatures coming towards them. None of them were intimidated by its size or what it looked like.

Kimberly: Oh god.....And I thought Ivan's machines were ugly.

Adam: Godzilla rip-off.

They then hear another stomp as they turn around and see the other one.

Aisha: There's the other one!

Rocky: Guys don't know when to throw in the towel.

At that point, both monsters growled fearlessly and roared loudly, causing a shockwave of its own. But once barely fazes our heroes.

Kimberly: Can't stay here for long, you know.

Tommy: Then let's do it, guys.


Thunder clashes







They got a power and a force that you never seen before!

They got the ability to morph to even UP the score!

They saw all of their zords making their way, and they jumped up inside (just like old times)

Tommy: Oh-yaaa! Alright, everyone alright?

Rocky: Check

Billy: Check

Aisha: Check

Adam: Check

Kimberly: I'm all in. Let's finish this.

As the zords made their way to the battlefield, citizens couldn't help but watch everything unfold. And the news was catching all of it.

No one can ever take them down! Reporter: Breaking news; just updated! We're live in the heart of the city where we have witnessed two gargantuan monsters unleashing horrific destruction on this fair city! But there is still hope. In what seems like an eternity, our old heroes, the Power Rangers have returned to put a end to the mayhem! Get a close visual on the fight, Jerry!

The power lies on their side ide ide ide ide ide ide!

Rocky: Red Dragon, warrior mode!

Tommy: Tiger Zord, warrior mode, NOW!

The white tiger and red dragon zords converted into their Warrior modes and stood against Rito's creatures.

Rito: Destroy them, my pretties! Make Daddy proud!

The monsters charged, but they were quickly outmatched by the newly upgraded Tiger Zord and Red Dragon Zord.

Apparently, the control scheme for the zords has been altered. So now they can control them in live action motion capture (kinda like the Kinect).

Rocky: Woah, this feels kinda funky, doesn't it?

Tommy: No kidding. But all in a days work.

They continued to hold their own until the Red dragon zord was caught in one of the monsters.

Luckily, the firebird got him off by blasting the monsters off of him, momentarily.

Rocky: Thanks, Kim.

Kimberly: Should we form?

Tommy: Not yet. Billy? You think you can track Zedd for me? I have a score to settle.

Billy: No problem. Aisha and Adam are looking for Zedd now as we speak.

Tommy nodded from inside his zord and as he looked up, something caught his attention, as well as the other members. Out of the sky, a white-ish grey owl appeared and flew down behind and around Rito.

Rocky: Wait. Guys, you might wanna have a look at this.

So each of the Rangers from their different locations, saw different images of the owl and then realized....something familiar about it.

Kimberly: No way.

Adam: Is that?

Billy: I think it is.....

All of a sudden, pixie dust surrounded the owl and then there was this flash of light completely blinding both Rito and the Rangers.....

As soon as the flash of light dimmed out, the Rangers looked back up and saw a familiar face. But as for Rito, he saw exactly the person he was looking for.....The one, the only.....

Dulcea (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick)


Rito: Dulcea.

Dulcea: Rito Revolto.

Rito: You cannot imagine how long I have craved for this moment. But, very foolish for you to come here. Leaving Fatos causes you to deteriorate faster.

Dulcea: I found a way to sustain my life force long enough for me to stop all of you. My regards to Zordon.

She took a quick glimpse over at the Rangers and smiled. As for them, they found it hard to believe that she knew they were in need. It was like she always knew.

Then she turned back around to Rito.

Dulcea: Enough is enough. It's time you and your sister finally answered for your crimes.

Rito: Not before YOU answer for your treachery!

They banged their staffs on to one another and it became a hardcore battle.

Aisha: Should we go over to help her?

Tommy: Just in case.

Billy: Alright, we moving.

As the other zords went along to accompany Dulcea, Rocky and Tommy stayed with the other monster atrocities. They dealt out as much damage as they could possibly muster, yet these monsters were relentless.

Rocky: C'mon. C'mon, go down already.

They held their own as much as they could, but Lord Zedd's portal opened wider and dark figures flew out of it shrieking. They landed and started terrorizing civilians, wreaking property in just the worst of places. Unfortunately, they detected the Rangers presence and lunges at their zords, like a pack of zombies.

Tommy: Heads up, team! We got more incoming!

Rocky: We got a DOCK full of incoming!

The demons piled up at Tommy and Rocky's zords and it got to the point where the sheer number of demons on their zords, blinded them as they couldn't see anything.

Rocky: AHH! GET OFF OF ME!!!

That gave the mutant dinosaurs enough time to attack, knocking them both back through buildings and the others saw it.

Kimberly: TOMMY!!!!

Adam: ROCKY?!!

Tommy had difficulty getting back up, but just when the monsters had him where he wanted him, Tommy's zord blasted them in the head and they laid dead......And then they explode.

Rocky: You ok?

Tommy: Yeah, man.

They both grab each other and help each other up. Tommy then looks up at the portal and turns to Rocky.

Tommy: I got unfinished business, man. You and the others, help Dulcea and take care of Rito. I've got Zedd.

Rocky: You sure, man?

Tommy: I need to stop the portal or else hundreds more will die. After what I've done in our life, it's safe to say this is left up to me.

Rocky: Right....right, then.....*to the others*......You heard the man, let's finish this.


They went their usual sequence and the megazord all together......went pretty smoothly. And pretty soon, The Thunder Megazord was armed and ready!!

Billy: Alright, guys! Just like the old days!

Aisha: Let's shred these suckers!

Rangers: RIGHT!

The Megazord clashed alongside Dulcea as they continued the fight with Rito. Meanwhile, Zedd looked down upon the battlefield and scoffed silently. In his mind, the Rangers still had no chance.

Lord Zedd: Those Power Rangers think they can still defy me?! Sadly mistaken. Rita, go help your brother. I've got a score to settle myself!

Rita: On to it, Zeddy!

She vanished, then Zedd aimed and blasted his staff at the Megazord. It puts it off guard just long enough for Rita to appear and take a shot it, knocking it down.

Adam: Ugh!! What's going??

Aisha: It's Zedd! He's trying to slow us down!

Tommy: Not happening! Saba, take the controls, put the Tiger Zord on Autopilot and bring it back to base. It's time to end this!

Kimberly, from where she was, had a good idea in what he was planning to do, but there was no stopping him. All she could say to him was......

Kimberly: Tommy, be careful.

Tommy: I got it covered. *Jumps out* Yaaaaa!!!!

He then fades into his Ranger color and eventually he lands where Zedd is, behind him. Tommy couldn't trust himself to look Zedd in the eye and let him go willingly after what he had done to Jason. He just couldn't. Deep down, he can already envision himself with his hands around his neck and his face turning blue. At this point, forgiveness no longer existed. All that matter was redemption.

Tommy: Zedd.....I challenge you.

Lord Zedd: Welcome, White Ranger! I believe you and I have some unfinished business.

Tommy: Damn right, we do! This time to the finish!

Lord Zedd then pulls out staff and methodically points it towards Tommy, as if it's supposed to give him some demeaning message. It did little to intimidate Tommy. It only prompted him to get into fighting position and stare at Zedd dead in the eye.

Tommy: *to himself* This is for you, Jason......

He yells and charges at Zedd and tries to get some offense in. But since Zedds power had increased dramatically thanks to Rito, he barely squniched or had to move a muscle to get Tommy off his guard. And once Tommy was in the middle of a combo, Zedd broke it off and blasted him out to the balcony and then kicked his head in, causing his helmet to crack and shatter.

Lord Zedd laughs maniacally as he stepped back inside and observed the Power Rangers defenseless leader. Tommy then quickly turned around towards him and ushered.....

Tommy: *breathing heavily* You've failed before. This time won't be any different.

Lord Zedd: Oh really? *chuckles* Here lies the heroic Tommy. *Points his staff at him* The zero to the Power Rangers! The once acclaimed leader who once used to be one of us. Your overconfidence has always been your downfall. You couldn't last more then a few seconds with me. Yet, what hope do you have to stop me?

Tommy just unclips his helmet, takes it off and cracks his neck.

Tommy: The drastic way.

This was a bold move from him to make. It's been a long time since he done in the suit, but with the fate of the world and their town in the balance, desperate times call for desperate measures (as Aisha once said.) All of a sudden, he closes his eyes and then pulls out.....his green ranger coin.

(You know what that means)

Lord Zded: What?? Your green ranger coin? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!! The candle--Y-You lost all your power to it, remember?!

Tommy: I remember. But I'll take my chances.....because this isn't your power anymore. It's my curse and I'm taking it back......with only ONE precaution.

Lord Zedd: Why you--

Tommy pulls out his old Green Ranger morpher, which was broken. He then places the Green Dragonzord coin into the slot of the morpher and then grips it.

Tommy: It's morphin' time.....DRAGONZORD!!!!

An immediate flash of green light blinds the whole room. And when it tones down, it shows Tommy in a new version of his green ranger suit.....and then he pulls out his old Ranger sword and stares down Zedd, who looked pissed off.

Tommy: Welcome to my nightmare.....

Zedd: Why you---We'll see who's nightmare we're in!

Tommy and Zedd charged at each other and began clashing, staff and sword.

Tommy: Turn it off, Zedd or I'll destroy it!

Zedd: No chance, Green Ranger! There's no stopping it. There is only...the war!

Tommy: So be it.

The two rivals clashed on as did the Megazord and Dulcea. She used her whistling sticks to momentarily "kill" Ritos ears long enough for the Megazord to commence its classic sword strike to knock him back.

Both Dulcea and the Megazord stood over Rito and it looked like for a split second that victory once again belonged to our heroes. But then, Rita appeared behind Dulcea and zapped her.

Dulcea: AAAAH!!!

Rangers: DULCEA!!!

Distracted, Rito looked back up and blasted at them, propelling them back and knocking them down altogether. He eventually stood up and eyed at his sister.

Rito: Well, done sister. Now let's finish those power rats!

He called another one of his creatures down and by a few seconds, it had the Megazord pinned down as another one kept bashing on it.

Adam: Ahh! No good! They're too strong!

Kimberly: There's got to be a way!

Billy: There's only one way at this point. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

He made his way to the front of the zord and used his Power crystal to override the controls and shut the Megazord off completely. And the others were sure about this cause all the lights had went off.

Rocky: The hell? Billy.....

Kimberly: What'd you doing?!

Billy: Taking care of's what has to be done!

Billy hits the self destruct button and the alarm goes off as the light flashes through the entire cockpit.

Computer: Megazord proned to detonate in T-minus 10 seconds.


Kimberly: Go, go, go, go!

So, in slow motion, the Rangers quickly evacuated the Zord, and when it blows up, it takes the monsters along with it.

Rito barely gets caught in the explosion, but escapes it completely unscathed and without any injuries.

The Rangers made it down to the ground in time and caught themselves and they soon look over at the carnage that the monsters and the the Megazords destruction had wrought.

Rocky: Ahh, man. That sucks. We just got those.

Kimberly: Things don't last forever, Rock.

Rocky: But some things do, right?

Once again, it didn't take a rocket scientist to have Kimberly understand what Rocky meant by that. Once again, she looked down and then looked back up towards the portal as it starts spiking again. And all of a sudden, more creatures and putties came out of the portal and surrounded the Rangers.

Their first instinct was to go straight at them. And for the first minute and a half, it worked. But after that, the numbers game got the best of them and it pushed them back further and further until they got surrounded.

Adam: Son of a--

Kimberly: Back to back!

The Rangers immediately put their backs against each other as the camera revolves around them and the monsters crowed onto them like a Wolfpack. The civilians were hiding earlier couldn't help but crawl out of cover to see what was happening. Even John, who was also in the crowd, pulled out his phone to record footage of the entire thing.

John: Oh my god....

Fred: Wait, lemme see.

He lets Fred take his phone and he, too, sees what's happening.

It was clear that the gang was clearly outnumbered, but to them that didn't matter anymore. They've been in far worse then this, and they were determined to get through.

Aisha: Hey.....y'all thinking what I'm thinking?

Adam: I think I got an idea.....

Billy: One shot....

Kimberly: One kill....

Rocky: Alright, then......LET'S BRING 'EM TOGETHER!!!

Adam: Power Axe!

Kimberly: Power Bow!

Aisha: Power Daggers!

Billy: Power Lance!

Rocky: Power Sword!

They formed their classic weapons powered crossbow and then carefully aimed at the huge preponderance of monsters trudging their way as the audience once again looked onwards.

Adam: Got them all locked on?

Billy: So far, so good.

Aisha: Lets put the screws into these motherf--

Both (Rocky, Kimberly): FIRE!

They quickly fired their powered crossbow as they went annihilating the puddies and demons one by one until ALL OF THEM were completely gone. Eventually, the main five lowered the weapon as the crowd cheered and looked on. But then....

Rita: Nice job, Rangers! But, fat chance of beating us that easily!!

Rito held up the injured Dulcea as the Rangers once again picked up the crossbow, tempted to aim at either Rito or Rita.

Kimberly: Let her go!

Rita: Fat chance. I'd be more tempted to squash her after I do the same to you runts. But I'll take this time to explain.

Rito: First, surrender your weapons to us!! Then, kneel before my dear sister as your new empress.

Rocky: KNEEL before her?! Not a chance in hell, you wicked son of a b--

Billy: Rocky! We can't risk Dulcea's life....or theirs.

The Rangers looked at each other with great concern and then took a good look at the civilians looking onwards and then Dulcea.

Dulcea: No worries, Rangers. I wouldn't have come to your support if I knew I'd go out trying.

That statement evidently made all the Rangers separate and let go of their weapons. The weight of each individual weapon dropped felt like mac truck crashing into another over and over and over again. It's as if they had messed up, but in reality, it's as if they had failed.

Rito: Now.....on your knees.

Rita: Kneel.

Billy: *to himself* Asshole.

Adam: *to himself* Why you....

Once again, the main five complied and dropped down to their knees. The cool air breezes by them all as they just sat there and bend over for Rita. But deep inside of her head, Kimberly kept ushering out.....

Kimberly: *thinking* Tommy......we need you.......

Back with Tommy and Zedd, Tommy was still holding his own against Zedd because for some reason, the fight was now evenly matched. It turned into a slug fest as the two kept shrugging Punch after punch after kick after kick until Zedd threw his staff at Tommy. But he gets out of the way and took a page of Jasons playbook as he did the Dragon kick, shattering Zedds armor as he fell back, knocking his throne over.

Tommy: Game. OVER.

Zedd, unfortunately wasn't done yet. He had one more trick up his sleeve. As he got himself back up, he stares at a container on his left behind him and just chuckled as he stepped forward.

Lord Zedd: Hahahaha....for you, it is!!

The dark lord purposely cracked and dropped the container the floor, as it released some of......Ivan Oozes left over.....ooze (that's right) and then, he stuffs his hand into it as the Ooze combined with him and came together.

Tommy: Sweet mother of God....

The ooze covered Zedd completely, forming into a new powerful enemy for the Rangers.....

Lord Zooze.....

(I will never be able to digest that)

Tommy: Is that all you got from me?

Zooze launched a combined lighting strike and it struck Tommy. It launches him out of the palace and onto the surface of the moon. (Remember, that's where Rita's palace is.....I think). Luckily, Tommy had his helmet on, so he didn't have to worry about suffocating from the air.

Zooze once again followed him down to the moons surface and just struck him back. And it became clear that Tommy was no match for this guy yet again. Just when Tommy was at his most vulnerable, Zooze launched another lighting strike attack. But luckily, Tommy blocked it with his sword and eventually due to the force of the blast, his helmet cracked even more. His sword then filled up with green energy and then, thinking wisely, he stepped forward a little bit and stuck his sword into the ground, causing a shockwave of fire and dosing Zooze in flames.

Tommy: You and me, Jason......Let's being it home.

He then punctured Zooze by throwing his sword into him as he struggles to pull it out. Tommy then takes a few backflips and then leaps up into the air to do the Ninjetta Corkscrew Kick one last time......and eventually he hits Zooze in the chest, impaling the speed further and knocking him all the way back into the palace, until he got stuck onto the wall.

And then Zooze slowly started to slip from the swords grasp as he dropped himself into the Zeo crystal, causing a chain reaction with the device that caused the portal to appear.

It started to spike excessively, and the whole thing explodes, destroying the palace and sending Tommy off of the moon, into the never ending vacuum of space.

Tommy gets all of these passing memories of his ranger days, his past as the evil Ranger and his relationship with Kimberly. But he eventually passes out.

He makes it through the portal just before it closes and he reappears into the sky. He eventually wakes up.

Tommy: Wha--huh?

He finally sees where he's at and realizes where he's going: straight through Rito.....if he can make it there.

Tommy: Two birds, one stone. Wouldn't have it any other way.

He somehow reverts back into his White Ranger armor and picks up his speed as he freefalls and when he reached terminal velocity, he goes straight through Rito from behind.


His sudden cry startled his sister and the Rangers as they saw a white light dim into the sky and they saw Tommy crash-land on the roof of Angel Grove High School (which was where they were). They all look back over at Rito as he holds his heart where it starts beating like a ticking bomb and he falls dead.

(Yep, no explosion)

Rita: No!!! Why you.....*turns to Tommy*.....I'LL SEE YOU TURNED TO ASH FOR THIS!!!

Rita fires her scepter at Tommy and even though he tries to get out of the way, the blast was too large and it ends up impaling him clean through as he flies back and crash lands into the water nearby. She then turns towards the other Rangers and reverts to her normal size as she confronts them with Dulcea still in her grasp. But Dulcea breaks free and stabs her with her whistling sticks (somehow) and it catches Rita off by surprise as she looks down.

Dulcea: Evil is not my cause.

Adam: Holy--now our chance!

Rocky: Hurry!

The main five quickly reassemble their power crossbow and on the countdown.....

Aisha: 5......

Adam: 4.....

Billy: 3.....

Rocky: 2.....

Kimberly: 1.....

All: FIRE!!!

They fire the crossbow as it releases a huge energy wave that heads straight for Rita and doesn't reduce its speed at least until it hits her.

When it does hit her, it takes its time doing damage. Rita tries walking forward to get to them. But eventually, the force was too much and it devours and obliterates Rita whole.

After seeing that nothing was left, the Rangers disassembled their weapons and put them away as Dulcea turns over to the Rangers and approaches.

Dulcea: Forgive me, Rangers. I was not be apart of this brawl.

Aisha: No worries, Dulcea. You still helped us in the end. That's all that matters.

Billy: You handled your own just as much as we did.

Dulcea: True.....although I wish I could say the same for your leader.

She then uses her hand to lift a fading and unconscious Tommy up from the water and carefully placed him onto the pavement in front of them. Fred and John, once again, watches from the crowd and sees the Green Ranger completely unconscious.

Fred: No, no, no, no....

Adam: It can't be....

Kimberly: TOMMY!!!!

Kim rushes over to Tommy as the crowd and the others watched onwards.

She lays him up on her lap and checks his pulse.....unfortunately, she couldn't find one. So with quick thinking, she unclipped her morpher from her suit, aims it at Tommy.....and uses it to restore and fix his wound. It slowly wrapped around Tommy for a few minutes and once his injury was healed, she placed him gently back down as puts her morpher down. She once again went for a pulse, hoping that did the trick. But once again, hope quickly turned to disarray as Kimberly STILL couldn't find a pulse on him. This left her completely heartbroken.

Kimberly:, no, no.....Tommy, please.......

She quickly looks back at the other Rangers and picks Tommy up. The Rangers just looked at each other in disarray and worry.

Aisha: Is he--?

Rocky: He can't be....

Billy: Unfortunately, that's what it looks like......

Adam: Damn it.....

Kimberly then takes a look over at Dulcea and nodded towards her. Dulcea then waves her sticks around and soon enough, all of them vanished into pixie dust as the crowd gasped in amazement and wondered what just happened to the heroes that once again saved their lives. But Fred.....he, somehow, decided to follow them.

We then see them reappear again at the construction zone where they first encountered Ivan Ooze. The construction zone is now abandoned and empty, which meant no danger of being exposed. All of the Rangers looked around as they recognized it immediately from their first confrontation with Ivan Ooze.

Billy: Memories.....

Aisha: Not very good ones....

Dulcea: Quiet. Kimberly hasn't a chance to mourn for her loss.

They all look over as Kimberly removes her helmet and tosses it down. She then removes Tommy's helmet from him and at long last, Kimberly reveals something that she kept hidden inside for a long time.

Kimberly: Tommy.....I....I....I promised I wouldn't be melancholy for this, but I'm not afraid anymore. I'm around here pretending to be O.K, but I'm not. I know that letter I sent you years ago tore you up. Trust me, I felt the same way, but I didn't want to make things more complicated then it had to. But now when I look back, I realize how stupid it was because......because there's not a second that goes by when I don't think about you. Even after we separated, I couldn't stop thinking about you because everyday was like, pitch black inside. Every time I heard your name, I wanted to run away. Every time I tried to breathe, it felt more like suffocation. It was the hardest decision I've ever had to make cause that feeling....the feeling took a grip on my soul and it rung me dry until I was nothing more then, literally, a vessel of my former self. It was hell. But it made me realize....something. *sniffles* That one day.....that ONE day.....when you shook Jason's hand and agreed to join us......THAT was the greatest moment I ever got to experience because I knew.....*sniffles*.....I KNEW, at that moment, that you would be it. I knew it would be you.

The other Rangers turned away or looked down in shame as Fred, somehow, finds the team and recognizes Kimberly and Tommy from the others.

Fred: No way.....

The rest of the crowd from earlier (not including Bulk & Skull) shows up and gasped to see their heroes, emotionally vulnerable for the first time. can't go and die on me....not when I'm starting--to get my point across.....*breathes heavily* ....I doesn't matter why I left anymore because the truth is I wasn't ready to tell you..... *Cries*.....that after all this time.....I STILL love you......and you are only one.

Finally.....Kimberly had mustered the strength to do what she tried her best not to since the beginning. But it was a lost cause. Her silence might've been broken, but at this rate, it didn't matter anymore. She then loses all control of herself and cried, leaning her head onto his chest as she closed her eyes. If he was going, she wanted to go with him.

But that's when Tommy slowly opens his eyes and looked around as he then slowly moved his hand and touched her face. It startled Kimberly as she backed up and realized that it wasn't over. He was still alive.

Tommy: Kimberly......20 years is a long time to hold that in. But I'm proud that you got it through.

Kimberly: You mean.....we're......

Tommy: Like I was always you that I loved, Beautiful.

She breathed heavily and chuckled they pulled each other for another passionate kiss as the sunset shined over them. The other Rangers and Dulcea smiled and chuckled in delight as well as the crowd from above.

But suddenly, a crash broke them off the kiss for Lord Zooze, who had survived the sword puncturing, for the ooze gave him the power to regenerate, was back for more.

Kimberly: Oh my god....what is that thing?!

Tommy: It's Zedd. He's changed. He had some of Ivan's ooze with him that he bonded with it.

Lord Zooze: That's right! I am no longer Lord Zedd nor Ivan Ooze! With this ultimate power that I have achieved, I am reborn as Lord Zooze! Hahahahahaha!! Now it's time to end this!

Tommy: And so it is.

He desperately stand up with a lot of effort, trying to even maintain his balance from the pervious fight. And the others could clearly see that if Tommy were to do this, he'd suffer the same fate as Jason.....which is NOT what they had in mind.

Rocky: Tommy?! What are you doing?!

Tommy: Putting an end to this.

Kimberly: Tommy, no! It's suicide! You're still injured from the fight....I mean.....I get it if it's about Jason, but you can't do this....not when we just....

Tommy: Don't count me out just yet.

He latched on and hugged her tightly, and possibly for the last time, latches his helmet back on and then stood to face Zooze, barely able to keep standing still as he limped over to him with his sword out. But fearing she would lose the man she loves, Kimberly had a crazy idea......she put her helmet back on, turned towards the others and said.......

Kimberly: Guys! Tommy needs our help. We must give him our powers. It's the only way we can end this.

Billy: But how do you know?

Dulcea: Remember.....For those who posses the great power, anything is possible.

Adam: Of course.....

Aisha: Genius! Hurry up!

The Rangers eventually agreed and nodded. They all joined hands together, closed their eyes and a beam of light bursts glimmers around them and then burst through Tommy, giving him their powers, healing his injuries and combined with both White and Green Ranger powers, it results into a shockwave, followed by the dust explosion.

Everyone covers up to look away from the explosion and once the dust settles, they see Tommy had been changed into something completely new......

The Legendary Ranger!!!

Aisha: Ha-ha!

Billy: YEA!

Lord Zooze: What?! NO!!

Zooze tried blasting him, but it barely slowed Tommy down. He finally went up to fight him, but Tommy shatters his armor with one kick and then beats him senseless to the point where he couldn't stand anymore.

Tommy: You're finished, Zooze! Goodbye!!

He took his out his newly golden sword and commences the classic 360 spin and did three slashes, critically blasting Zooze into oblivion. He turned around, put the sword back on his hip and then Zooze exploded.

After that, Tommy turned back to normal as Kimberly ran back to him and hugged him in joy.

As the crowd from above cheered on, (even John and Fred), Kimberly and Tommy turned towards them and waved at them and the other Rangers cheered as well.

Tommy: At long's over.

~3 months later~

We cut to outside of Tommy's apartment as it shows Tommy, packing and moving out, and he had some help from Kimberly and Alpha (uh-huh). Since he was real considerate with how much stuff he need to take with him, he definitely needed support.

He then helped Alpha up with a box (really heavy to place into the U-Haul van.

Tommy: Steady, steady.

Alpha: Getting closer--Ayiyiyiyiyi! Got it!

Eventually they got the box as well as some of his other stuff in the U-Haul van.

Alpha: Whew.....

Kimberly: Thanks for helping out, Alpha.

Alpha: The least I can do. I know Zordon and I put you all in such a mess.

Tommy: No. Honestly, I was waiting for the LONGEST time to get back out there. I already took full responsibility for this job, but now that it's over and now that Jason's gone.....I don't know what now.

Alpha: I don't think anyone's gonna let that slide for a while.

Kimberly: True. At least, we'll still have each other. And if something like this happens again, we're gonna deal with it our way.

Tommy: With our team.

Kimberly: And in our future.

She holds out her left hand and it shows her engagement ring 💍 on her finger, which means that Tommy proposed and they'd be permanently together for real.

Tommy smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

Alpha: *Lifts a box* Ayiyiyiyiyi! I can't lift this darn box! Too heavy!

Tommy: Here, Alpha. Let me give you a hand.

Eventually, he helped him put the last box in the back of the U-Haul van as one of the drivers couldn't help but stare at Alpha. And he noticed.

Alpha: What? You've never seen this before? Shame.

All of a sudden, Rocky and Adam pulled up. And Adam brought John with him.

Rocky: Hey, it's the new power couple.

Kimberly: Rocky, come on. Easy.

Adam: It's just....We're just excited for you two.

Kimberly: Well, thanks.

Tommy: guys want to help me with this?

Both (Adam and Rocky): Sure.

Later, they were all packed up and in the moving van and Tommy one last look at it.

Kimberly: You ok?

Tommy: Yeah. Just gonna miss this place a bit.

Kimberly: Does it seem too hard for you?

Tommy: No. Cause I found something better.

They smiled and kiss and Adam took the wheel.

Adam: Alright, next stop.....*chuckles*.....John?

John: Florida?

Adam: Florida.

Rocky: Ok, let's hit it!

As the four of them took off shortly behind the U-Haul trucks, we see two people emerge from the alleyway to see it take off.

And who were these people?

Zack (Walter Emanuel Jones) and Trini (Becky G)

Zack: Wait, is that Tommy?

Trini took a good look at the License plate and realized.....

Trini: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. But where they goin'?

Zack: Don't know. But they'll be back. I know it. They will be back.....

Then that's when their beepers went off. They were puzzled at first, but eventually they knew who was calling them. They looked at each other and then Zach answered.

Zack: Zordon??

Zordon: Welcome back, Trini and Zach. The time has come to unite all Rangers for a new chapter. For a greater evil is soon to rise.

Trini and Zach just looked at each other again and smirked.

Trini: Consider it done.

Zack: Let's do it, then.

Then they teleport into their Ranger colors as they zip past the sky. But we cut out in space and then....

~Cut to credits~


  • Tommy
  • Kimberly
  • Sydney
  • Rocky
  • Aisha
  • Billy
  • Adam
  • Fred
  • Dulcea


  • Zedd/Zooze - Even when he combines with the ooze, he gets impaled twice, both with the sword and with the Zeo crystal.....and then he explodes. When that doesn't work, Tommy becomes the Legend Ranger and blows him to oblivion.
  • Jason - Weakned from the energy tight wire rope, he goes into battle and gets himself slashed. Eventually, he bleeds out.
  • Rito - After making it back to Earths atmosphere, Tommy plows through Rito and crash lands.
  • Rita - Stabbed by Dulcea
  • Goldar - After Tommy does his classic Corkscrew kick to him, he flys back into an area with a conveniently placed bomb there m. And then it explodes.


To the delight of many fans, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revisited did receive more positive reviews overall then the two movies before it did. It struggled to get in the top spot at the box office, but it still made a lot of money and was praised for the acting, directing, fight scenes and staying true to the spirit of Power Rangers all while, trying for a different approach all together. Review aggravator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 85% on the Tomatometer and its critical consensus reads, "With a bursting change of tone and scene, but still striving with familiarity and originality, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revisited gives old fans and new fans of the franchise a glimpse of some of their childhood heroes in all of their successful glory."

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Featured Songs

  • OneRepublic - I Lived
  • M. M. P. R Movie Theme (1995 Verison)
  • twentyonepilots - Stressed Out
  • My Darkest Days - Can't Forget You


  • Power Rangers: Edge Of Time (Coming soon......)


  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (1995 movie)
  • Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997 movie)