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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revelation of Thrax is an 2017 live action adventure film, the sequel to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revisited, which was the sequel to the 1995 and 1997 sequels: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" and "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" and is the FOURTH film adaptation of a Power Rangers film to date. Due to the overwhelming financial and economic suceess of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revisited, a sequel was offically announced almost immediately and was said to feature similar characters and set pieces from the previous movies and the original series. The film was released in the winter of 2017, it is directed by Bryan Singer, produced by Haim Saban and distributed by 20th Century Fox and Saban Films.

The cast consists of Jason David Frank, Glen Levy, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Carnadas, Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Walter Emanuel Jones, Becky G, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, James Napier Robertson, Kevin Duhaney, Jeffery Parazzo, Emma Lahana, Dakota Goyo.


The Power Rangers (Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Steve Cardenas, Johnny Yong Bosch, Karan Ashley) were victorious in their battle against Zedd and Rita. Unfortunately, the battle is far from over. Zedd and Rita's son, Thrax (Glen Levy) has returned for the purpose of finishing what they had started. And with the Sentinel Sword in his possession again, even with some assistance, the Rangers days might just be numbered here.....


  • Jason David Frank - Tommy Oliver/White Ranger/Legend Ranger
  • Glen Levy - Thrax
  • Amy Jo Johnson - Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger
  • David Yost - Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger
  • Johnny Yong Bosch -Adam Park/Black Ranger
  • Steve Cardenas - Rocky DeSantos/Red Ranger
  • Karan Ashley - Aisha Campbell/Yellow Ranger
  • Bryan Cranston - Zordon
  • Bill Hader - Alpha 5
  • Walter Jones - Zach Taylor/Original Black Ranger
  • Becky G - Trini Kwan/Original Yellow Ranger
  • Paul Schrier - Bulk
  • Jason Narvy - Skull
  • James Napier Robertson - Connor/ Red Tyranno Dino Ranger
  • Kevin Duhaney - Ethan James/Blue Tricera Dino Ranger
  • Jeffery Parazzo - Trent Mercer/White Draco Dino Ranger
  • Emma Lahana - Kira Ford/Yellow Ptra Dino Ranger
  • Dakota Goyo - John Park


This takes place outside of Earth as we see the moon revolving around it, and as the camera zooms in, it shows an image of ANOTHER space dumpster.

Only this time, no one was there to accidentally release it.

Instead, there was a banging noise from the inside of it and with each bang, its started to come loose.


Eventually, something busts out of the space dumpster and slowly crawls out and takes a good look around. It was none other then Thrax (who plays him); son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.

Thrax (Glen Levy): At long last, free. I. Am. FREE!

After getting a glimpse of the planet Earth, he immediately teleports and heads down there.

Upon landing, he had an instant burst of memory flash and almost immediately understands what happens prior, to his parents.

Thrax: GRRRRRR........ARRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! This wretched planet has cost us dearly! They should have accepted their destiny instead of relying on the Power Rangers to save them. Well, now it ends. For I am Thrax! Son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd! And I shall insure their vision to bring destruction to the Power Rangers!

As his voice echoed from the woods all the way back to the Command Center, Zordon appeared in his time warp, for he can feel his presence.

Zordon: Alpha. My sensors tell me that Thrax has escaped and is here on Earth now.

Alpha: Ayiayiayiayi! Should I call in the Rangers?

Zordon: Not yet. We don't know what he has planned. We must proceed with caution and extreme prejudice. The Rangers must know what they will soon face.

Alpha: Understood, Zordon. I believe it's time to rebuild their new zords.

Zordon: Agreed. Prepare to enter the hidden Chamber.

Zordon vanishes as Alpha presses a button where a small back door opens with light shinning and Alpha walks in......

~Title Sequence~

It cuts to the typical alleyway as a husband, wife and young son were just taking a short-cut to their car parked on the other side of the theaters.

(Sound familiar?)

All of a sudden, four thugs surrounded the entrance/exit to the alleyway and quickly ganged up on the three. One of them grabbed the wife as the other two knocked out the husband and kept assaulting him.

Thug #1: Hand us your money or you'll be wearing his brains on your coat!

She didn't know what to do other then hold her son close, but then.....

Voice (Overhead): Hey!

Thugs 2 and 4 heard the voice and looked up to see another person perched on the rooftop (Like Batman, but it wasn't)

Voice (Overhead): If you know what's best for you, I'd let 'em go now.

Thug 2: Yeah, right?

Thug 4: On who's authority?

All of a sudden, that person leaps down from each building until he landed, and made a huge color, of course.

And then one of the thugs holding the wife, shined his flashlight at it and he finds.....

Tommy (Jason David Frank): On your own authority.

And he wasn't alone.

Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) steps forward beside Tommy with her crossed arms, staring at the thugs

Kimberly: If I were you, I'd turn around and walk away from this, before something ugly happens.

Thug # 2: Oh yeah sweetheart? Why's that?

Tommy: Guess we'll have to show you. *Jumps* Yaaaa!!

Tommy was the first to fight the thugs, the Kimberly joined in. But Since the thugs had, like, no class, they both outmatched them easily.

Wife: What brave young people.

Tommy held one thug to the wall as another one grabbed him from behind. But he head butts him, runs on the nearby wall and throws him into the beam support.

Meanwhile, Kim was dodging and blocking with her bow (homemade bow) more then attacking. But when Thug 4 did let his guard down, Kim knees him and attempts a headscissor that knocks him down.

Kimberly: See ya next fall!

Pretty soon, Tommy picks up the knocked out Dad and wales him up and led him to his wife. Then he turns around and sees one thug left.

Tommy: I'll let you take this one, Kim.

Kimberly: Aww, thanks.

Last Thug: You're in for it now sweet cheeks.

Kimberly does a handstand back flip and swings a kick, but he blocks it. She spins around him, stands in her feet and then swats him away with a roundhouse.

Tommy: You all ok?

Man: We you all our lives. That was a brave thing.

Boy: Yeah! You guys are just like the Power Rangers!

Kimberly: *chuckles* No, kid. The Power Rangers are better at what they do. *Winks*

The family insisted and tried to reward them, but both of them politely refused.

Later, back at Tommy and Kimberly's new apartment, they both had dinner together.

Kimberly: You remember that time when it was like....we were fighting ourselves....but really it wasn't us?

Tommy: Oh yeah....that was just like fighting in the mirror. You can't fight who you already are.

Kimberly: And to think.....takes a sip.....I used to like mirrors.

Tommy: You haven't gotten rid of that one, right?

Kimberly: chuckles Tommy, stop.

Silence invaded the room as they both just stare at each other. Then Kimberly gets up from her seat, crawls on the table and kisses Tommy. Tommy couldn't help but to kiss her back and held her up. They didn't care about the things they knocked over as it didn't matter. Then Kimberly crawled on his lap, still kissing him as he stood up, carrying her with her legs wrapped around his waist. And then they went into the bedroom.....

(I'm sure one thing lead to another here)

We cut to Billy Cranston (David Yost)'s garage where he and Aisha (Karen Ashley) were running some tests on Lord Zed's staff (whatever's left of it) to see what makes it tick.

Aisha: You know, I do remember when this thing also changes into a snake. Ugh....snakes freak me out.

Billy: Well, that's one of the things I'm trying to pull out. Depends if I get pass this files around the "Z". Zedd's staff also carry's a mount of energy, which I guess is how he was able to supersize his demons.

Aisha: Same with Rita's.

Billy: Yeah, well....Zordon's only giving us a couple of days with it, so....let's run another scan here.

Familiar voice: You still like working over night, don't ya?

They turned around and saw Trini (Becky G) standing outside the door.

Billy: Trini?

Trini: I'm actually surprised to see you out here, Billy. Thought you weren't fond of the night shift.

Billy: I wouldn't say that I didn't enjoy's just....

Trini just smiled at him and waited for a response.

Billy: Never mind.

Aisha: We're looking at Zedd's staff....or what's left of it. So far, we haven't found anything helpful to us yet. And don't get me started on how we got it in the first place.

Trini: Ok......Long story?

Aisha: Long story.

Trini: Well, you better put a bookmark there cause I got a new story for us to investigate.

Both Billy and Aisha looked at each other with a just a hint of concern.

Aisha: What do you mean? What's happened?

Trini: Zordon wants to talk to you.

Billy: Patch him in, then.

When he said that, Trini just digged in her bag and brought out her watch. She clicked a few buttons and eventually, it brought up a hologram of Zordon.

Aisha: Zordon.

Zordon (Bryan Cranston): Rangers.....Have you analyzed anything on Zedd's staff?

Billy: Nothing yet. It's all encrypted at the moment.

Zordon: Bring it here, immediately. There's something I have to warn you and the other Rangers about. Are they with you? 

Billy: Just Aisha and Trini. Tommy and Kimberly are in for the night and Rocky and Adam are working late.

Trini: Zach's away with Angela, somewhere.

Zordon: Then you three get to the command center. Alpha will try and contact them.

Billy: Understood.

They soon teleported and went into their ranger colors.

Meanwhile, in some garage, Bulk and Skull were working on a satellite dish to detect where the Power Rangers are.

(Yep, they're still looking for them) 

Bulk (Paul Schrier): This freaking thing just--*shocks himself* AAH! It hurts, man.

Skull (Jason Narvy): First of all, you're doing it wrong. Come here.

He tries climbing on him, but then it gets ridiculous (as usually does)

Skull: Come on. Move, Bulk.

Bulk: Well, get your butt out of my face.

Skull: Get your face out of my butt.

Anyway, they both start losing balance and they both fall off the roof, but they're still alive.

Skull: Argh.....Pimplesticks!

Bulk: Ahh! Idiot! We'll never find the Power Rangers if you keep moving your butt up my face. Moron. Next time you.....

Suddenly, they saw Billy Trini and Aisha's light travels above and were amazed

Skull: What was that? Was that....?

Bulk: It could be. But I don't remember two yellow lights.

Skull: Let's get back up to the dish and find out.

Bulk: Oh no, you don't! I'm setting the dish this time. See if....hey.....Go pay a dear friend Billy a visit and see if he has any tools for us.

Skull: Oh, good thinking buddy.

As Skull went off to Billy's, Bulk climbed all the way up to the roof, almost falling twice. But he made it.

When Skull came into Billy's garage, he looked around with no sign of him

Skull: Hey, you nerd! You in here?! Huh?!

Suddenly he soon saw Lord Zedd's staff to find out that Billy forgot the freaking thing.

Skull: Holy sh**! What is that thing?

The next day, back at Tommy and Kim's apartment, they were fast asleep till Kimberly's communicator was beeping and it woke her up. She threw on a robe and eventually answered

Kimberly: *Whispers* Yes, Zordon?   

Zordon: We have an emergency and we need all Rangers on deck in order to address the situation.

Kimberly looks over at Tommy fast asleep and steps out the room.

Kimberly: Alright, Zordon.....But I'll just need to fetch Rocky and Adam.

Rocky (Steve Carnadas): No need, we're already here.

Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch): Zordon told us to come here early. And I think you're in for a treat.

Rocky: And a warning. But just come down here first.

The connection cuts out and Kimberly, once again, looks at Tommy.

Kimberly: Come on, you. Wake up, babe.

Tommy: Hmm...? What time is it?

Kimberly: Sadly still early. But Zordon needs us at the command center.

Tommy: Alright....I'm getting up.

Soon as Tommy and Kimberly were dressed, they teleported to the command center.


Skull: *Carrying Zed's staff* Bulk! You're not gonna believe what I found!

Bulk: Whoa! *Takes it* Where the hell did you get this thing?

Skull: From Billy's lab. Must be one of his projects.

It soon turns itself on and when they drop it, it blasted at a bush

Bulk: Even better. This could be one of The Power Rangers toys. Let's see what else this baby can do.

Skull: But what does the Z stand for?

Bulk: Who cares? Let's take this inside.

Later on, Tommy and Kimberly arrived at the command center.

Zordon: Welcome, Tommy and Kimberly.

Tommy: Nice to see you again, Zordon.

Kimberly: So what's going on?

Adam: Look over here.

They both looked over in Adams direction and to their surprise, they saw Trini emerge from the corner, smiling.

Tommy: Wha--Trini?

Kimberly: Trini?

Trini: Missed me, guys?

Eventually, they both came up to her and hugged her and welcomed her back.

Kimberly: What brings you back to the team?

Trini: Just visiting.

Tommy: I wouldn't go so far as to say that. Remember, once a ranger, always a ranger.

Adam: Amen to that.

Tommy: Where's Zach though?

Zordon: We are teleporting him now.....

Alpha pressed buttons and Zach (Walter Jones) appeared in the command center

Zach: Whoa what?

Rangers: Zach!!

Zach: Huh? Oh, hey guys!

Zordon chuckled as they welcomed back their second old friend.

Zach: Man, I already feel like we're back in school.

Rocky: You said it.

Trini: Nostalgia, to say the least. But...uh....where's Jason?

Everyone became silent the moment she said that.

Rocky: Oh, man.....

Zach: What?

Billy: That....umm.....that's gonna be hard to explain.

Aisha: We've had....issues trying to....bring him in. You see.....

Zordon: No time to discuss. Behold the viewing globe.

Everyone turned towards the globe and sees a clear visible view on Thrax.

Adam: Oh no......

Tommy: Wait, what do you mean by that?

Adam: That's Thrax.

Aisha: You know him?

Adam: I've faced him before.

All: WHAT?

Adam: Last time I went face to face with him was about 9 years ago. For reasons we all know up to this point, he was here for the Sentinel Sword. But me, along with a few other former rangers stopped him before he could use it.

Zordon: Adam is correct. Thrax is also the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.

Rangers: WHAT??!

Kimberly: That.....THING had a son??!!

Zordon: I'm afraid so. After a battle between Adam, Thrax and the others. He was thought to be destroyed, but really his remains had been imprisoned in a dark planet, but his rage from his parents defeat regenerated him and made him stronger to escape and he has returned to exact his revenge.

Alpha: Thrax is also capable of massive destruction with his OWN version of Sentinel Sword. It's absolute carnage.

Zordon: Use extreme caution Rangers. You are dealing with a NEW evil that's beyond all imagination.

The rangers looked at each other then at Zordon again

Meanwhile in Threx's hidden fortress he sat in silence till he spoke.....

Threx: I apologize for not attending when you needed me. But I will not let anything stand in our way. The Power Rangers crushed our dreams, so now I will do the same to them. But I cannot do it alone. Show me.....Mother. Father. Show me the true power of the darkness. And I will finish....what you started.

Threx stands up and the camera zooms at Lord Zedd's broken mask.

Meanwhile, back outside the command center, like FAR AWAY from it, John Park (Dakota Goyo), Adams son, was getting very, VERY suspicious of his dads he went to go digging a little bit.

He searched in his room, the bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc. Yet he didn't find much. But when he walked by the fireplace, he saw a crack in the wall. And he knew it wasn't normal.

So he went and got a sledge hammer and bashed against the crack on the wall. He continued to do so until he hit something metal inside.

(Yes, it's a safe)

He couldn't get in it, though because of the lock, so he had to use a crowbar to get the lock off. And what he found inside the safe confirmed his theory about his father.

John: I knew it......

Then, it cuts to Connor (James Napier Robertson) and Ethan (Kevin Duhaney)

(Yep, from Dino Thunder)

Connor: Come on, come on, I got you.

Ethan: You're not even close, man. Don't get ahead of yourself.

Connor: Give me a break.

And just when he reached out, some type of earthquake happened and they both fell.

Ethan: What the hell is that?!

Connor: Idk....but let's get out of here

The alarm went off at the command center

Zordon: There are heavy activities in downtown Angel Grove.

Alpha: Oh no! Ayiayiayi! Lord Zedd's staff have been stolen by Bulk and Skull! And Adam, tour son just went in your vault!

Rangers: What?!

Adam: Oh god.....John. He's probably figured it out by now.

Tommy: You'll make it up to him. But we got to get the staff back. Bulk and Skull could get hurt or hurt somebody else.

Zordon: Agreed. Tommy; you, Kimberly and Rocky must investigate the heavy activity.

Kimberly: No problem.

Zordon: Adam, Aisha and Billy. You must get Lord Zedd's staff back before Bulk and Skull could cause serious damage with it.

Adam: What about my son, Zordon? He could blow our cover.

Zordon: He won't. I'll have Trini and Zach talk to him 'till you get back.

Trini: No problem, Zordon.

Zordon: Then may the power protect you.

Tommy: Ok guys......IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

  • Thunder clashes*







It cuts to midtown, where Bulk and Skull are still cluelessly roaming around like the goofballs they are.

Bulk: Come on, how does this thing work?

Skull: You're pressing the wrong button.

Bulk: There is no button on this thing.

Skull: Just give me tha-

Bulk: Why you-

They both struggled over the staff (scepter) as Billy, Aisha and Adam show up where they were and catch up to them.

Adam: Hey, stop!

Bulk and Skull heard the voice as and when they turned around, they finally saw who they were linking for.

Skull: Ah-ha! FINALLY!

Billy: don't know what you're doing. Put down the staff.

Bulk: The Power Rangers!

Skull: And they remember our names!

Adam: Just give us the....

Before Adam could finish ,Threx's robot army came out of nowhere

Aisha: Oh god....what are those things?!

Billy: Threx's robot forces! No doubt they're after the scepter.

Adam: Then we got no choice!

They attacked and fight the robots as Bulk and Skull watched still carrying the staff/scepter.

Skull: And we go the other way.

Bulk: No.....this is our chance to prove ourselves. We have to do this.

So, Bulk and Skull toughed up and charged towards Thrax's robot army....and a couple seconds later, they're running in the opposite direction, away from the army.

(That gets me everytime)

But then as crazy as it seem, Bulk turns around with the staff and guess what? The staff fires, and blows two of the robots to oblivion.


Skull: Keep running, man!

It just gets worse from there, as another robot jumps in front of them and tries to take the staff away, but they end up letting go as they drop it.

The others, having dealt with the other robots turned around to notice the staff lying there in the grass. All of them looked at Bulk and Skull and then looked at each other.

It pretty much became a wild goose chase for the staff. But as they struggled over it, it eventually disappeared on its own. Everybody was confused.

Then it cuts to Tommy, Rocky, and Kimberly who teleport to downtown. Rocky was using his visor to TRY and pick up the readings again, but.....nothing.

Kimberly: Getting anything?

Rocky: Nope, not yet. I don't know what exactly is going on here.

Tommy: We might wanna tread softly, here. We don't know where....

All of a sudden, more robots appear behind them and they around.

Tommy:.....disaster may strike.

Kimberly: Talk about in the nick of time.

Rocky: Alright, lets go!

All three of them took in the robot army as much as they could, but unlike the previous three, they couldn't analyze their fighting patterns, so they fell back pretty quickly.

Luckily, they had son unexpected backup. Connor and Ethan came out of, literally, nowhere and started attacking the army

It all seemed like an instant blast in the last for Tommy. But it didn't take long to remember and recognize them.

Tommy: Connor? Ethan?

Rocky: Wait, you know them?

Kimberly: He's teached them before.

Rocky: No way, man.

Tommy: I'll tell you more on it later. *Gets up* Come on, they aren't doing this alone.

Suddenly, the three heard laughs on the roof as they looked up and Thrax appeared before their very eyes

Thrax: Power Rangers. At last we meet.

Tommy: I'm guessing you're Threx.

Thrax: Yes. The son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, whom you all destroyed. I fought to build my parents kingdom a long time ago until one of yours imprisoned me in a dead world. And now my parents gone, I will honer their names by finishing their life's work.

Kimberly: But you're parents were trying to kill innocent people.

Threx: such a strong word.

Rocky: Well this ends now! *Jumps up*

Both (Tommy, Kimberly): Rocky!!

Rocky: Yaaaaaa!!!

Thrax hit him with his own sentinel sword before he landed and fell, struggling in pain.

Rocky: God-

Tommy: You son of a-

Tommy then jumped up to the roof and tried to face off Thrax. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. Thrax hit him with the sword as well and Tommy fell off the side of the building and fell hard.

Kimberly: TOMMY!!!

Tommy: Aww man. I can't move! Guy packs a wallop.

Kimberly looks up at Thrax and brings out her bow and arrow 🏹, but before she could fire at him, he disappeared and so did his army. Kim just stood ther confused and looked back at Connor and Ethan, who also didn't know what happened to the army.

But then the earthquake happened again. So Kimberly didn't really have much time to waste.

Kimberly: HEY! You two gotta move NOW!

Eathan: What about you guys?!

Kimberly: Nevermind! Just GO!

Connor: Better do as she says buddy! Come on!

As they ran Kimberly healed Tommy and Rocky with her morpher.

Tommy and Rocky stood up and called for backup as the earthquake got worse.

Tommy: Billy l,!we need your help! This Earthquake is massive!

Billy: On our way!

They teleported,!but forgot Zedd's staff since it had disappeared. When they arrived, they all stood together.

The Rangers joined hands using the Great power of Fatos to stop the earthquake and fix the damage it caused.

As they exhale from how much energy it took out of them, after the damage was fixed and the quake passed, the people cheered on their heroes.

But....Thrax soon found his father's staff, as he made it reappear right in front of him.

Thrax: At last....after years of searching, your scepter is back in our hands, Father! Hahahahaha!!

We cut to Connor and Ethan who were hiding behind the workshop that Adam and Rocky used to work at.

Connor: What were those guys and what was up with that earthquake?

Ethan: If I had my kinky tools and devices and stuff, you'd probably know by now. But even more, did you see those people?

Connor: Yeah. The original Power Rangers......They-they most likely know about this.

Ethan: And that means WE gotta get back out there and get some answers.

Trent (Jeffrey Parazzo): You ain't going alone.

Both of them turned to around to see their friend and former White Dino Ranger, Trent Mercer pop up behind them.

Connor: Wh--but how did you-

Trent: The world is peril, and people once again need our help. There's no better time to then now.

Ethan: We're gonna have to get some answers. Probably Dr. O has some answers.

Connor: He better have SOMETHING to tell us. He's the one who WAS a ranger and knows about this stuff more then we do.

Trent: Hey, I ain't got no problem with that.

Ethan: But how we gonna find him? Ever since our ranger team went up in smoke, he just vanished.

Trent: When there's a will, there's always a way.

Connor: So does this mean what I think it means?

Trent: Oh, yes. If the Mighty Morphan's are back sooner or later, they're gonna need Dino Thunder. Let's track down the others, then find the Doc.

That wouldn't be easy, cause they dispersed back to the command center.....only to find its in absolute ruins. It didn't take long to know that this was Thrax's doing.

Aisha: Ugh.....not again.

Kimberly: This is like, what, the second, third fourth time this happened? I'm losing count.

Tommy: You're not the only one.

They rushed over to Alpha, who was struggling to get off the ground, but they got him up.

Tommy: Alpha, you alright?

Alpha: Rangers, please tell me you got the staff.

Billy: Well, Alpha, I.....*remembers*...Oh, damn it! I forgot the staff!

Rocky: What?! How could you for--What? Where's the others?

Adam: Zach and Trini?

Rocky: Yeah.

It cuts back to Zach and Trini where they literally JUST arrived at Adams house due to the earthquake and as they barge in cause of the broken door, they try and find John.

Zach: Hey, Johnny! You home?

Trini: Man, look at this mess.

Zach: Yeah. And I thought volcanoes did real damage. John? Hey, your dad's been looking for you.

But Trini caught something out of the corner of her eye and she didn't like it.

Trini: Zach.....Look.

Zach saw that she was pointing at Adam's safe.

Zach: Uh oh.

They both went over and found the items stuffed jn there (that wasn't tough) but John STILL wasn't in the house.

Trini: God...where could he be?

We cut to John, who just ran away from home and on the streets, hurt from the truth that his father kept from him. But, little did he know......he was being watched....

Thrax: he must be Adam's boy. Hehehe...feeling angry of being lied to and betrayed as my kin once done the same. But then again, that's why mine told me everything. What better way to strike at them the most than to break him from the inside....

Meanwhile, Zach used his communicator watch to contact Adam and break the news.

Zach: Adam? He knows.

Adam: Goddamn it......Have you found him yet?

Zach: Nope. Nothing yet.

While Zach was talking with Adam over the watch, Trini saw a figure (or two) lurking on the outside of the house.

Trini: Uh....I'll be right back, Zach. Hold on a sec.

Trini went back to check out what she saw and then.....

Threx robots came out of no where and attacked Trini Zach heard her screams

Zach: Sorry, Adam. Got to sign off.

Adam: Wait, hold up a...

He cuts off and rushes to aid Trini.

Zach: Whoa. This feels like the Terminator.

Trini: Yeah, only worse.

Then they fought them off as best as they can using their old ranger moves as Connor, Ethan and Trent walked by and heard the commotion.

Connor: You hear that?

Trent: Come on!

They came running and joined in the fight using their old dino moves.

Although, they didn't morph, they held their own and eventually, the robots retreated.

Trini and Zach were astounded and confused as to how the other three were able to hold their own in that battle. And then it clicked.

Zach: Ahh, hey man. Thanks for the help.

Ethan: It's all in a days work.

Trini: That does make me wonder....are you guys....

Connor: Dino Thunder, yes. You guys must be part of the Mighty Morphin' group.

Zach: Well, we used to a way we still are.

Trent: Wow. This is a real honor. Since our Ranger days, I've admired you guys so much.

Trini: That's generousness of you. Hey maybe you guys can help us? You haven't seen a little boy around have you?

Ethan: No, we saw no boy.

Zach: Damn. Adam's not gonna like this. But we better get back to the command center.

Trini: Why don't you guys come with us? You could be a big help to us and Zordon?

Ethan: Zordon?? You mean THE Zordon?! The leader of the Mighty Morphins??!

Trini: That's right.

Connor: Count us in. Maybe you guys can help us find the rest of our team?

Zach: Sure thing.

And then they all teleported back to the command center.

As soon as they came back, they were mesmerized by what they saw. But that's when Connor and Ethan caught a familiar sight.

Both (Ethan, Connor): Dr. O?

Tommy: Long time no see, guys.

They embraced and hugged. And then Trent went and shook his hand.

At this point, Tommy turned back towards his original team and told them...

Tommy: Alright, guys.....Those three right there, are the Dino Thunder Rangers.

Billy: THE Dino Thunder Rangers?

Connor: Yep, that's us.

Zordon: Welcome Dino Thunder Rangers. I am Zordon.

Ethan: Whoa! This is intense! It's THE Zordon!

Trent: This is an honor, really.

Zordon: Likewise. I can see Tommy has taught you three well. We will track down the other members of your team. But first, it is time Power Rangers to reaccess your new Zords.

Alpha lead them all, even the Dino Thunder trio down to the underground docking bay and they were amazed of what they saw.

Zordon's voice: Rangers. Meet the Mythic Zords. Tommy,!you have the Mythical White Dragon zord. Brave and Powerful....Aisha. You will command the Mythical Yellow Liger zord. Intelligent and indestructible.....Adam. The Mythical Black Basilisk zord. Fearless and Advanced.......Rocky. You are the master of the Mythical Red Hound zord. Fast and Loyal......Billy. The Mythical Blue Yeti is at your disposable. Generative and Cunning......And finally, Kimberly. The Mythical Pink Phoenix is yours to command. Lightning and undefeatable.      

Billy: Sometimes, I can't help but wonder where you find the time to do this.

Adam: We're not really gonna know, but you might as well keep it that way.

As they took their time looking at their zords, Trent and Ethan laid back and watched while Connor went up and talked to Tommy.

Connor: Wait. I don't really think I understand, Dr. O. What made you come back?

Tommy: Honestly, it was always my passion of being a Ranger that always made me believe that one day I could do this again. And five months ago, was that time. Besides, remember what I told you? Passion doesn't just happen..... make it grow. Of course.

Tommy: You were always a wise student, Connor.

Connor: Hey. You were my favorite teacher. You know.....I saw you and your team on T.V five months ago. I wanted to know....who was that guy in the Golden suit that blew up that purple dude that looked like that Zedd guy? Was he a new member?

Tommy: Oh no. He was me.

Connor: What?? No way!

Tommy: Yes way. My team gave me their powers to form into a legendary Ranger. At least, it was a legend to Zordon.

Connor: I see. I got to see that up close one day.

Tommy: Well if....

Before he can say anything else, Alpha interrupted.

Alpha: Pardon my intrusion. But Connor, Zordon wants you, Ethan and Trent on the upper level. We have located the rest of your team.  

Connor: Thanks, man. to Tommy What was his name again?

Tommy: I'll tell you more about it later. Go and get Kira, ok?

Connor nodded and took the rest of the guy's on the upper level.


Thrax was watching.....Bulk and Skull arguing in a pagoda in the park.

Skull: You lost it, you gotta get it back.

Bulk: Why I gotta---Oh....don't think I don't know what you're playing....

Skull: I'm playing nothing! You dropped the stick! (Lol) You go get it!

Bulk: Are you crazy?! I don't know if you noticed you dumb ass but that wasn't exactly a walk in the park back there!

Thrax: Boys.

Both of them look up and see Thrax on top of the pagoda.

Bulk and Skull (Both): Huh?

Thrax: That "stick" is a scepter. And it belong to my father. But....if you both crave power I can give that to you.

Bulk and Skull (Both): Y-yy--YAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

They run for the hills again, but Thrax appears right in front of them.

Threx: You normally accept an offer this way?

They run in the opposite direction again (lol), and Thrax uses the staff to somehow.....freeze them.

Thrax: Pity.

He disappears yet again, and reappears on the tallest building in Angel Grove (which I don't remember).

Thrax takes his fathers staff and buries it into the ceiling.

He pulls out his OWN version of the Sentinel Sword (yes, he found a duplicate and made it its own) and then buries it into the ceiling as well, and nothing happens.....yet. But the energy emitted in the blade reaches down to the center of the Earth, causing yet another earthquake. And then the energy combined with Zedd's staff and it shot up to the sky. Thrax just looks up at it.

Thrax: The Rangers....gifted, talented, but always overconfident. Their pride becomes their curse and as each second passes, I burn brighter and their fire grows cold. And when it finally burns out, these people will be dosed with them.

The energy shot up into the sky causes a huge special hurricane of some sort (I'm talking bigger then Hurricane Katrina, Sandy or Mathew) and it starts destroying and sucking up everything.


This causes the alarm to go off at the Command Center as Tommy and Kimberly just held hands throughout the whole thing. Eventually, they all head up to the upper level.

Alpha: Oh no.....

Rocky: What's the psycho planning now?

Adam: Oh god.....John.....I gotta go get him.

Kimberly: No, Adam. It's too dangerous out there.

Adam: Spare me the prep talk, ok? That's my son out there. I'm not leaving him to rot.

Kira (Emma Lahana): I wouldn't do that either.

They all looked looked at her.

Adam: How do you---

Kira: I've been in that position before. And I'll tell you, wherever your son is.....he's more safe here than out there.

Zordon: I'm afraid not, Kira. Adam censers indicate your son has been abducted by Thrax.

Adam: WHAT??!!!

Kimberly: Adam, I'm so sorry.

Adam: Not now, Kim. *to Zordon* Where's that creep holding my boy?!

Zordon: I do not know. His anger from the truth he learned has allowed Thrax's magic to take control over him.

Adam: No, not John! He'll pay for this!

Tommy: Adam, you have to stay calm. John's life depends on it. We'll get him back. Zordon? Do you know where Thrax is now?

Zordon: Yes. He's unleashing full power from his sentinel sword and Zedd's staff on the tallest building of Angel Grove.

Billy: That's the back-street building. I know where that is.

Rocky: No wonder why he chose that specific building. Last I heard, it's been having reports of all sorts of unusual and technical issues since---

Aisha: Ooze. Ugh.....

Zordon: Rangers, you must go and stop him before he is fully energized. Once he is, nothing will be able to stop him.

Tommy: No problem.

Connor: ALRIGHT! Let's do it!

Zordon: Not so fast Connor. Your ranger team have not been restored to full strength yet. There's much we have to teach you first.

Connor: But....

Kira: Connor, he's right. We've been out of action for who knows how long. I don't think we're ready yet.

Tommy: Don't worry, Connor. You'll get your chance.

Connor: *Nods* Alright.

Ethan: Good luck, Doc.

Tommy: Alright, Adam. Let's go get your kid. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!

  • Thunder clashes*







They quickly dispersed into their Ranger colors and disappeared as Connor and the others looked on.

Connor: Go go Power Rangers.....

Kira: The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.....

Zach: Y'all took the words out my mouth.

Meanwhile, the main six finally teleported at the building only to get taken back by the huge hurricane.

Tommy: This is really hardcore!

Aisha: Hardcore?! It's worse then Hurricane Katrina!

Kimberly: Come on, guys. Keep moving.

As crazy as it sounds, they walk through the hurricane and TRY to get to the building. But they were stopped by Thrax himself.....with his Sentinel sword in hand.

Thrax: Power Rangers......Finally, I receive the full package and have the privilege of eradicating every single one of you. Mom and Dad would've been pleased to see this moment themselves.

Kimberly: Well, you're not gonna be able to cherish this moment. Cause you obviously don't know who the hell your dealing with here.

Thrax: Oh REALLY?

Adam: Damn right, you don't. Now what did you do with my boy?!

Thrax: *chuckles* Your flesh and blood, huh? It's always the same. You humans always put others before yourself.

Adam: YOU!

Adam really couldn't control his emotions at this point. He charges at him and strikes with his Power Axe.

Tommy: NO, ADAM!!

Both (Kimberly, Billy): Stand down!!

Adam continued to swing his power axe at him, but Thrax deflected his attacks with his sentinel sword and then blasted him, which sent him flying back.

Rocky: Adam!

As he landed hard, Rocky and Aisha went over to get him up as they looked at Thrax again.

Thrax: Your son will soon arrive, my old nemesis. And the rest of you power geeks are soon to face your doom!

Adam: You shut your mouth and give me back my son!

He charged at him again, but his path was blocked by a black armored figure was John, under Threx's control

Adam: John.......

John didn't say a word. He just attacked his dad and the other Rangers. They had no choice but to defend themselves. But John's offense wassup over the place, so it was impossible to predict a pattern from him.

Threx: Hehehehe.....yes, my apprentice. Destroy them all in the name of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa!   

John attacked relentlessly at each and every member and all of the Rangers were clearly holding back.

While they were dealing with him, Thrax walked away and headed back to the top of the backstreet building and it didn't take long for the Rangers to notice.

Billy: Son of a---He's going for the staff!

Kimberly: Not if I get there first!

Aisha: Wait up, Kim!

Tommy: Kim!

She turned around to him.

Tommy: Be careful, hon.

Kimberly just nodded and went with Aisha to get the staff before Thrax.

Meanwhile, Zach, Trini and the Dino Thunder Rangers were watching the madness from the viewing globe at the command center. And they weren't thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts.

Ethan: Come on, come on, come on. We gotta get back out there.

Kira: In a hurricane?

Alpha: Without any of your powers, you have no guarantee on surviving. if...

Both (Trini/Trent): If what?

Alpha: Zordon, are those other new morphers ready for use?

Zordon: Yes. But they have not been tested yet.

Alpha: But we're running out of options. The Rangers need help.

Zordon: You're right. Connor, Kira, Ethan and Trent.....follow Alpha to the weapons chamber.

Ethan: Does this mean what I think it means?

Zordon: Yes. With all the power Thrax is gathering, we'll need all the help we can get.

Connor: What'd you say guys?

They nodded "Yes" without hesitation

Alpha: Then follow me.

Then it cuts back to Thrax who just reached the top of the backstreet building and was just about to pull the staff out.

Thrax: At long last.....Mother....Father....I will do you proud.

Aisha: Not so fast!

She jumped on his back and held him down as Aisha double teamed on him.

Thrax didn't take long to get back to his feet, and he was pissed off.

Thrax: Is this really what you want? Do you really wanna die that badly?! You've lost and you REFUSE to accept defeat. Well, so be it! I'll just have to slaughter all of you scum!

He powered up his sentinel sword into the sky as it summoned lightning and filled up the sword with energy.

Thrax: to Kimberly STARTING WITH YOU!!!!!

He launched a massive attack with the sword and Kimberly had to block the beam with a shield that was build into the suit (Yeah, that's new)

While she was busy doing that, the Rangers were STILL having trouble trying to keep John contained. As Adam tries to get him, John just knee him in the face and then kicks his helmet off.

Adam falls back and looks at John, who still has a hint of Thrax's power in him.

Adam: Alright, John.....time for some tough love.

Billy: Adam, thats not wise! What are you doing?

So in slow motion, Adam charges at John.....with the axe in hand.

Then, a spear appeared in John's hand and then it was Father vs son banging their weapons at one another

The slow motion cuts back into a normal pace and that's when Thrax shot other beams at Kimberly and her shield couldn't hold it for long by the time Tommy jumped in and lands.

Tommy: Yaaaaa!! I'd like you to meet Saba!

Thrax threw his sentinel sword at him as Tommy deflected his attacks with Saba and Kimberly let go of her shield. But she was tired and passed out.

However, John was still whooping Adam as he kicked him aside, causing Rocky to rush to his aid

Adam: John; please!

Rocky: Adam. It's not gonna work that way. There must be a way to brake Thrax's hold over him.

Adam: We can't use the great power more then once, so what's the other option?!

Rocky: Incoming!

John continued to strike at them while Tommy and Thrax kept fighting on. But that's when Aisha noticed her knocked out and runs to her.

Aisha: Kim! *uses her communicator* Guys, Kimberly's out cold! We have to abort!

Adam: I'm NOT leaving my son behind!

As Aisha tries to wake Kimberly up, Thrax strikes at Tommy, causing him to fly back.

Tommy: Ahh! Damn! He's just as strong as Zedd! *See's Kimberly down* Kimberly!

He rushes to her as Billy held her up.

Tommy: Take her back to the command center. Get her checked out. looks over at Thrax I'll deal with the bastard.

Billy: Good luck, then. But you come back.

Tommy: You know I will.

Billy and Aisha teleport away with Kimberly as Tommy looks back at Thrax.

But all of a sudden, help came.

A sudden white figure (you know who) came dashing and slicing Thrax causing him to fall back.

When that figure stopped moving, it was revealed to be Trent who's in the White Draco Dino Suit.

Tommy: Trent?

Trent: The one and only.

And then that's when the other three came along.

Kira: Dr. O? You alright?

Tommy: So far, yeah. But Adam needs help down there. Trent, can you reach them?

Trent: On it.

He used his super speed to get down there and he slashes across John multiple times. But John was unscathed.

Tent: Oh god.....

At that point, John and Trent began their brawl as Thrax gets up and stares at Tommy.

Thrax: Ranger, two Rangers, it's ALL THE SAME! I WILL WIPE YOU OUT!

Tommy: Not before I do the same to you.

He then pulled out a wrist morpher and a key (like in HIS Dino Thunder days) and stepped out in front. Tommy then turns back around towards the three.

Tommy: You said you wanted to see it, Connor?

Connor just nodded as Tommy turns back around with his key and goes for it.


And just like that, after a flash of light, Tommy morphed into the Legend Ranger warrior once more as he stared down Thrax.

Connor: Oh my god! The legend Ranger!

Kira: Far out!

Threx: So you're the Legendary Warrior Ranger, which makes you my father's killer!

Tommy: Spare me the provada, Thrax! Your father was a monster! He tried to kill my friends and family and destroy the Earth for years and you're following right into his footsteps! You end this now or I will!

Thrax: Do not dishonor my father's name with your lies!

Threx attacked, but Tommy dodged his attacks and kept clocking him, with Punch after Punch after kick after kick after attack after attack. Connor and the rest couldn't help but be amazed.

Ethan: Dr. O, finish him off!

Connor: You got him right where you want him!

At this point in time, Tommy just about had the upper hand, but.....

Threx: I understand why my father admired you the most. You're too much! But whatever you do to me, you'll do worse to your friends beloved son.

Tommy: What?! What'd you do?!

Threx: Let's say if John wanted to go out, I can make it go fast if I wanted.

Tommy: bastard!

Thrax: Can you be cold hearted, Tommy? You have 11 minutes to disarm the bomb on his suit! So what will you do? Chase the villain or save the boy? Hahahaha!! Your emotions make you power rats weak! That's why it stays in mind! The choice is yours.....hero.......

As Thrax disappears, Tommy was stunned of his negotiations and knew he had only one option.....

Tommy: Guys, you go and get Thrax. I'll see if I can help the others with John.

Connor: Alright. READY!

Kira: READY!

Ethan: READY!


They teleported and Tommy jumped down to Adam and John. He uses his own visor and saw the bomb attached on the back of his suit. So he took his golden saber, aimed and threw it. Unfortunately, John sees it coming and dodges it. But then the saber came back in reverse and landed a direct HIT, disarming the bomb, knocking John out and dispersing all his evil energy.

Adam: What the hell are you doing?!

Trent: Tommy......why'd you....??

Tommy: Thrax had a detonator on him. It would've blown in minutes. He'll be alright.

Adam went over to John and picks him up.

Adam:.....In that case, we better get him back to the command center.

Tommy: Agreed. I got to see how Kimberly's doing.

While the Mighty Morphin's and Trent headed back to the command center, the three main Dino Thunder team tracked Thrax somewhere off the coast......but it was a dead end.

Kira: *Sighs* Nothing. He's no where to be found.

Connor: He couldn't have just vanished.

Out of no where Threx's robots popped up and fired at them.


He attempted to block their blasts with his Tricera Shield, but it blew all three of them back, leaving them all knocked out

Threx: Good work, my troops. Bring the little children to me. It's time to create my own force of Rangers. Hahahahaha!!

It then cuts back to the command center where the team get Kimberly checked out. She's in critical condition, but she's stable.

Tommy: You sure you'll be alright?


She holds his hand.

Kimberly: Once a Ranger, always a Ranger, remember?

Tommy smiles briefly until Zach grabs Tommy from behind and drags him out of the room and throws him into one of the control cabinets.

Tommy: The hell--

Zach and Trini then pull out heir blasters and aimed at him.

Trini: Start talking.

She then holds up a medical paper in her hand, explaining Jason's cause of death.

(Yep, they found out about Jason)

Tommy: *sighs*.....The rest of the team already know about this, so....I might as well start talking.

Zach: Yeah, you better.

Tommy: Look. There wasn't much I could've done to make this easier on either of you. I thought you knew at first, but when I learned you didn't.... I wanted to tell you.

Trini: But why didn't you?

Tommy: Because with everything that's going on, I didn't had time to....

Zach: No time?! We trusted you, Tommy and you're telling me you never could find any time to tell us about our REAL Power Ranger leader?!

Then suddenly Billy, Aisha and Rocky pointed their blasters at Trini and Zach.

Billy: Hey! Let it go!

Zach: Are you---Do guys know that he kept this secret from us?!

Aisha: Don't get smart, ok? We already knew this ahead of time.

Trini: You're DEFENDING him now?! How much you wanna bet he didn't get anyone you cared about caught in the crossfire?!

Rocky: Not falling for that one. Don't make us do this, guys. Just the blasters down. Now.

Trini: Are you serious? He---

Billy: Put. Them. Down.

Zach and Trini slowly complied and put the blasters down.

Aisha: Look, I know how you guys feel. But, there actually WAS a way to prevent this.

Billy: Alpha said that there was a way to save him, but it required a live donating transfusion. Which meant one of us needed to give up their lives, so he could make it. We did offer ours, but Jason didn't want us to jeopardize all of Angel Grove for the sake of just one life. I know Jason was a great leader, and I know he might've been better then Tommy at one point.....No offense.

Tommy: None taken.

Rocky: But the point is.....

Trini: I don't think there is a point. You all let him go.

Billy: i know it sounds like that, but there wasn't another way in this case.

Zach: How could you forget? There's always another way.

Alpha: No.....there really wasn't, Zach.

Trini: What'd you saying, Alpha?

Alpha: The energy Lord Zedd and Rita drained from him took most of his life force. His body couldn't handle that much taken away from him was already terminal for any other operation. Jason's only hope would've cost another life and he wouldn't tolerate that. But he put others before himself. Jason was well aware of his illness, but he was too noble to let any of his friends give up their lives for him.

As the tears began to get stronger for Trini, she admitted something she felt she should've said before.

Trini: But....this just....*Cries* How could he want to go without.....

Billy: Trini?

At that point, she dropped a bombshell.

Trini. I loved him.

The rangers gasped after that came out of her mouth, then Trini fell on her knees, crying out.....

Trini: JASON!!!!!!!!!

As she continued to cry on and on, Billy knelt down and hugged her.

Alpha: Come, Rangers. Trini needs some time.

They all left, not knowing what to say, but deeply shaken. Tommy went back to Kimberly as Adam did for John who was still out cold

Outside the command center, Zach was sitting outside looking out the moon and thinking about Jason.

Zach: Here we are again, Jas. Just you and me. Same kind of moon, same kind of desert where we all stood together, fighting Rita in the younger days; always whooping one monster after another.....just you and me and nobody else. Man....How could you not take the transfusion? I'd--If I'd been there, I'd wouldn't take no for an answer. Not even from you, man.....*sighs* I'm sorry we threatened Tommy like that. I know you trusted him to succeed you. But he just could have earned that trust by telling us or least call us, so we would be there. That way, I'd pull you out myself and give you that transfusion. *sighs* I...I just wish they would've told me about you, man. Sorry it had to be like this.

He slowly backs up from the moon and walks back into the command center as it cuts back to Bulk and Skull who have thawed out, but are still knocked out.

The camera then moves over to a mysterious black shadow which drags Bulk and Skull away somewhere as the screen cuts to black and then....

~To Be Concluded~


All of the cast.......


Due to the overwhelming success of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revisited, fans were optimistic that a sequel would more then likely come out sooner or later. When the film was released, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revelation of Thrax was given mostly positive reviews, but criticized for the indirect use of time travel used, due to what happened in the series. Review aggravator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 56% on the Tomatometer and its critical consensus states: "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revelation of Thrax might've not put the gritty tone into check, yet it still gives us what we came for: classic, nostalgic and flat out satisfying entertainment."

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