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We need ALL THE POWER......

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Legendary Battle is an 2019 live action adventure film, the sequel to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revelation of Thrax and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Revisited, which was the sequel to the 1995 and 1997 sequels: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" and "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" and is the FIFTH film adaptation of a Power Rangers film to date. The film was released in the summer of 2019, it is directed once again by Bryan Singer, produced by Haim Saban and distributed by 20th Century Fox and Saban Films.

The cast consists of Jason David Frank, Glen Levy, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Carnadas, Karan Ashley, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Walter Emanuel Jones, Becky G, Blake Foster, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, James Napier Robertson, Kevin Duhaney, Jeffery Parazzo, Emma Lahana, Shemar Moore, Willem DaFoe, Dakota Goyo, Kirsten Dunst.


With Lord Zedd's staff in the possession of his son, Thrax (Glen Levy), the Power Rangers (Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, Johnny Yong Bosch, David Yost, Steve Carnadas, Karan Ashley) are in a race against the clock to stop him. Unfortunately, Thrax has enlisted the aid of the Rangers from Dino Thunder and they're still dealing with the death of their friend, Jason Lee Scott. With all this built up emotion and tension running around, the Rangers HAVE to get themselves together to prevent inanimate destruction.....

Main Cast

  • Jason David Frank - Tommy Oliver/White Ranger/Legend Ranger/Green Ranger
  • Glen Levy - Thrax
  • Amy Jo Johnson - Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger
  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Adam Park/Black Ranger
  • David Yost - Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger
  • Steve Cardenas - Rocky DeSantos/Red Ranger
  • Karan Ashley - Aisha Campbell/Yellow Ranger
  • Bryan Cranston - Zordon
  • Bill Hader - Alpha 5
  • Nic Sampson - Sentinel Knight
  • Walter Jones - Zach Taylor/Original Black Ranger
  • Becky G - Trini Kwan/Original Yellow Ranger
  • James Napier Robertson - Connor McKnight/ Red Tyranno Dino Ranger
  • Kevin Duhaney - Ethan James/Blue Tricera Dino Ranger
  • Jeffery Parazzo - Trent Mercer/White Draco Dino Ranger
  • Emma Lahana - Kira Ford/Yellow Petra Dino Ranger
  • Paul Schrier - Bulk
  • Jason Narvy - Skull
  • Blake Foster - Justin Stewart/Blue Turbo Ranger
  • Christopher Khayman Lee - Andros/Red Space Ranger
  • Shemar Moore - President Of The United States
  • Vincent - Willem DaFoe
  • Dakota Goyo - John Park
  • Kirsten Dunst - Helen Park



It starts off in an underground facility, similar to Mesagog's, but still different in a way.

We see some robotic soldiers running around and then we cut to a man in a suit and tie named Vincent (Willem DaFoe) walking into a room and putting his suitcase on the table as he stared across the room.

Vincent: Thrax......

That is when the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, Thrax (Glen Levy), made his appearance from out of the shadows. He and Vince just stared at each other for a little bit, 'till Thrax smirked.

Thrax: I suppose, they're fully operational and ready for use.

Vincent just turned the briefcase around and opens it to Dino morphers.

Vincent: Took the longest time there was to finish them. I hope you have the best intentions for us.

Thrax again, looks up at him and smirks.

And then it cuts to him walking into a room as the doors open automatically. And he stares across from three people: Connor (James Napier Robertson), Ethan (Kevin Duhaney) and Kira (Emma Lahana).

They were all chained up to the wall by their waists and wrists, so they had no way to reach their weapons, blasters, etc.

The only thing they still had on them was their Dino morphers.

Thrax: Hehehe.....Power Rangers: Dino Thunder......the heroes behind the destruction of Mesagog......I never thought I'd see this day.

Kira: What's it to you?

Thrax: Hmm.....You know what they say last words.....but I don't think you'll be needing these anymore.

By using his fathers staff, it uses a force field to slowly attract the morphers and although it took about a minute and a half, it gave way and the morphers attracted to Thrax.

Ethan: Hey! Whatcha doing?

Connor: Those aren't yours!

Thrax: Ahhh.....but that reminds me......who did give these to you? Tommy?

Connor: Why the hell do you care?!

Thrax: Cause I have something even better to offer. Dino Thunder Force, you have been chosen to equip these newly morphers build from scratch myself. And in the name of Lord Zedd, you will take these morphers to destroy the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Kira: Forget it, creep!

Connor: We would never join up with you!

Ethan: Yeah! You're just!

Thrax: Oh? Then I guess we'll have to make some new arrangements!

He used Zedd's staff on their heads to take them over and they struggled for a little bit. Unfortunately, their eyes flowed a dark purple and were under his control like John was.

Thrax: Now...rise, my Rangers....

They yanked off of the wall and looked at Thrax with a death look.

Kira: How can we serve our emperor?

Ethan: The only way we can......

Thrax: It is your duty, in honor of the memories of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa to bring about destruction to Zordon of Eltar and his Power Rangers. Destroy them all and the universe and the Earth will be ours to command.

Each one of them put their morphers on their wrists and they just smirked. And then, with the push of a button, the former Dino Thunder Force morphed into the Dark Force.

Connor: To the fall of Zordon!

Kira: And the destruction of the Power Rangers!

They all laughed maniacally as the camera slowly moves out of the room and out of the base and then.....

~Title Sequence~

We cut to the grey, melancholy sky outside as the clouds roll by and the leaves start blowing all over the place.

As another leaf blows by the screen, it cuts to a cemetery and it shows Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) walking across the fields until he stopped at a tombstone.

It stated:

"Here lies Jason Lee Scott: Born September 1975 - Died July 2015"

Tommy bent down on one knee and just stared at it.

Tommy: Hey,'s Tommy. Yeah....see, it's been some time. We've gone off and did some stuff, but we were always there for each other. It's the code we have to live by, huh? But, that.....

He was really struggling to get his point across and he almost teared up.

Tommy: When you saved me, twice no less, I had promised to myself that no matter what happened, I was going to have your back when you had mine.....*sniffles*.....But it all went away when....when he......

He lost focus again and tried to regain his composure.

Tommy: You said you would always be there for me......and you're not. It's because of.....*tears up*......

At that point, Tommy was close to losing it. But then another car pulled up and Trini (Becky G) exited the car with Zach (Walter Emanuel Jones), Billy (David Yost) and Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson).

Tommy didn't say anything when he saw them. They just walked down to him and he gave them all a hug.

Kimberly: You ok, babe?

Tommy: I wish I was. *looks at the tombstone again.*

Kimberly helped him up and hugged him again. Then Trini took her turn to talk to Jason's tombstone.

Trini: Hey,'s been too long I know. *chuckles* I never thought it would be THIS long. Feels like a life-time back at school when we were living by that code. Jas, I....*Sobs* I guess I just waited too long to say.....

It got so hard for her that she couldn't speak through her tears and Billy held her to comfort her.

Zach then placed a pic of all of them back in the younger days on his tombstone and also laid down....his old Ranger morpher.

Zach: *voice cracking* Goodbye, Jason.

As everyone tries to hold back their emotions and walk away from the cemetery, a mysterious figure was staring from the shadows taking a few pictures as they drove away.

He stepped out, looking at the pictures and who was it?

Justin Stewart (Blake Foster) (from Power Rangers: Turbo)


Justin: Oh man......*looks up*.....what's going on now?


Bulk (Paul Schrier) and Skull (Jason Narvy) woke up in the same underground facility the Dino Rangers were in, chained to tables, and noticed that the place was not where they needed to be.


Skull: Oi! Watch it! They gonna come in here and kill us if you keep yapping.

Bulk: Why you complaining? I don't see you coming up with the big ideas.....

Skull: Well, guess what? I just got one.....

Bulk was a little taken back by how Skull just got an idea for the first time in a while.

Bulk: Alright, genius. What'd you got in mind now?

Skull: I'm working on it.....

It took Skull and average 30 to 45 seconds to think about it....and then it clicked.

Skull: Alright, here's what we do. You remember that scene in Rush Hour 2 where Lee and Carter hid 'till the bad guys came in the truck, right?

Bulk: Yeah? I think I know where you're going with this. They won't be able to see us if we cut out that camera that's watching us.

Skull: They'll think there's a malfunction, so they'll have to come in and fix it and when they do, we take them by surprise and put on their uniforms to disguise ourselves and we find a way out of this dump.


So they did as they planned, but first they had to get off the tables. Without thinking, Bulk squinted and squirmed in the opposite direction until he finally broke free. Then he manages to break Skull out using whatever he got his hands hilarious fashion, of course.

Skull: Ahhh! You couldn't disarmed me with that.

Bulk: I could've done that if you kept squirming your vessel. Now, stay calm and follow my lead. Besides I don't know if this'll work or not.

Skull: Shhh!

So the two go ahead and cut out the camera in their room, and some time later when two guards came in to fix it, Bulk and Skull jumped them from behind and knocked them out. They, later, came out wearing their suits and went into an elevator

Bulk: I don't know if this is gonna work.

Skull: Why didn't you say so before?

Bulk: I DID say so before.

Skull: Just stay silent.

So Bulk and Skull kept watching from the elevator and with each passing floor, they got more nervous. As soon as they reached the final floor, they relaxed......until they ran into Vincent, who also entered the elevator.

There was an awkward moment of silence until he finally said.....

Vincent: Lost, boys?

Skull: Hehehe....

Bulk: Look, spare me the...

Vincent: No worries. You two have no part in our allegations or anything else for that matter.....

Eventually, the elevator made it back to the open surface (Earth) and he just stared at them both.

Vincent:....You two, get on out of here.

Bulk and Skull were confused at first, but they just looked at each other, shrugged and ran out the elevator.

Unfortunately, Vincent wasn't finished yet.

Vincent: I need a battalion on upper ground as soon as possible. We have two escaped convicts running amok. Follow and extract them with caution and extreme prejudice.

Later back with Justin, he had been following Tommy and the others but then he was grabbed from behind by a hooded figure. The figure stopped the car as he yelled, muffled in his hand and then he dragged him into the woods.

And then he lets him go as Justin struggles to catch his breath.

Justin: The hell?!

Hooded figure: Relax. I'm a friend.

Justin: Who are you?!

He removed his hood revealing as Andros (Christopher Khayman Lee) of Power Rangers in Space.

Justin: What....Andros? The Red Ranger from the Space force.

Andros: Yes. We're here on behalf of Zordon and Alpha. The Dino Rangers have been taken hostage by Thrax.

Justin: What?!

That's when he saw the other space Rangers come up behind him: TJ, Carlos, Cassie and Ashley.

TJ: Whatever he has planned for them is putting the fate of the planet at risk. This new threat is something they cannot defeat alone, which is why we're enlisting your help.....

Carlos: .....And all of the other Ranger forces. Us, Lightspeed Rescue, Wild Force, Time Force....all of us.

Ashley: With the army Thrax is building up, Zordon may need an army himself.

Andros: Right,'ve helped us in our time of need. With the fate of the world in the balance....again, we definitely could use an extra pair of hands.

Upon hearing this, Justin just breathed heavily and reached into his pocket to pull out his old wrist Turbo morpher and key.

He then looks up at Andros and the others and says....

Justin: It's about that time, huh?

Cassie: *chuckles* I guess so.....

It cuts back to on the road where Billy was still behind the wheel and Zach was in the shotgun seat beside him. Tommy, Kimberly and Trini were in the back.

Tommy was, of course, still depressed about Jason and he was awful quiet.

Trini: Hey, you alright?

Tommy:'s just.....I don't know what it feels like. It's like someone just shot me through the heart, ripped it out of me and just ate it. It's.....*sighs*

Kimberly: Tommy, Tommy.....come on. I know how much Jason meant to us. To all of us. But time marches on. You can't change the future, you can't.....rewind the past. It's those memories that matter the most. What's the only way to re-live them or keep them alive?

Tommy: You press play?

Kimberly: giggles How did you know?

Tommy: I read yours, you read mine. It isn't rocket science.

Kimberly: We'll find a way. I promise.

She went over and kissed him. But all of a sudden, a sudden bang started to rock the vehicle.

Zach: Whoa!

Trini: What the hell?!

Eventually, Billy couldn't control the tension of the ramming and the car flipped over until it came to a complete halt.

Zach was the first to get out of the car, battered and bruised. When he finally burst out the window and stood up, he saw.....the Dino Rangers (Connor, Ethan, Kira) railing on their powerbikes.

Zach: We got company!

The others got out the car as well and then saw them.

Tommy: Oh no.....

Ethan: Power Rangers, prepare to be defeated! Long live Emperor Thrax!!

The Dark Rangers (Dino Thunder) attacked Tommy and the others as they held out on their own as much as they could while Alpha and Zordon saw on the viewing globe.

Alpha (Bill Hader): Ayiayiayi! Zordon, the Rangers are in trouble!

Zordon (Bryan Cranston): It's the Dino Thunder force. They're being controlled by Threx. Contact Trent immediately.

Back at the fight, the other 5 held their own, but the Dark Rangers seemed too strong for their own good.

Billy: Ah, these guys are too much!

Tommy: Who are you guys?!

Connor: Come now, Dr. O. You taught us everything, remember?

Tommy: What?? Connor?!!

He attacked again 'till he turned his attention to Kimberly.

Connor: Oh no, you don't.

Kimberly: Back off, Connor!

At that point, she struggled to find her comfort zone to attack. When she missed her kick, Connor capitalized and put her into a chokehold. But luckily, Trent (Jeffrey Parazzo) arrived and got him off her.

Trent: I don't think so.

Billy: About time.

Trent: Sorry. Stuck in traffic.

Tommy: Well, at least you're here. That's what matters.

Kimberly: Alright then.....IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

Thunder clashes


Kimberly: PTERODACTYL!!!



At that point, the Power Rangers and the Dark Rangers raged on into battle.

But Zach and Trini hid behind the van scanning the scene. Even though they didn't have the power anymore, they still felt need to help out.

Trini: Zach, we can't just sit here and do nothing.

Zach: I was thinking the same thing. Come on!

They got out of cover and made their way to them, but they were blocked by Kira.

Kira: Going somewhere?

Zach: Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Out of the way.

Eventually, they begun their own share of the battle, but they REALLY couldn't keep up with Kira. She used her super SCREAM to pummel and absolutely incapacitate them, and they both fell battered and bruised.

Kimberly and Billy noticed it, but that's when they let their guard down and gave Ethan and Connor time to attack.

At that point, they all ganged up on Tommy. And he was really stressed out.

Tommy: Guys, this isn't what I trained you for.

Ethan: True...true......I will give you credit.

Kira: You.....taught us well.....But WE didn't teach YOU anything.

She attacked with her Ptera Grips and it penetrated Tommy REALLY hard that he fell to one knee.

Kimberly: Tommy!

Tommy: God---damn it.....

Ethan: The Master has requested we bring you a slowly and painful demise. We'd be happy to carry out those orders....

Connor:....if you don't mind.

Tommy slowly gets up and staggers.....but what they didn't know is he had a backup plan.

Tommy: Actually.....I think it's safe to say I do mind. POWER CYCLES!!!

Out of nowhere, the Power-Cycles vroomed out of nowhere through the fog and knocked the Dino Rangers back.

Kimberly: Everybody on the bikes, now!

Billy: Zach, Trini, get on!

They both got on the backseat of a Rangers cycle as the Rangers got on theirs and drove off. Trent got on his cycle as well and went with them.

Unfortunately, the Dino Rangers followed them.

While they were riding, Tommy decide to contact Alpha.

Tommy: Alpha!

Alpha: Tommy! What are you doing out there?! You have---

Tommy: Overwhelming forces, I get it! Just give us an exit!

Billy: Wait, the exit right on there; it leads into the rocky remains.

Kimberly: Turn, turn, turn!

They all made that sharp turn to onto the rocky road, but the Dino Rangers still followed.

Zach: Billy, let me talk to him.

Billy: Zach's on the line, Alpha.

Zach: Alpha, man! Can you please give us something useful to get us the hell OUT OF HERE?!

Alpha: Don't worry, I got something. This is gonna sound....*chuckles*....crazy. But, crazy is what often gets you out of trouble.

Kimberly: Trust me, we're used to doing crazy. Just tell us.

Alpha: Alright, listen close. You're coming up to a rickety old bridge. I need you to cross the bridge, head for the cliff and drive right off.

Both (Zach, Trini): WHAT?!

Tommy: I see what you're doing, Alpha. Thanks!

He hangs up and they head to the bridge.

Trini: What are you doing?!

Billy: Y'all better hang on to something! This is gonna be rough!

Trent: Hang on to what?!

As they did hold on as Billy warned them to, all four of them went full speed ahead and in slo-mo, they headed towards the cliff, and right before the Dino Rangers could catch up again, they all drove off the cliff. The Rangers screamed like they were on a roller coaster, giving the dark Rangers the slip as they saw them go off.

Kira: Damn! Those cowards almost met their maker.

Connor: Let them go. They'll be back.

But the Dino Thunder team vanish, the others all put their morphers into the hull of their bikes just as they were close to crash-landing.

And then.....

Kimberly: PHOENIX!!!

Billy: YETI!!!!



And again, in slo-mo, the Powercycles slowly transformed into their Mythical zords. And Trents bike warped into his Drago Dinozord.

Shortly, afterwards, they used their morphers to open up their own secret tunnels and it led them back to the command center from Angel Grove in a matter of minutes.

(Amazing, huh?)

As soon as they got back, they took their morphers out of the hull of their zords and he zords reverted back into their Powercycles. And it startled Aisha (Karan Ashley) and Rocky (Steve Carnadas)

Aisha: What the--

Zach: Holy--That was insane. For a split second, Tommy, I thought you lost your mind.

Kimberly: He's had more ideas like that out of his reach.

Tommy: *chuckles*

Trini: But wait, what was that back there?

Trent: It was them.

Rocky: Them who?

Tommy: My students. The Power Rangers from Dino Thunder. I recognized Connor's voice. Thrax must have mind control on them, kinda like Rita had on me. Following RIGHT in their footsteps.

Aisha: But why would he....? Billy, any ideas?

Billy: We have to see Zordon. Now. 

Kimberly: Ok......Wait, where's Adam?

It cuts to the medical room as John Park (Dakota Goyo) was just waking up from that dreadful brain-wash and as he looked around the place wondering where the hell he was, he locked eyes on Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch) and he backed up in shock.

John: Wha---why are you here?

Adam: One: I have to be. We're on a mission here. And Two: you almost got killed out there and I wanted to tell you how sorry am I for letting you into this mess. I understand you're upset right now, but we can talk this out.

John: No more talk!

He charged at his father as they struggle on the floor. The commotion startles the rest as they went in to see. Adam pushed John off of him, but John, somehow, manages to grab Adams gun from his hip and aimed it at him.

John: Stay RIGHT THERE!!!

Adam: John, wait! Put it down!

John: Why should I? You lied to me!

Adam: I know, but if I hadn't, I would lose my powers permanently. And giving what I've already done for Angel Grove and the world, I had to make sure it would stay that way!

John: So you chose THAT over Mom leaving us?!

Adam: No.....John, you know better then that. I would never choose that over you. You and your mother was the best thing that ever happened to me. But at the same time, I just had a responsibility for the both of you and everything else. And I loved that too. But things are different now then they were back then. Believe me....John, I wanted to tell was a too big of a risk for me. I already lost your mother. I'm not gonna lose you too.

John didn't know what else to say.....but he lowered the blaster and dropped it. Adam willingly approached him and hugged him as he just shed tears from his eyes.

Zach: No worse feeling then having your kids turn on you, man. If only Angela could understand that.

Rocky: I wish she'd get it too.

Kimberly:....Come on, guys. They need some time alone.

They nodded and they went up into the main hall, where they met face to face with Zordon.

Zordon: I know we're all having it hard, especially with you, Tommy. But the Earth is depending on us to insure it's survival.

Tommy: Zordon. What in god's name did Thrax do to my students?!

Zordon: He has them under a dark spell like Rita had on you. He has chosen the Dino Thunder team to be his own Power Ranger force to take you out. So, during these desperate days, it has come to my attention that you all cannot defeat this threat alone. And, so my friends, I'd like you all to welcome your new allies.

A side door rose up shining a light into the room, where Justin and the Space Rangers (Andros, TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley) stepped in, facing the rangers.

Justin: It's been forever now, hasn't it?

Tommy: Wait....who....are you?

It took Tommy a while to finally get a glimpse on it, but finally it clicked.

Tommy: Wait.....Justin?

Rocky: Justin?

Justin: *chuckles* The one and only Mountain Blaster.

Tommy and Rocky chuckled and welcomed back their friend as Aisha, Billy, Trent and Kimberly turned to Andros

Kimberly: And who are you?

Andros: I'm Andros of the Space force. And this is TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos.

Cassie: Zordon called all of us in. Along with the other forces.

Billy: All of the Power Ranger forces?

Trent: They're coming here?

TJ: Yeah, I will say that sounds like a lot. But it's necessary.

Andros: And I would like to add that it's an honor to meet the earliest Rangers.

Billy: Likewise. I've studied all the other forces for years and it's amazing.

Aisha: When are the other Rangers coming?

Carlos: In three days, tops. Maybe less.

Kimberly: Well, the sooner they get here, the better.

The alarm went off.

Alpha: Ayiayiayiayi! The Dino Thunder team is attacking the south side of Angel Grove!

They saw it from the viewing globe and saw a pixelated scene of Ethan, Connor and Kira attacking the south side in a Megazord.....but it wasn't theirs.

Rocky: Oh boy....

Justin: They're fish in a barrel down there. How longer can we deal with this?

Tommy: Not any longer.

Andros: But that's why we came here to help you with the situation.

Kimberly: Glad you guys made it, then.

Aisha: But what about Adam?

Alpha: He needs some time alone, Rangers. You can do this.

Trent: I'll watch Adam while you guys deal with them. It'll be alright, I promise.

Aisha: Alrighty......IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!

Thunder clashes






Space Team: LET'S ROCK IT! 3-3-5!


In the blink of an eye, all the Rangers teleported to where the Dino Thunder team was attacking, but they soon found out that they weren't alone.....not in the slightest.

They heard a humongous stomp and a roar up in the air......and it was all too familiar.

Kimberly: Oh that....?

Tommy: Looks like it....and he's definitely hungry for more!

The camera zoomed out from where the Rangers were as it gave us a look at....Serpentera. Apparently, Thrax gave the Dino Thunder force command over Lord Zedd's Serpentera zord as it went into its..."Zord" mode and breathed fire and caused earthquakes using its roar. Basically, it caused so much more destruction than Rito Revolto's mutated dinosaurs did.

TJ: Oh my god....

Ashley: What is that---that thing?!

Andros: I think that's---

Both (Tommy, Andros): The Serpentera.

Cassie: Wait, you know that thing too?

Tommy: One of Lord Zedd's old toys. With Thrax having my students controlling, it could be hell on Earth already. Looks like we're gonna need the Mythic zords out here.

Billy: But, Tommy, that's a big risk here. They haven't been battle tested yet. And Adam's not here to pilot the Basilisk zord.

Tommy: We don't got a choice, Billy. People's lives are in danger here.

Aisha: Billy, he's right. It's now or never.

Rocky: If we wait too long to make a move, we'll all be dragon soup by the end of the day.

Kimberly: Ugh....definitely not happening.

Billy: Alrighty, then....

Tommy: Justin? Andros? Hope you guys got zords too.

Justin: I still got the Siren Blaster.

Andros: We've rebuild the Mega Voyager. So it should work.

Tommy: Good, cause....WE NEED MYTHIC-ZORD POWER NOW!

Thunder clashes






Justin: I got you there. SIREN BLASTER!

Space Rangers: MEGA VOYAGER, online!

Everyone got their additional zords online and everyone turned their attention to Serpentera.

Kimberly: Ugh, I'm gonna be sick.

Rocky: So what's the gameplan?

Tommy: Attack from all sides. Gang up on him, and hopefully keep him down.

Billy: Not that simple. He's got a new force field. And if that wasn't bad enough, it only stays down for only 10 seconds.

Aisha: Oh my--

Kimberly: Damn it.

Andros: Guess we'll have to do this the old fashion way.

So they tried to do an "attack from all sides" strategy on Serpentera, but they soon found out that it wasn't gonna work.

Justin: Ugh! This ain't good!

Andros: It's got to have a weak spot somewhere.

They were not having the best of luck with finding it. Even though the Rangers hit it with everything they got, it did them no good as Serpentera continued to fire at them, crashing the zords down.

Kimberly: Damn it!

Billy: Ugh! It's no use! We need Adam now!

Tommy: I'll try and contact him!

Both (TJ, Rocky): Well, hurry up!!!

Back at the command center, Adam and John were still talking out was Trent was watching from afar

Adam: And ever since Ivan Ooze, the Rangers weren't needed 'till Lord Zedd returned along with Rita and her brother Rito....

At that point, Adams communicator watch starts beeping and he knew he had to answer it.


Billy: Adam! Adam, come in!

Aisha: We need some help over here! We're pinned down!

Tommy: Anytime would be great, Adam!!!

At that point, The connection cuts off.

Adam: Guys.....

Trent: They need you?

Adam: Yep.....

John: You're gonna leave again, aren't you?

Adam: John, nothing will be any different. I promise I....I'll make it back.

Suddenly, John just hugged his dad.

John: What's more cooler to be the son of the Black Ranger?

Adam smiled as his kid and then......

Adam: Alright, stay here with Trent. I'll be back.....IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

Thunder clashes


He soon made it to the battlefield and saw all Hell braking loose with the Rangers and Serpentera.


Thunder clashes again


Showing up in his Mythic Basilisk Zord, it roared, hissing out of the water. Then it jumped up and knocked Serpentera down long enough for the others to regroup.

Adam: Yee-haw! I'm here, guys!

Aisha: Talk about in the nick of time.

Kimberly: Alright, Adam! Let's do it, then!


In a very cool animation sequence, each of the six zords came together as the Space Rangers and Justin backed up and watched. The Red hound and Liger formed the legs while the Basilisk formed the waist area and held the legs, the Yeti became the chest as the White Dragon became the arms and the Phoenix strapped to the back of the Yeti and became the chest piece. At that point, the head pops up.


The Mythic Megazord was complete and it was fantastic.

Billy: Alright, remember. 10 seconds is all we have to attack.

Rocky: Hold it......hold it......

As Serpentera attacked, the Mythic Megazord blocked it and soon, its shield went down.

Billy: Now!


They launched an attack and it cut Serpenteras body into two and saw the Dino Rangers fall out of it.

Tommy: That's not good. I gotta get down there.

Alpha: Ayiyiyiyiyi! Rangers!

Aisha: Alpha, what's going on?

Alpha: Put Adam on the line.

Adam: Yeah?

Alpha: You might wanna look at this......

An hologram image shows up and what it shows him absolutely strikes him to no end.

He saw his wife, Helen (Kirsten Dunst) perched in the inside of the nearest workplace, trying to get to cover.

Adam didn't say anything. He cuts off the transmission and jumps out to get his wife.

Rocky: ADAM!

Tommy: Let him be. He's got a duty to answer and I got one of my own. Guys, take control of the Megazord and give Justin and Andros a hand. I need to have a little chat with my students.


Kimberly: I'm going with you, Tommy. I'm in for a little payback.

Tommy: Nobody dies today.

They both jumped out of the zords in style and while Adam went for his wife, Tommy and Kimberly confronted Kira, Connor and Ethan. All three of them paced around them like a pack of wild hyenas.

Tommy: Guys, that ugly mess of waste is messing you guys. This is not what I taught you to become. Face it: you're being used as puppets. Fight the puppet master, not me!

Connor, however, attacked and almost knocked Tommy down. But luckily, Tommy blocked it and sent Connor flying.

Connor: Oh, I'll show you who's the real puppet. TRASSIC MODE!

He brought out the Trassic Shield and it slowly turns him into the Trassic Ranger as Kimberly stepped back a little.

Tommy: That's really how you wanna play it?

He pulls out his wrist morpher and key and then....


Forming into the Legend Ranger once again, he and Kimberly fought them off, but they were evenly matched and then Connor took out a sword as he and Tommy went into a sword fight as Kimberly did combat with the others.

Meanwhile, another Earthquake happened, and the building that Helen was in started to stumble, rumble and collapse. Adam could feel it from the stairs, so he had to hurry. He leaped up all the way up to the 7th level and burst through the door.


Everyone turned to him, including Helen, who was freaking out.

Adam: We don't have long before this thing blows. I need one half of you down the emergency exit and the other half down the regular ones. But as soon as you get out, do NOT head home. Either, head to the basement or the subway. But STAY OFF THE STREETS, ok? Your lives depend on it.

Worker: Why should we take orders from you?

All of a sudden, three of Thrax's robot army burst through the windows.

Adam: That's why.

He threw his power axe at one of them and fought of the last two while the workers hurried out of the building. Unfortunately, another one stopped Helen before she exited and it grabbed her.

Helen: No, no, no! LET GO OF ME!

She tried using kicking back its legs, but it's just made the robot tighten its grip.

Adam: Hey!

He rushed over there and tackled the robot, but during the course of the battle, the robot cracked and ripped Adams helmet off. But luckily, Helen couldn't tell who it was.

Adam: *to the robot* Junkyard....crap!

He takes his body and rips it into two and sighs heavily. As Adam leans on the table to try and catch his breath, he feels Helens presence behind him and slowly turns around.

Helen: *Gasps*....Adam?

Adam: I got a lot of explaining to do. I know that. But now isn't the time.

Helen: Where's John?

Adam: He's safe. I'll take you to him soon. But first, I'm getting you out of here

They tried to get to the emergency exit, but their paths were blocked again by the robots

Helen: Oh no.....

Adam: Helen, get behind me. I've got this.

However, before Adam could do anything, MORE help arrived. Out of nowhere, the Lightspeed Rescue force appeared and sorted out (destroyed) all the robots at the same time. Adam, of course, also had to jump into the mix.

When they were all scraped up, Adam held Helen by the arm as he looked at the Lightspeed Rescue team. And then the Red Ranger, Carter (Sean CW Johnson) took off his helmet and turned to Adam

Carter: Adam of the Mighty Morphin' team. This is an honor.

Adam: Light Speed Rescue force. Zordon really is calling in all forces.

Helen: Who?

Adam: I'll tell you later.

Meanwhile with the Legend Ranger and the Dino Thunder team, Kimberly and Kira were dead even with each other.

Kimberly: I don't want to hurt you guys, so give up now.

Kira: To you, Pink Ranger? Never!

They fought on 'till Kira once again used her scream to push her back. But Kimberly wasn't done yet as she caught herself.

Kimberly: Oh, it's on now.....METALLIC ARMOR!!!

So just like her old suit, she went into metallic mode. But Kira was unfazed.

Kira: What a lost cause.....

She went to attack Kim, but the metallic armor worked in her favor as Kimberly couldn't feel the pain and deliver twice as much punishment as before. After pushing Kira back, she attempted a new kind of headscissor and Kira laid knocked out, freed from Thrax's control.

Kimberly: How you like them apples?

With Connor and Ethan's battle, Tommys full legend force brought Connor and Ethan down to diminishing levels. They couldn't keep up with him and he was much stronger then them.

Ethan: You will....will never beat us. Resistance is futile.

Tommy: I bet you won't resist this. WARRIOR SABER, ENERGY ORB!!!

He spun his saber around in a clockwise motion, held it at the two of them and fired the orb. It struck them both down as Tommy powered out of his Legend mode. But the Warrior form was enough to finally break Thrax's control over them and they all turned back to themselves.

Connor: Ugh....where are we?

Kira: I don't know. I remember a little....

Tommy and Kim morphed back to normal, rushed over to them and helped them up.

Tommy: You guys ok?

Ethan: Our heads are spinning. What just happened?

Tommy: It's alright. You're no longer on Thrax's spell.

Connor: Wha--Thrax's....What have we done?

Kimberly: What you all you did was under Thrax's influence. But we can fix this. We'll take you back to the command center to get you all checked out. You can still fight by our side, so we can defeat Threx.

Kira: After everything that happened?

Connor: Are we even worth it?

Tommy: Your always worth it, guys. I wouldn't have chosen y'all for this if you weren't. This is your life now and it's where you belong.

Ethan: Dr. O, I---

Tommy: We'll discuss later. But first....

Kimberly held out her hand to Connor and said....

Kimberly: Will you stand beside us, Dino Rangers?

Connor looked back at Kira and Ethan who just smiled and nodded at him. He looked at her....and then shook her hand. And then with a smirk from Tommy, they all, somehow, faded back to the command center.

Back with the battle between the Megazord and Serpentera....both parts of Serpentera turned into seperate zords and they were evenly matched 'till Billy launched a mega blast wave

Rangers: Mega Blast Wave! Armed and Ready!

Justin: I got the other one, guys! Let's do it.

Space Team: ASTRO SABER!

Justin: BOOYAH!

They all fired and Serpentera exploded, officially, sending that sucker to the scrapheap.....

Meanwhile, Thrax watched on, clearly frustrated.

Thrax: Blast those Rangers. Worst of all, they got hold of my Dark Rangers. Note to self: Need stronger test subjects.

Thrax called his forces back and they all teleported

Aisha: They're leaving.

Billy: Yes. But why?

Rocky: Maybe Thrax finally gave up.

Billy: I doubt it. He must be up to something.

Alpha on radio: Ayiayiayiayi! Rangers! Rangers!

Justin and the Space Force heard Alpha as well.

Justin: Alpha?

Aisha: Slow down, Alpha. What is it?

Alpha: You must teleport to the command center at once!

TJ: Oh boy....we got you.

Rocky: Yeah, we're on our way.

They all came back to the Command Center as they saw Adam with Helen and Tommy with Kimberly and the Dino Rangers.

Andros: Zordon, what's happening?!

Zordon: Rangers, behold the viewing globe.

They all looked at the viewing globe to encounter a stunning sight.

President (Shemar Moore): My fellow Americans, it has come to my conclusion that the city of Angel Grove is infested with multiple monsters and and the mother of all natural disasters. It is putting the entire fate of the planet in the balance. I believe the heroes known as the Power Rangers are doing everything they can, but action must take place NOW. We cannot be tolerated by another fatal blow to our economy, let alone, our world. I am ordering the citizens of Angel Grove to evacuate immediately.....for an air strike is sent to drop a nuclear bomb in the aftermath of the city to insure the survival of our world. It is currently set to detonate in T-minus 50 minutes and counting.

The connection cut out and everyone was just dumbfounded.

Rocky: Ahh, that's bull---

Kimberly: Watch it, Rocky. I don't blame them evacuating the city. But a NUCLEAR bomb?

Justin: He's gonna end up sending us all back to the B.C era.

Andros: Son of a---We can't let them do this.

Ethan: We don't have much of a choice. They really don't let the people make the choices around here anymore.

Kira: Well, we could still use that around here.

That's when Zach and Trini walk in.

Zach: What's going on?

The room became silent again.

Connor: what's going on.

Alpha: We have a bomb headed straight for the city.

Trini: How long?

Zordon: 50 minutes max. The payload will wipe out the entire city.

At that point, Adam took Helen to the bottom level, so she can see John.

Adam: Listen. I'm gonna take you to see John, alright? He's been patient and he had no idea that you're here. Please try to keep him calm and don't tell him about the bombing.

Helen nodded and eventually, Adam came in the medic room one cut later.

Adam: John? There's someone here to see you.

John didn't know what to say or even think at the moment, but Adam steps aside and Helen walked into the room with a smile on her face.

John: Mom??

Helen walked over, hugging her son tightly.

Helen: Don't worry, John. I'm here now. Everything's gonna be ok.

Adam stood there by the door with Trent, unaware of what to say or do, but he looked at both of them and smiled.

Back on the upper levels......

Zach: This is so freaking messed up! The President's willing to blow us all to the stone age?

Justin: What did you expect? I was never a fan of politics, anyways.

Aisha: Well, that ain't gonna change the fact that he's gonna obliterate us in about an hours notice.

Tommy: What else can we do?

Zordon: The President is acting out of fear. But he doesn't understand the full empathy of his actions. At this rate many civilians will NOT make it out in time with this particular threat in our hands. The bombing has to be stopped or many lives will be lost.

Kimberly: So, what'd we do? We don't have long anyways.

Billy: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Kira: Meaning?

Billy: Alpha. Teleport the President to the command center imminently. It's time to sort this out.

All: WHAT?!

Alpha: Billy, you can't be serious! You want me to teleport the most powerful man on Earth here in our secret center?!

Zordon: Billy is right, Alpha. It is a risk to great not to take. He will not know where he is. Therefore protecting our location.....

Tommy:....and our cover. Genius.

Rocky: Always the man with a plan, Billy.

Billy: It's what I do, Rock.....Alright, guys......Helmets on. Trini, Zach, hide in the back and don't come out till he leaves.

They did as he commanded.

Alpha: Ayiyiyiyi......I still don't think this is a good idea.

As Alpha begins to type and scramble his teleporter, the President was at the White House (as most of the time), in his office signing some contracts.....until he saw his hands flashing in static.

President: What in the name of.....

He gets covered in static and then teleports and enters the Command center. He picks himself up to witness the Rangers staring at him with their arms crossed.

President: The Power Rang---

Zordon: Good afternoon, Mr. President.

President: *Looks up* Aaah!! *Falls on the floor*

The Rangers picked up the President as he tried to regain his balance and composure.

President: Wha---the hell am I doing here?!

Tommy: So we can warn you about your current unofficial method of choice. I understand your concern, sir. But there are better ways to go about this.

President: I wish I could believe that.

Zordon: Mr. President. I highly advise you to think about your next move. Even if the Rangers can not contain the violence, I know you surely cannot hold yourself responsible for ordering a nuclear strike against a civilian population.

President: Listen....uhh....sir......As much as I hate to make the gruesome decisions, I'm officially primed to serve the country and lead it towards the future and to a brighter and better tomorrow. So I have to take every precaution I can to insure that.

Rocky: You send that missile out, and there won't be a tomorrow. Even if we die together, there's no victory to achieve from this.

Kimberly: Mr. President, I beg of you. If you give us enough time, we WILL take care of this threat. A day is all the time we need to take care of 'em. But if---If that fails....and we fall, then.....

Billy: You can go ahead with your operation. But this is NOT wise......ONE DAY, that's all we need.

The president looked around and thought long and hard about his answer, unaware that Bulk and Skull were lurking BEHIND THE CONTROL TERMINAL.

Bulk: I told you I knew my way around.l here.

Skull: Yeah, that the President of the United States in there?!

President: What you're all asking me is rational. If even if I give you two days what good will it do?

Zordon: To let my Rangers prove their loyalty for the country and the planet that you and your people stand for.

Tommy: What'd you say Mr. President? Just one day.

President: *Sighs*.....Very day it is. But, by that time precisely, I hope you've all eliminated this population of demons and monsters, or I will have to force my hand.

Zordon: Understood. Alpha?

President: Wait...what'd you---

Alpha pressed a button teleporting the President back to the White House. Then they heard Bulk and Skull struggling behind the terminal.

Kimberly: Do you hear---?

Billy: Oh , don't tell me....

As Bulk and Skull were still struggling with getting space, they fell out where they were hiding and stood up and saw them.

Skull: AH-HA!!!

Bulk: Power Rangers! We finally found you!

Aisha: Bulk and Skull?? How did they find us and how did they get in here without a power coin??

Skull: We...uh...we were given a coin by someone who bailed us out.

He pulls it out and the Rangers gasped.

Skull: It lead us to you.

Bulk: And we humbly ask to join your team.

Carlos: He's kidding, right??

Cassie: They have to be.

Andros: I find it hard to tell at this point.

Alpha: Ayiayiayi!! The coin given to Bulk and Skull are leading Thrax's army right to us!

Rangers: What??!!

They saw them coming on the viewing globe.

Justin: How?!

Aisha: I have no damn idea.

Kimberly: Son of a.....

Billy: Where's Adam?

Bulk: Wait. What, Adam?

(Really, Billy?)

Tommy: Oh my god.....*turns to Zordon*

Both (Tommy, Andros): Well.....what now?

Zordon was silent for a moment and then he said.....

Zordon: There's not much you can do now. It's time to reveal yourselves, Rangers.

They slowly turned towards Bulk and Skull.....and they take off their helmets. And Trini and Zach came out from the other side as well.

Zach: Yeah....I know......

Trini: Not what you were expecting, right?

Bulk and Skull were so dumbfounded and shocked.....that they fainted (lol).

Aisha: Well......That didn't take long.

At that point, the army busted through the doors of the Command Center and confronted them. But, for some reason, the alarm doesn't go off.

Rocky: Ahh, COME ON!

Billy: Trini, Zach, get Adam out here!

Kimberly: NOW!

As the others fend off the robots, Trini and Zach both rush to the bottom level to get to Trent and Adam, who was still trying to rekindle with Helen and John.

Zach: Adam, Trent, come on! They're here!

Trini: Come on, we gotta go!

John: Dad, wait!

Adam turned over to the both of them.

Helen: Promise me you'll come back.

Adam: Definitely, I'll make it.

As the four of them rush to the upper levels, they already see the robots scattered and destroyed.

Adam: Didn't leave any for me?

Rocky: Little too late, then?

Adam: *chuckles*

Trini: Not now, guys. Zordon, where are the other Rangers?

Zordon: In route, as we speak.

Ethan: Uh....guys.....we got company.

He points out the door and they see an ENTIRE ARMY of Thrax's robots.

Connor: Oh my--

Tommy: They just don't give up.

As Zach and Trini stayed inside, the rest of the heroes rushed outside and stood outside the command center as the army approached them

Tommy: Oh my god.....

Kimberly: There's so many of them.

Kira: This is a little bit of overkill.

Carlos: A little bit?! This isn't a fight, it's an execution!

Rocky: Something tells me we need more---

And then....

The ground began to shake AGAIN, but then, they all looked up and saw multiple beams of light shoot down and stun them, to the point where they had to look away from the light.

As the lights dim lower and lower, they took a good look at what's in their direction and what did they see?

Trent: No way.....

Billy: Oh.....

Rocky: My.....

Connor: God.....

They saw ALL the Ranger teams by the their corner.

Time Force

Wild Force

Lightspeed Rescue Force

Zeo Force

Turbo Force 

NinjaStorm Force

S.P.D. Force

Mystic Force

Operation Overdrive Force

Jungle Fury Force

R.P.M. Force

Samurai Force


Dino Charge   

And the Alien Rangers

It was now World War Rangers.

Both (Adam, Carlos): Holy.....

Billy: How much did you ask for, Rocky?

Rocky: A little less then that....

Cassie: Ask and you shall receive.

Kimberly: looks like this is it, huh?

Tommy: Not as long as Thrax is still standing. this case.....

He stares across the army.

Tommy: This is gonna be ugly, but let's get it done.


They all out their helmets back on and charged at them (just like in Legendary Battle) as they breezed through the army. By the end of the hour, there were no casualties.

Well.....almost no casualties.

As Carter was stretching out after that long battle, a pop was heard and it struck him down and he struggled to get back up.

The person behind the gun (energy gun)?


He walks up to Carter and he shoots him again, effectively killing him.

Vincent: Long live Thrax......

Kimberly: HEY!

Vincent turned and Kimberly flipped down and swung a kick and they brawled around the area. Little did they know that Bulk and Skull watched that on the viewing globe.

Skull: This is like watching a Saturday night show

Bulk: Yea well....there's got to be something we can do to help.

Zordon: Bulk. Skull. There is something you two can do to help. However, while you're not experienced on being Rangers, you are experts on militia.

Skull: Used to be.

Bulk: How'd you....I mean no offense're some giant head in a big light. How can you....?

Zordon: I have my sources. You two can assist the Rangers with these......

Platforms came out of the floors with blasters in holsters and Bulk and Skull each grabbed one.

Bulk: Freaking A.

Meanwhile, Threx stood on top of a mountain , carrying his father's staff staring at the Command center and watching the Rangers occupied.

Threx: This is where our legacy thrives, Father. And tonight.....Zordon of Eltars will wither and die with the Power Rangers ONCE AND FOR ALL!  

He makes a bomb and launches it all the way into the command center. But it has a countdown (like the one in Zeo)

As Bulk and Skull exit, Kimberly and Vincent continues fighting onwards as the others watch.

Vincent: Talented. Fearless. Foolish and unaware of impending doom awaiting.

Kimberly: For a guy in a nice suit and tie, you sure as hell don't have a need to run your mouth.

She launched him back, but he had a force field that he can bring up with his mind. When she's blasts her Power bow at him, he reflects the shot and it fires back at her, critically injuring her again.

Tommy: Kimberly!!!

He rushed over to her, but Vince blasted him as well.

But at that point, another shot was fired and it plows straight brought Vince. As he falls dead, Tommy and the others turn over to see Bulk and Skull with the blasters in their hands. They also got John and Helen out.

Skull: You nerds need a hand?

Eventually, they helped Tommy, Kim, Justin and Andros up and Adam hugs his family.

But then......(Deja Vu)....the bomb in the the command center hits ZERO and everything starts to blow and crumble apart.


For the third consecutive time, the Command Center blew into pieces.

Tommy saw it in shock while carrying Kimberly and feared the worst

Tommy: Zordon....Alpha....

Ashley: Andros!

Andros: *Looks over* No....Zordon....

All of them powered down and rushed to the demolished Command Center except for Billy, who was left to his own thoughts after witnessing that. As soon as the others went in, they found Alpha with his power sparkle out of him and covered in dirt.

Tommy: Alpha...

Alpha: To--Tommy....ayi--yiyuyu--yiyi....Zordon's....dy--dying.

That got Kimberly to snap out of her thoughts on her injury and she fell out of Tommy's arms.

Kimberyly: What?!

They found him like he was after Ivan Ooze attacked him, but with the Command center completely destroyed, there wasn't a way to fix him this time. Tommy, Kimberly and the others ran up to him while Ashley and Andros stayed with Alpha

Adam: ZORDON!!!

Zordon: did well....but my almost done.....

Aisha: Damn it, we're losing him.....

Kimberly: No.... *Tears up* Please, Zordon...don't leave us again.....

Zordon: *sighs* I....never....will.....

Eventually, they soon heard laughing and saw Thrax landing down.

Thrax: We've finally seen enough of this slug. On and on, like a broken record.

They all grew angry at him, but Adam was the most pissed off and he charged at Thrax.

Tommy: ADAM, NO!!!!

He yelled while he charged, and continued to try and strike Thrax with his axe. But Thrax blasted Zedd's scepter at Adam, striking him....through the HEART! 

John: DAD!!!!

Helen: NOOOOO!!!

Adam struggled and choked and writhes in agony as Thrax impales him harder.

Zach and Trini try to get Thrax off of him, but he brushes them off.

As for Tommy, well, he couldn't take it anymore.


He charges his saber and throws at Thrax and it explodes on impact, sending Thrax out of the destroyed command center. Eventually, he disappeared.

The others just laid back shocked as to what just happened as Andros tended to Alpha one last time.

Alpha: Ran--an--gers.....get th--the's---his key--the k--key to his se--se--self--destruc--ction.....

Alpha eventually fades and Ashley and Andros just look down.

Andros: He's gone......

Not too long after that, Zordon takes his final breath.......

Rocky; No, no, no, no, NO!!!

Kimberly: Zordon, please. Don't go......

There was nothing to be done this time. Zordon of Eltar was gone for good this time......

Tommy, again, was close to losing control of himself, but he had to keep it all inside as he went over and tended to Adam. Carlos was with him as well.

Carlos: Adam. Stay with us, man. C'mon!

Carlos put both of his hands on Adam's chest and administered CPR.....or tried to.....

Tommy: Buddy, buddy....I'm here. It's alright, man.

Adam: *Weakly* Did you....did you know this would happen?

Tommy: Not in the slightest.

Helen: ADAM!

John: DAD!

They rushed over to him in tears.

Helen: Adam, you can't.....

Adam: *Weakly* It's only a they say in a good story.....

John: You said you'd come back.....

Adam: *Weakly* And I always will.....*chuckles*

Helen: *Sobs* I'm so sorry, baby. If only I had known this earlier, I never would've left you. But you can't go like this.

Adam: Trust me.....I you feel.

Tommy: Don't talk like that buddy. You're gonna make it.

Adam: *Weakly* I've made it as I could.....and I will say.....*coughs* was a real honor stand by your side..... *Turns to Zach* Zach....I believe....this...belongs to you....

He opens his hand and it shows the Black Ranger power coin.

Zach: Ah, Adam....

As Adam opened his hand, the coin started to levitate on its own and into Zach's hand. As it did, the suit flickered and then vanished from Adam and then warped onto Zach. He was once again the Black Ranger after all these years. Zach looked over to see.....Adam give out one last smile and then.....

He was gone......

Everyone broke down for their fallen friend, but back outside.....Billy found something shinny buried in a cave under the Command Center.

Billy ran his readings through it and discovered that this was indeed, the Sentinel Sword used in the battle against Thrax (from Operation Overdrive)

Billy: Well, then....let's see what we got here.

He struggled and shook the sword to loosen its position and eventually, he took the sword out from the ground. The entire cave eventually, started to to rumble and began moving up to the surface like an elevator. Soon, Billy crashed out of the ground and back into the surface with the sword still in hand. But the sword started shaking on it's own and soon the sword formed into.....the Sentinel Knight!

Billy: No way....*chuckles*.....

The Knight almost disappeared immediately and teleported to the city, where he locked eyes on Thrax.

As soon as Thrax turned around to see him, he backed up with his mouth open, as if he had just seen a ghost.

Threx: No....not you! Not now!

Sentinel Knight (Nic Sampson): It ends here, Thrax.


Sentinel Knight attacked, and unlike their previous encounter, this one lasted a LOT longer.

Thrax: You don't scare me. I fear NOTHING!

Sentinel Knight: Lets see if you're still saying that after this!!!

He jumps up in the air and launched his super attack (the one from Once A Ranger)

But Thrax was still standing straight.

Sentinel Knight: You've improved since last time. No matter.

He charged at him, and they went through buildings and into the sky. Their battle was all over the place.

Meanwhile, Billy rushed in to tell the others what he just saw, only to see Adams dead body in the floor.

Billy: What--what the hell just happened?

Tommy: Thrax.

Kira: The asshole did him in behind our backs.

Kimberly: As if we didn't lose enough people already. Zordon's gone, Alphas's.....madness.

Billy: Damn it.....

Billy also knelt down by Adams body as Tommy stands up and sighed heavily. Anger slowly started to build up, since this reminded him of Jason's death. Since he couldn't take anymore, Tommy resorted to a....desperate method.

He slowly goes into his pocket and gets out his Green ranger morpher and Green ranger coin, both of which were damaged and broken.

Tommy: I promised.....after my battle with Zedd.....I wouldn't use this again......But I must.....God, help me....

Everyone turned towards him slowly as they saw the Green ranger coin in his hand.

Billy: Wait. Tommy, is that---

Rocky: No.

Zach: Tommy, what are you doing?

Tommy: *looks down* I know what happened to Adam, let alone all of us, when this occurred. But I'm low on options here.....If I can stop him and make it back......before it completely takes over......I might have a chance.

As he slowly inserts the coin into the morpher, Kimberly stopped him.

Kimberly: Wait! PLEASE tell me you're not gonna do what I think you're going do. We're NOT living through that nightmare again!

Aisha: What nightmare?

Kimberly: His evil Green Ranger episode.

Trini: Son of a--The hell you thinking? You'll lose yourself again!

Tommy: Do you want Thrax to conquer us or the President to send us to Kingdom come? There's a small window in which I am in control. It's more then enough time to defeat him. And I'd swear I'll make it back before it takes over. It's our only hope!

Kimberly: Well, there's no hope for me if I lose you to that.

The room became silent.

Justin: What do you mean?

Kimberly: This---this was another reason why I had left the team. I was afraid that he still had a little bit of that evil energy in him and that....*points at it and sighs* would destroy him before it would destroy us.

Tommy just mildly grins at her and holds her hand.

Tommy: In that case, just be ready to stop me.

Kim just looks away and looks at Billy.

Kimberly: Billy, I need to borrow something.

A few seconds later, Kimberly looks back around at Tommy and stares at him with her hand behind her back, which held, unbeknownst to Tommy, a taser.

Tommy: Kim?

Kimberly: I'm sorry, bae.....

She ends up shocking and tapering him in the neck as he laid down unconscious.

Aisha: Kimberly! What are you doing?

Ethan: What've you done to Dr. O?

Kimberly: What has to be done.....It was too big of a risk for him to take. We're not losing him to that thing again.

Connor: But what if it's all for nothing?

Kimberly: That's beside the point and oi can't think like that. We gotta take care of Thrax. He's focused on the Knight. That'll give us time to try and ambush him. Zach, I hope you're ready.

Zach: Rusty, yeah. But I'm sure I'll be alright.

Kim then knelt down to Tommy and looked at the coin in his hand. She cautiously took it from him and held on to it.

Kimberly: You'll be safe....*to the others* Alright, guys. Let's finish this. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!

*Thunder clashes*







Space Team: LET'S ROCK IT! 3-3-5!!



In a flash, they all teleported away as John and Helen looked up at their colors. Eventually, they made it to the city where they saw the Sentinel Knight holding his own against Thrax.

Thrax: I'm not afraid of you! You dare threaten the son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa? I will SEND YOU TO OBLIVION!!! YOU HEAR ME?!

They continued to clash at each other as the other Rangers look by. Kim saw most of the brawl and she held the coin tighter.

Eventually, the Knight was vulnerable and unable to defend himself anymore.

Threx: Just.....DIE!!!

He strucked the Knight down and he fell, but not before reverting back into his Sentinel Sword mode. Once he was down for the count, Thrax smirked down at him and then turned over to Kimberly

Thrax: Well, well, well, The Pink Ranger. Kimberly Hart herself. It's a pity that your lover isn't here to witness your imminent death. You know, my father had a strong interest in you. You would've made a fine addition to us.

Kimberly: You creeps disgust me! You threaten my friends, conquered my home and worst of messed with my fiancé! And right here, right now, it all ends.

She holds up the coin in her hand and it causes Tommy to wake up from where he was with a sinking feeling.

Tommy: Kimberly.....      

He got up and saw that no one was there, except for John and Helen, who were still looking over Adams dead body.

Tommy couldn't afford to lose his emotions again, so he had to ask them....

Tommy: Where did they go?

Helen: *sniffling* Back to the city.....

Tommy: I'm sorry for your loss. I'll leave you be. Trini, you're with me.

While Helen and John continued to mourn over Adam, Tommy and Trini ran outside to see Bulk and Skull, still looking around.

Trini: HEY, Bulk! Skull!

They both looked over at him.

Tommy: Mind if you give us a lift?

Meanwhile, back in the city, Kimberly and Thrax continued to stare at each other until he got impatient and launched the first strike, forcing the Rangers to back up.

Connor: Son of a--


Kimberly: Wait!

So all of them, except for Kimberly, went on to attack Thrax, but like before, his power was almost endless. One by one, group by group, they all fell battered and bruised. Not even Andros or Connors Battlelizers were able to stop him.

But Andros and Justin refused to stay down. Eventually, the others staggered to get up.

Thrax: FOOLS! Why do you dely the inevitable?! I will be victorious today.

Justin: *grunts and staggers* Earths....defenders.....NEVER SURRENDER! TURBO HAND BLASTERS!!!

He got out his hand blasters and blasted away at him, but Thrax ended up absorbing its energy and then froze Justin where he stood.

Ashley: Justin!

Ethan: This ain't good.

Trent: Not in the slightest.

Thrax picked up the Sentinel Knight as the Knight turned back into its sword formation and charged with energy.

But Andros didn't need a reminder of what to do next.

Cassie: Wait! Andros!

Carlos: Andros, NO!

Both (Rocky, Aisha): DON'T DO IT!

Thrax launched a large energy wave from the sword at Justin, but Andros, at the last second, got in the way of the blast and it impaled him. But the force and impact of the blast STILL went through Justin as well. But he kept the pressure going and eventually, the sword got so overheated that it explodes and sends him back.

As Thrax backed up and recovered, Justin fell almost immediately and took his final breath. Andros then turned around to not only his team, but the others as well. And then he ushered his final words......

Andros: You did it for me......

And then he powers out of his suit and drops dead.


He went over to check on him, but he couldn't do a damn thing about it.

Ashley: He's gone.

Kira: No.....

Ethan: Unbelievable.....

TJ: Damn it!

Thrax: That took long enough. Now, shall we reconvene the horror show, then?

Billy: N-Ne---Never.....

But then, a car pulled up out of nowhere and they all turned towards it.

Both Tommy and Trini get out of the van.

Tommy: Thanks, guys.

Bulk: Does this mean we get to join your team now?

Skull: Yeah, I want to be the orange ranger!

Trini: *chuckles* You guys will have to get more training first. Just for safety reasons.

Tommy: We'll patch you in as soon as we can. Just stay here until we need you.

As Trini stayed on lower grounds and headed towards the others, Tommy teleported up and saw the tragedies.

Tommy: Ah! Andros! Justin!

Thrax turned around and saw Tommy looking down at him.

Thrax: Well.....look who finally decided to rear his ugly head and in not in the toughest situation.....

Tommy: The only tough situation you'll be in is digging yourself out of a endless crater in which you can't get out of.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his broken Green Ranger morpher. And everyone freaks the hell out.

Ethan: Woah woah woah! Dr. O, what are you doing?

Trini: There's another way to settle this without destroying yourself.

Kimberly: Tommy. No....please....

He looked down at her, under the impression that she was breaking down in the inside.

Tommy: told me you didn't want me to fight alone....nor me of you. This is OUR chance to secure our future.

Tommy holds out his hand, making the green coin fly to him, as it levitates in the air.

Kimberly: Tommy, can't....

Tommy: I've learned how to control it, Kim. Through you.

He then looked at Thrax and got angry, but then......he looked down.

Tommy: So this is how it gets settled, huh? Earths fate......

Billy: Tommy, let go of the coin!

Tommy: My fate.....

Rocky: That suit is unstable, man. You CAN'T use it!

Tommy: The fate of my friends.....

Kira: Dr. O!

Tommy: My fallen ones.....and....*looks back up at Thrax*......YOURS TOO!

The coin automatically placed itself into the morpher and engulfed Tommy in a green aura.

Thrax just looks at him in disgust and then.....


Connor: NO!!!!

Kimberly: Tommy, don't do it!!!

But he did. He opened up his morpher and flashed and then the sequence happened......

*Thunder clashes*


For the last time, he warps into the Green Ranger one last time and everyone was in awe.

Ethan: Holy....the Green Ranger....

Connor: I guess he can handle it. He really is the best Ranger.

Aisha: *sighs* He's still got it.

Billy: He always has. Always will.

As Kimberly looked up at him and slowly perked a smile, Tommy then leaped down and went face to face with Thrax. But this time, since Thrax still had his fathers staff in hand, the battle was evenly matched. There was no way to call a clear winner.

Eventually, after crashing and burning and causing so much damage, Tommy and Thrax backed up from one another.

Thrax: Strong warrior. Gifted. Prestige. One of a kind. Too bad, you and your friends will be a memory at the end of this.

Tommy: Well, that won't be the case. Let's say....I've learned a few things you don't.

Tommy took a deep breath and slowly exhaled as a glow of green energy emerged from his chest piece and levitated into the air. He put both of his hands up to the sky as the orb turned blue and started to from the other Rangers and from the Earth.

Thrax had no idea what Tommy was doing, but he wasn't gonna stay lon to find out. He was just about to launch an attack until.....

Both: (Bulk and Skull) Hey! Ugly! Phhhhhhht!!!

Threx: You simpletons!

They immediately ran for the hills, as Thrax chased them away; which gave Tommy enough time to continue harnessing energy.

Kimberly: I cannot believe we've been saved by those two.

Meanwhile, the President was checking his watch to find that, unfortunately, its past the 1 hour mark.

President: We cannot tolerate this any longer. I'm sorry, Rangers. I want---

He ordered back the air strike and the jets were flying into position. Everyone who was in the buildings and outside of them were watching and completely concerned.

While the air strike was being called upon, Thrax tried blasting at Bulk and Skull and he KEPT MISSING.

(How do you miss something or someone in front of you?)

But, finally, he accidentally blasted at a nearby object starling Bulk and Skull and making them fall down.

While that was happening, Tommy was gathering a LOT of energy. So much, that he almost lost balance.

Tommy: C'mon....give it more time.

Rocky: Hold up. Let me help.

Aisha: Me too.

Eventually, all the Rangers, even Kimberly, went over to support Tommy in creating the Spirit Bomb. They had to hold hands and use the Great Power to speed things up and eventually, it stared to form up. Tommy and Kimberly couldn't help but to smile at each other.

But, eventually, a sphere of energy appeared. It started to take shape and grow bigger to the surprise of others.....and the Spirit Bomb finally was finished and ready.

Rocky: Ah-ha!

Kimberly: Got it!

They altered their position.....and aimed at Thrax, who was just about to put the screws into Bulk and Skull.

Zach: Alright, one shot. That's all we need. Let's make it count.

Billy: About a couple feet away. We should be able to hit him before this thing runs out.

Kira: Let's not waste anymore time, then.

Once again, they adjusted the aim and laid ready to fire.

TJ: 10....

Trent: 9...

Connor: 8....

Ethan: 7...

Kira: 6...

Aisha: 5...

Billy: 4...

Zach: 3...

Rocky: 2...

Kimberly: 1....

Tommy: Go....go....


They all threw the Spirit Bomb and it immediately heads towards Thrax.

The light nearly blinded him as he looked up and saw impending doom literally coming straight at him.

Thrax: Wh--what IS THIS?! No....NO!!

He drops his fathers staff and tries to hold it back as much as he could, but the Rangers yelled in fury as it pushed further into Thrax, swallowing him whole. And eventually, the Spirit Bomb explodes.

Soon enough, Zedds staff disappears as well.

There was a blind flashing light everywhere, but it soon cleared as the Rangers saw that Thrax was FINALLY gone. Even the President, from where he was, couldn't believe that they did the impossible.

President: I'll be....they actually--

However, that's when he remembered that he called in the air strike. As for the Rangers, the victory was short lived as the jets were flying in preparing to launch the missile. And they saw it.

Tommy: No!

Ethan: Aww come on, man!

Kimberly: Mr. President, you promised!

The others looked down in defeat, but Tommy looked back up into the sky and made the most difficult decision of his career and his life. But first, Tommy wanted to let his Rangers know.

Tommy: Guys.....

They all looked at him, anticipating his answer.

Tommy: I guess this is how it ends, huh? Going down in the blaze of glory....

Billy: What...Tommy, that...that doesn't sound like you at all.

TJ: Are you sure you're alright, man?

Kira: Yes, he is. Dr. O, tell me you have a plan.

Tommy looks up at the missile and slowly smirks as he takes off his helmet.

Tommy: I guess....there's only one way.

The others were puzzled at first about it, but then it clicked.

Kimberly: Tommy....NO! You can't!

Zach: mean the....Sees the missile....No, no, no, no, no, NO!

Rocky: Tommy, come on! You can't go out like this.

Aisha: You're not doing this because of Adam or Jason, right?!

Tommy: No. it's because it has to be done. You and the others were more than I can ask for. I'll tell Jason and Adam you all miss him. At least, I'll be with them at last.

Kimberly: Please.....Don't do this.....

Connor: Dr. O! You're not thinking straight.

Ethan: There's another way to handle this, but what you're talking about is SUICIDE.

Tommy: It looks that way....but I'll be perfectly fine, guys. But there's no other way I would rather do it.....*chuckles*....I guess I'll see you all in hell.....

Then he vanishes.....

Rocky: Tommy, TOMMY?!

Zach: Damn it!!

Tommy knew what he had to do now. As he stood on the Angel Grove High School.....(uh-huh).....he changes back into the White Ranger and calls in one last favor.

Tommy: *sighs* White Falcon.....Ninja

The Falcon turned itself on as it was summoned into the sky and Tommy jumped into it while the others helplessly watch.

And then he flew up the bomb and he put the Falcons boosters on hyper speed. Then he ushered out......his final words....

Tommy: Once a Ranger....always a Ranger......

And as soon as he got close to it......


The explosion was utterly massive as it surrounded the city in a cloud of smoke. It can be seen where the Rangers were, and as Kimberly panicked and ran towards it, Billy and Rocky tried to hold her back.

Rocky: Kim, wait!

Kimberly: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They all just watched the explosion echo throughout the air and engulf the city in a dust storm. All of the other Rangers were in complete disbelief.

Connor: N--no.....

Ethan: I can't believe he's really gone....I....I guess he took "blaze of glory" quite seriously....My god.....*sniffles*.....

Zach: Damn.....I never got the chance to tell him how sorry I was for....the other day.

While the others were definitely distraught, Kimberly was the most torn up. She just fell to her knees and tried not to burst into tears. But she couldn't hold back. She let loose and Aisha had to hold her.

~The next day~

The president had held a press conference, letting politicians and the citizens know about the event that occurred over a day ago.

President: Fellow americans.....It has come to my attention that I face responsibility for my actions, in Angel Grove. My respect for the Power Rangers, for the respect and high regards they've all achieved are recently high. Therefore, I will take this time to honor them, by naming one of our finest bridges of the world after them.....The Power Rangers Memorial Bridge. However, taking responsibility for my actions, I shall resign as President in next years election, and carry the office down to the vice president.

Days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months, and eventually most of the Rangers left while there had been funerals set up to the fallen Rangers. Helen, John and Rocky attended Adam's. The Lightspeed Rangers attended Carter's as Kimberly and the others attend Tommy's.....

Eventually, they all had left, but Kimberly was the only one still there.

Later, back at the demolished command center, all Rangers pledged a private service to Zordon and Alpha for THEY were the ones that started it all. However, Zach couldn't help but worry about Kimberly.

Zach: Think she's alright?

Trini: I wasn't when Jason died.

Zach: *Sighs* I can't believe it had to end this way. With Zordon it really the end of the Power Rangers.   

~Moment of silence~

But....Billy went down to the bottom level to talk to the Dino Rangers....cause he HAD to know ONE THING......

Billy: Guys....

Connor: Billy......

Billy: Please tell me you got something.

Kira: I don't know what to say. It's amazing how Dr. O was able to still pilot this thing.

Ethan: Yeah, no kidding. We checked every database there was and the whole autopilot, system was completely obsolete, at the time. Trust me, I tried everything.

Billy: Look, I just need to know what we could've done to fix it.

Trent: But....Billy, it's already been fixed. South-an patch. About.....Uhh...two months ago.

Billy: Two mon----that was before....Did---Did you check the ID, on the patch?

Kira checked for the ID on the patch and gasped

Kira: No way......

She eventually passed it to Trent and then Ethan and then he showed Connor and he was left speechless.

Billy: What??

Connor: *Looks at him* Um......T-Tommy Oliver.

Billy just stood there, stunned.

Then his phone vibrated and he picked up to see a text from Rocky.

It read: "She's gone. She left Angel Grove".

Yep....after the memorial for everyone, including Tommy, Kimberly left Angel Grove altogether. She may have not resigned from the Power Rangers and kept her engagement ring on, but with the man she loves gone, it was too much for her. She needed to leave the situation.

We then cut to a couple of days later as she came to a cafe for breakfast, but once she took a sip of her coffee, she felt something.....familiar behind the crowd.

Kimberly: What the--

So she stayed inside once the area cleared out, and then she turned around to see a man with his cap facing down. Slowly but surely, he lifted his head up, causing Kim to drop her coffee. Her eyes bolted wide, and her mouth fell open as to WHO she saw.

Kimberly: Tommy.....??

(That's right)

Tommy was sitting across the area, at another table, and he stood up, as Kimberly jumped out of her seat, rushed to him, and hugs him in tears. She didn't care how much attention she was attracting from the outside; she was glad that Tommy was still here.

Kimberly: explosion....I--we all thought----

Tommy: *Holds her, nodding* Hey, hey. I'm here. Never....count me out.

Kimberly: You scared the hell out of me.

Tommy: Didn't mean to.

Kimberly sighed and just pushed him to the wall.

Kimberly: So....I'mma make this really simple: What now?

Tommy: idea. All I know is this isn't the last time the world will see the Power Rangers in action. of right now....our over....

Kimberly just looked down to her pocket and pulled out her Pterodactyl coin as she look back up at Tommy.

Kimberly: So we away?

Tommy gave her a look of concern until he slowly smiled and pulled her in for a kiss. And when Kim was so drawn into the kiss, throwing into her arms around his neck, her coin slipped past her fingertips and dropped into a vent....

Back at the "Rebuilt" Command center, Billy managed to get the power back on and Aisha, thanks to Rockys guidance, managed to rebuild Alpha, and as the power came back online, so was Alpha....

Alpha: Ayiayiayiayi!

The others couldn't help but to laugh at that scene as the camera zooms up to the time warp, and guess who came back to life when the power was on.....

Rocky: Whoa.....

Billy looks up at the time warp and slowly smiled.

Billy: Guys.....I think it's safe to say it's far from over.

Pretty soon, everyone there held each others hand tightly as we look back up at the warp before the screen cuts out and then.....

~Cut to credits~


  • Tommy
  • Kimberly
  • Billy
  • Rocky
  • Aisha
  • Zach
  • Trini
  • Alpha 5
  • Bulk & Skull


  • Carter - Shot down by Vincent twice.
  • Vincent - While dealing with Kimberly, he doesn't pay attention, allowing Bulk and Skull to get a shot of him.
  • Adam - Thrax uses his fathers staff to pierce him through his heart.
  • Alpha 5 - The explosion if the command center severely damages him as he malfunctions and shuts down.
  • Zordon - The explosion leaves him in the EXACT SAME POSITION he was in after the Ivan Ooze incident as the Rangers watch him take his final breath.....
  • Sentinel Knight - Struck down by Thrax and when he uses his sword formation to kill Andros and Justin, he explodes.
  • Justin - He gets ahead of himself, by blasting away at Thrax. Thrax then freezes him and sends a beam straight through him.
  • Andros - Willing to take the fall for the team, he sacrifices himself to try and save Justin, even though that plan didn't really work.
  • Thrax - He tries to push back the Spirit Bomb, but the force behind its power was too much....and it obliterated him.


As much as the old and new fans of the Power Rangers enjoyed it, critics considered "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Legendary Battle" another movie to fall under the category of trilogies that didn't succeed expectations. It wasn't bombed across the board by critics, but they did give it an eerie familiar setting to the 1995 film. The acting, action sequences, plot and references were, once again praised. Although the pacing and the tone became a MUCH bigger problem this time around. With only an 6.0/10 from IMDb, review aggravator website Rotten Tomatoes, however, gave the film a score of a surprising 64%. The films critical consensus reads: "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Legendary Battle continues to distance itself further away from what we remember, but the nostalgia still exists and in the end, the formula leads to a solidifying conclusion."

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Featured Songs

  • This Life (ft. Dylan Owens) - CFO$
  • What I've Done - LINKIN PARK (Trailer song)
  • Go Go Power Rangers (Redux), Unite (Redux) - Rob Wasserman
  • I'll Follow You - Shinedown


  • Power Rangers: Edge Of Time

(Coming soon......)


  • Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997 film)
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (1995 film)


  • The Return of Tom Oliver.
  • After the aftermath, Zordon recruited Bulk and Skull to be Power Rangers using spare change: extremely rare Power Coins and Tom Oliver joins the team.