Mighty Joe Young is an upcoming adventure film which is a remake of both the 1949 and 1998 films of the same name. The film stars Scarlett Johansson, Dominic Monaghan, Andy Serkis, William Fichtner and Robert Downey Jr. among others.


In the African province of Bangalla, zoologist Ruth Young lives in a treehouse with her daughter Jill. The duo are constantly surrounded by gorillas; Jill grows close to an infant gorilla and names him Joe. One night, a group of poachers led by Andrei Strasser descend upon the jungle. Jill and Joe hide safely in the treehouse, but Ruth goes down to try and help the apes. Joe's mother is shot dead by Strasser, who then fatally shoots Ruth when she tries to intervene. Jill runs to her mother's side, and Strasser turns his gun on her. Suddenly, Joe leaps at him and bites off his right thumb and trigger finger. Strasser and the poachers retreat, and with her dying breath, Ruth tells Jill to look after Joe.

Twelve years later, Jill has raised Joe herself; due to a genetic abnormality, the gorilla has grown to be twice the size of other apes. Max Cooper and his assistant Gregg O'Hara arrive in Bangalla to look for animals to headline Cooper's new Hollywood nightclub. After witnessing Joe, they decide he would be perfect and meet with Jill, with whom Gregg is instantly smitten. They offer to bring Joe to America; Jill is reluctant, but is in need of the money Cooper is offering, coupled with Gregg's promise that Joe will be safer from poachers in America.

The trio take Joe to Los Angeles, where he wins the hearts of the patrons at Cooper's club. Joe's face is splashed across the news, including stories about how both he and Jill lost their mothers on the same night. Strasser sees this and heads to Hollywood, desperate for revenge. He approaches Jill, who doesn't recognize her, and explains that he runs a wildlife refuge back in Africa. In reality, Strasser is selling animal organs on the black market. He tries to convince Jill to let him take Joe, but she turns him down.

During a gala, Strasser's right hand man Garth uses a noise maker to send Joe into a frenzy. Joe wreaks havoc at the gala and spots Stasser nearby, and charges at him. Joe is shot with tranquilizers and captured. Gregg tells Jill that Joe is probably be put down; hoping to spare him, she decides to take Strasser's offer. Gregg helps her to smuggle Joe out of the preserve he is being held at and then kisses Jill goodbye. She and Strasser put Joe in a truck and head off for the airport, while Gregg discovers that Strasser is really a poacher and sets off after them. Jill also deduces this and tries to escape from the truck, while Joe rocks the vehicle, causing it to overturn. Joe flees, with Strasser and Garth pursuing him, while Gregg reunites with Jill and they set off to find Joe.

Meanwhile, Cooper visits the local carnival, which is also being visited by the President of the United States and his family, in an attempt to get some promotion for his club. Joe arrives and runs amok, much to Cooper's dismay. Strasser arrives at the same time as Jill, who he tries to shoot. Garth grabs Strasser's gun in an attempt to stop him, causing him to misfire and shoot out a spotlight, starting a fire which traps the President's son, Jason, atop the ferris wheel. Strasser shoots Garth and then turns back to Jill, only for Joe to charge at him and launch him through the air. He lands in some eletrical wires above a transformer. Due to his missing fingers, Strasser is unable to hold on and he falls onto the transformers, electrocuting him to death.

Joe climbs up the ferris wheel to rescue Jason and does so, but due to the fire the wheel collapses. Jason survives unharmed, but Joe is crushed to death. Sometime later, Cooper is sent a home video by Jill and Gregg, who are now married and living in Africa, and it is revealed that Cooper used the funds from his club to open a wildlife preserve in Bangalla. The film closes on Jill and Gregg watching a group of gorillas running free in the wild.


Andy Serkis - Mighty Joe Young

Scarlett Johansson - Jil Young

Dominic Monaghan - Gregg O'Hara

Robert Downey Jr. - Max Cooper

William Fichtner - Andrei Strasser

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