Microscope 2: Ginormous (stylized as MICROscope 2: GINORMOUS) is a 2014 science- fiction film, and a sequel to Microscope. Directed and produced by Mike Schron, it was released by Imagine Films, and Storm Films and distributed by S Motion Pictures, on August 8, 2014


About a year after the event of the first film, Antonio have a good life with the Mirco gang. However, Dr. Shrink is planning revnge on Anttonio by making a potion that will make him grow to a giant, and to make his life misrable. Now, Antonio is forced to going to hiding from the FBI, and with the help of the Micro gang, but stop Dr. Shrink, again, or go back to a normal life.


  • Storm Collins as Antonio
  • Addison Madison as Ruby Jones
  • Michael Smith as Ron
  • Jessica Moe as Jess
  • Eric Molan as as Dom
  • Sabrina Willams as Step
  •  Zach Alex as Dr. Shrink


Prior, to the released of the first film, Imagine Films announced a sequel to the film. They were planning that the sequel of Microscope would follow the charactars to grow to giant size. In June 2013, it was announced to released on June 6, 2014, but was moved up two months to August 8, 2014.

The film's title have changes over time. Orignally titled GINORMOUS, it was then going to be call MiCROScope Part 2: GINORMOUS, then to MICRO 2: GINORMOUS, then finally to MICROscope 2: Ginormous.

Mike Schron, who directed the first film, will directed the sequel, along with  produced and written iit along with Storm Collins. All the main cast of the first fillm will return for the sequel.

The MPAA rated the film PG for some action peril, and rude humor.

Box Office

Microscope 2: Ginormous has grossed $188,322,741 in North America as of October 5, 2014, and an estimated $160,800,000 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $349,122,741.


A crossover film with S Production's Mary franchise entilled Size Matters, is schedule to released on November 21, 2015. Imagine Films announced a third film Mircocope: Origins to be released on June 3, 2016.

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