Microraptor SciiFii
Microraptor adohomo (name meaning "small thief created by man") is a species of small, black-colored, arboreal, four-winged paravian dinosaur that was originally extinct and once lived in Early Cretaceous China, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and is found in the Chinese Forest walkthrough exhibit in Cretaceous Park in Sacramento, California, although there is an increasing established population of Microraptors in Eureka Forest, as well as many other forests and cities/suburbs of northern California such as Nevada City. Microraptors are purely carnivorous and mainly feeds on insects, lizards, small mammals, and eggs of other animals.

Like all other non-avian coelurosaurs, Microraptors provide important evidence about the evolutionary relationship between birds and non-avian dinosaurs. Microraptors have long pennaceous feathers that form aerodynamic surfaces on the arms and tail but also on the legs. This allows the Microraptors to be capable of, not only gliding (holding its wings out while tucking its feathered legs under its body), but powered flight as well.

In Eureka forests of California, the Microraptors are known to feed on wide range of abundant and some endangered native lizards and small mammals, causing concern for the conservationists, fearing that Microraptors could make some endangered small lizards and mammals extinct, so the wildlife officers have suggested that Microraptors should be on the "100 worst invasive species in California" to be eradicated, however, many residence of Eureka forests protested due to their love of Microraptors as they referred Microraptors as "cute little gliding birds". Currently, Microraptors are increasing in numbers due to the fact that Microraptors are flourishing thanks to abundant food and possibly lack of natural predators such as large tyrannosaurs related to Yutyrannus. The range of the Microraptors are still expanding out into newer territories, and may one day make their ways into states outside of California such as Oregon and Nevada.

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