Michael and Tahani is a spin-off series of The Good Place. It it about the life of Michael as a human and Tahani Al-Jamil as an architect. The series started on September 24, 2021 with a forty-minute double episode called "The First Test/The Correct Response".


Tahani has decided she belongs as an architect to design the test for the afterlife. Michael has resigned from an architect and has officially become a human. Tahani needs to prove she is certified to become an architect and continue to control afterlife tests. Michael needs to learn the ways of a human and deal with challenges.


  • Ted Danson as Michael
  • Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil
  • Tiya Sircar as Vicky
  • Marc Evan Jackson as Shawn
  • Dwayne Johnson as James


The series was hinted at March 1, 2020 when The Good Place twitter account posted "Tahani and Michael" with no context.

The show officially was revealed July 31.

The Good Place twitter account continued to post photos of crew, camera's, and filming locations all to give tiny hint at the show.

The release date was announced in August.


# episode airdate
1 The First Test 24 SEPTEMBER 2020
Tahani is given her first architect job: make a test for Mindy St. Claire. She finds some difficulty making Vicky impatient and to do the job for her. This makes Tahani mad and they both mess up Mindy's test causing a terrible fist day on the job. They continue to fight which causes Mindy to speak up.
Reason for name: This is Tahani's first test she's done on someone in the afterlife.
2 The Correct Response 24 SEPTEMBER 2020
Michael decides he would try something new: karate. He is very excited and James shows up to tell him that he is being a baby and that if he wants to learn Martial Arts, he needs to first act like a man. Michael is very upset by this and responds in a way that makes the problem worse. He then later realizes what had happened.
Reason for name: Michael has to find the correct response to specific scenarios.
3 Failure 1 OCTOBER 2020
Tahani and Vicky attempt to work together to design Mindy's test. Vicky decides that Tahani should wait on doing afterlife tests and learn to be an architect first. Tahani understands but is still angry. Meanwhile, Michael fails his karate test and James thinks Michael is dumb. Michael responds in a better way then leaves and starts crying.
Reason for name: Tahani fails at designing an afterlife test. Michael fails at his karate test.
4 Continue to Learn 8 OCTOBER 2020
Micheal continues all of the activities he was inspired to do. From guitar to baseball to karate. Tahani takes afterlife test from the other architects.
Reason for name: They both learn more.
5 After After 15 OCTOBER 2020
During her training, Tahani discovers something. The bodies of the people who walked through the door. She finds Elanor, Chidi, and Jason. She then finds out what happens after the door: nothing. You stop existing in the afterlife. Tahani is very sad.
Reason for name: What happens after the afterlife.
6 People Who Care 22 OCTOBER 2020
Michael goes on a walk with his dog, Jason. He then has a heart attack.
Reason for name: People care about Michael and his heart attack.
7 There Can Only Be One 29 OCTOBER 2020
After much training, Tahani continues to rank higher. She then has the same power as Shawn, but good. Shawn does not approve.
Reason for name: Shawn believes there can only be one in charge of the afterlife test.
8 Nothing Is Fine 5 NOVEMBER 2020
Michael, in the hospital has only two hours to live. His dog Jason is very sad, along with his friends. Michael dies.
Reason for name: Everything is not fine for his friends, including his dog.
9 Disbelief 12 NOVEMBER 2020
Tahani designs her first afterlife test. This includes him learning a new skill and needing to persevere to do it right after he can't understand what to do.
Reason for name: Michael is in disbelief that he can't learn something
10 Decisions 19 NOVEMBER 2020
Michael continues to test. When the tests all end, Michael goes to the Bad Place.
Reason for name: Michael needs to make decisions in his afterlife test.
11 Shawn 14 JANUARY 2021
In the Bad Place, Shawn admits that he decided Michael would go to the bad place.
12 Goodbye 21 JANUARY 2021
Tahani digs through Michael's files to find that he did, in fact, pass. She tells the judge and Shawn is retired.
Reason for name: Shawn is retired.
13 Everything Is Perfect! 28 JANUARY 2021
Michael makes it into the Good Place.
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