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Tom Hardy as Michael Myers in a promotional image for Halloween 3D.

"I met him fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No conscience, no reason, no understanding, in even the most rudimentary sense. Right or wrong. Life or death. I met this...this six year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face. And the blackest eyes. The devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him...then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I knew what was behind that boy's eyes was purely, simply evil." - Dr Sam Loomis on Michael Myers

Michael Myers is the central character and principal antagonist of the Halloween film series. This page refers to the version which appears in the Halloween 3D reboot timeline. Michael appears in every film in the reboot series and is played by Tom Hardy as an adult and by Ty Simpkins as a child.

At only ten years old, Michael was admitted to a mental institution for mudering his sister, Judith Myers (Bryce Dallas Howard) and her boyfriend Steve Haley (Jai Courtney) on Halloween Night 1997. After fifteen years in captivity, Michael escaped on October 30 2012 and returned to his hometown of Haddonfield to hunt down his baby sister Angel Myers, who was by then going by the name Laurie Strode (Emma Stone). Over the next few years, Michael would plague Haddonfield on Halloween until he eventually tracked Laurie to a high school in Summer Glen, California, where their final confrontation ended in Laurie decapitating her brother.


Halloween 1997

"It happened right there. She was sitting right there when he came in." - Dr Sam Loomis on Judith's murder

On October 31 1997, ten year old Michael Myers (Ty Simpkins) put on his Halloween costume (he was a
Ty simpkins 1

Ty Simpkins as young Michael Myers in a flashback scene from Halloween 2

clown) and left his home to go trick or treating. Taking advantage of the empty house, his older sister Judith (Bryce Dallas Howard) called over her boyfriend Steve Haley (Jai Courtney) and they went upstairs to Judith's room to have sex. Unknown to them, Michael returned to the house and took a knife from the kitchen, then retrieved his clown mask and put it on. He waited in the shadows as Steve left, accidentally forgetting his keys while doing so. Michael then ascended the stairs and went into Judith's room, where his sister was sitting naked in front of her vanity mirror, brushing her hair. Judith was horrified to spot Michael in the mirror, watching her. When she turned to face him, Michael slammed the knife into her chest and proceeded to stab her multiple times. With a whimper, Judith fell to the floor dead.

In the meantime, Steve noticed he had forgotten his keys and returned to the Myers House to retrieve them. He rang the doorbell but got no response, so he went around the back and found the back door open. Steve noticed a bowl of Halloween candy on the table and sat down to eat some. He didn't notice Michael coming up behind him, picking up an aluminum baseball he had gotten for his birthday that year. Michael walked right up behind Steve and silently beat him to death.

Michael went back upstairs to find his baby sister Angel crying in her cot. Still wearing his bloodied costume and mask, Michael picked the infant up and went outside with her, sitting down on the front step and gently bouncing her in an attempt to relax her. Michael's parents, David and Rachel Myers (Steve Buscemi and Julize Benz) then arrived home and found him sitting on the porch, covered in his sister's blood.

Smith's Grove

Michael's case was taken by child psychologist Sam Loomis (Idris Elba). From Halloween night on, Michael would never speak another word until his death. Over their fifteen years together, Loomis at first tried to reach Michael, but slowly came to realize that there was nothing to Michael but pure evil.


On October 30, 2012, fifteen years after his incarceration, Michael had his final visit from Loomis, who apologized for failing to help him but explained that he had to move on. As Michael was being returned to his cell by two guards, Noel Kluggs and Jack Kendall, who broke free of his chains and attacked Noel. Jack tried to hit Michael in a desperate attempt to save his friend, but Michael grabbed Jack and bashed his head against the wall, killing him. Michael then punched Noel in the throat, causing him to choke to death on his own blood.

Michael made his way to the guard station where he encountered two more guards, Stan Payne and Larry Redgrave. Michael burst into the room and strangled Stan to death with his chains while Larry threw hot coffee over his face. However this didn't effect Michael, who picked Larry up and rammed him dead through a television set. Michael hit a button to open all the cell doors, allowing all of the inmates to walk out into the corridor. Michael uses the chaos to slip outside.

Outside the hospital, Michael encountered janitor Ismael Cruz (Robert Davi), who was very afraid of Michael. Michael noticed the car keys in Ismael's hands and gestured at them. Realizing what he wanted and fearing for his life, Ismael handed the keys over and Michael walked away, making Ismael one of the few people to cross Michael's path and survive.

Michael stole Ismael's car and made his way to a nearby truck stop, where he entered the bathroom stalls. Inside one of the stalls was Big Joe Grizzly (John C. Reilly), a trucker reading a porn magazine. Michael stood outside the door, enticing Joe into a confrontation. Joe tried to stab Michael with a hunting knife, but Michael slammed him against the wall and then killed him with the knife. Michael then stole Joe's boiler suit, leaving his corpse on the floor.

Halloween 2012

The following day, Michael arrived in Haddonfield and broke into a local store, Nichols Hardware, where he stole a white Halloween mask. In his new disguise, Michael went to the local cemetery and located his sisters grave. He tried to pull the tombstone out of the ground, but was stopped by caretaker Angus Taylor. Michal retaliated by choking Angus to death and then disappearing with the tombstone.

Michael returned to the now decrepit Myers house. While snooping around inside, he heard noises outside and looked out the window. It was here that Michael lay eyes on his baby sister Angel for the first time in fifteen years. However, Angel had been adopted by Morgan and Cynthia Strode (James Remar and Jane Lynch) and now went by the name Laure Strode (Emma Stone). 

Throughout the day, Michael followed and watched Laurie and her two friends, Annie Brackett (Lynd
Emma stone 1

Angel Myers AKA Laurie Strode (Emma Stone) in Halloween 3D

sy Fonseca) and Lynda Van Der Klok (Amanda Seyfried). He drove by them as they walked home from school, and Lynda and Annie made fun of him. Michael briefly stopped the car and stared at them before driving away. Michael continued to follow Laurie home, where he entered the house of her neighbour Mr Riddle and stabbed him to death. Michael then walked into Riddle's backyard and stared at Laurie through her bedroom window.

That night, as night fell, Annie picked Laurie up from her house to take her to her babysitting job at the Doyle house. Laurie bid her parents farewell and they went back into the house. A few moments later, there was a knock at the door. Morgan went to open the door, but found no one outside. While he was on the porch, Michael broke in through the back and attacked Cynthia, who Morgan heard screaming. Morgan ran back inside to find Michael standing over his terrified wife. Morgan charged forward to try and protect her, but Michael slcied through his throat with a knife. As Morgan fell to the floor and died, Cynthia tried to run past Michael. However, he grabbed her and then snapped her neck.

Michael then returned to the Myers house, where Lynda had taken her boyfriend Paul Freeman (Henry Cavill) to have sex in Judith's bedroom. Michael entered the house and discreetly watched them. After there were done, Lynda sent Paul down to his van to get a beer. Paul found a sheet and decided to play a prank on Lynda by dressing as a ghost, but Michael intercepted him in the downstairs hall and pinned Paul to the wall before stabbing right through him. Michael then put on the sheet and Paul's glasses and went upstairs.

Michael walked into the bedroom and stood over Lynda, who mistook him for Paul. She asked for her beer, but Michael as silent. As Lynda was becoming aggravated, she received a text from Laurie and stood up to get her phone. Michael then walked up behind her and choked Lynda to death with her bare hands.

Michael then stole Paul's van and used it to transport Lynda and Paul's bodies across town to the Wallace house, where Annie had been babystting Lindsay Wallace (Bella Thorne). However, Annie had dropped Lindsay off at the Doyle house for Laurie to look after her, so her boyfriend Ben Tramer (Aaron Paul) came over to have sex in the now empty Wallace house. As they made out on the couch, Michael walked past them. Just as Annie got undressed, Michael stepped in and stabbed Ben in the back. Annie climbed over the couch to escape and Michael stabbed Ben again, this time in the head.

Annie ran through the house, first attempting to run out the front door, but Michael slammed it shut. She then ran down the hall toward a window and unbolted it. Annie started to climb out just as Michael reached her and slashed her throat. Across the street, Laurie heard Annie's screams and looked out the window to see nothing out of the ordinary.

Laurie put the kids to bed and walked over to the Wallace house, where she found the bodies of her friends. Michael slashed her across the arm and then chased her out the house. Laurie returned to the Doyle house and made Tommy Doyle (Bradley Steven Perry) lock himself in his bedroom with Lindsay. Michael then crashed through the window and plunged a knife into the couch, but Laurie jabbed him with a knitting needle until he collapsed to the floor.

Laurie went upstairs to tell the kids the danger was over, but Michael got back up and followed her. Laurie locked the kids in the bathroom and then hid in the closet. Michael punched through the closet and tried to get her again, but Laurie pulled his mask off, causing him to drop his knife. As he pulled his mask back on, Laurie plunged his knife into his neck and he fell to the floor, seemingly dead.

Laurie sent the kids down the road to alert the neighbours of Michael's attack. After they left, Michael got up and tackled Laurie over the rail, both of them falling down the stairs. Laurie got up and clobbered Michael with a telephone, then ran into the kitchen. Michael followed her and she threw plates at him, but they missed. He threw her back into the hall and then dragged her across the floor. Loomis, who had noticed the kids running down the street, then arrived and shot Michael. Michael stabbed his former doctor in the leg and he fell to the floor, where he managed to shoot Michael again. Laurie then picked up a large kitchen knife and stabbed Michael in the chest, before shoving him through the glass door where he fall into the pool. However, Michael managed to climb back out and crawl away.

Michael then followed Laurie to Haddonfield Memorial Clinic, along the way running into nurse Karen Bailey (Megan Fox) and her friend Janet Franco (Scout Taylor-Compton) who were heading home from a Halloween party. Karen had to go to work and drove off, leaving Janet to walk home. Incredibly drunk, Janet start hitting on Michael and tried to convince him to sleep with her, so he instead choked her to death.

At the hospital, Michael cut the phone wires, so head nurse Virginia Alves (Zoe Saldana) sent security guard Garrett (Kevin James) to take a look. In the supply room, Garrett found what Michael had done to the wires, but was so distracted he failed to notice Michael behind him and he killed Garrett with a hammer claw to the head. Michael then entered the hospital undetected and made his way down to the basement, where Karen and her boyfriend Budd Scarlotti (Shia LeBeouf) were having sex in the therapy pool. Michael turned up the temperature of the water so Karen sent Budd to fix it, allowing Michael to murder him by bashing his head against the pipes before drowning Karen in the pool.

Nurse Alice Martin (Kaley Cuoco) who was having an affair with head doctor Fred Mixter, slipped into his office to seduce him, not realizing that Michael had already slit Mixter's throat with a scalpel. She only became suspicious when she told him she wasn't wearing any underwear and he failed to reply. She spun Mixter's chair around to find him dead and was then attacked by Michael, who plunged a syringe through her eye.

Michael then stabbed Alves to death in her office and chased Jill Marshall (Carey Mulligan) through the hospital before eventually catching up to her and stabbing her as well. Michael pursued Jimmy Lloyd (Armie Hammer) who witnessed the killing, until Jimmy ran into Laurie and they escaped into the basement. Michael followed them and threw Jimmy down a flight of stairs, knocking him out. Michael then followed Laurie, who beat him with a pipe before escaping in an elevator.

Michael pursued Laurie out into the parking lot just as Loomis, Marion Chambers (Krysten Ritter) and Deputy Gary Hunt (James Franco) arrived and entered the hospital. Laurie ran up to them and they let her in, but Michael leapt through the glass door to grab her. Hunt pulled out a gun and shot Michael several times, causing him to collapse to the floor. Loomis sent Chambers outside to radio for help while Hunt stood over Michael. Michael got back up and crushed Hunt's head, then chased Loomis and Laurie into the operating theatre. The duo opened several cans of ether, just as Michael punched through the door.

Loomis attempted to shoot Michael, but his gun jammed and Michael slashed him. Michael then turned to Laurie, standing in between her and the door. Cornered, Laurie said his name, causing him to freeze, and they stared into each other's eyes. Loomis took advantage of the situation and slammed into Michael, crashing agains thte wall with him. Laurie ran out of the room to safety. Michael then stabbed Loomis and pinned him to the wall, but Loomis lit his lighter, blowing the room apart. Michael was engulfed in a fireball and fell into a six year long coma. 

Halloween 2018

Michael was held at Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium until Otober 30, 2018, when Dr Hoffman (Ed Harris) the chief administrator of Ridgemont oversaw his transfer back to Smith's Grove. Michael was placed in the bak of an ambulance and driven away from the hospital, when he suddenly awoke from his six year coma and slaughtered the personnel, causing the ambulance to fly off the road and crash. Michael climbed out and decapitated Hoffman before escaping.

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