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Mia Stories is an American hand puppetry shock humor webseries created by Kenneth Dumont (best known for being director and writer of the animated rap musical PikaRap) for The CC APP. It is the first show to be an original for the app instead of airing on the channel it's based on. The show is unique for having characters being represented by bare hand puppets, though it is similar to a Noggin show, Oobi. The show is also the first to feature shock humor. It's rated TV-MA, and requires login from anyone aged 18+.

On May 10, 2017, the show was renewed for a second and last season of 26 episodes (78 segments) set to air in late 2017/early 2018, bringing the show to a total of 52 episodes (156 segments). However, a reboot of the show is set to air on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) in 2019. It will be half-CGI/hand puppetry, and the first rated TV-MA show on the channel.

The show is the most popular on The CC APP, and gets 3 million viewers/episode. So on June 3, 2017, the original episode order of 26 eps./78 segs. was expanded to 40 eps./108 segs. The second season has also extended its episode order to 39 eps./97 segs. A third season was announced, which ended the second season's status as the last season. The third season has an order of 25 eps and 43 episodes.

A fourth season could be possible, so The CC APP is currently holding a poll seeing the public's opinion on a fourth season. So far, 49% of the respondents have responded in agreement to a fourth season. The poll has been set to end by the end of June 2017 (more specifically, June 23) and, if more than 50% of respondents agree, a fourth and last season of 13 eps./39 segs. could air. As of June 22, 2017, however, the goal looks like it may not be reached. On June 23, 2017, only 49% of the respondents have agreed to a fourth season. Due to the fact that a fourth season could only be greenlit with 50%+ of the respondents in agreement to it, it has been shelved and the third season's the official last season of the webseries.

The first season will end with a movie called A Mia Movie: The Mia Stories Movie that will last for an hour. This means that it will take the span of two episodes.

The show went on hiatus on June 28, 2017. It came back an exact week later, on July 5, 2017, with the airing of a single episode. Another weekly hiatus came until July 12, 2017. Season 3 premiered on July 14, 2017, with 4 episodes, and from then, each episode will equal 2 segments.

It was the fifth show from The CC (Cartoon Comedy) to hit the 90th episode mark, and the third show to hit the 100th episode mark.

In total, there's 3 seasons with 104 episodes. The series finale premiered on July 29, 2017, with the 2-episode parter, The Way to LA: A Mia Stories Series Finale. A 2-episode spin-off entitled Mia's Days in LA, premiered on August 2, 2017. An untitled reboot, later renamed as Mia Tales, was set for a May 31, 2019 premiere date on the official The CC (Cartoon Comedy) channel, , but was shelved for unknown reasons on May 11, 2018.


The plot features the adventures of a cookie-loving bare hand puppet girl named Mia (Dipper) and her boyfriend, another hand puppet, this time a boy, named Edben (3D83N).

Voice cast

  • Mia (Dipper) - A girl who seems to have bad luck and has a boyfriend, Edben. Like her friend Ruby, she has an extreme libido. She loves cookies but usually can't get any.
  • Edben (3D83N) - Mia's boyfriend who is always with her and never seems to go home.
  • Ruby (Dipper) - Mia's friend with extreme libido who first appears as stripped naked for her in Mia's Birthday. She is shown oggling over Jacob Sartorius, though later it is MattyBRaps, after an incident involving Jacob Sartorius in Jacob Sartorius at Oakwood. She is officially Eileen's spouse since the episode When Eileen Bells Toll, and they adopt a kid named Billy Langley Wannapopo in Eileen and Ruby Adopt a Kid. Since her relationship with Eileen, she has restrained herself from MattyBRaps, and has become less and less sexual with other people.
  • Eileen Wannapopo (Dipper) - An obese Indian kid who speaks broken English and is sometimes the antagonist of many episodes. He marries Ruby in When Eileen Bells Toll and is her husband. They adopt a kid in the episode Eileen and Ruby Adopt a Kid, which they name Billy Langley Wannapopo.
  • Rosie (Dipper) - A self-proclaimed "weaboo" who loves anime and is John's unrequited love. Her favorite anime is revealed to be Yuri on Ice.
  • John (Dipper) - A pretentious verbose kid who has an unrequited crush for Rosie.
  • Ghetto Lunch Lady (Dipper) - A lunch lady who speaks Ebonics. Her main catchphrase is "Boi!", which is directed at anyone, male or female.
  • The Principal (Dipper) - The annoying principal of Oakwood, Mia, Edben, and Ruby's school, who enunciates everything he says. It was revealed in Ruby and the Late-Night Disturbance that he was murdered after the episode ended, offscreen, and was replaced by the principal from the rival school Cypress Grove, who took his identity. This is proven false, however, as he gets killed after an argument with the principal of Cypress Grove, though he does get killed by him.
  • Momma Cumma (Dipper) - A former 70s lesbian porn star who's a septuagenarian retiree.
  • Esmeralda (Dipper) - Ruby's mother who begins a relationship with the principal after he breaks up with Mrs. Forsyth. After the principal dies, she almost tries to kill herself in Grief on the Principal, but gets saved by her own daughter Ruby and ends up paralyzed. In Esmeralda Finds Love Again, she and the former vice principal hook up following her de-paralyzation.
  • Mrs. Forsyth (Dipper) - Our three friends' science teacher who knows little to nothing about science and puts on Pornhub for most of her classes. She and the principal were together for a while, but ended their relationship.
  • Billy Langley Wannapopo (Dipper) - Eileen and Ruby's adopted kid whom they, well, adopt in Eileen and Ruby Adopt a Kid. His middle name comes from his parents' favorite reality TV show spoof of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, named A Look at the Langleys.
  • The Secretary (3D83N) - The secretary of Oakwood who's usually called a "secretarian" (pronounced "secret + tarian") in a mocking way.
  • The (Vice) Principal (Dipper) - The former vice principal of Oakwood who is now the official principal of Oakwood following the other principal's death in The Principal Who Was Killed After All. However, it's not until Mia and the Specials Class where she's realized as the principal. She and Esmeralda hook up after Esmeralda is relieved of her paralysis in Esmeralda Finds Love Again.
  • The Principal of Cypress Grove (Dipper) - The former principal of Oakwood's rivaling school Cypress Grove who acts just the same as the principal of Oakwood. He killed the principal of Oakwood in The Principal Who Was Killed After All. He also dies in the same episode after succumbing to injuries from being poisoned with water that the vice principal threw at him. However, he is erroneously shown as alive in the third season.
  • Mrs. Villarreal (Dipper) - Mia's mom who hates her and doesn't give her any cookies at all. She treats Maleni as her favorite and likes her more, and gives her cookies and not Mia. She is shown to hate asparagus, and gets locked up in the movie for child abuse. In jail, she meets Mila, Eileen's ex, and they end up having a sexual relationship. In the series finale TV movie, The Way to LA: A Mia Stories Series Finale, Mrs. Villarreal escapes out of prison and reunites with Mia, Edben, and her family, on a plane destined to their new home in LA.
  • Maleni (Dipper) - Mia's younger sister who's liked more by Mrs. Villarreal than Mia. She always gets cookies from her mom, being the favorite and all, and does ballet. In the series finale, her personality is retconned as that of a horny slut who carries a dildo that she always rides in.
  • Diego (Dipper) - Mia's brother younger than Maleni who likes the show Go, Diego, Go! and makes almost no appearance at all, only being shown in Mia in: No, Diego, No!. He later makes numerous cameos in later seasons, all of them being speaking roles.
  • Doug (Dipper) - Ruby and Eileen's adopted son, and Billy Langley's adopted brother, who sports an emo-like, nihilistic personality. In Billy Langley's Mind World Cheeks, he is revealed that his personality stems from abandonment by his biological parents, but after Billy Langley fixes his "Mind World", he's retconned as a happier person.


The show was not planned for The CC 2017-18 seasonal broadcasting schedule. Matter of fact, it aired on the app unannounced and with little to no marketing at all. This is similar to comedian Louis C.K.'s show, Horace and Pete, which aired on his website without any announcements prior to airing.

All episodes don't require scripts before animating their backgrounds; in fact, they're improvised by the voice cast, as Kenneth Dumont gives them creative liberties on every segment of each episode. The TV movie was also improvised, then the backgrounds animated. The second TV movie and series finale was also improvised before animation began.

Production on the webseries ended on July 2017.

Series overview

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Season Episodes Segments Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 40 108 April 29, 2017 June 15, 2017
2 39 97 June 16, 2017 July 14, 2017
3 25 43 July 14, 2017 July 29, 2017
Spin-off 2 4 August 2, 2017
Reboot 13 Unaired


The webseries relies heavily on gags on each episode/3 segments. The most included ones are as follow

  • Our three main characters (especially Mia) getting their names butchered, mostly by the character Eileen, who has an accent and probably a lisp. This has expanded, in later episodes, to simply being Mia getting her name butchered by many people that don't necessarily apply to Eileen. Mia's butchered full name has been: Mima Villafalsa. Funny enough, in Mia and Mima, a character named Mima Villafalsa (later revealed as a killer), appears as fake, a nod at Mia's butchered name being fake as well.
  • From episode 30 onwards, asparagus has been used heavily in a comical way. Mrs. Villarreal has been shown to hate it.
  • Eileen's greetings towards our three main characters: "Ah, hallo, Mima, Adbin, and Rooba!". Sometimes he only greets Mia.
  • Mia's constant grounding by her mom.
  • Most episodes began with our three friends at lunch. Ruby is one of the first characters to talk in these scenes.
  • A narrator explaining scenes and locations in the series. He also says each segment title.
  • Some episodes are the trope "Bizarro Episode", whereas weird and downright bizarre things happen in a show usually normal. In fact, all episodes could be considered "Bizarro Episodes".
  • Mia and Ruby are shown to have "extreme libidos", another trope. They mostly have sex with just about anyone, male or female, young or old. This gag has been used less and less as the season goes on.
  • John-centered episodes tend to revolve around his so-called "smarts" backfiring on him in some way.
  • A character always saying "R-r-r-right now!", always pronouncing the "r" and reapeating it.
  • Mia is seen watching lesbian porn in almost every episode.


  • In A Mia Movie: The Mia Stories Movie, Mrs. Villarreal dies following her surgeon's refusal to perform a life-saving surgery on her. However, in the season 2 episode, The Mrs. Villarreal and Mila Team-Up, she's shown locked up for child abuse instead of being deceased.
  • Billy Langley is put into preschool, even though he's clearly an 8-year old. This problem was addressed in Billy Langley's Elementary Cheeks.
  • In Get the London Look, Like Mi(m)a Villa(falsa)rreal, Mia stars in the "Get the London Look" commercials made by L'Oréal, even though they're actually made by Rimmel London.
  • The Principal of Cypress Grove is erroneously shown as alive in the third season, even though he died in The Principal Who Was Killed After All as a result of poisoning.
  • The (vice) principal switches the places of principal and vice principal in some segments.
  • John's parents change appearances and personalities in a few segments.
  • Esmeralda and the (vice) principal have a girl named Diamond (full name: Diamond Sapphire Ortiz) in the eponymous segment, Diamond. She is never seen again, or mentioned for that matter, after the segment.


Reception has been mixed to positive. On Rotten Tomatoes, the entirety of the show has an approval rating of 67% an an average rating of 6.9/10. The critics' consensus reads, "The unique concept of bare hand puppetry mixed with shock humor equals a sloppily-written, mean, and sexually-active show, though it really lives up to its shock humor." The webseries was favorably compared to South Park in that they both feature their main characters as foul-mouthed kids in adult situations, and referred to as a "South Park x Oobi streaming orgy".