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Mia Aw Hak-Ri is the leader of the Blitz Craig. She becomes a Kamen Rider in episode 16 after the defeat of the Dokuhebi.


Mia Aw Rak-Hi, unlike other villains, is a motherly figure to her teammates. She gives good advice to them, such as when she warns Lightning Blitz not to rush recklessly into battle. This is true even after they ally with the Fallen Amazons.

She is seen also making high quality food for her underlings to eat, as shown in the series premiere where she cooks rice in a rice pot for her teammates Lightning Blitz and Hoshi CL. In episode 3, she teaches Hoshi CL and Lightning Blitz on how to cook rice using her rice cooker.

However, she also has a side you don't want to mess with, despite her tender nature. When Aquaman called Cthulhu to defeat Hoshi CL in episode 3, her warlike instincts kick in, unleashing a wrath of lightning flash strikes with her rapiers, destroying Cthulhu in the process and freeing Hoshi CL, causing Aquaman and the rest of the Super Friends to retreat.

Even when merged with Dokuhebi she still treats her men with tender care and respect, and as a result, Dokuhebi gives advice to her and her comrades.


Despite her tender side, she is a fast and agile human with a rapier that took years for her to master. When enraged, her eyes turn from purple to bloodshot red.

Beware of her inner darkness - which she goes by the alias Scourge of Paradise Island: Calamity Maria. In episode 14, Aphrodite reveals that Mia's dark power is the result of her hatred.

In episode 16 (the end of arc 1) she gains the ability to transform into a Kamen Rider.


She is first seen reading a book about Paradise Island in episode 1 and the dark secrets about Aphrodite's Law. After finishing reading, she sees both Hoshi CL and Lightning Blitz planning to strike down the Green Lantern. She warns them to think wisely, to which the two of them comply. This ends up with Green Lantern being severely wounded.

In episode 3, she teaches Lightning Blitz and Hoshi CL to how cook rice with her rice cooker.

In episode 4, she helps Lightning Blitz and Hoshi CL when they are having trouble with crippling the Flash and Cthulhu.

In episode 6, she greets Fuanteina when the latter joins the Blitz Craig.

In episode 11, once Lightning Blitz goes berserk after his eyes become purple (with Hoshi CL being concerned for Blitz's well-being), she sends Fuanteina to retrieve him. Once she witnesses Aquaman becoming Aqua Monster via Dokuhebi, she calls Lightning Blitz and Hoshi CL to take out garbs that resemble Link and Zelda respectively to take out Aqua Monster. When Aqua Monster was about to defeat them both, she sends in Nancy Blake and Fuanteina to destroy Aqua Monster, thus killing Aquaman in the process.

In episode 13, she tells Lightning Blitz and Hoshi CL that Green Lantern will be turned into Green Monster, to which they comply.

In episode 14, after Green Monster is killed, she shows Nancy Blake how to use her rice cooker and warns Lightning and Hoshi CL about Wonder Monster, the corrupted form of Wonder Woman.

In episode 15, she sees Lightning and Hoshi kill Wonder Monster, killing Wonder Woman in the process. She then sees Dokuhebi's presence and engages him in battle.

In episode 16, she slays Dokuhebi and his men along with the rest of her teammates. Dokuhebi then declares her the victor and his power is now hers to wield, ending arc 1 in the process.


  • She is most similar to Eras from Ryusoulger except that she is caring to her comrades deep within her heart.
  • She will become an evil counterpart to Kamen Rider Jeanne as the series progresses while aiding her teammates, while also maintaining a kind relationship with her allies.
  • Her name is an anagram of Maria Hikawa.