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Metro Mania is a cartoon made by Michael Shires Productions in 1950.


The cartoon shows how the character, as the pleasant, friendly, and good-natured "Mr. Williams" who "wouldn't hurt a bee nor step on an cricket", undergoes a change in personality to the violent "Mr. Wallace" when he gets behind the wheel of his yellow car. As Mr. Walker he's polite, safe, and good-natured while as Mr. Wallace; he is very mean, reckless, and predatory. Upon reaching his destination in town (we are not shown the character's reason for traveling) and leaving his automobile, he reverts to the mild-mannered Mr. Williams, whereupon he is the victim of other motorists' unsafe (and sometimes even predatory) driving habits. However, once he returns to his car, he becomes Mr. Wallace again, seeking to impose his own will upon traffic, to the point of blaming the tow truck which hauls him away for his slow pace after his own auto accident, and breaks the fourth wall by telling the narrator, while educating him on safe driving habits, "If I had hair, I'd tear it out!" and iris out.

Voice Cast:

  • Edward Brophy as Boofy (uncredited)
  • Jackson Beck as Narrator (uncredited)


  • Director: James Kenny
  • Story: Mike Schuckett, Dick Kenny
  • Animation: Ed Augustin, John Stevens, Harold Foster, Preston Blair (uncredited)
  • Effects Animation: John Brown
  • Layout: Al Zimmer
  • Background: Clarence Chase
  • Music: Paul J. Steck


  • Final Boofy's Theme (1939-1950).


Home video

  • Michael Shires Treasures: The Complete Boofy (DVD)