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Meta Space-Time Manipulation
Living Tribunal.jpg
The Living Tribunal can manipulate the entire space-time continuum in the entire Multiverse effortlessly.
Power/Ability to Manipulate all of Space-Time.
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The ability to manipulate the space-time continuum of every reality. Combination of Meta Space Manipulation and Meta Time Manipulation. Perfect version of Space-Time Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Ultimate Space-Time Manipulation
  • Meta Continuum Control/Manipulation
  • Meta Spatial-Temporal Control/Manipulation
  • Meta Time-Space Manipulation/Warping
  • Meta 4-D Control/Manipulation


The user can manipulate the space-time continuum of every reality, whether it be a higher dimension, a parallel universe, a dream world, etc. They are able to bend, distort, and alter the very fabric of existence anywhere and everywhere to their desire, even locations where time and space may not even exist.

This includes the boundaries that separate the differing worlds and planes from one another, which can be utilized to reach cosmic endeavors. Such as combining timelines, merging worlds and locations, even switching/replacing things between dimensions. In essence, the user is able to exploit anything within the confines of the multiverse for their benefit.

Application (Essential)

  • All Spatial Powers
  • All Temporal Powers
  • Diverse Interface
  • Existence Manipulation
  • Meta Space-Time Absorption
  • Omni-Physics Manipulation
  • Reality Interface

Applications (Examples)

  • Boundary Manipulation (limited to Space-Time)
    • Removal/Restoration
  • Creation/Destruction
    • Infinite Supply
  • Dimensional Manipulation
    • Planeswalking/Alternate Reality Traveling
  • Fundamental Forces Manipulation
    • Gravity/Electromagnetic/Weak/Strong Force Manipulation
  • Meta Event Manipulation
    • Negation/Rearrangement
  • Meta Summoning
    • Over Run!/Weapon Summoning
  • Meta Teleportation
    • Planeswalking
  • Omnikinesis
    • Particle Manipulation
  • Phenomenon Manipulation
    • Inducement/Elimination
  • Possibility Reconstruction
    • Alternate Reality Creation



  • Careless use can lead to devastating repercussions that may affect more than one reality.
  • Precise use may be difficult.
  • Users of Space-Time Lock may be immune.
  • Users of Omnilock are unaffected by this power.