Melody Time
Directed by James Kenny
Robert Stevens
Gerry Chiniquy
James Anderson
Produced by Michael Shires
Written by
Screenplay by
Story by Cap Palmer
John Warburton
Dick Howard
Dick Kenny
Walt Hulett
Ken Armstrong
Ernest Peters
Tom Oliver
Based on
Starring Buddy Clark
Diane Shore
Jerry Colonna
Nelson Eddy
Music by Jeff Alexander
Eddie Kilfeather
Oliver Williams
Editing by
Production company(s) Michael Shires Productions
Distributor Republic Pictures
Release date(s) September 17, 1948
Running time 85 Minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
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Merry Time is a 1948 American animated anthology film produced by Michael Shires and released to theatres on September 17, 1948. It is the 10th Shires animated feature film.


  • Tex Willer
  • Dancing Wallis
  • All Dogs Dancing
  • Feeling Blue
  • Archibald Archimedes
  • Flying Kite
  • Holiday Hats
  • The Mighty Whale

Voice Cast:


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