Merlin is a posthumous character of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices. He was the great and powerful sorcerer as well as the most famous half-magus in history. He also known being King Arthur's best friend, Balthazar Blake's master, and David Stutler's famous ancestor.

He is the counterpart for character of the same name.

Personality and Traits

According to Balthazar, Merlin was a very calm, caring, strict, wise, and just individual. He also known being good friends with King Arthur in the past as well as a great teacher, and both sought to find a way to ensure that magus, mankind, and magical being able to live coexist peacefully. It seems that he also had similar relationship with Morgana, before she turned evil out of Uther's hatred against magus, magical beings and magic.

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