Mercy Reef (Also known as Tempest Keys) is an American Action Superhero-Fantasy Drama Television Series, based off of the DC Comic's Superhero, Aquaman, the 2006 unaired Television Pilot of the same name, and CW's hit Superman Prequel, Smallville, premiering on the CW Television Network on November 2, 2015. Starring Ross Lynch, Kevin Costner, Drew Van Acker, Sammi Hanratty, Uriah Shelton, Hailee Steinfield, and David Ramsey as the initial main cast of the series, Ross Lynch portrays a teenage Arthur Curry, as he ventures through his hometown in Miami, learning to use his oceanic powers, while discovering their atlantic origin.


Twelve years after an unusual Tsunami destroys Tempest Keys in Miami, teenage Arthur Curry begins coping with adolescence and develops his oceanic-based powers, while discovering the truth behind his mother's death and exploring his Atlantic origin before he becomes the superhero, Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas.

Best shown at the beginnings of Seasons 5 and 8, Mercy Reef appears to be a show of three chapters: Chapter 1 (Seasons 1-4) is Arthur's teenage years in High School, in which he battles multiple superpowered humans infected by the Bermuda Triangle. Chapter 2 (Seasons 5-7) focuses on the beginning of his adulthood, which begins Arthur's early Atlantian training after discovering his origins as the Prince of Atlantis and Orm's descension to darkness. The final chapter (Seasons 8-10) begins Arthur's final trials in his rise to become Aquaman, the King of Atlantis.

The series also focuses on the people in Arthur's life: His human father, Thomas Curry; his peers, Eva Green and Eric Hayden; his on again, off again love interest, Rachel Torres; his Atlantian guardian and mentor, Henry McCaffery; The Conscious of his deceased Atlantian mother, Queen Atlanna; his ally to love interest, and Atlanna's royal body guard, Mera; and his friendship turned arch-rivalry with his older human half-brother Orm Marius.

The Bermuda Triangle, which is a magic atlantian barrier above Atlantis to keep exiled atlantians from returning, is used as a recurring plot device, in which after Arthur was born, erupted, causing a large tidal wave that flooded the city. The mystical properties of the water appear to have lingering effects on humans, giving them bizarre abilities, in which Arthur would have to fight these superpowered humans. The properties of the Bermuda Triangle's session of water seems to have the opposite effect on Arthur than regular water, seemingly because he is a human/atlantian hybrid outcast to the King of Atlantis.


Main Cast

  • Ross Lynch as Arthur "A.C." Curry/Prince Orin, a superpowered teenager that can breathe underwater, swim at superhuman speeds, and gain superhuman strength when wet. As a child, his mother "died", leaving him to be raised by his father, who taught A.C. how to use his powers. At age 14, A.C. begins exploring the true origins of his powers as he begins battling humans infected by the mystical properties of the Bermuda Triangle, while keeping his secret from his friends. He eventually learned through a message from his mother that he is Orin, the half-human/half-atlantian Prince of Atlantis, and discovers that Orm, who went from his friend to enemy, is his human half-brother, sharing the same father. During his high school years, AC worked at a surf shop, and learned that his boss was actually his Atlantian guardian. Arthur has two weaknesses: the mystical properties of the seas within the Bermuda Triangle weaken him and are immune to his abilities (meaning he can't communicate with fish or control water within the Triangle) and second is extreme heat, if AC is extremely dehydrated, he loses all his strength and is compareable to that of Clark growing weak around Kryptonite in Smallville. Throughout the series, AC Copes with adolescence as he develops new powers, including hydrokinesis and fish telepathy, and accepts his role as King of Atlantis and becomes the hero of both the seas and the surface.
  • Kevin Costner as Thomas Curry, AC's human father, who raised him on his own, after Atlanna returned to the sea, in which he told Arthur his mother had died, and taught Arthur how to use his powers. Raising Arthur, Thomas was a little over a cautious, not letting AC join the swim team, afraid he'd lose control of his powers and is willing to go to great lengths to protect his son, which has included prison and near death, but eventually died of a heart attack in Season 5.
  • Sammi Hanratty as Rachel Torres, Arthur's friend and on-again off-again girlfriend, whose mother died in the flood caused by the Bermuda Triangle eruption, leaving her to be raised by her aunt and uncle after her father left for war. She became friend with Arthur at the beginning of their Freshman year, and their friendship continued to grow, but Arthur's secret constantly got in the way. In season 6, she began dating and married Orm, but later discovered the truth about Arthur's powers and Orm's illegal experiments, and left Orm. After being with AC for a year she left and joined the Air Force. Though Rachel Torres is not a DC Comic's character, she was created for the unaired TV Pilot, Aquaman, as Air Force Lieutenant Rachel Torres. 
  • Drew Van Acker as Orm Marius/Ocean Master, a young billionaire, whose step-father runs a business in Miami. After Arthur saved his life they quickly became friends, but their friendship began crumbling when Orm's menacing nature caused him to go behind AC's back and researched and tested him, nearly getting Thomas and Rachel killed once, until they started considering themselves arch-enemies. Eventually, Orm discovered AC's secret and the two learned that they are half-brothers, sharing Thomas as a father. Orm decided to take AC's destiny as his owned and worked with Black Manta in an attempt to take over Atlantis, but although he was defeated by AC, he killed Queen Atlanna.
  • Hailee Steinfield as Eva Green, AC's intelligent and inquisitive best friend, who is very skilled with computers and in journalism. Her curiosity often gets the better of her and creates tension between her and her friends, as she has crossed multiple personal boundaries. She harbored secret feelings for Arthur, but his eyes for Rachel constantly hurt her. She eventually lost her feelings for him as their friendship became stronger after she discovered AC's secret and begins helping Arthur protect his secret from Rachel. She works at a Juice Bar next to the Surf Shop AC works at, and loves to surf with her friends. Like Rachel Torres, Eva is not a DC Comic's character and has only appeared in the unaired Aquaman Pilot, as AC's best friend and co-owner of the Tempest Keys Juice Bar.
  • Uriah Shelton as Eric Hayden, AC and Eva's first and best friend, who has been like Arthur's brother since nursery school. He is very lighthearted and is the comic relief of his friends in intense situations. Like the rest of his friends, Eric loves to surf. He was the first person that discovered AC's secret, in which Arthur willingly told him, but after the pressures of Arthur's secret got him beaten by an FBI Agent, he moved in with his dad.
  • David Ramsey as Henry McCaffery, AC's boss and owner of the Tempest Keys Surf Shop and a lighthouse keeper. After returning to Atantis, Atlanna sent McCaffery to watch over Orin, so he opened the Surf Shop near the beach, where Arthur constantly spends his time, and offered him a job to keep a closer eye on him. When AC disovered the truth of his origins, McCaffery revealed that he is his Atlantian guardian and mentor, and began AC's Atlantian training. In Mercy Reef, Henry only goes by his last name, McCaffery, which is all he's known by in the unaired Aquaman series.
  • Haley Ramm as Mera, an Atlantian warrior and Queen Atlanna's royal bodyguard, who was sent to watch over Orin after McCaffery's disappearance. She befriended Arthur pretending to be a normal human. When Atlanna decided Orin was the best choice to bridge Atlantis and the surface world, Mera revealed the truth to Arthur and finally returned him to his birth home, but when she returned to Atlanna, she was dead, and helped AC fight Orm. Their friendship turned into romance and they got engaged, and she helped Orin ultimately conquer his destiny as the King of Atlantis.
  • Chris Cooper as Gerard Marius, the billionaire CEO of MariusCorporations and the step-father of Orm.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Bruce Wayne/Dark Knight, the billionaire CEO of Wayne Industries, who is secretly a vigilante that uses an array of gadgets to fight crime, before picking up his bat-themed costume and weapons as Batman. When first appearing as a recurring character on the show, he often clashed with AC on the right way to fight crime (in he same way Superman and Batman clash heads in the Comics), but they eventually became great allies and friends. This version of Bruce Wayne is a pre-Batman character, and has a similar role in the series as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow from Smallville
  • Elena Satine as Tula Marius, a teenage girl that was raised by the Royal Atlantian Family after her parents. died in a boat crash when she was four, in which she nearly died, but Atlanna saved her and gave her Atlantian abilities. She eventually sneaked off to find Orin, but got trapped in suspended animation in the Tempest Keys resevior, in which she was freed when AC's battle with his evil doppleganger caused by the dam's destruction.​


Season 1

Title Description
Pilot Twelve years after a tsunami destroys Mercy Reef in Miami, teenage Arthur Curry, raised by his widowed father Thomas, begins exploring the extent of his oceanic powers, and begins High School, with his best friends, Eva and Eric, while befriending his crush, Rachel Torres, and saving the life of billionaire Orm Marius. After learning that mystical properties of the water derived from the Bermuda Triangle, AC must use his powers to battle a teenager infected by the waters.
Metamorphisis While Mercy Reef's annual festival arrives, awkward nerdy teenager, Greg Arkin, is bitten by many Bermuda-infected insects, turning him half-man/half-insect, gaining the powers of multiple insects that bit him, and chooses to kidnap Rachel to mate with, leaving AC to use his powers in order to save her.
Telepathy A friend of Rachel's, Tina Greer, reveals to have been infected by the Bermuda waters, giving her the ability to shapeshift into anyone she chooses, and decides to use her power to take Rachel's "perfect" life. While developing the new ability to communicate with aquatic animals, AC must use his powers to save Rachel, before it's too late.
Cool During a High School Rave, Sean Kelvin falls into a frozen lake, laced with water from the Bermuda Triangle, and gains an instatiable hunger for heat, and to stay warm, has to suck body heat out of people. When a date with Eva turns into an opportunity for heat to Sean, AC must stop him and save Eva.
Hourglass While helping Rachel during her shift at a retirement home, AC meets an elderly woman named Cassandra Carver, who has precognitive abilities abilities, and has visions of AC on a thrown over people in armor. When Orm visits her, she sees him in the middle of the ocean as fish die when they near him and the water turns to blood. Meanwhile, Harry Bolston is returned to his youth after falling in an electrified bermuda infected pond, and uses this to kill the children of jurry members that put him away for murder decades ago, on of whome includes Tom's father.

Tired of being overweight, Jodi Melville makes shakes out of fruits she grows herself, which she waters with Bermuda water, and the new diet causes her to lose body fat faster than she can handle, and now only body fat can please her cravings, leaving Clark to save Eric when he asks her to Rachel's birthday party. Meanwhile, AC helps Rachel get through her overbearing mother's plan for her birthday party, while trying to find the perfect gift for her.

Jitters MariusCorps marine factory experiments with Bermuda infected waters cause Earl Jenkins, a family friend of the Curry's, to develop violent seizures. During a field trip to the factory, AC sneaks off to investigate, which is fortunate when Earl takes his class hostage in order to get a cure and expose Gerard's experiments on a secret third level to the plant.
Rogue Orm invites AC and Rachel to the city for a meusum opening, but while there, a corrupt cop, Sam Phelan, witnesses Arthur stop a bus crash. Phelan uses this to blackmail AC into helping him steal, but when AC double-crosses him, Phelan frames Tom for murder. Now AC must find a way to expose Phelan and free his father, without exposing his secret.
Cloak When Orm's new girlfriend is attacked by a seemingly invisible person, AC and Orm believe it to be Amy Palmer, the daughter of his gardener, who they learn has a major obsession with Orm, but AC and Eva discover Amy's brother, Jeff is using the invisible oils from the garden, watered by Bermuda water, to make himself completely invisible.
Leech On a field trip on a boat, a storm brews as the boat gets too close to the Bermuda Triangle. When Aaron Reyes falls overboard, a weakened AC barely manages to rescue him, but a strike of lightning mixed with the Bermuda waters transfers his powers to Aaron. Although AC begins to enjoy a normal life, he must find a way to retrieve his powers when Aaron goes rogue.
Zero Orm's past comes back to haunt him, when Jude Royce, a presumed to be dead man resurfaces after three years, and tortures Orm to get him to reveal that he covered up his death. AC gets to the bottom of the mystery and manages to save Orm, but this causes him to question Orm's past.
Nicodemus Dr. Stevens uses Bermuda water to revive the Nicodemus flower, which infects Tom, Rachel, and Eric with it's spores, causing all of them to unleash their inner dark side. After AC stops all of them from harming themselves or others, they all fall into a coma, and Orm confronts Stevens while he has a team create a cure for the spores.
Stray Ryan James, a young boy with mind reading powers, runs away from his abusive step-parents, who use his ability to steal. After being hit by Tom's car, he claims to have amnesia and the Curry's take him in. After learning about each other's abilities, AC begins to bond with Ryan, but when his step father gets to him again, AC must save him.
Reaper After failing to help his mother commit suicide, Tyler Randall drowns in the Bermuda Triangle, but is revived by the mystic water, with the ability to kill things with a touch. Believing himself to be helping, Tyler uses his power on people with endless pain. Now AC must stop him when his next target is Eric's ill father.
Buzz Class elections are being held, and Eric nominates AC, who is apprehensive at first, but then sees this as an opportunity to be in the spotlight without something that requires his powers. AC and Eva investigate when two of the other candidates are attacked by bees, and AC is next to be threatened by fellow candidate, Sasha Woods, who has become the queen bee of Bermuda infected swarm of bees.
Crush After a hit-and-run accident takes his drawing hand, Justin Gaines is left with telekinesis. Returning to town, he reconciles with his old flame, Eva, and uses her to find the person that ran into him. Eva enjoys AC's jealousy, until learning what Justin did, as he turns on her, and depends on AC to save her life.
Obscura When an explosion, near the Bermuda Triangle gives Rachel the ability to see through the eyes of someone else, she must use this gift when she sees through the eyes of someone kidnapping Eva. Arthur manages to save Eva, but then the kidnapper goes after Rachel. After saving the day, AC asks Eva to the Spring Formal.
Tempest As the school's Spring Formal arrives, Gerard closes down the Miami MariusCorp power plant, causing panic among Mercy Reef. As tornadoes hit Mercy Reef, reporter Roger Nixon discovers the truth about AC, and Thomas tackles him into an underground crypt. As Rachel is pulled into a tornado over the sea, Arthur swims in to save her.
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