Menmet-Ra is a code name of a member of The Swindlers and Morganian that featured in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer’s Apprentices.

Menmet-Ra serves as the brain in The Swindlers trio, but is the smartest and fastest in his team.

Personality and Traits

Menmet Ra reboot TSASA fixed
Menmet-Ra is a nerdy Morganian whom loyal to his friends and superiors.

Menmet-Ra can be recognized with a customized full-face mask adorned with an ornament in form of Anubis head. He also wore a yellow Egyptian collar around his neck, further hinting his Egyptian ancestry. His outfit consist of dark gray shirt, gray puffy pants with matching boots and belt with four pouches, and protective plates attached on shoulders and tights. He also carry a sling bag full of equipments for his and his fellow Swindlers' missions.

Weapons and Gadgets

  • Menmet-Ra's Charged Ring
As one of The Swindlers and Morganian, Menmet-Ra is armed with following weapons and gadgets:
  • Charged Ring: Menmet-Ra's catalyst of choice. His charged ring has red Mana Capacitor and adorned with ornament that resembles a red-eyed cobra with short body and tail coiling around the head.

Magic Spells

  • Sand Infusion: Menmet-Ra can infused his swords so he could conjuring crescent-shaped sand projectils that can sliced his enemies in distance.
  • Sand Column: Fires column of sand. He used this spell in combat purpose to shove his enemies away.
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