Menacing 7 is a 2015 Live-Action, Superhero, Action, Adventure, PG-13 Film featuring the world's former villains defeating a much bigger threat.



Bruce Willis as Supreme King (From Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Lumine (From Megaman X8)

Steve Carell as Dark Protoman.EXE (From Megaman Battle Network Anime)

Will Smith as Plantman.EXE (From Megaman Battle Network)

Antonio Banderas as Elecman.EXE (From Megaman Battle Network)

Dylan Baker as Mewtwo (From Pokemon)

Jack Black as Vegeta (From Dragon Ball Series)


James Franco as Killer Rat (A Mutant Human Rat Hybrid Destined To Kill Off All Humans)


Supervillains accept a secret government mission that will likely result in their deaths.

Behind The Scenes

Supreme King, Lumine, Elecman.EXE, Dark Protoman.EXE, And Vegeta are live actors, while Mewtwo, Killer Rat, and Plantman.EXE are Computer-Animated (CGI).

Rated PG-13 For

Scary Action, Violence, Some Terror, Some Drug Use, And For Some Blood And Gore.

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