Men of Wrath

shows's title card
Genre Action


Creator(s) "Men of Wrath"
by Jason Aaron
Developer(s) Bryan Fuller
Starring Jake McDorman

Gemma Arterton
Garrett Hedlund
Stephen Lang
Casey Affleck
Mike Vogel
Cristin Milioti
Kevin Durand

Theme music composer John Cale
Opening theme "Wrath of Ruths"
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Producer(s) Travis Kenton

Sarah Timberman
Carl Beverly
Dave Andron
Katie O'Connell
Elisa Roth

Executive producer(s) Tim Sanders

Fran Walsh
Bryan Fuller
Travis Kenton

Location Montgomery

Selma Alabama U.S

Camera setup Michael Slovis
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original channel WBC
Picture format 1080p (HDTV)
Audio format

Dolby Digital 5.1 (DVD)
Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (Blu-ray)
Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (Blu-ray)

First shown in November 8, 2015- Present

 Men of Wrath is an upcoming American television drama series developed by Bryan Fuller for WBC. The series is based on the 2014 Jason Aaron comic, Men of Wrath. Though it is based off the comic book the series only takes the plot and some characters and elements of the 2014 comic. The series follows the Bratcher family as after their great-great-great granderfarther killed a man of the Ruth family and ever sicne then the Ruth family has been cursed but now hit man Ira Ruth heads to wipe out the rest of the Bratcher family.

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Series Overview

Season 1 (2015)


Hayden Christensen as Isaac Bratcher - The main and the boyfriend of Bridget. He is the middle child and head of the family farm. He is nice and modest and fair, He cares deeply for all of his siblings but fights for their approval of Bridget.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Bridget Abel - Isaac’s pregnant girlfriend. She lives on the farm with Isaac and his family but longs to move out so she and Isaac can live together with their unborn child. She is shunned by the rest of Isaac’s family due to her and Issac having a child out of wedlock and due to her family being a longtime rival to them.

Stephen Lang as Ira Ruth - An coldblooded killer who aims to kill every single member of the Bracther family. After his great-great-great Grandfarther was killed by Izzo Bratcher a curse of death has hung over the Ruth family making every farther murdered and every mother either die during childbirth or commit suicide. Ira plans to kill the Bratcher family to end his family’s terrible curse

Freddie Stroma as Ashton Bratcher - The youngest of the Bratcher brothers and closet to Isaac. Somewhat of his best friend he supports his brother and trust him the most as Isaac saved him from bullying at a younger age. Ashton is the only member who does not Shun Bridget.

Casey Affleck as David Bratcher - The oldest and the meanest of the Bratcher family. He was very close to their farther and is jealous that Isaac is the head of the farm and not him causing him to butt heads with Isaac a lot of the times. He is, alongside of his mother the most against Bridget.

Tom Welling as Matthew Bratcher - The second oldest brother of the Bratcher’s. He is the smartest and most clam headed and is the closet to their mother. He shows great interest in engineering and in owning the farm. He shows a disdain for Bridget as well.

Daryl Hannah as Janel Bratcher - The mother of all the Bratcher kids and widow to Grey Bratcher. She is very strict and demanding of her boys and the farms success. Though she loves her sons she butts heads with Isaac a lot of the time. She dislikes Bridget greatly and does not want her child to be born.

Craig Sheffer as Grey Bratcher - The deceased farther to the Bratcher family and husband to Janel. He was the owner for the farm and loved his family greatly but died under mysterious circumstances.

Mike Vogel as Kyle Tech - Sheriff of the police department and Isaac’s best friend. He is the sheriff of the McCrown Town and buts heads with the owners of the town, The McDudley Brothers.

Cristin Milioti as Janet Tech - The wife of Kyle. She is very caring of their 2 kids and is almost always concerned for their safety. She and Kyle argue on multiple occasions.

Kevin Durand as Dillon Dudley - One of the sons that own the McCrown town and are the heads of the drug and gun business unbeknownst to the rest of town. They have a great hatred for Kyle Tech and his family. He is very rude and spiteful and used to date Bridget.

Charles Baker as Gillen Dudley - One of the sons that own the McCrown town and are the heads of the drug and gun business unbeknownst to the rest of town. They have a great hatred for Kyle Tech and his family. He is very rude and spiteful.

Natalie Jones- A girl who assist Ashton on his journey. She is very smart and is trained in fighting.

Greg Jones- Natalie brother who is in charge of the drug business in the town.







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